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  1. All good reason why expectations should be high for this group. #5 is probably the biggest one for me. With the improvements in the line and opponents having to respect our receivers I have to believe that the RBs will be a lot more effective this year. Time consuming drives = less snaps for our D. Wish it was football time already!!
  2. Brian Cox was a total d!#K though. He'd come out flipping everyone off and yelling crap at the fans. He fostered the relationship he had with the Bills fans.
  3. I can now say that I totally agree with you. Last season however if someone took a cheap shot on Gronk and he suffered a concussion I'd probably have cheered. Still salty with what he did to Tre. Now that Gronk has retired I'm not going to cheer an injury
  4. I thought the comment that Allen could be top 5 on next years list was interesting.
  5. I really didn't like him initially but then realized that was more about his dad than about him. He's really good at getting players to open up in interviews.
  6. Yeah I'm not sure what they'll do. My only point was that I'd downgrade Roberts from probably to having to fight for his roster spot. He's a really good return guy, I get that but that may not be enough.
  7. I know he's a return specialist, but I can't seen them giving up a wr spot without some serious thought if he doesn't offer more. WR is where they are going to have some really difficult decisions. Such a change from last year having so many options.
  8. I don't think that Andre Roberts a probable. Should be a red. Sills and Duke Williams have as good a chance as him to make the team.
  9. For the reasons @corta765 said plus we play the Dolphins twice. We're categorizing based on teams on paper, it will all change when the pads go on but on paper the Dolphins will be terrible.
  10. Duke Williams is a low risk gamble. There's plenty of video out there that proves that he can play. Personally I'm really happy we got him when we did. There are lots of players who've struggled and had that moment of clarity that's let them turn their lives around. Chris Carter is a classic example. The fact that the guy knows his previous behavior has hurt him and that chances are precious so not to be wasted. I'm confident that he'll make the team and be a contributor.
  11. I didn't read it that way. It's also a way that you can temper expectations to reduce the calls for trading Shady etc.. Plus if the player works out you can then say I saw something that others felt was too risky. I wasn't overly thrilled when the pick was called, but to be honest I knew nothing about the kid. I was jonesing big time for Bryce Love as our RB pickup. But after watching some tape on the guy I really like it. The kid has moves and has an ability to make cuts that might be special. He's has a ton of carries and makes people miss, there's not many examples of him taking a lot of big hits. Beane knows what he has.
  12. Rosen was only traded because the new coach wanted Murray. If Murray wasn't in the draft then Rosen does not get traded. I would argue that Rosen had better receivers, running back. Hard to judge the OLs as Allen's legs probably save our guys from some really horrible stats. My point is that I've heard so much about the bad situation Rosen was placed in but all I hear is Allen's completion %. I'm a little jaded by it.
  13. Just two examples. There is a ton of people who readily make excuses for Josh Rosen but all you hear about Allen is completion % and he runs too much. "Rosen was placed in a situation that no quarterback would have succeeded in — not even Murray. Offensive coordinator Mike McCoy was fired midseason, the offensive line ranked among the worst in the league and the receiving corps struggled." https://cardswire.usatoday.com/2019/03/06/nfl-offseason-az-arizona-cardinals-josh-rosen/
  14. You are 100% on the money with your two points. I think it'll be 6@WR and the 6th will be Duke Williams or Sills (but probably Williams) I think DA may be convinced to retire as a pathway to coaching. He has a chance to make a name for himself working with Allen.
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