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  1. Now she's a cool, cool black She moves like a cat If you don't get her game Well, you might not make it back She's got the looks that kill
  2. So many great ones already mentioned, so many more but I'll add Looney Toons...this link has two versions, I prefer the first.
  3. Isn't the spread all about trying to even out the betting $$ on both teams and by extension how the betting public views the match up? If so, the books don't think the takes on this board for the past 48 hours are representative of the betting publics view.
  4. JMO but I hope McDermott and co.'s #1 priority is to get back to the offensive and defensive dominance we saw in the first two games. No easy task given the injuries.
  5. Is this is a veiled reference to Robert Woods? If so, I endorse this message.
  6. In Dorseys case the game (and pressure) was over so it's a nothing burger to me. Had Dorsey done something like that in game I'd have a different opinion.
  7. When you say Mac was a more finished product do you mean he was finished in the NFL before he even got there? JK.
  8. Is it safe to assume that Didacts and Narpets doesn't qualify as danceable?
  9. So I check on the score and it's 3-0 Mets. With Jake on the mound I head outside to cover my pool figuring this one's already in the bag and I start thinking that maybe the Braves series won't be that big of a deal. Argh.
  10. On a normal week no, I'm only standing for big downs or big plays. But I was on my feet for almost all of Bills/Chiefs. I do a lot of pacing.
  11. Not that I disagree with your other points, but your Guillorme and DH comments were spot on. My soft landing spot comment had more to do with the intensity of the dogfight for first place. I won't count the Mets out if they're a wild card, but it would be a big blow. This season has always been about the health of Jake and Max to me. I still don't have confidence that they'll both last through a long post-season run but getting a bye would be a huge help. The good news is their pitching is lined up perfectly. They have the big 3 going against the Braves and then they'll be rested for the post season.
  12. My pet peeve is people leaving or returning to their seats during live play. Went to a Rangers (hockey) game last year and the ushers didn't let fans back to their seats until there was a stoppage in play. At one point coming back from a pee break/beer purchase I had to wait a freaking long time for a whistle. I had no problem waiting - timed my next break/purchase better.
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