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  1. No one knows anything, it's all a smokescreen, Beane doesn't let his secrets out.
  2. How so? Brieda's best season saw him catch 27 passes. Bernard's WORST season saw him catch 30 passes...
  3. https://www.nfl.com/news/bengals-release-rb-giovani-bernard-after-eight-seasons Bengals have granted Giovani Bernard his release - I think he would be a great pass catching 3rd down back to bring in!
  4. Why is everyone so gung-ho on getting rid of Edmunds? The guy is younger than some college prospects and has 2 pro bowls on his resume. No way in hell would I make that trade.
  5. Just because you have speed, doesn't make you a good returner. Also - Tyrone Hill?
  6. Does this mean that games played at 1:00 eastern arent showed on the west coast until it is 1:00 there?
  7. It was a shameful back alley display. Right about where he should feel at home taking shots to the face.
  8. Showing fight? Down three scores and getting multiple personal fouls is your vision of showing fight? They should have shown some fight early on and maybe this is a different game. They played passive all game. You shut the ***** up. Poser.
  9. ***** embarrassing way to end the season. Show some class and restraint.
  10. They had a special run this year, but the coaching left a lot to be desired in the AFC championship. You could definitely tell which team hadn't been there before.
  11. I feel like mckenzie is going to be a difference maker in the 2nd half
  12. I am on my first 3 beer "aha" break of the day... 5 more to go!
  13. I agree - I think we will see a lot of Yeldon today. He is my surprise 100yd receiver for the day with most coming on his 54 yard screen for a TD.
  14. Originally from Jamestown now living in Central Maine
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