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  1. It is not unconstitutional. And before you waste your time again, it is also not a HIPAA violation (or HIPPA as most of the anti vaxers call it).
  2. I love that there are 2 buffalo fighting off to the side of the Bills promo video. It really is just like the Bills tailgate brigade!
  3. That’s a big improvement for Ben. Most girls call the cops on him.
  4. This is quite possibly one of the last things on my list of stuff to worry about. But since you brought it up, I doubt we will somehow forget that football existed before our star QB entered the league and become blind to all evidence of cheating.
  5. This garbage from Keith Butler reeks of false bravado. He knows he is about to get his butt kicked and is hoping he can convince people that he isn’t wetting himself in anticipation of the beating he is about to receive.
  6. This has to be a Bills fan trolling with a new account right? This can't be a serious post.
  7. Any time you see someone telling you that they are “just being realistic,” you know you are in for some laughable garbage.
  8. That was a perfect example of a "mail it in" effort. Pretty sad.
  9. Reason # 563 that ESPN + is not worth the subscription price.
  10. Nick Wright is the grown up equivalent of the annoying, friendless kid that would stick his finger an inch from your face and repeatedly yell "I'm not touching you!" Until you paid attention to him.
  11. In 2020 they nailed the records and finishing order. Oh wait… https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2020/08/21/afc-east-projected-standings-season-preview
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