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  1. Someone is going to get a steal here. Hopefully it's us
  2. I agree with not trading away next year's #1 but Dareus should scare us away from Alabama DT's either. There was a time where I was against ever having a QB from California again in Buffalo.
  3. I was certain this thread would have been shut down by the admins ages ago. So happy it wasn't so I could get to see this 😂
  4. Relax buddy. We have an OL again, Shady will be an asset again this year. It'll be OK.
  5. Honestly I'm tired of all the Zay Jones jokes and negativity. I believe in the 3 year rule for the WR position. Some guys catch on quicker that but it's common for a guy to really breakout in year 3. If you compare Zay to a certain former Bills great he's on track for an impressive 3rd year as a pro.
  6. If you can get a "generational" talent you take that player. Players like that only come around once in a generation 😀 Relax there buddy. Beane will add DL help through the draft. He has a plan since he knew for over a year that #95 was retiring. It's not like last year's OL when Woods was forced to retire and Incognito suddenly went B@t $h!+ crazy
  7. That's just adding some spice to the report to get clicks.
  8. Please remember that this is the time of the year where everything that GM's say about the draft is probably not exactly true or accurate. Without the GM poker games this would be a really boring time of year football wise. The misinformation and Kay Adams ranting about the Bills "No Primetime" game is what makes this time of year bearable. 😂
  9. I'd give up on the "consummate pro" theory and claim that the previous posts were clearly made by the Russians who hacked your account 😂 Gronk is a dirty player who often benefited from the special treatment that Patriots players frequently receive.
  10. Allen continues to progress. Get pressure on Brady. Defend the RB position.
  11. You think this video is bad for the Patriots? Wait till the prosecutors in FL release the video of Kraft at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. 😂
  12. This video just highlights the problem of the ease of technology adoption. The logic displayed in this conversation should remain in the guys basement as part of a drunken rambling evening. "The causation of the drought was the benching of Doug Flutie, and I'm not a Doug Flutie fan". Someone needs to let these two lads know that it's ok to babble away in your basement but just don't record it and put it on YouTube. When you are making a video on the worst coaches and you have candidates like Dick Jauron, Rex Ryan and Mike Malarkey to pick from you need to avoid including a few minutes talking about Marv Levy.
  13. I'd increase the likelihood of the win here. By week 11 the Fitzmagic show is generally over
  14. The Browns will be decent. NFL loves stories like two young future faces of the league going head to head...
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