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  1. 5 PM ET is actually 2 PM on the west coast. And, I'll be back in CA next week with an all day class, so I guess I'll be taping and watching later.
  2. So, assuming this game is off, is KC back to Thursday?
  3. I've been thinking this all along. I see no way the league will give a team a free W. If they gave a forfeit, I think it's as you say, Titans get an L, Bills get a bye and a record based on 15 games.
  4. Totally agree Chandler. I remember shortly after the '18 draft hearing from two of the hosts on NFL Radio something to the extent, "I'm worried about Allen. He needs to be developed but I'm afraid Buffalo is the team that drafted a QB that has the least available resources to help him develop." In actuality, that was true his first year: - A 3 way QB competition in camp so he didn't get reps as the known starter (plus he lost the competition to Peterman). - A QB coach who had been a WR coach for many years and had no history of developing a QB. - A not very good OC. - A defensively minded Head Coach. - No veteran backup to mentor him until DA was brought in mid-season. - A horrible OLine. - Horrible receivers. McDermott and Beane have steadily fixed all of these problems while New Jersey has not.
  5. I just came into the state yesterday and am considered an essential worker. I got tested this morning so that I can go into work as soon as I get results (I got the rapid test so already have results). The NYS Covid Tracing called me this morning also to go over everything. I was under the same impression as you, no need to quarantine with the negative test results. They told me this is incorrect. I can go into work based on the results but must otherwise quarantine for 14 days. The reasoning is the incubation period. If I was exposed in the last few days, I may give a negative test result but still have it and still be contagious. So, I can go to work and then go home and isolate myself at home.
  6. I just moved back from CA yesterday, working outside of Syracuse (Skaneateles Falls) and for now living with my father in Rochester until I find a place. Any good radio to listen to about the Bills in those markets? This morning, I listened to Sirius XM NFL mostly from 6 AM to 9 and never heard the Bills mentioned (probably they did sometime when I had to have the radio off). I missed Schein's monolog unfortunately, I'm sure he had a lot to say.
  7. As Hapless said, most common schmucks don't get tested regularly like NFL players / employees do. Also, there is an out for essential workers coming from out of state. If they get tested upon arrival, they are not required to quarantine after the results come back as negative. Since I'm starting a new job in the Syracuse area next week immediately after arriving from CA, I called the NYS covid hot line just to confirm I can do that and was given approval. I don't know if I would consider myself essential, but the definition applies so I'm going with it.
  8. I’ve never called before asking for discounts. I just accepted a job in Skaneateles Falls so I’ll be working there and coming home to California on some weekends. Since I only get Sunday Ticket to watch the Bills and I assumed I’ll be in NY for most weekends and can watch on local TV, I called up to cancel. She asked if the reason was with everything going on I wasn’t interested in football. I said yes and she said in that case they’ll give it me free this year if I want to keep it.
  9. Excellent points, especially the third comment. I read that Love looked great, obviously meant much more since he went against the 1s than it would have if he was against the backups.
  10. This is where I bought mine a year ago and am very happy with it. $37, embroidered. https://www.ecrater.com/p/31545729/josh-allen-17-buffalo-bills-game
  11. That’s not how I remember it. As soon as he came in and dismantled the D because the prior year it was “only” number 2 ( his Titans D was 1 of course), then he started with his air horn routine, I was convinced he was a jerk.
  12. I’m really hoping they both make the roster. I think there’s too good a chance of losing Hodgins (and of course Davis as well) if we try to get them on the practice squad. They still must clear waivers and even if they do they can only be protected part of each week. Although it may be unlikely, I’m hoping Beane can trade Foster, Williams or McKenzie for a late round draft pick. Green Bay needs receivers. Would they trade instead of risking them signing elsewhere?
  13. From what I had heard, the NFL approved all plans at least a week ago. The NFLPA has not finished reviewing them. So, there may be nothing wrong with others, just waiting for review.
  14. One of my best friends has a nephew that’s a state police in Texas. My friend was visiting, bringing his wife and three teenage boys with him. The nephew told him he’s guaranteed to be pulled over while there, they’ll assume someone with CA plates will either be Hugh or at least have pot with him. Sure enough, he was pulled over, I think for a taillight not working. Nothing happened, I think my friend mentioned that his nephew is a cop, told him this would happen, and said “really, a 50 year old with 3 kids, you really think I’m on drugs?”
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