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  1. No. Bunch of trolls of fan boys. Will watch the few clips about the Bills on YouTube if I'm desperate for content
  2. The only complaint anyone could have is not enough prime time games for a team of our caliber
  3. I think I am at least that certain age ad can honestly say that the Pats have topped my list for some time. It's not just coz of Brady but mainly because of their fans. Look at the amount of "Life Long"🙄Pats fans that became Bucs fans when Brady left.
  4. For us to be #1 in the AFC we have to beat the Titans. Looking at how weak the Chiefs have been against the run and the way Henry ran last week I don't see the Chiefs winning that game.
  5. I do. You need to be able to do a lot well to beat them. Get pressure and run the ball being two. Hopefully They can get it all together week 5 and week 6. Coming away with wins against the Chiefs and Titans before the bye would send a strong message.
  6. Josh will be fine. This time last year Brady was too old and then he suddenly wasn't. They are trying to work the run game into the arsenal so things are a little out of sorts. It's going to get settled and if the defense keeps playing like it is then .... Don't want to say it and jinx anything 😀
  7. Yeah for sure. Depending on the loss I plug out for a couple of days then ease back in here and slowly start watching videos of pressers and pundits about the upcoming week. Not interested in looking back. As a wise man who looks homeless once said
  8. Maybe it is just latent softness that emerged suddenly after losing a single game. Dawkins isn't fully back to form either after being sick so maybe he's soft too. Silly thread, I'm not panicking either just a little disappointed that we lost a game we should have won. We'll get it together. This team is too good and went for the throat of a ton of teams like the Pats last year.
  9. Agree about Omission being half way decent but tbh the I only drink that coz its GF. Most of the GF beers I've found are sorghum beers and not very tasty.
  10. Most gluten free tastes terrible but for something like wings its really about having a separate prep area coz sauce etc can easily be gluten free and tasty. Like Frank's doesn't have any gluten containing ingredients. Gluten free pizza and beer is a different story and should be avoided at all costs.
  11. If they they try anything unprofessional I'd run him the @%*# over on the sidelines running back style.
  12. The dude is a beast. No way he's there at pick 32.
  13. McD will try and win the game by playing whomever gives us the best opportunity. This game is going to be a battle
  14. Simply put this short clip made me happy. After all the bad years it's good to see the team chemistry that McDermott preaches about in action.
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