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  1. At the time, I agreed with you Limeaid, I thought that we already renegotiated his contract (twice I think) and he can't just keep asking for more. However, the reality is, the entire situation started with Levy signing Derrick Dockery to a seven year $49 million contract ($18 million signing bonus) and Langston Walker to a $25 million five year contract ($10 million signing bonus). When he did that, all of talk radio said they obviously now had to pay Peters. But, their attitude was he had already renegotiated and they weren't going to do that. If we didn't overpay those other two, I'm not so sure Peters would have held out, or at least not the year that he did. And, hopefully at some point they would have paid him what he deserved.
  2. No MGK, none would have been close. See below for the first 14 games of the season for all 2000 yard/season rushers (plus Jim Brown's season that OJ surpassed). In fact, if you eliminate the worst two games any of them had that got there in a 16 game season, only Dickerson and Sanders would have hit 2000. For Dickerson, he'd have 2015 yards (worst two games were 38 and 49 yards in weeks 8 and 14 respectively). Sanders' worst two games were weeks 1 and 2, he actually had exactly 2000 yards in the last 14 games of the 1997 season. Also note that OJ is the only one who surpassed Jim Brown in the 1st 14 games of a season. Player Year Rushing Yds 1st 14 Games 16 Game Rushing Yards Eric Dickerson 1984 1792 2105 Barry Sanders 1997 1731 2053 Terrell Davis 1998 1801 2008 Jamal Lewis 2003 1747 2066 Chris Johnson 2009 1730 2006 Adrian Peterson 2012 1812 2097 OJ Simpson 1973 2003 NA Jim Brown 1963 1863 NA To the original question, I was too young to remember Sestak or Shaw, but I'd pick OJ, Kelly, Bruce, and Thurman. Although he was great, I don't see Reed as nearly as important to the Bills of the early '90s as Thurman was.
  3. Yes, in 1989 they added a crowd noise rule. The visiting QB could complain to the refs that they couldn't hear and the ref would stop the clock and warn the crowd. If they didn't quiet down enough, they can start taking timeouts from the home team or assess a 5 yd penalty if they were out of timeouts. The defense would actually help to quiet the crowd instead of asking them to make more noise. Not sure when they got rid of the rule, maybe when the qb started having electronic communication with the sideline. Also, yes, pre 2 point conversion being an option. Converting via a run or pass was 1 point then (college had it worth 2 as far back as I know of).
  4. I remember it well, sort of. Was in the stands at Rich stadium as it was called at the time. Left for the bathroom as the Broncos were lining up for the field goal that was blocked and returned. Ended up missing most of the scoring.
  5. I really like the way you looked at this M. I, and many others who posted, always say that they could easily lose to a team they shouldn't or beat a team they shouldn't. I think you basically handle this with splitting against the vet QBs. I also noticed that although you said "that comes out to 11 wins", your game by game predictions shows 12 wins. Since there are five games against who you call vet QBs, I presume you're splitting the difference here, game by game you think they'll win three of those but under the expectation they may only win two and lose three you went with the 11 win prediction. I think we will win 11 this year.
  6. Not all teams have a Thursday night game, but most do. Last year 28 teams had one. Edit: meant to quote Logic that said all teams have a Thursday night game, somehow I messed that up.
  7. I've been wondering this since the draft. Will teams be forced to make roster decisions with little more information than they have today? It seems unfair to all, perhaps undrafted free agents more than anyone as well as late round picks. I'm hoping if there is no/little camp/preseason that rules are adjusted. Not quite sure how, perhaps expanded rosters to start the season?
  8. I like the idea of a safety being worth more than 2 points, perhaps 5 as some others have said, not 11 like the article said. For those that said a safety is 2 points plus a turnover, not really true. Yes, the scoring team gets the ball back, but as the article said, due to it being a free kick, the average starting position isn't much better than after any other kickoff. If they had not scored the safety, then there is a very high chance that they'd force the other team to punt from very deep and they'd get the ball back almost in field goal range. I've felt since SB XXV that safeties are not worthwhile unless you drive down the field and score right afterwards. As said above, you have a better chance of scoring a field goal or a touchdown if the defense holds them deep than getting a safety. Also, someone else pointed out that at the end of a game, up by 3 or more points with seconds left, it's a good strategy to run out of the endzone. I don't really see this as a problem, but changing the point count would decrease the point range that this strategy would work. Another solution to what's said above is leave the 2 points as is but change where the scoring team gets the ball back. Either it has to be kicked from very deep, like perhaps the 5 yard line or it's just spotted somewhere automatically like at the 50 or even on the opponents side of the field.
  9. Best: Kyle Williams Worst: The other d tackle taken in the same 2006 draft but 4 rounds earlier (1st round if that wasn’t obvious), John McCargo. I think he played even fewer snaps than Maybin in his career. Maybin was drafted much higher of course, but the Bills actually traded back into the first to get McCargo. Another good same draft comparison was 2008, James Hardy in the 2nd and then Stevie Johnson in the 7th. I know, the question want the same draft, but just felt like pointing these ones out.
  10. The article that was linked a couple pages back said they are probably looking for a 5th. It also brought up several other points (e.g. if he walks after this year we'd could get the pick back via comp pick). Although there are many examples of excellent running backs coming in the 5th or even later, there's quite a bit of luck involved for that happening. A proven commodity on a one year reasonable contract for a 5th that we could get back anyway is a no-brainer in my opinion. He'd be a fantastic complement to DS.
  11. I hadn’t seen where they practice before. Now that they said JSerra (closed now due to corona virus) which is under 10 minutes from my house or the beaches in Dana Point which are around 15 minutes from me, maybe I should be a stalker.
  12. As has been said before, Karlos had a beast of a rookie season but then couldn't get out of his own way. Many of us felt even before he showed up fat and then had drug suspensions that his style of play would lead to a short NFL career due to concussions. I realize that many here don't subscribe to the Athletic and therefore only see the soundbites that were quoted. He was going to just coach HS football but now is trying to make a comeback in the CFL. He does take responsibility for what happened. He said he loves Buffalo, loved the team, but HATES Doug Whaley. He implied he felt he was lied to when said they'd support him and felt Whaley was two faced when in the same press conference he said Karlos was released due to performance and that the Bills were standing behind Dareus because he just needed help (then Dareus said he's checking himself into a clinci and was seen the same night partying out on the town. This is also in the article: “When I look back on that, I wasn’t shocked,” Williams said. “A year ago, a year and a half ago, I would still be bitter and be mad. I wasn’t shocked. Look at all the evidence that was against me. I didn’t really treat football … I wasn’t a real professional. I had gotten suspended for four games. I came back and I was overweight. I had just let the media run wild. I was saying anything to the media just to get them off my back. “I wasn’t actually practicing because I was a danger to myself, hurting myself because the weight was unsafe. I didn’t take it seriously. So when I got released I was like, ‘Woah, it’s game day and you didn’t give me a chance to perform.’ That’s not true. I had a chance to perform all offseason. I had a chance to work out, I had a chance to eat right. I had those opportunities. I just didn’t take advantage of those opportunities.”
  13. Not Tasker (at least not an onside kick return). I was in AZ for the game against the Cardinals when Henry Jones did it however. According to this article, the Bills have done it three times out of the 11 total times its been done since the merger. https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2019/10/20/20923963/micah-hyde-is-third-buffalo-bills-player-with-an-onside-kick-touchdown-henry-jones-highlight-video
  14. Do you have a link to support that? The article linked by the OP stated "multiple GMs have requested...". Multiple means at least two and less than all (or it would say "unanimously" or "all" GMs instead). My best guess is that newly hired GMs and teams with new coaches will want any reason to delay the draft, those with continuity are probably more confident of where they are and may see an advantage over others. However, Goodall works for the owners. The GMs who want a delay ultimately would convince their owners to push for it. If enough do, Goodall will delay. If they feel the loss of revenue is higher than the expected competitive return to have more time, they won't push for the delay.
  15. Back then a team with the first pick could and routinely did negotiate and sign a player before drafting. In some cases the signability decided who they would draft number 1. Bruce signed in February, draft was in April. Feb. 22, 1985: Bills agree to rookie deal with Bruce Smith https://www.buffalobills.com/news/feb-22-1985-bills-agree-to-rookie-deal-with-bruce-smith-14954041 Oops,, Ethan beat me to it. Obviously a much faster typer than me.
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