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  1. I was pumped about Crowder when we got him but I don't see him playing as big a role as McKenzie and and the season progresses Shakir. I've no idea how we got Shakir so late in the draft. The kid just seem to know how to get open.
  2. Looks like we are heading for both. Matt A was cut and he'll end up on the list that doesn't let him live near a school
  3. The whole premise of this take is a little off. Do they "EVEN" make it to 12 games? Winning 12 games to me , imo, tbh, is not a routine achievement. After a quick search of Warren Sharp's tweets I'd say routine would be a step up
  4. If you use a VPN solution like Nord you pick a city that you want to have as your "location". So for example when Netflix in other countries have different movies etc you can make Netflix think you are in London and watch UK content even though you are really in the US. So if NFL+ give you live local games you choose a local market city and NFL+ makes the local game available to you since it thinks you are local. The non legal streams open you up to viruses and worms.
  5. Just in. This is how Baker arrived at camp just to get into Darnold's head
  6. $4.99/month isn't that bad for us folks who live out of market. Unless I'm wrong I can use this with my VPN solution to watch Bills games live. That worth $1.25 a game to me. But like @BillsFan4 said it'd be better with a Firestick/Roku app.
  7. You need to have challenges but there are better and more efficient ways to handle them
  8. How can a flight be non stop but not direct? Do you mean fly to Toronto and drive down?
  9. I agree there should be a stat on how many threads a player has about him. It doesn't matter if its the same people rehashing the same the same arguments every single time. Oh and lets just forget that these are the same people that were so angry we picked the wrong Josh.
  10. Looking forward to the That's Good Sports take on this
  11. I think this falls into the "Breaking News" category
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