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  1. Would love to see the Bucs go the Dolphins route and make Evans available for a 2nd or 3rd round pick...
  2. I would think any coach interviewing with the browns would have some discomfort. Awful lot of personalities in one locker room, and not a great track record as a top notch organization to work for. Hell, they only gave Kitchens one year. That alone is enough to be terrified.
  3. Also, a fence is made to keep people out. I get the idea, but I don't want our offense to keep out!
  4. This. Times 100. Between FA and draft... if Duke finds a role... this. Times 100.
  5. I have yet to see a replay zoomed in and slowed down enough to show the ball actually being tipped. Yes the defender made an attempt to block the pass, but I don't see it clearly being tipped. Allen being contacted has nothing to do with whether or not you can call intentional grounding... numerous grounding calls are made every year with defenders draped all over the QB if it is warranted. I refuse to give Daboll or McDermott a pass by directing blame toward the officials in this one.
  6. The return man tossed the ball to the ref... the ref literally had to dodge the ball to be able to make the call that the ball was still live and therefore was a touchdown. We would all be fuming if we were on the other side of that call, regardless of the outcome of the game. The right call was eventually made.
  7. I appreciate you linking this. I thought the way it was explained last night was enough to justify a call in that situation (Ford facing his own end zone). By rule, I can see why it was called. As a Bills fan, I could clearly see Ford making a play to stop a defender in pursuit of Allen from making a play and think it was a play that the refs should have let the players play. I can argue both sides, but I feel the Bills had a prime opportunity to put this game well out of reach numerous times.
  8. Can you really look at that play and tell me the return man didn't give himself up? By rule, all plays stop at the point where the ball carrier gives himself up.
  9. I mean, I guess if you really want to argue semantics, we can. I saw the result of the play get "called" a touchdown rather than touchback, but I guess it could be argued that I had too many Labatts at that point and was seeing things...
  10. I agree - this coaching staff has shown time and again that playing with a lead is a definite weakness.
  11. My being sorry is in reference for your thinking the Refs had any kind of real effect on the outcome of the game. I don't need to be forgiven that you choose to ignore the obvious shortcomings in play calling and execution, but thanks champ.
  12. Um, the referee "called" it a touchdown by putting both hands vertical signaling touchdown... but was quickly corrected. I never said it was a penalty. It was a call. I cannot believe anyone is even bringing officiating into the discussion on why the Bills lost.
  13. That was on drive #1... where was that creative play calling on the rest of the drives? Also, the best coaches keep that kind of play up their sleeve for when it really matters, and don't need to rely on that in a wild card scenario. See: Philly Special.
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