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  1. I've been here for a long time. I just usually don't post. And I especially don't post a political slanted topic in the Bills section. Perhaps I could introduce you to PPP? I think Randy Travis' politically charged ESPN hot takes would fit better over there perhaps?
  2. Maybe he’s been picking up good vibrations these past few years with the Bills. Wouldn’t it be nice if he did?
  3. So they would have been more exhausted? Well. I don’t think any more exhaustion would’ve produced any worse result so I guess we might as well not blow all our money on a d-line who can’t get it done. Enough of the trying to half ass it with role players in bit parts. Either develop our high picks into impact players or go after a real pass rusher, instead of middling it with Obada, Boogie, AJ and Mario. And Jerry was good at a time, but that time is long past.
  4. You yourself said they ran out of gas. If you're playing only a spot role, how are you out of gas in the 4th quarter? Isn't that what the whole rotation thing was supposed to remedy? To me, as an earlier poster stated, its more about the fact that we have a bunch of half assed talent on the d-line outside of Oliver (and perhaps Harry, who's been coming on strong).
  5. Which is hilarious cuz I don't think you could've found a more self centered douche in the NFL than Jim Kelly in the '80s. He literally didn't come here when drafted because of his small minded, big time, superstar, "me-me-me" attitude. Yet somehow the city learned to love him.
  6. Yep. That's it. I liked the Obada pickup and it was worthy try to find an undiscovered gem. But it didn't work. And thus far, Groot and Boogie haven't worked. AJ is...whatever. If Beane and the Bills are serious about making a run they gotta find somebody. The Khalil Mack thing is as old as time itself, but it's true. Beane took the risk and got Diggs. Take another risk and grab another game changer.
  7. I agree that it seemed we got close. And maybe I'm just being negative, but not once during the game did I think our guys were actually gonna get there. Maybe you did, and we really were that close. But what Cincy did just hemmed him in. And yeah. It's probably due to our linebackers as well. Which is a whole other thing.
  8. Yeah. I think thats the truth. And kinda ends the thread in a way. We don't have the playmakers. I like Jerry and Mario seems like a nice guy and had a better season this year than last, but neither is getting younger and neither is anything close to a game wrecker. The only problem is do we go into next season with Groot, AJ and Boogie? That's pretty scary. I think this is one position where Beane should try to go big as possible. We need a real playmaker. And yes, I knew easier said than done. But I just dont think that playmaker is coming at 25 in the first round, just as I didnt think it was coming at number 30 last year.
  9. I know its an eye of the beholder type thing, but I just never really felt he was hurried by our guys. Yes they got after him, but I ask you guys/gals, was anybody ever surprised that they couldn't get to him? Mario Addison is the king of letting guys slip through his grip and so many times we had guys diving at his feet, which yes, made Mahomes move. But that's what he does. Pressuring Mahomes (and Josh) is much different than pressuring Brady or Burrow or the conventional QB.
  10. I respect your opinion Generic, but our defensive line ultimately didn't get anywhere close to getting the job done. I don't recall once really seeing Mahomes look hurried or truly pressured. I mean yes, they made him move around, but I never once really expected they were ever gonna catch him. You knew you'd get the classic grasp at his feet that he'd shrug off and run away from. Whereas this week, you saw a hurried Mahomes. And I think that impacted his throws on other plays. He was worried the Bengals were getting to him. I don't think there was any such fear with Jerry Hughes and Mario Addison. But the rotation is supposed to keep them fresh. If our d-line can't play a half game or a quarter game or however long these guys get snaps, then that is an indictment of the rotation theory, is it not?
  11. Topic kinda speaks for itself. Everybody was talking about how gassed our defense was at the end of last week's game. And when one considers what that means, it usually speaks of the poor pass rushers who just run out of gas. But errrr....isn't Seany's beloved rotational d-line scheme supposed to keep our half-assed defensive line talent "fresh" whereas other teams with actual star players, their guys get tired, so that's a win for us. I think McDermott needs to learn that the rotation is trash. Get good players, and get decent depth. Cuz trotting Vernon Butler out there or AJ Epenesa to spell whoever hasn't helped anybody. And likely has made the growth of Groot and Boogie a longer project as they haven't gotten on the field as much as they otherwise would have.
  12. I'll take Flacco over Kelly if he wins us a Super Bowl. Jim had zero good Super Bowls. Joe had one.
  13. Yep. Was talking to my wife and she pointed out how it seemed like everything in the NFL this year was upside down. Rodgers out. Brady out. Mahomes vanquished. Bills losing to Jags. Titans lose to Jets. Colts lose to Jags. But the one thing you can count on is that the Buffalo Bills fans will get their funking hearts broken. You can always count on that. I know this isn't life or death, but seriously, when is it our time? I feel like it never will be. I hope I'm wrong.
  14. I think a lot of what happened today was the Chiefs got up big earlier. Pat was feelin' himself. Just like in the early season, he was feelin' himself and got sloppy. I think his hard work during the season went down the shitter when Patty started feeling himself. He didn't have that opportunity when the Bills are there matching him score for score. Just my feeling. Well, that and the fact that McDermott's awesome defensive line rotation is bull#### and that besides maybe Ed Oliver, we don't have a single guy even approaching game wrecker status on the line. But just wait, with the 25th pick we will pick another guy who can be inactive for four or five games and/or make three impact plays all season. Yay.
  15. Yeah Bruce is the greatest. But this is a different game. Maybe I'm wrong and a long retired player could impart a lot of wisdom as far as what's going on when the young guy is on the field. But I'm skeptical.
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