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  1. Just when I thought I couldn't hate Brady more... That boat is insane.
  2. I have trouble with the app periodically. The recent changes have made it much more annoying than normal.
  3. Keyshawn is painfully stupid. He is proudly ignorant and defiant. It is not amusing or entertaining. There are plenty of bad, uninformed commentators, but he manages to stand out as exceptionally dumb. He clearly doesn't understand the concept of an "Achilles heel".
  4. Can they sign him if he cannot pass a physical yet? Better yet, would any team want to sign him before he is ready to play?
  5. Sullivan is an unlikable, insufferable, tool that will always find a way to be miserable. The Bills could go undefeated and give up zero points all season on their way to a SB victory and he would find a way to interject some negativity into his write up.
  6. 2 of those games are "TBD". Might be difficult for many people to plan ahead when they don't know when the games are going to be played.
  7. I tried this in NJ and they denied my "G0 BILLS" request with a zero.
  8. Haha, yep, that one isn't a home game. Maybe someone can hack into their PA system?
  9. What songs would be appropriate for each of our opponents this year? Maybe play it during warmups or commercial breaks. Cleveland Browns : Creep by Radiohead Jets : Mrs Robinson by Simon & Garfunkel OR Mother by Danzig Chiefs (home playoff game): anything from the Muppet Show that is sung by Kermit The Frog Patriots : Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood Lions : The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens Titans : Down With The Sickness the Richard Cheese version. (This goes back to their covid BS and is a bit of a stretch) Packers : You're So Vain by Carly Simon Vikings : The Skoal Dip Song by Cletus T Judd Steelers : Just play their Song, Renegade, but show the video of our sideline going crazy while it plays. Barkley waving his coat. Dolphins : Fish Heads by Barnes & Barnes (I wanted to find a song about being weak armed, but couldn't think of anything)
  10. Cleveland was a team that was easy to pull for with die hard fans that endured many losing seasons. Over the last several years, they have transformed the team to an extremely unlikable bunch with fans that are cheering for a sexual predator. I think the transformation started with the drafting of Mayfield. He was a cocky, immature little douche that had more success in commercials than on the field. Instead of moving on and getting a respectable face of the franchise, they decided to bring in Watson and his 20ish sexual assault cases. They went even further by structuring his contract in a way that allows him to dodge any real financial ramifications for his actions. I hope the Browns have another 20 year stretch without playoffs and the Watson contract turns out to haunt them. Haslam has shown his lack of character. It really makes you appreciate how Buffalo has built their team into a SB contender. They didn't sign the most repugnant players in the league, they valued character throughout the process. They assembled a team that their fans can be proud of. We get videos from camp showing the superstar QB giving a kid his signed cleats right off his feet and Diggs taking time to speak to a kid that recently lost his father. Cleveland has videos of people cheering for a guy that repeatedly exposed himself to massage therapists against their will (among other horrible things).
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