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  1. Take the time to look into Josh's journey to the NFL. He's a work in process. We drafted a guy with high intelligence and athletic abilities that are off the charts but has never been coached at a high level before. He's survived solely on arm strength and athletic abilities. This coaching staff is catching him up on the fundamentals that are required at this level. Going into the season everyone wanted the completion % to come up which has happened. Be patient Josh is an elite qb in the making.
  2. So you are taking points off the HC because of the lack of talent we had last year. Last year was always going to be a down year where we freed up money so we could bring in the right players that fit our culture. This year we are a playoff team, next year we are a contender. I remember the train wreck this team was after the Ryan brothers, it's remarkable what's happened in under 3 years. Solid A+ from me.
  3. I think you could be 145 and this would still be a historically favorable schedule 😂
  4. I see him more as a John Randle. Once he learns how to break off and separate there'll be a big jump in sack numbers.
  5. I think it's good, finally it's getting some attention.
  6. Why is there a required field on the poll? Prevented me from answering. Maybe there so be a no one option. With out the illegal hit on Allen we win that game.
  7. I think you meant Hairy Kittys. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw this thread 😂
  8. We are one of the better teams in the league.
  9. I hate these discussions. If the score was different during a game then the plays called would be different. The kicker missed 4 FGs. All I know is that 4 out of 5 games this year we've outscored our opponents. Enjoy the bye week and hopefully we move to 5-1 after the Dolphins.
  10. Not against our defense they haven't. Relax, as others have said they are still letting the offense gel. They are asking #17 to make plays reading defenses and not by overusing his arm strength and legs. Before the season it was all negativity (from some) about completion %. They've made improvements there. By playoffs time this offense will have hit another gear.
  11. True, but that only makes me wonder if Ole Miss could beat the Dolphins 😂
  12. I'm not sure that it is a question of honesty. You can't expect to be successful in the OC role if you are telling people that you are ready to accept a HC job. He gave the answer that was appropriate. Daboll seems pragmatic though. He wont rush things. If reputational trends continue Daboll will be able to choose the right opportunity. Redskins ownership is generally regarded poorly. Jumping ship for the wrong opportunity is never good. You don't want to repeat the mistake Pettine made going to the Browns in '14.
  13. I don't know if it's more than most but I think with the depth we have the players we're bringing up are contributing more than with previous Bills teams
  14. The guy is a leader. Perfect guy to have around to mentor the younger "human beings" on the team. I loved this exchange he had with Allen from the Bengals game.
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