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  1. Very sorry for your loss. If you're willing to break them up, I'm looking for one ticket. I'm going with my brother but was hoping to take my 98 year old father with us. Please PM me or text me at 949-923-7242.
  2. I have a ticket but want to bring my father who turns 98 in two weeks. If you have one extra ticket, please text me at 949-923-7242.
  3. Up until a few days ago, I could click on links and read the story without having a Twitter account. It seems now I'm always asked to log in or sign up. Are others seeing the same thing?
  4. There are signs clearly showing all around the fences, "No Videotaping Allowed." I don't see how they enforce if you're taping for your own use, but once you post online, credentialed or not, it seems they could come after you and bar you from ever attending camp.
  5. On WGR this morning Sal was asked about the possibility of Crowder being cut. He said that Bean commented that the top 53 would put them over the cap. So, he was speculating that based on where they are now Crowder could be a casualty if he doesn't turn it around soon. Not sure that I buy it as they can do other things to free up cap space. That being said, I see many say cut Kumerow instead of Crowder. If Crowder is behind McKenzie, Austin, Shakir as the number four slot receiver whereas Kumerow is one of the key special teams players and the number 3 (?) outside receiver, I don't see them keeping Crowder over Kumerow. Especially if Cook gets may of the touches that the slot receiver has gotten the last couple of years.
  6. Pretty sure I heard on WGR that media will be there but no public.
  7. Went to camp today, took my father who turns 98 in 3 weeks. Was a little scared if it would be too hard for him, he reluctantly brought his cane with him when I insisted. We had no problems at all. Leaving one of the staff offered us a ride to the front but he refused. Then we were in the back of a long line to get on a bus but he refused. That time I insisted, he said "No, that's ok, I can wait." I said, "Thank you, yes, please take us to the front of the line to get on the bus." Then, a nice person in the front row sitting across from her husband and young son said, "Take their seat, they can walk to the back of the bus." Although my father insists on independence and that he can do whatever, I very much appreciate not having to make sure he doesn't trip while walking through a bus. I think it four years ago or so he tripped on one of the rubber things that cover the power cords going to WGR's tent. He was looking at the tent and didn't see the rubber thing, tripped, hit his head and hand on the ground and had a cut on his head. It was a bummer way to start the session. And, I have four tickets to next Saturday's practice and can't make it. First one to PM me I'll give them to. Of course, I've never used PM here, so not convinced I'll even see the response.
  8. I'd put him way ahead of Bledsoe. Yes, Bledsoe had half a season of greatness before everyone realized, "Wait, he's the same statue that will hold the ball until he either has a huge play or gets sacked that used to play in New England." I'd also put him behind Fitz but I'm less sure of that. Tyrod made great plays with his legs and did make many excellent passes, it just seemed he didn't trust throwing if the receiver wasn't totally open.
  9. Tim Graham wrote an article in The Athletic about this topic earlier this week. https://theathletic.com/3400741/2022/07/11/bills-wall-of-fame-butch-byrd-omission/ "Alworth was on the phone to talk about cornerback Butch Byrd not being on the Buffalo Bills’ Wall of Fame despite intercepting the most passes in club history, a record Byrd has held for 55 years." "In 1970, the Pro Football Hall of Fame voted Byrd second-team all-time AFL. In 2008, he was inducted into the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame. In 2009, he and Nate Odomes were named cornerbacks for the Bills’ 50th anniversary team." "“I was invited to the ceremony when Mike Stratton, who was my roommate for five or six of the years we played together, got on the wall” in 1994, Byrd said. “I ran into Ralph and he looked at me and said, ‘You’re going to be up there next.’ I felt good about that, but it never happened. Then we had a celebration for the 50th anniversary team, and I was chosen as one of the top ballplayers. Wilson was handing out the trophies, a handsome trophy. But when he got to me, he couldn’t remember my name.”" "Alworth, No. 55 on The Athletic’s NFL 100 rundown last year, had problems with the 6-foot, 211-pound Byrd’s bump-and-run jostling. “Butch Byrd was probably one of the best I ever had to play against,” Alworth said. “Sid Gillman, who was a legend when it came to passing offense, would say, ‘Lance, we don’t want you to go against him.’ I was, like, ‘No, no, no. I’ve got to play against him. I want to play against the best."" So, Byrd has the most interceptions in team history (2nd to Tony Greene in int/game played, .41 vs. .43/game), is on the 2nd team all-AFL team, one of two CBs for the Bills 50th anniversary team, one of the best to go against Lance Alworth, had an interception in each of the two AFL Championship games the Bills won, ran a punt back for a TD in an AFL Championship, did not have a bad relationship with Wilson while Ralph could still remember him, but he's not on the Wall.
  10. I agree that I think it was overstated how much better the NFC was than AFC. The NFC did win the great majority of the SBs for a long time. But, that just means their top team was better than the AFC top team. If you look at the NFC Conf Championship games, when those were close, the SB was close (even if the NFC won). When it was a blow out, the SB was a blow out. So, I'd conclude that the SB winner was far and away the best team for those blowout years and the AFC champion was consistently evenly matched with the NFC runner up. So far as the four losses, I hate to admit it but I have to agree that the Bills were outcoached in XXV. I saw an article the other day called "The Other 13 Seconds" which was about 13 seconds before the Giants punted that it took before we decided to call TO. For the other three (including XXVI), the NFC team was the better, more physical team. I don't think we were very well matched with the Redskins so need to disagree with you on that point.
  11. Mistake leaving birth of a child to luck. My son was due opening weekend in 2001, I think his due date was Friday 9/7, opening game for the Bills was 9/9 and of course two days later 9/11 happened. I wanted no chance of missing the opener being stuck in the hospital so we had a planned C-section on 8/31. Yes, my wife, even not being a football fan, is a great sport!
  12. Interesting topic for the offseason. I in no way see Barry Sanders being anywhere near the top for the NFL. For most fun to watch, very possibly, but not as most dominant player of all time. He wasn't even the consensus most dominant RB of his era as discussions always included Emmitt Smith and Thurman Thomas. Thurman was always mentioned as the "best all around back" because of his receiving skills and blocking skills but was rarely called the best rusher. Barry had incredible moves but always led to either huge gains or being stopped for a loss (I still remember him getting the ball at the goal line against the Bills and being tackled for a safety). His moves where great but didn't have the power of Jim Brown (he was before my time but saw many clips of his) and OJ. OJ was incredible to watch. Once he made it past the first tackle he very frequently was gone. From the OP, the discussion is most dominant player. While impossible to compare eras, as he brought up, you can certainly compare to their peers of the same time. As others have said, football being such a team sport it's really hard to pick but I'd have to say it would be Jim Brown or OJ. For both of them there was no comparison to others at the time and while everyone knew what the play was (I'm assuming this to be true of Brown, it was absolutely true for OJ), they still were incredible. For those saying the baseball was different when Babe was setting records, again when comparing to his contemporaries, he blew everyone else away. Comparing eras is next to impossible as are "what ifs". Here's a good article from Bleacher Report mentioning him as a dominant slugger, pure hitter, runner, fielder, and pitcher. It also mentions in passing that he was far more dominant in baseball than Wilt, Pele, or Gretzky were in their sports https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1508392-major-league-baseball-the-case-for-babe-ruth-as-the-best-ever
  13. I read an article a few months ago that the dispensaries in CA are complaining that due to the high taxes they can't compete with the illegal pot sales.
  14. Johnson City is just West of Binghamton, much closer to Scranton PA than to Albany. Binghamton/Johnson City/Endicott are called the Triple Cities.
  15. They just gave the top 5. Pat had the Bills at 3, Jim at 4. Both had Detroit at 5. Jim had NO at 3 Pat had them at 4. Both had the Eagles at 2 and KC at 1. They haven't done the Jerks yet but they have the Fish at 17 and Cheatriots at 15, tied with the Bills.
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