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  1. He had the talent just lacked the desire to capitalize on it. Hopefully he's found it.
  2. Based on living in Georgia and seeing Fromm play. Lot of hype, on paper can be made to fit the profile. He's slow, not athletic and his arm strength is not up to playing in Buffalo conditions. We'd be better off with a different person in his seat.
  3. Probably so but I think he could out play Fromm.
  4. In time yes but last night he was talking about the two quality mentors that Hughes and Addison will be for Rousseau. Jerry will be around for at least another year.
  5. Personally I hadn't heard of the myth. Maybin's name never came up as a comparable to Rousseau in any coverage I've watched or read. That said I'd only need to look at the gameplay stats to see that they are not the same guy. When you factor in that Rousseau has only played the position for about one season you can only wonder how high the ceiling can be.
  6. I think the Bills still have to be regarded as favorites but both Miami and the Pats have improved on paper. The Jets are better now Gase is gone but I'm not sold the personnel moves so far.
  7. Or at least what Kyle Boller would look like if he had the extra X chromosome 😂
  8. I guess it pays to suck 😂
  9. For anyone out there that hasn't heard this strong a take on Josh's physical talents before you really need to take the time to watch Trent Dilfer & John Brenkus on the Rich Eisen Show discuss their "Soul and Science" take on the QB's pre 2018 draft. ***Spoiler Alert*** Josh Allen needs a little time to develop but he is like nothing like they've ever seen.
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