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  1. Any plea deals with a repeat offender like Reid should include a condition that if they are convicted of another DUI offense once released, they face automatic life in prison without parole. That may weed out the ones that are just faking remorse to get the shortest sentence. If you are truly changed and remorseful, there should be 0% that you drive drunk again.
  2. Finally someone uses this correctly! *If you didn't care about the Dolphins, you would say "I couldn't care less".
  3. Hope he gets run over by the team bus. Biggest scumbag in the NFL.
  4. Do you actually think Kumerow is the #4 WR on the Bills? Do you realize that you are comparing the Rams #4 WR to the Bills #6?! Your posts are somehow getting worse. I didn’t think that was possible.
  5. I assumed the Silver Bullets were named after the 1985 Corey Haim / Gary Busey movie.
  6. Ramsey is such an ass. Truly one of the least likeable players in the league. I wonder if he still thinks Josh Allen is "trash"? I really hope Allen and Diggs light him up.
  7. I heard on WGR this morning that something like 27% of the ticket sales have been from western NY zip codes. Add that to all the Bills fans from outside western NY and I would not be surprised if the stadium was 40-50% Bills fans!
  8. He was entertaining for the most part. He did cross the line sometime in the 4th qtr and was throwing around some pretty offensive slurs. He was lucky to avoid trouble. A friend of mine that was sitting with us made this the next day...
  9. He was an obnoxious little runt. Even the other Jets fans didn’t have his back by the end of the game. He ducked out early to avoid dealing with the consequences of his antics.
  10. Duffy’s has a great atmosphere during the Bills games! Hope you check it out this year! (I’m the guy in the Thomas Jersey in the first post.)
  11. Unfortunately we can't kick the occasional Giants or Jets fan out of the bar. They aren't allowed to order the Josh Allen drink special though!
  12. I love that idea. Never get tired of seeing photos of the various Bills groups. Our club has really grown over the last few years. Can’t wait for Thursday! We also have a big tailgate along with the NYC backer groups at the Bills vs Jets game if anyone going to that game would like to join us.
  13. I’m always impressed with the various Bills communities throughout the country. No matter where you are on game day, you can find a great bunch of Bills fans to watch the game with! With that said, where is everyone watching the Bills games this season? As the VP of the North Jersey Bills Backers, I’ll be at Duffy’s in Paterson. If you are nearby, we would love to have you join us. It’s a great atmosphere with some new specials and Bills decor this season. We even have a real Buffalo mounted on the wall! I just ordered mugs for our new for 2022 Labatt special. Post a picture of your Bills game day crew!
  14. This is not true. MJD had 1600 yards rushing and nearly 2000 yards from scrimmage that year . Ray Rice had over 1300 rushing and over 2000 yards from scrimmage. There were several RBs that were better than Fred Jackson in 2011.
  15. They have a young qb who should improve significantly entering year 2. - Why? Many people think he was at his ceiling coming out of college. He had the best coaching, facilities, etc from high school through college. They have lost stars on defense, but Belichick always finds a way to put his young players in a position to be successful. - You mean like the last 2 games against Buffalo where they didn't force a single punt?
  16. Complete garbage. There is no way 12 players are better than Josh Allen. I would bet big $ that at least half the GMs in the league would choose Allen as their #1 player to start a team with. I know that isn’t the criteria for this list.
  17. Tim Graham is a weasel and an incedibly unlikeable person. I'm glad he had a tantrum and left TBD years ago when his feelings got hurt.
  18. Sometimes people even go so far as to create screen names of players that sexually assaulted 17 year olds! Disgusting! *Someone with the screen name C. Biscuit97 might want to tone down the judgement or google Cornelius Bennet sexual assualt.
  19. The thing that I found interesting is that the police reported gathering 3 terabytes of digital evidence. I would imagine there would be some pretty conclusive texts, emails or voicemails in that evidence. I would be willing to bet that if/when that digital info is released, this incident will become much clearer one way or another. Is it possible that the civil trial is being pushed so hard right now by the prosecution lawyer because they know that the evidence is going to hurt their case when it does get released? Contrary to what was initially reported, it appears that law enforcement has done a ton of investigating into this case with multiple search warrants and interviews. If the reports are to be believed, criminal charges should be filed soon against one or more individual.
  20. I think it is more likely that he is doing this now as opposed to earlier because Araiza is now the entrenched starter for the Bills.
  21. "This bush league t.v. appearance by media hungry lawyer hurt his client". Does this guy even read what he types?! The guy is tweeting his entire case out and accusing others of bush league, media hungry tactics. It is shocking how incompetent this moron is making himself look.
  22. It just shocks me that a lawyer is airing this stuff on twitter. It seems so desperate and amateur. If you have a strong case, why would you pull idiotic stunts like this? It seems his main concern is about winning in the court of public opinion.
  23. No, I base my assumption on the fact that the Bills trounced them in every game last season that didn't involve 50 MPH wind.
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