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  1. I like beer, it makes me a jolly good fellow I like beer, it helps me unwind and sometimes it makes me feel mellow (Makes him feel mellow) Whiskey's too rough, Champagne costs too much, vodka puts my mouth in gear This little refrain should help me explain as a matter of fact I like beer
  2. Clock strikes ten it's a Saturday night Got money in my pocket and it feels allright Not stayin' home gonna stay out late Gotta hear some rockin' music and it feels just great
  3. They never should have fired Rex Ryan!!!
  4. Didn't he go back to school after the Pats cut ties? Looks like the writing courses have really paid off. His tweets used to be unintelligible to me. Haven't seen a transformation like this since Eliza Doolittle.
  5. I'm rolling thunder, pouring rain I'm coming on like a hurricane My lightnings flashing across the sky You're only young, but you're gonna die
  6. You're so vain You probably think this song is about you
  7. Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me.
  8. But don't play with me, 'cause you're playing with fire
  9. More info coming out on Cohen. A few quotes from the articles below: The potential new owner of the Mets may have faults — but spending money is not one of them. Cohen — who is notorious on Wall Street for multiple insider trading scandals.... “Part of me wishes this was literally any other guy, but the other part of me remembers that Steve f—ing hates to lose,” one hedge fund manager and Mets fan told The Post “He grew up a Mets fan [in Great Neck]. He went to games in the Polo Grounds. He has deep pockets. He is a passionate fan. If I were a Met fan, I would expect that means more money [for payroll].” the friend of Cohen said. “This is not a purchase you make at that amount to make money. You don’t make it to strip down payroll. You make it to enjoy the team you have spent your life rooting for. If I am a Mets fan, this is a big day to celebrate.” https://nypost.com/2019/12/04/steve-cohen-is-mets-godsend-that-should-bother-the-yankees/ https://nypost.com/2019/12/04/mets-likely-savior-steve-cohen-is-a-controversial-free-spender-who-f-ing-hates-to-lose/
  10. Things that make you go hmmmm: Steve Cohen in talks to increase his investment in the Mets. I don't know the first thing about him, but the thought of the Wilpon's stepping away puts a grinchy grin on my face. https://www.newsday.com/sports/baseball/mets/mets-sale-fred-jeff-wilpon-steve-cohen-1.39223180
  11. My son asked me the same question last night and I went with 40%.
  12. In the hazy light I see Lonely crow, dark green dream I got no paddle and I got no shoes I'm solo in a rawhide canoe Hundreds of them little bug eyes Them drooly runny glassy eyes Smilin' through the foggy soup I crack a grin and laugh in tune And I would love to float... On... Munky river
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