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  1. Even if Trent Brown plays, it sounds like he will be far from 100%. Could be a big day for Rousseau!
  2. Cossell said "Folks it's time to wake up and see the Bills team for what it is. They aren't winning out or winning a Super Bowl. "? Or was that one of your typical downer comments that we are all so sick of seeing?
  3. Thankfully, there are only a couple other posters whose opinions mean less to me. Otherwise this might be depressing.
  4. For those of us old enough to remember the movie Youngblood, Maybe the Bills have a Ms. McGill at the facilities?
  5. Signing Crowder doesn't count as addressing it in the off-season? They probably should have been able to predict that he would break his leg.
  6. An opposing WR gained nearly 200 yards and you are continuing to argue that getting a pro bowl CB back onto the field wouldn't have changed the game?
  7. Are you sure that was your friend and not a totally different player? We know how easily confused you get.
  8. More good news! At this point, I am fully prepared to hear that the Bills' plane to Detroit has been hijacked and the equipment crew will need to suit up for the game.
  9. I think Brown adds an element of toughness and edge to the offense when he is out there. Maybe that is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but he is almost like the enforcer for the offense. A Rob Ray of sorts. Not the highest profile or most skilled guy on the field, but he might rip an opponent's head off without hesitation if they take any cheap shots. I still get a laugh out of this clip!
  10. I think batteries have been banned since the Bryan Cox days when they were used as projectiles!
  11. Wasn't it the only holding call on either offensive line all game?
  12. I would love to see that kid again! He was really obnoxious and came close to getting himself in trouble. Even the other Jets fans were telling him to shut up.
  13. From a few seasons ago. The game that the Jets led most of. This little guy got upset after the Bills took the lead. After mouthing off all game, he snuck out before the end to avoid any problems.
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