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  1. Guys i cant thank you all enough! This thread has gone on beyond anything i could imagine! Cant wait for the game!
  2. Gotta do the ice rink! That will be fun!
  3. Well my wife is excited and scared all at the same time, lol. You guys have shown overwelming support and advice. Im amped up for my trip, Dec cant get here soon enough!
  4. Hondo, gonna do all that we love history and arcitecture, do for sure will fo that. Frank lloyd wright is at the top of our list! Thank you for all the reccommendations Sorry boys a bit drunk typos abound..lol
  5. No time like the present its a good year to schedule a trip, thanks for the welcome i plan to be active as much as possible and will absoluetly post about my trip afterwards.
  6. Wow! So much to do so little time! All great suggestions! Absoluetly will do Hammers lot! Fish fry sounds great! Glad you guys are getting just as amped up for this as i am! We truely have the best fans in the NFL, and you guys are proof
  7. I cant thank you guys enough this is all great, we are staying in an airbnb out near OP, gonna make a long weekend of it and go into buffalo and see why shes called the Queen City. Look forward to seeing all the great things she has to offer. And yeah totally down to earth guy, military has a way of humbling you! Lol
  8. This is great! You guys are awesome! Thanks for the info so far!
  9. Hey guys just bought my tickets for the Bills/Pats* monday night game in Dec. This will be my first trip to Buffalo, been a fan for 30 years and finally get to see our Bills at home. Im in the Coast Guard and have seen them everywhere i have been stationed, finally close enough to drive up and see them in Buffalo. That being said, can you guys give me reccomendations for things every bills fan should do while there. Might sound cheezy but i want real buffalo wings, beef on a weck, a garbage plate so on and so forth, where should i go for all that. Thanks guys look forward to the adv
  10. I just donated my $25. This is what we do and im proud to be a part of this mafia! Best fans in the league
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