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  1. Yes, especially when its not a great performance like on Tuesday
  2. Haven't been able to read anything Bills related since Tuesday. Thought this thread would be a good place to start getting ready for MNF
  3. So we were meant to play on a Sunday and then on a Thursday which is the same as the Chiefs. Now we play on Tuesday get all this extra rest and play on a Monday while the Chiefs have from Sunday to Monday (2 extra days) to rest and prepare. OK CBS. What does the C stand for because I've figured out the BS part.
  4. Winning is winning. This year is much more complicated that normal years. Whoever takes the prize this year earned it unless it's the Patriots. We all know they just plain cheat 😂
  5. All I know is that leading up to the draft I enjoyed making fun of DK's three cone drill times. I was dead wrong, he is a star in the making. Who knows if he would have developed here especially with the youth and inexperience and type of offense we ran. Seattle was a good place for him to land. I think he'd thrive with the 2020 Bills but I still really like our receivers
  6. You have 3 options. 1. make teams like the Titans forfeit games This should be a last resort. The football season is already too short from a fans perspective but this option is unfair and not the way I want us to win the AFC East. 2. Let the Titans play the Bills and the Broncos play the Patriots You are putting players from teams that do not have a problem into close proximity with teams that do. I have to imagine that Pat Mahomes is regretting his post game hug and chat with Gilmore today. And yes you can stop the post game contact but you will always have in game contact. 3. Have the Bills play the Broncos and take the whack a mole approach to fitting in make up games as teams like the Titans and Patriots have cases. As of right now there is no known issue for Buffalo and Denver. Makes sense to get that game done and not risk either of these teams getting exposed to teams that had new positive tests today. How does it serve the league if Josh Allen were to get covid after a game in Nashville against a weakened Titans team? The league needs to try and play as many of these games as safely as possible before this virus spreads as it is spreading. When they can make healthy teams play each other then that's what they should do. I hate making teams forfeit but I do not want the outcome of this season decided by who caught the thing and who didn't. If the Chiefs were to lose Mahomes for a few weeks they really wouldn't be the Chiefs. Remember Gilmore was testing negative on Monday even though he had teammates with Covid.
  7. @Rochesterfan Why are you against two healthy teams playing each other and keeping the season on track
  8. Maybe slot him into the Fromm role if he's not ready to supplant Barkley yet. The kid has upside if developed right.
  9. Ok. Something strange is going on here. There's a lot of sensible talk happening on this board today!! It's like we are in the 4th quarter of 2020 and we're finding out that we're been playing against the Atlanta Falcons 😂
  10. Haskins is very talented but that talent is very unrefined. The kid needs to be developed. Hopefully the WTFs can somehow become a functioning organization for his sake. It's not looking good though since the can even come up with a name for the team 😂
  11. Couldn't agree with you more. These have to stop. I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on tv but I understand that it doesn't take much when your face to face like that to spread things. As much as I want us to beat KC I want it to be with Mahomes playing. I think Josh can out duel him especially if our D has finally woken up.
  12. But it both teams have the same competitive disadvantage there is no a competitive disadvantage
  13. I was with you on this until I read the OPs suggestion. That is a great solution, it's simple and makes perfect sense. Lets go beat down the Broncos.
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