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  1. I’m certain Ms. Glab will land on her feet as a vocal sound effect artist replicating the sound of nails on a chalkboard for TV and film 😂
  2. Yes of course it is, because he’s preoccupied with defending the nation against a deep state cabal of satan worshipping child molesters running their operation out of a Washington pizzeria 🤣🤣🤣
  3. He wouldn’t get a free ride in making the roster
  4. I knew this thread would be gold to the “Lamar is an MVPat age 23, but he sucks” Club .... I wasn’t disappointed
  5. He really didn’t do much to earn the one he got
  6. Is there some secret society of Lamar haters that I’m unaware of? Seems to me a league MVP at age 23 is a fairly lofty accomplishment
  7. He made an appearance this morning on Shredd & Regan .... I don’t listen, but saw it on my Twitter feed
  8. I find it enjoyable because it has also been called WegMilf or WegMoms ... nice “scenery” 😂
  9. Might as well name it “Overpriced Crappy Stadium Food” Stadium
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