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  1. No comparison at all, Roscoe was an unbelievable return guy.
  2. Look at Mahomes completion percentage the last 3 games. Coaches are refining the blueprint at this point. Don't let him get outside the pocket. As good as Andy Reid is with QBs he can only do so much
  3. I probably should be scared of the Titans but after playing Tom Brady it's hard to get scared if Mariota
  4. Yup he got us with the timeout we used when they gave us a different look when they punted and we thought they were going to fake too.
  5. Our defense is the best in the league. Thanks for sharing the day gents.
  6. I know he hasn't looked great but there is such a cool/calm feel when Barkley is in the pocket. Absolutely no panic. I know Allen is young but I hope he develops that.
  7. Hey at least we have all our timeouts left!
  8. Is it safe to say we've shot our own feet off today?
  9. 110% intentional grounding. Wow. Wow. Wow.
  10. Literally the only difference is Brady can throw the ball away.
  11. I was hoping for spread look and give a draw to Gore on 3rd down. This "jumbo" set is prehistoric.
  12. Any other team I love this challenge. Against the Pats, this is definitely not PI
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