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  1. Just came across this. What it misses without Mick (the vocalist) is made up by the extended solo by Mick (the guitarist).
  2. My Ranger fan friends didn't like the firings but their biggest problem with the team is it's all talent and no grit. And they were saying that before the season started. But that's what JD and Gorton had built to date.
  3. Wait, what? Sabres give him an 8 year $72 mill deal. He responds with 6 goals in 50 games. And the Sabres ruined his career? How so?
  4. I dig a pony Well, you can celebrate anything you want Yes, you can celebrate anything you want, oh I do a roadhog Well, you can penetrate any place you go Yes, you can penetrate any place you go
  5. We swapped out Chili Davis for the immortal Hugh Quattlebaum. I've heard nothing but positive things about Chili Davis since he's been here. This has the stench of an analytics-based decision - or maybe Lindor didn't get along with him. I'll be interested to see if the players have anything to say. On the surface I don't like the move. And how about this quote from our GM (https://nypost.com/2021/05/04/mets-fire-hitting-coaches-chili-davis-tom-slater/) “This was a really difficult decision to make, but the reason we felt like it was the right decision was based on a vis
  6. Jesus - that game had a lot going on. Game gets tied on a little league play The pitcher appealing a suspension stemming from the team he is facing melts down and blows a late lead on a walk (as a Met fan that was delicious) The Mets closer gives up an apparent game tying HR (as a Met fan this was not tasty at all) - only to have it over-turned on review . BTW, I hate review but this is why we have it. Now if only Lindor could get a hit in a big spot - he had 3 chances tonight
  7. I can feel it in my bones, any day you'll be up and gone Oh, I'm losing you It's all over your face, someone's takin' my place Could it be that I'm losing you?
  8. You nearly had me roped and tied Altar bound hypnotized sweet freedom Whispered in my ear You're a butterfly And butterflies are free to fly Fly away High away Bye bye
  9. Conforto will come around, he's always been streaky. Whether he's worth a long term contract is a big question mark. I'm more concerned about the guy that we committed to for the next 10 years whose start to the season is worse than Conforto's. On the plus side, for anyone not paying attention our favorite closer to hate has looked pretty damn good and we have a 2 time Cy Young award winning starter who somehow looks better than ever.
  10. Gotta admit that I never listened to Hawkwind and I like the version of Motorhead you posted, but for my money Lemmy's version of Motorhead with Motorhead is a tick better:
  11. He is one of many top shelf players whose rep took a hit until they won a championship. Reminds me of Elway. Both were arguably better players in the years before they won it all.
  12. Hey hey, tell me what you did You can call it what you want But I call it messin' with the kid
  13. There's an old joke about a guy who is granted three wishes by a genie but the catch is his ex-wife gets twice whatever asks for. His third wish is to be beaten half to death.
  14. This guide to Buffalo was put together by someone on the board a few years ago. It's geared toward game day but there's a lot of info about the area as well. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F9yhWkCZkeTFX_6yagiiwCPu-JUnhBAxuPILxW8U438/edit
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