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  1. The Bills can make an offer, it's then up to Duke which one he takes.
  2. Excellent article. I'll admit, there were two things I didn't like but both were already discussed. 1) He's not heading to Canton or the pro bowl. I was 100% sure I knew you meant "yet" but didn't feel that's what you said. If read from the perspective of an unbiased writer, I may have thought you meant "ever" but of course this is a "Fan Perspective". And 2) the "we" statement. Of course, easy to critique, far far better than I'd have done. And, I loved the title even if you only wrote half of it.
  3. Reading the comment above about Wrex and Gase both setting their franchises back years made me think. Which was more stupid, the Bill's hiring Wrex after the NJ trainwreck or NJ hiring Gase after the Miami garbage? I'd say at least Wrex was entertaining at press conferences.
  4. This is just common sense. I don't mean the exact formula is, but what the formula is basically saying is that there's an excellent correlation between who the favorite is and who wins the game and the higher the point spread, the more likely the team is to win. Of course there's exceptions such as Vikings - Bills 2018, but hence the 98% r squared vs. 100%.
  5. Nate Odomes overtime interception of Warren Moon in the 1993 Wildcard/ greatest comeback ever game. 2nd place, Leonard Smith intercepts Elway as Bill's score 20 points in under 2 minutes (I think) coming back from a 19 point deficit to win, September 1990.
  6. I did speak with the loyalty department. He’s the one who ultimately gave me the $20 off and told me to keep calling back weekly.
  7. I finally called just now. I was told that there are no current discounts for Sunday Ticket but he's sure there will be, I just need to keep calling back, new promotions start on Mondays. I ended up threatening to cancel and he gave me $20 off per month my total bill but said that I still should keep calling to get a Sunday Ticket discount. Seeing as it took me 11 years to make this call, not so sure I'll get around to it, but you never know. The phone call all together was exactly 30 minutes long.
  8. Anyone know what was up with Jones today? Dont remember if I saw him early in practice, but definitely he was standing on the sidelines dressed but not in with 1s, 2s, or 3s for at least the last half of practice.
  9. I don't think they get rid of Harmon if he catches it. But once he not only drops it but blames Kelly...
  10. Just arrived at Fisher with my son and father. In town for my dad's 95th birthday. I'm the one walking with an older man and teenager that has hair like Sodedhow Bob.
  11. From a 100% selfish standpoint, I disagree that it's antiquated. Ok, hard to say disagree because I realize camp is for getting the team ready for the season, not for me or for other fans. That being said, although I've been in California since 1994, I grew up in Rochester and my father still lives in the house they bought in 1954. My mother passed away three years ago, but he's still completely independent and turns 95 next month. My family visits once a year or so and when possible, I schedule it during training camp. So, on July 25th and July 28th, my father, my son, possibly a brother and nephews, will be going to training camp. One of us will be the old looking one. Hopefully, we don't have any issues. Two years ago we were walking and talking on our way to the stands. My father turned his head to point something out and tripped on the cord cover that was going to the radio announcer's tent. He had cuts on his face and hurt his leg but we still enjoyed watching practice.
  12. I'm like you Augie. I have had DTV for around 10 years now. Switched from cable partially over a stupid issue that made me p.o'ed and partially for Sunday Ticket. I've never called for a discount although I've thought about it every year. Maybe this is the year I actually do it. Can't see me calling threatening to cancel unless I'm actually ready to actually do it.
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