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  1. Man Dion makes me want to run through a brick wall. Great teammate and leader.
  2. Well eff you for posting this and rubbing it in my face. My chances of getting tickets from Maine are nil.
  3. 8 hours!! Wings starting at 10:30 Pizza fingers starting at 11:00 Switch from Irish Coffees to Blue Lights... probably around 9:00 What am I missing?
  4. In Maine... going to do wings, pizza fingers, and either blue light or cold snap.
  5. Stills just gives another option for that 14th guy to get a TD catch.
  6. Your definition of crap the bed must be way different than mine. They gave up a 16-0 lead, and only put up 19 points against a weak defense that was allowing over 24 points a game all year. They crapped the freaking bed. Play to win the game and lock up #2 seed. What was it, the first pass attempt to Bease after Allen was pulled that he got hurt? Football is football, players get hurt, but i'm willing to bet Bease is just fine if Allen was still in the game at that point. Nursing an injury? Sure - rest. Healthy? Play.
  7. I hope this isn't the case. Keep it rolling. I don't think it is a huge coincidence that they rested players and crapped the bed in the wildcard game.
  8. Yes, let's jeopardize the #2 seed because the Steelers backups never beat anyone before that was a win-and-in playoff team. I say go for the throat and rest anyone they want to rest once the game is put away.
  9. Don't be ridiculous. JOSH ALLEN DREW THAT!
  10. Depends on the opponent... Dome? Possibly since there are no fans. Otherwise, no I don't think so...
  11. Pulled this one up to read on the toilet and now my legs are numb. Great work though! Thank you! I am psyched for this game.
  12. They used their practice squad exemption on him again this year - which means he is not eligible to be called up to the active roster. Maybe next year!
  13. Anyone else want to take a shot at this dead horse? It's not going anywhere, so feel free to beat it as much as you want!
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