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  1. Half of this board is losing it from lack of sports and are starting to come up with some crazy theories and polls. Hopefully when we get football back it'll return to just around 15% 😂
  2. I guess Cam is finally going to start getting some of the calls from the refs
  3. As much as I miss high level competitive sports I'd still rather watch the American Cornhole League than Nascar. The only good thing to come out of Nascar that I can think of is Talladega Nights 😂
  4. I've been watching the UFC without fans. It's clearly not the same but it's still high level competitive sports. 100% I'm watching my Bills with or without fans in the stands. I agree it'll be strange for the players but they'll get used to it.
  5. I'm saying the grades are a tad low. Our D is clearly a solid A and I do not believe a QB room with Josh Allen is a B-. If there is a season this year we win 10+ games. B+/B teams do not win 10 games.
  6. Well going off this I guess we suck - hopefully we at least split the the Jets
  7. Oh yes those September vaccines are definitely on their way. I hear that delivery will be by unicorns travelling over rainbows
  8. As the old saying goes "Losers focus on Winners. Winners focus on winning". IMO this is just further proof that McD and Beane have elevated how others now perceive the Buffalo Bills. No one ever got steamed (or even listened) to what Trent Edwards (or EJ, Kyle Orton, etc.) had to say.
  9. I would say that he has been on limited teams. You don't get to play in the league as long as he has if you are not good. He beat the Pats last year with a Dolphins squad that was being dismantled. Come to think of it he has beaten the Pats as the QB of every AFC East team. If you are asking if he is great the answer is at times he is and other times he is not. He is not a franchise QB but he is a good QB.
  10. Apples and oranges. Kaepernick is paid to be a QB and did that role as well as he could. He didn't go around the stands to tell everyone in attendance instead of throwing the ball. A closer analogy would be kneeling when clocking in to the call center but handling every call just like the other customer support representative. The woman you referenced refused to do her job and follow the law. If kneeling is such a disrespectful action why do people do that when they propose?
  11. True. Generally when someone feels that politics should be kept out of things it's because they do not agree with the political views. Sports is part of daily life as are politics, the two are bound to blend (and should do) occasionally
  12. I would see some validity to your post except for the truth that he lost the civil case for wrongfully killing 2 people. I wouldn't describe them as situations exactly. The word situation implies that he was not the one who instigated the events that occurred in both situations.
  13. I completely admit that so far it's just words. I was really surprised when I watched the video especially when he said that he encouraged the players to protest and that the league now supports the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The league absolutely has to back these words up with actions otherwise it's just words. Looking at the crowds and how diverse the protesters are is a huge step forward this time and makes me optimistic for the future. I have not seen this before since I moved to the US in '94. With that being said nothing should be taken for granted and organizations like the NFL need to do more that tweet etc...
  14. Better late than never. I wish it was years ago but I'm glad that Goodell was as clear and direct as he was and that he admitted that the league had gotten it wrong.
  15. I'm saying that Drew Brees is absolutely entitled to express his views as are those who respond to those views. He should not get special treatment or cover because of what those views are or who he is. Bringing up ancestors who have fought in wars for American freedoms as a reason why others can't protest peacefully seems a little much to me. How many of the people protesting, simply asking for equal treatment from law enforcement, have family members who served or have served themselves. Brees is choosing to stand which is great but others deserve the right to choose as well. My point is people that both you and Brees have the absolute right to express yourselves peacefully. I do not like how some people are only OK with free speech when they agree with what is said.
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