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  1. I predict he’ll be bouncing at the Sundowner by December
  2. If we run 80 plays? 79 catches for 1026 yards and 12 scores. That should make the “Dukeazoids” happy 😂
  3. He’s got good size too .... seems he was branded after one egregious preseason fumble ..... I don’t get it, especially with the current arrangement being sub par
  4. But .... but .... I thought Beane was a wizard?
  5. Held him? He had an opportunity to rest his arm since we were a sieve against the run. He would have shredded superstar white and the rest of them if he had to.
  6. ... and everyone gets all bent hen the national media doesn’t take the bills seriously .... Tuesday and tonight is why.
  7. McD is awesome Monday through Saturday ... when it’s not game day. When the clock starts, he’s a mediocrity
  8. Virgil .... you praised edmunds last game and I didn’t see it. What’s you take now? I think the kid is awful.
  9. I hope Ed Oliver was watching Aaron Donald’s workout regimen
  10. Niners baby! I only need 500 yards and six scores from Mostert to rescue my fantasy team 🤪
  11. Agreed. Watching TB/GB and asking myself “why can’t the Bills have that Buc linebacker #54 on their roster?”
  12. Eff Con Jovi .... I did see him in the early 80's at a bar called Cougars on transit Rd in Depew ... He wasn't that great then either
  13. Color me shocked. I expected Lorax to say “Tremaine is in over his head instinctually and physically at the MLB position” 😂
  14. heard she had a bum knee ... something about a crowbar accident?
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