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  1. You'd be surprised ... there's a large portion of kum by yah, only positive thought fans out there who will call you a hater at the drop of a hat should you dare say anything even remotely negative
  2. Tops .... Not sure if I was technically fired, since I just stopped showing up
  3. Mills was the definition of mediocre .... but Ford is not, I repeat IS NOT ready to play RT in this league. Put the kid at RG if you must, but stop this maddening rotation at the position
  4. Excellent game assesment .... I just can't get with the folks who say "Well, if Josh didn't get hurt, he would have won that game" ... 'if's" dont get you "W's" ... And the "hit" Yeah, it was dirty but if Josh doesn't learn to slide and protect himself, rather than getting stood up and taking a finishing hit like that, he's gonna be moving on to his post-NFL career sooner than he planned
  5. I have a 32" ............ light bar in my Tacoma grill. Does come in handy trying to spot an address at night on an extremely dark road, or for avoiding deer on a backwoods road at night .... mine is mounted in the grill so it doesn't scream "LOOK AT ME! i'M A HARDCORE OFF ROADER!"
  6. sports writer says something negative: "He's an idiot, screw that ahole" Same writer says something positive: "OMG repost repost, this guy gets IT, he's a damn football savant!" LMAO
  7. she is absolutely smokin' hot ... no I mean it - SMOKING HOT AND CRISPY!
  8. I expect to be a little bit under the influence of adult beverages and forlorn
  9. It's great for the actual game but the concourses are eerily similar to a medieval torture chamber
  10. I'd give a 3rd and toss in a vintage Whammie Weenie AND Kelso's Kazoo helmet cover ... dude is still a top 10 receiver in this league
  11. Hmmm ... a bit soon to be judging careers, but hey, have at it
  12. Eli definitely has had better days, but he is far from the only issue with the G Men ...
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