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  1. I don't say this lightly, but Mrs. Mahomes is even more annoying than Jim Carrey.
  2. I see the Zappe era ending the same way that the Mike White era ended for the Jets. The Bills come to town and destroy the upstart phenom and he is never heard from again. No happy ending for Kraft surprisingly.
  3. I’m guessing this was one of the officials…
  4. I really don’t get the appeal of Cynthia Frelund. I don’t know exactly why, but every time I hear her predict something like “124 passing yards” instead of just saying 125 like every other person would say, it drives me nuts. It’s a prediction! Round to the nearest 5 yards and stop trying to sound like you can predict to the exact yard. Rant over.
  5. I was responding to Newcam and his sad "everyone picks on us because we aren't positive enough" post. It is amusing how some of the doom and gloom crew feel like they are the only realistic posters. Especially when the Bills are the consensus best team in the NFL.
  6. You mean to tell me that the incessantly negative posters on a fan forum get pushback?! This is an outrage! It's not like the Bills are the superbowl favorite. I guess your views are just more "valid" and "accountable" than those damn positive posters.
  7. So Allen has played 10% less than Mahomes and has scored 1 more TD (when you include rushing TDs). That was all part of the master plan! Make Elam look vulnerable to certain moves in an easily winnable game. When Mahomes tries the same stuff...Bam! Interception!
  8. I remember buying an authentic $300 Losman jersey prior to the 2007 season thinking the Bills finally found the answer at QB!
  9. I think he would fit in on the Chiefs or Dolphins too. Although it wasn't a child or pregnant girlfriend, so maybe he has some work to do before he joins forces with Tyreek.
  10. They are barely beating the raiders. Let’s not go crazy here.
  11. A bottom 5 QB and a top 5 RB…is there any coordinator in the league that wouldn’t lean heavily on the run game?
  12. Fair enough. If you take those 2 passes away, he is throwing an int with about 10% of his passes. (I know it’s a small sample)
  13. Any answer other than the Van Miller Fandemonium call is simply wrong. Best call ever. For some reason I can only find a FB link to it! https://fb.watch/g1iQ85OcI3/
  14. The same rookie QB that threw interceptions on 23% of his pass attempts in his only NFL playing time?
  15. I once ran into a guy that I was pretty sure played for the Bills but I couldn't quite place him. I asked him if he was a Buffalo Bill and he simply stated "I’m Ko Simpson with the Buffalo Bills. I am worth millions!” over and over again.
  16. If you are going to post idiotic troll material, at least be witty and entertaining.
  17. Can we get the guy’s email, FB, Twitter, etc.? I’d like to send him a picture of my rare steak dinner and lamb chops that I am eating in honor of Bobby Wagner’s tackle!
  18. I don't think we have given him enough credit for how professionally he has handled the contract situation. He has been the consummate good soldier and teammate. Every interview is positive and there hasn't been any social media stuff from him or his wife as far as I know. I have a ton of respect for how he has handled everything!
  19. Is it possible that Moss needs glasses? Like wild thing in Major League? He runs like he closes his eyes as soon as he grabs the ball.
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