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  1. Reading this thread just proves that even mentioning Baker Mayfield is all it takes to FUBAR things up 😂
  2. Stay away from the light. The way this team is progressing the SB isn't out of the question next year. If Rex was still here I'd be sprint to the light 😂
  3. I don't think he has the mindset for that to work. He comes off as if he has a chip on his shoulder. When you are putting all the blame on the situations you've been put in and not what you yourself are doing (or not doing) then things generally do not work out well.
  4. what gets me is that it's always the same haters all the time. Fire this guy and that guy. Remember last summer they wanted McD fired. They wanted Greg Roman gone too... So much uneducated hate out there.
  5. We'll be better. This is a team that believes in themselves and knows how much work it takes. They are not afraid of anyone.
  6. PFF are wrong more than they are right. Didn't even click on the link just know it's biased crap and I'll never that the wasted time back
  7. Not dropping a punt or kickoff and finishing top 10 in returns. @D. L. Hot-Flamethrower you are correct sir crazy levels of negativity out there.
  8. He didn't choke last year, he was straight up robbed.
  9. The world was accusing them of tanking and they ended up taking away the bye from the Pats in Foxborough. I got to give them credit for that. Who knows it may well come off the rails but they've set themselves up with a decent shot at it.
  10. Plus when you consider how they traded away talent and could easily have just given up on the season but they kept swinging. The Dolphins have a solid rebuild plan.
  11. The dolphins are building through the draft. They are not going to try and buy their way there.
  12. Wow!!! That is crazy talk. Gore is our culture personified. Mentors young guys, shows them how to work, plus can help finish games like the Titans game. The guy has been a great addition.
  13. The coach & GM are the difference. They have put together a strategy and are implementing it methodically. The guys that the moved out, the guys they brought in, their cultural fit and then building that culture. Something is being built here that is being built to last. The process is real and showing results. We are very fortunate to have owners with the patience and the wisdom to get the right guys and get out of their way.
  14. Browns are clearly the breakdown team of the year. Can't wait to read about their off-season.
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