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  1. I wonder if he swung at the piece of garbage that pushed Dane after he was injured.
  2. OJ the person is an embarrassing stain on the Bills brand. OJ the player was admittedly one of the greatest players of all time. I cringe every time I see him wearing Bills gear and showing up at games.
  3. You know what is even more impressive than a 21 point comeback....Not going down by 21 points in the first place. Miami allowed the Ravens to score 21 points in the 2nd quarter! That is 3 less points than the Jets allowed all game in their matchup with the Ravens. Let's pump the brakes on Miami being a world beater. They were losing by 21 points and gave up 38 total. Tua and the WRs had a great 2nd half. Baltimore defense had a complete meltdown. That comeback doesn't happen against the Bills secondary.
  4. She was so over the top with her reaction. It was amateurish and wrong. So no, I don’t keep a list. But I do remember her reaction because of the screeching and laughing. Questioning the pick is understandable. Making an attention seeking, unprofessional scene is a little different.
  5. I can never take Mina Kimes seriously after her ridiculous, overdramatic reaction when Josh Allen was drafted.
  6. I’m actually watching it on a 77 inch OLED. I am not seeing any blurriness or refresh rate issues.
  7. It’s funny how Mahomes doesn’t do his little 10 inch forward pass to the RB unless it is near the goal line. I wonder how many of his TD “passes” have been those stat padding BS passes?
  8. And the Bills are a better team than we witnessed vs the Rams. The Titans (and the rest of the NFL) are the ones that should be worried.
  9. The most promising season that I can ever remember and this has to be a topic of discussion? C'mon man, enjoy being the superbowl favorites with the MVP favorite leading the charge.
  10. Somebody has clearly hacked Sullivan's account. There was no whining or negativity directed toward the Bills.
  11. McAfee is the most entertaining interviewer in the game. Completely down to earth and fun. He is the anti Tony Dungy.
  12. Any plea deals with a repeat offender like Reid should include a condition that if they are convicted of another DUI offense once released, they face automatic life in prison without parole. That may weed out the ones that are just faking remorse to get the shortest sentence. If you are truly changed and remorseful, there should be 0% that you drive drunk again.
  13. Finally someone uses this correctly! *If you didn't care about the Dolphins, you would say "I couldn't care less".
  14. Hope he gets run over by the team bus. Biggest scumbag in the NFL.
  15. Do you actually think Kumerow is the #4 WR on the Bills? Do you realize that you are comparing the Rams #4 WR to the Bills #6?! Your posts are somehow getting worse. I didn’t think that was possible.
  16. I assumed the Silver Bullets were named after the 1985 Corey Haim / Gary Busey movie.
  17. Ramsey is such an ass. Truly one of the least likeable players in the league. I wonder if he still thinks Josh Allen is "trash"? I really hope Allen and Diggs light him up.
  18. I heard on WGR this morning that something like 27% of the ticket sales have been from western NY zip codes. Add that to all the Bills fans from outside western NY and I would not be surprised if the stadium was 40-50% Bills fans!
  19. He was entertaining for the most part. He did cross the line sometime in the 4th qtr and was throwing around some pretty offensive slurs. He was lucky to avoid trouble. A friend of mine that was sitting with us made this the next day...
  20. He was an obnoxious little runt. Even the other Jets fans didn’t have his back by the end of the game. He ducked out early to avoid dealing with the consequences of his antics.
  21. Duffy’s has a great atmosphere during the Bills games! Hope you check it out this year! (I’m the guy in the Thomas Jersey in the first post.)
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