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  1. So they are saying that Tua had a back/spinal injury that caused him to lose control of his legs, and they put him right back into the game? That might actually be dumber than letting him back in after a concussion!
  2. Greatest American Hero! Peter Griffin did it better with his ass harmonica. All In The Family...
  3. You are using Mike Florio as an example of a non biased person?! That's hilarious.
  4. If you honestly think that miami is the better team, please accept a $100 straight up bet for the next game. Hell, I'll even give you the three points for Bills home field advantage. We can have a trusted poster hold onto the $ until the game. A win is a win, but there is no way the dolphins are a better team that the Bills. Especially without some crazy luck and sleazy field design.
  5. I just came here to post the same thing. Absolute trash. All I want to do is listen to the pre game while getting ready to head out and it is, once again, not working.
  6. I doubt that. You seem to revel in anything negative when it comes to the Bills.
  7. Erdahl has really settled in nicely. The first few shows were a circus with everyone talking over one another. Now it is back to being really good. I’m not a huge fan of McCourty, but that could be because he is an ex patriot*.
  8. I am going to pick Jaquan Johnson for defense. (2 Ints) For the offense, I think Diggs has another monster day.
  9. Tua has played 25 games so far. In those approximately 100 quarters of football, he has looked like an top end QB in 1. His own team was looking to replace him (with a serial sexual predator) as recently as a few months ago. The hype train has been fueled by 1% of his quarters of play while the doubts are a result of the other 99%. I realize this is a bit of an exaggeration and that Tua has had a few nice plays mixed into his overall sub par career, but even his own team and their fans would not have told you he was the answer at QB until the most recent quarter of football.
  10. Can you imagine the insanity if Tua ever strings 2 quarters of good football together as opposed to just one?!
  11. The answer is to be a decent person and not stand in front of those people.
  12. I deleted my post but it must not have been quick enough. It was a bit uncalled for as a personal attack. On the other hand, jokes are supposed to be funny. Maybe that's where the disconnect is with your posts?
  13. I don't know why I enjoy reading the Finheaven forum so much, but stuff like this is making for an amusing Friday morning. Just when I thought I had seen the most delusional post, another one comes along. This guy thinks the dolphins have a more talented 53 than the Bills and that their D line and defense is just as good. You can't make this stuff up! PhinFan1968 said: 100% going to depend on the OL. If we can stimy, or at least mitigate that beast ass D line they have, we're in business. Especially on 3rd down. TannDaMan17 said: It’s not that great. Our dline and defense in general is just as good as theirs. We just need Tua to keep playing like he did in the second half last week and we will win. Obviously their defense is better than Baltimores, but they got injuries and don’t have as much talent on the 53 as we do, contingent on the performance of Tua Tagovailoa. I believe.
  14. While getting my morning entertainment from the dolphins forum, I found this gem from Monday (prior to the Bills game). It was in the "Honest question, how does our D stop the Bills?" thread. I guess they will have to look for a different strategy? Monday at 1:14 PM #12 I'm looking tonight to see Vrabel expose Allen. Use that as a game plan and modify as need be.
  15. If someone decides to stand, the people behind them no longer have the option to sit. There is no “right” to stand all game.
  16. Taron Johnson has played 85% of the defensive snaps this season. NCB is a starting position in this defense.
  17. Can we stop with this narrative? Taron Johnson and Benford/Elam are also starters in the secondary. 2 out of our 3 starting CBs are healthy and nobody has been ruled out for the game. Is the secondary situation ideal? Of course not, but "our entire starting secondary" is not injured and out of practice today.
  18. That is the same guy that posted this gem...I'm guessing he isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. supurduper said: Allen is good but massively overrated. I've always said this. He's flash like a sports car. Tua is smarter, more methodical , more accurate and still has 85% of the arm strength which is the only thing some people talk about. I'd never switch Tua for Allen and the above stats show I'm right in that thinking. I mean everyone is saying Allen is the best PLAYER in the game, that's what the jerks on TV keep saying. So Tua has mostly better stats than the supposed best PLAYER in the NFL. What does that tell you?
  19. I actually heard some commentators this week discussing the hardships that Tua has faced. Let's look back at this rough road to Sunday. Grew up on the mean streets of Hawaii and went to a very good football high school. Was a 4 star recruit and went to Alabama. Obviously had the best coaching, facilities, trainers and surrounding cast possible for his college career. Was drafted and did not display the leadership qualities necessary to hold down the starting job consistently. The dolphins have surrounded him with Hill, Waddle, and Gesicki as his main targets. Other than an injury in college, this guy has led about as charmed a football life as possible.
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