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  1. Feliciano was always more talk than action. If he was half as good or half as tough as he thinks he is, he would be an all pro.
  2. I know people think they are being witty or tough with some of their posts, but garbage like this just comes off as sad. Tre White is a former all pro and one of the most respected players in the locker room. If they need to release him, so be it, and I will trust Beane to make the best decision for the team. I can assure you it will not be because he is "useless" or a "wimp".
  3. Please explain how you know this. As has been pointed out in this conversation, many people come back from achilles injuries without lingering issues.
  4. Wow, didn’t think you would double down after that first obnoxious post. Interesting strategy.
  5. There is a decent way to explain why the team would choose to move on from Tre White. A player that has been nothing short of the consummate professional and an outstanding representative of the team. And then there is the disrespectful, lazy way that you presented it.
  6. The average Super Bowl commercial costs $7 mil this year. There have already been at least 2 “jesus he gets you” commercials. Maybe that $14 mil could have been better spent helping the homeless people in the commercials?
  7. Nope, Jason was whining about the Bills playing dirty for trying to stop the QB sneak.
  8. Mina will forever be a joke because of this reaction. Unprofessional and so so wrong.
  9. Has there ever been an intelligent thought that follows "sorry to say, but..."?
  10. My wife was the voice of Peppa for all of the US recorded episodes. (They had British and US productions). She got a kick out of the commercial!
  11. JJ Watt isn't smart enough to realize that it has nothing to do with the weather inside the stadium? Not surprised.
  12. This has zero to do with the weather inside the stadium. It is all about the weather outside. A dome would do nothing to change this situation.
  13. Holy crap the negativity is crazy. The Bills are a much better team than the Steelers. They are better when it is sunny and 50 with no wind, and they are the better team when it is snowing and 15 with 20-30mph wind. Najee Harris is not going to turn into Barry Sanders because there is a little snow on the field. Allen's passes are not going to blow back into his face in 20 mph winds. Toughen up people! Go Bills!
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