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  1. Surprised he went undrafted! Will have a chance to be a nickel corner. Nice pick up beane!
  2. I remember Jason Peters being a project TE converted to OT prospect? One can hope...
  3. I feel similarly but not necessarily because we're picking 30. I think not having the combine for me really did it.
  4. Exactly! It's a first round pick for a first round pick. This year holds more value than next year. If a QB/player falls that someone in round 2 likes, I would be all ears!
  5. At this point all we can do is sit and wait for details to emerge. No form of of sexual harassment should be taken lightly. That goes without saying. On the flip side, no allegations should ever be made without substantial evidence. We can't just generalize cases like this. I guess we'll see how this one pans out.
  6. I think their approach is a smart one. Most teams are not in a great cap situation, but the Pats were. They're signing free agents that would warrant more money in any normal free agent period. They're getting a bargain. These "avg to above avg" players next year would be receiving a lot more money because there'd be more competition for their services. Pats can offer a front loaded contract and not many other teams can.
  7. I know most will disagree but Colts will surprise a lot of people offensively. Reich knows what he has in Wentz, and he also knows how the get the most out of him. Scary team
  8. As much as I'd like to say yes, there's no way. That defense is lights out. Brady is so precise and decisive. Unbelievable team.
  9. I know the common trend is to bash Wentz and talk about how bad he was/is but id feel much better if he went with the bears. Wentz was an MVP candidate under Reich, and IMO the colts have a better roster than Philadelphia did that year. They would be scary.
  10. I think as a pure RB he's probably better than Singletary and Yeldon, I just think the pass blocking is what gets most RBS shelved.
  11. Singletary is just not very good I agree unfortunately. Yeldon did look so much better both running and passing. Moss is obviously not the answer. We should have no problem addressing the RB position in free agency. Offensive and defensive lines are another story.
  12. I dont have the heart to rewatch the game, but your assessment sounds about right. Even with Moss were in trouble at RB. Our Offensive and defensive lines are the source of our problems. Also, wouldn't hurt to get a more consistent TE and maybe Kenny Stills can be used next year to stretch the field. Brown hurt? Gabriel Davis hurt still?
  13. I think this is very obvious. Reid is the greatest offensive mind in NFL history. I've never seen so many wide open receivers. Unbelievable.
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