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  1. they have reason to be ... the Bills final drive pretty much was based solely on dubious penalties called on the Ravens, but we KNOW that the refs are secretly paid to make calls against the Bills, right? #sarcasm
  2. Been in WNY since '78 ... last place on earth I wanted to be, yet I am still here ... that's just the way my life worked out, and I can't complain, but truth be told, I've lived other places and have been fortunate enough to travel - a LOT, and B-Lo still leaves a LOT to be desired, wings and weck notwithstanding
  3. Must be absolute hell on a motorcycle
  4. Just finished streaming season two ... wasn't sure about Krasinski taking on a role that goes from desk jockey analyst to action man as well as Harrison Ford did, but he handles it excellently ... all in on season three, whenever that might be. Now I guess we'll have to pay for Showtime and get back into Ray Donovan
  5. #truth ... Let's play "Make Believe" ... everybody close their eyes and pretend you are a fan of another team and you're about to face the Bills this weekend. What would YOU think about the Bills? I'd venture a guess that it might be something like "Ya know, they have a good record, but hell, they played a bunch of garbage teams, and the good teams they played? They lost those games ... these guys aren't that great - we're gonna beat them"
  6. Roll the PloughBoys on Turkey day ... then you'll get that national attention that you crave
  7. 😆😆 C'mon now ... remember the damage that Mike Tolbert wreaked upon opposing defenses when they split him out wide?
  8. Well, he sure 'aint facing off against the 250 lb. OG's from East Appalachian State ... welcome to the NFL, little man! Gonna take some time and some work with the dietary/training staff, and a year or so of maturing
  9. the shyt om Schopp stuff is getting tiresome ... funny how many people hate him but feel the need to talk about him. He's pretty bright, and he often has different takes on sport than the average jock sniffer. Can he be a prick to callers? Have you LISTENED to most of these callers???? I used to be a big Sal guy, but I sense the "shill-itis" is starting to take hold once he started taking a paycheck from OBD
  10. another arbiter of "fandom" ... Can't stand this crap
  11. Nobody really knows what ANY of these guys will do ... but it wont stop the narrative, and try as you might? It still reflects poorly on a teams decision making. We heard forever how "We coulda had Gronk, we coulda had Rogers",and those misses were part of the failure narrative for years (Except to Torell Troup) If Allen isn't the guy and Mahomes/Watson stay on their current trajectory? You're gonna hear about it for years to come
  12. Isn't that what fans discussing teams always is? What if they did this? What if they signed that guy? Mystifies me why some have issues with that
  13. with apologies to the Allen faithful, the eyeball test tells you that Allen has yet to play a "great" game this season ... good? sure. Solid?? Yes. GREAT?? Sorry, no.
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