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  1. Against the Jets he was noticeably more explosive.
  2. You're absolutely right. It is kind of crazy, but even this past Sunday, anytime Tua threw a ball it just looked like it was floating in the air.....of course it does because Allen has an absolute cannon.
  3. I mean to sum it all up...sloppy is the word I'd use. I'm not concerned, just a but disappointed. Our offensive line scares me.
  4. After watching the 49ers and Cowboys play shortly after our game, I quickly realized how undermanned we are on defense. Those guys fly around and make plays. There were times yesterday that Joe Burrow looked like he was in training camp, playing against guys that won't make the team. It was really bad.
  5. Unfortunately this is very true. We can point the finger at Dorsey all we want, but at the end of the day Josh has made some very costly mistakes.
  6. 100% agree with this statement. What a great leader, but moreso a great human being. I cannot fathom being put into McDermott's position last night. There is only so much adversity and a community can take. Personally, my wind was let out of me last night. I could not care less about the outcome of the remainder of the season.
  7. I have to say, I will be rooting for the Bengals organization as long as Zac Taylor is their head coach. That guy just screams classy. Let me include their fans also. 100% class.
  8. Luckily I did not have direct tv but I am super glad that YouTube for it. That's the provider I currently have (YouTube TV) and I am happy with it. This season ticket addition has got me excited.
  9. That was the difference to me, why aren't we running the football.
  10. 2 games in a row where Allen has not looked good. Gabe Davis...yikes. We need OBJ.
  11. At this point in his career, he is definitely exceeding expectations. I think the fact that McDermott is limiting his reps helps a lot.
  12. I love the fire. Did he lose his composure? Absolutely, but at least he's passionate.
  13. The inevitable, Canelo keeps moving up in weight and hits a roadblock.
  14. This is exactly it, it could also be a case of entitlement. I hope it's not discrimination.
  15. Honestly, this was my favorite pick also. I know everyone wanted Hall and I get it...but James Cook to me is the electric back that we have been missing for a long time. Just adds another dimension to our offense.
  16. One of the most loved NFL players ever. That level of humble greatness is so rare.
  17. It’s nice to have an electric running back. Something that has clearly been missing.
  18. Watson is just so overrated. He is top 10 for sure, but the 2nd highest paid QB? What an insult to the top 5.
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