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  1. Didn’t watch the clip yet, but I (kind of) remember the game and definitely remember it being a great win. I lived near Binghamton (Endicott actually), I had 4 friends from Rome and Rochester over and had a quarter keg. After the game, every few minutes I kept asking “What was the final score again?”
  2. I kind of remember a reporter asking (after a Kelly injury where he came back with a knee brace), "Do you think you can beat Kelly in a foot race with him having his knee brace?" and Levy replying something like, "What do you mean with his knee brace? I could always beat him in a race." That being said, I know I thought of him as pretty mobile. Never fast, but perhaps due to his strength, size, and toughness was able to make plays running when needed, especially early in his NFL career.
  3. You didn’t miss anything, it wasn’t an article about them, it was a q&a and the entire answer to that question was included in the Two Bills Drive summary. So so far as extending, yesterday on Sirius XM NFL Radio I heard a former GM talking (sorry, don’t remember the name). He said with a new agreement coming up soon, teams should go all out on extending all players they think may be part of their future. The cap will go up significantly and salaries with it. He twice said it’s like if you had 100% guarantee the stock market will go up, then you should invest as much as possible. He went on to say that agents should be advising clients to not sign extensions because they will be leaving significant money on the table.
  4. That was my first choice at the time. But time to move on. We hired my last choice for a coach, got rid of him after two years, and hopefully have the right coach / GM combination now.
  5. I could have sworn the stats just after the game showed Oliver as having half a sack. Did they initially award him 1/2 of Phillips' 3rd and then change it later, or am I just wrong?
  6. I agree and have always felt this should be the case. From 1999 to 2016, 37% of replays have been successful, 43% in 2015-2016. So, using those higher numbers, in 57% of the games, there likely would not be any additional replay. Seeing as there were only an average of 1.3 replays per game, not four as would be the case if both teams used both replays, I see the actual impact as minimal. But, it just seems fair that if the refs screw up the call and are successfully challenged, the team should not be penalized by losing one of their challenges. https://operations.nfl.com/the-game/history-of-instant-replay/
  7. The Bills can make an offer, it's then up to Duke which one he takes.
  8. Excellent article. I'll admit, there were two things I didn't like but both were already discussed. 1) He's not heading to Canton or the pro bowl. I was 100% sure I knew you meant "yet" but didn't feel that's what you said. If read from the perspective of an unbiased writer, I may have thought you meant "ever" but of course this is a "Fan Perspective". And 2) the "we" statement. Of course, easy to critique, far far better than I'd have done. And, I loved the title even if you only wrote half of it.
  9. Reading the comment above about Wrex and Gase both setting their franchises back years made me think. Which was more stupid, the Bill's hiring Wrex after the NJ trainwreck or NJ hiring Gase after the Miami garbage? I'd say at least Wrex was entertaining at press conferences.
  10. This is just common sense. I don't mean the exact formula is, but what the formula is basically saying is that there's an excellent correlation between who the favorite is and who wins the game and the higher the point spread, the more likely the team is to win. Of course there's exceptions such as Vikings - Bills 2018, but hence the 98% r squared vs. 100%.
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