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  1. Just to be sure, after reading your post, I contacted the Bills via Chat. Also, I didn't cover it in the chat, but it's clear from the website that the deposit is refundable if you decide to not buy the tickets minus a $3 "processing fee". If you do buy ST in the new stadium, it goes towards the 2026 tickets. Here's the chat:
  2. There's no place I've seen that is saying or implying that current season ticket holders pay a fee or even a deposit for the virtual stadium experience. The article you linked is saying $150 deposit is to be on the season ticket waiting list. Then, once current ST holders are invited to the "experience", those on the waiting list will be invited.
  3. I hate to use the word genius, but BB is a great defensive coach, maybe the best defensive coach ever. And, he had the good sense to allow Brady to flourish for many years which many defensive coaches would never do. In the year Bledsoe got injured and they won their first SB, as I remember the Patsies were predicted to get the first pick in the draft the next year and BB would be fired. The defense would have kept them from coming close to that but replacing Bledsoe with Brady was the only way they became good enough to make the playoffs and ultimately beat the Lambs.
  4. Actually, I think it started long before this. When BB was in Cleveland, he benched a very popular Bernie Kosar for Vinnie F'ing Testaverde who at that point in his career was a complete bust. As it turns out, Kosar was done and BB was right and Vinnie had a decent back half of his career with the Browns and Jets.
  5. I get what you're saying but can't agree. The difference being that when the receiver has his toe OB, it's only relevant if he has possession. The OP is saying that merely touching it while OB isn't possession and therefore shouldn't be considered OB. However, I also see issues with this. Specifically, if a player OB pushes it to a teammate, doesn't seem he should be able to help his team to recover. Regarding the Steeler who layed down, I was watching that at the time, explained it to my son who was watching with me, and told him that it's a very smart play that I rarely see players having the heads up to do this. So long as the rule is what it is, I like seeing players play smart (unless against the Bills).
  6. Although correct, I'd expect the 5th DE to have ten to fifteen snaps in our rotation. Miller isn't back to himself, KJ is currently better, especially against the run.
  7. So Von Miller over Kingsley Jonathan. I think that's a mistake.
  8. I have seasons on the 30 is line, section 132. Got up this morning to drive to LAX to fly to Rochester for the game, had to leave home 3:30 am for the flight. Got to the airport and found out my connecting flight to Rochester got cancelled just as I got to TSA. No other flights anywhere around were going. I just listed my tickets for $100.
  9. Here's the link. https://buffalonews.com/sports/professional/nfl/bills/jim-kubiak-bills-qb-josh-allen-continuously-pours-himself-into-middle-of-the-violence/article_3614f8b6-b01a-11ee-903a-b78ef5fea4f2.html
  10. There is no flex on week 18, all games are listed as TBD because they will announce the Tuesday before when each game is, none are currently scheduled as to which day or time they will be played.
  11. I felt Brady called a horrible game and deserves much of the blame for the Bills almost losing. Of course the turnovers were the primary reason for the close game and no, I'm not blaming Brady for those. But, the jumbo package with Edwards eligible seemed to almost always get two yards but they kept calling it again and again. Allen had a 71.4% completion rate but they only passed 21 times. I'm looking forward to listening to Joe Marino's Locked on Bills to hear what he says about the jumbo package but I was groaning every time the referee announced "76 is reporting as eligible" on the second half.
  12. I going. Bought 12 tickets for family and friends. Unfortunately, I bought the tickets shortly after they went on sale so I paid way too much. Of the twelve, ten of us live in So Cal, two are coming from Rochester and landing in Orange County in under an hour.
  13. Completely agree with this. From my observations, most players aren't at their full post ACL form until 18 months or so post surgery. Many here were saying the same about Tre last year and sure enough, the beginning of this season, until he got injured again, he looked close to his old self. For Von, of course he's older and therefore a higher probability that he is actually done, but I'll reserve judgement on this until next season.
  14. I couldn't find the quote, but it seemed to me that when Ralph fired Tom Donahoe he came as close as I'd expect. He apologized and said it was an embarrassment. I think he was talking more about how the fans were treated, but it was not great football either.
  15. I just started listening to podcasts especially Locked on Bills two weeks ago. It's between 30 and 45 minutes. One day power week is a question and answer session. Sorry, not sure which day. But one of the days after the Vegas game I think it may have been the first question was to explain the difference between gap and zone blocking. I think the day before is his all 22 review where he said the bills seem to have stopped trying to force the zone blocking scheme. Worth a listen if you want to understand it better. Very interesting listening to these podcasts and how the different ones say complete opposites. Not on blocking, but other things. Joe Marino from locked on Bills said Bernard played pretty decent against the Jets, Buffalo rumblings said he was awful. Marino said they schemed to give Brown lots of help against Crosby and when they didn't he was taken to town. Sal said they didn't give Brown help. I don't watch those things closely enough to judge who is right, but overall Joe Marino seems to know his shxx so I tend to believe him more.
  16. As was said by someone else above, he's on the practice squad. He can sign anywhere to the 53 man roster.
  17. Sad. Always enjoyed listening to him on Sirius XM. Haven't heard him there for some time and was assuming his health had declined to where he was no longer able, but never heard for sure. Before hearing him on XM, I had never heard of him. Always knew of Tex Schram as the GM and didn't realize Gil's involvement. Hearing from him over the last many years on the radio I came to understand and now wondered who was more responsible, Tex or Gil, for the Cowboys being good for so many years.
  18. Not 100% accurate per Sal (heard it around 11:30 today). Teams can make an injury settlement. Then, they need to wait three weeks (I assume three games at this point but he said three weeks). After the waiting period they can sign with any team. Sal suggests that this is likely what the Bills plan to do with Barkley and in the meantime sign another QB to the PS.
  19. Of course, because obviously noone ever settles frivolous lawsuits.
  20. Unless what was said originally, that Haskins was crossing am interstate on for, was false, I don't care if the driver was speeding, the family should not be entitled to get money for it.
  21. To other's points, seeing him at the home opener last year was great! My father turns 99 in two weeks and like Marv, is still in great shape but clearly has been slowing down over the last year. He still cuts his grass and my shovel his driveway if he's in Rochester and doesn't want to wait for the plows to come but now only walks a mile or so at a time whereas two years ago we went on a 4 mile walk together. I was hoping to take him to training camp next week, but he's flying back to Florida the same day as we were going so that's not happening, he did go last year however. Going back to Marv, I've wanted to mention this for the last year or so but wasn't going to start a topic on it, this seems like as good a place as any. I was watching the series finale of a Tim Allen TV show called Last Man Standing a year or two ago. In the show, Tim's classic car was stolen. In response, his character said the following poem. Most Bills fans likely know that Marv posted this in the locker room after Super Bowl XXV (Giants/Wide Right). Unfortunately Tim's character attributed it to Ronald Reagan instead of giving the Marv (or the original author's) reference: "Fight on, my men, Sir Andrew said, A little I'm hurt but not yet slain. I'll just lie down and bleed awhile, And I'll rise and fight again."
  22. My brother lives in Pittsburg and went to the event. His kids grew up in Fox Chapel which I believe is a suburb Northeast of Pittsburg. Although his four boys grew up there, they have remained diehard Bills fans their entire lives.
  23. My account manager emailed me back and said there was an issue with the website, so I don't think they poorly worded the email, but that they didn't set up the rules properly in Ticketmaster or however this is done. Regardless, he said he put the tickets I wanted in my account. I didn't see them there so I went into Ticketmaster at 1 and easily got the tickets I wanted.
  24. I had the same problem others have. It said six tickets per practice, up to two practices. Got six for 7/28 and wanted two for 8/10. If I had done it in the other order, would have been ok with only four for 7/28 and just told two friends I was bringing, sorry, couldn't do it. Unfortunately, I decided to do the six first.
  25. @newcam2012Excellent list of concerns, it kind of depressed me because I can't disagree with most of them no matter how much I want to. I agree with @BADOLBILZthat based on recent history, we are the best team in the AFC East and I don't expect enough of those concerns to go the wrong way for us to make us lose the division or not be a serious Super Bowl contender.
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