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  1. I remember them with great fondness and I might still have a tap squirreled away somewhere
  2. While I will give up on sites inundated with aggressive ads, if ads are reasonable, I will actually click on them occasionally even though I have no interest just to keep the revenue wheels turning on a site whose content I truly appreciate ... a small price to pay IMO
  3. Plenty of things come from myanus more noxious than x-rays
  4. Not overall, but the short scenes of the old couple huddling as the cabin fills with water, the mother reading to her children and the string quartet playing together for what they surely know is their last time were great scenes
  5. I had the opportunity to work with Irv and Tom during my time at the once great WKBW ... never had the pleasure to work with Rick but did meet him at the telethon when they reunited ... Rest In Peace mr Azar
  6. Is there some group meetings for Panther Addiction? Asking for my friend Brandon
  7. And the history of mediocrity at TE in Buffalo can add another chapter ...
  8. Good post. Certainly more enlightening than the usual “he’s old he sucks” drivel
  9. Keep her away from anything to do with the Bills (see sabres, Buffalo)
  10. I believe the NFL has some type of mentorship program to help teams along with hires like this
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