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  1. Biggest question of the day: Was McDermott making defensive playcalls in the second half?
  2. Well that was a reminder of what a violent game this is.
  3. So predictable, I mean seriously. Who didn't see that coming?
  4. Let's be aggressive on defense again. Six minutes left, don't let them drain the clock and score a TD. Just go all in, at least you'll have clock left.
  5. Can you please stop taking hits Allen?? Please? Get your yards and get down.
  6. THIS looks like McDermotts defense. He might have taken over calls.
  7. Are we finally done with the vanilla defenses we been watching? So what we get deep every now and then. Let's keep mixing it up and taking a chance on defense!
  8. Can we just have a clean, penalty free drive here??
  9. I'm not really a conspiracy guy but I thought that was illegal contact at the very least.
  10. Josh is finally taking what the defense gives him. It's okay to have a little Trent Edwards in you and checkdown.
  11. Alright offense, this is your chance. Let's be aggressive.
  12. Can we just call an aggressive game plan defensively? We might as well, they're going to methodically move the ball down the field if we don't.
  13. The offense had some momentum then our offensive coordinator calls an end around.
  14. Honestly, it reminds me of the Cheifs being without Sammy Watkins. They're just not the same team.
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