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  1. Did the season tickets thing for years, but as we all got older, it became a long long long long LONG day and it seemed as if we were always fighting the weather … at this point, my recliner, a house party, or even a bar close to home seem like a better option.
  2. Always struck me that he appeared to lack much of the actual fitness that he preached, but he was successful at helping many incorporate fitness into their routines … RIP
  3. The TE legacy of the Bills is woeful … I trust that will change with Kincaid
  4. Well the mob definitely decided that Matt Azaria is a rap… oh wait
  5. Tiktok’s sneaky spyware decided that I needed a steady dose of this guy in my feed … score this as a win for spyware. He’s usually good for a chuckle or two.
  6. This discussion is so homeristic and so tiresome. Doesn’t matter without the hardware to show for it.. Dan Marino was probably a better quarterback than Jim Kelly, and what did that get him?
  7. Breakfast Club … I can see pieces of me in every character
  8. None of us really know (obviously), but I find myself imagining if one of our division rivals had the same issues that many here are counting as strengths? The’s pages would be filled with jibes and ridicule towards said rivals
  9. Yeah, anyone can have a “bad night” and get whooped in a debate … what we saw our leader deliver was far beyond just a “bad night”
  10. Congratulations to the new kid for getting his name on the Cup with his next team!
  11. Well, TBH I’ve eaten at Waffle House …. It could happen to anyone 😂
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