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  1. I think my favorite stat improvement is the YPA. That means he is finding open receivers more consistently, and putting the ball in a spot where they can make a play. That shows huge improvement - completion percentage could improve with dink and dunk, but ypa goes down usually. I like what i see here - thanks for posting this!
  2. Curious to get your take on Singletary today. Makes me wonder if he was showing ball security issues in the practice setting, and that was the reason for a lack of bigger workloads in most games this year.
  3. I recommend duluth. Excellent crotch gussett on the ballroom jeans.
  4. I think daboll was on the toilet when the inactives list came out and he thought he was calling that play to duke
  5. Ed Oliver. 12 defensive snaps. 3 sacks. 2 tfl. 1 batted pass.
  6. Did anyone notice how liuget looked today? I didnt notice him at all... not sure if it was a lack of snaps or he was just doing well enough not to be noticed (like how we notice star every game it seems).
  7. How about all? It cant get much worse than it already is...
  8. I'm surprised he doesn't have his own thread dedicated to this yet. Lots of hot takes going on right now, but Lee Smith needs to go. Activate Ryan Bates and bring him in as that extra blocker. Cut lee smith for dodson.
  9. I think Allen is doing just fine minus the deep ball. He had a lot of 10-15 yard passes on the money today. Big drop by Knox early and another by Roberts later on. I like what I see with Allen. Room to improve? Absolutely, but I love the feeling i have when he has the ball and we need a drive.
  10. Yes, but take Lee Smith off the damn field. He was a liability today.
  11. I think Daboll actually has a darn good playbook. We don't know if he calls two plays each time and gives Allen the option to check out of a run or pass. I do think he belongs in the press box so he can see what the rest of us seem to see with his playcalling tendencies. And yes, run the got dang ball more.
  12. I would like to invite you to try to have a conversation without throwing insults around. You can't honestly tell me that, like I said, if Allen hits that one pass for a TD, he isn't catching the blame he is getting right now. Win or lose, if he hits that pass, most fans place the blame elsewhere.
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