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  1. Story out of the NY Post says it's about bonus incentives. Doesn't pass the sniff test to me. He's worried about the Mets limiting his ability to supplement his income and responds by turning his back on the guaranteed money? https://nypost.com/2020/08/02/yoenis-cespedes-confronted-mets-about-playing-time-before-opting-out/ Good riddance. More at bats for younger guys.
  2. Canadian mounted baby, a police force that worksRed and black, that's their color schemeGet their man, in the end
  3. Since March I've been looking forward to a return to normalcy. Thanks Mets...not what I had in mind.
  4. All my life I've been searching for somethingSomething never comes never leads to nothingNothing satisfies but I'm getting closeCloser to the prize at the end of the rope
  5. @Ralonzo more of the same. Crushing the bones of the hundredfolds swinging the judgment hammerMan, woman, child no-one is safe the heads of the dead are the banner
  6. Hosted by Peter Marshall. His son had a decent MLB career and appeared on Hollywood Squares with his fathers non-stage last name that I assume is about to be censored: LaCock I stand corrected.
  7. Just watched Davis hit a 2 run HR off the Pesky Pole. Pretty much an average foul ball in any other park. The Red Sox pitcher's WTF reaction was priceless. He was still looking back at the pole when he left the field.
  8. He hears the silence howling Catches angels as they fall And the all-time winner Has got him by the balls He picks up Gideons Bible Open at page one I think God He stole the handle and The train won't stop going No way to slow down
  9. it was a whiff for sure, but I agree with his take both before and after the trade Well put. I liked him, he brought enough knowledge of the game and history along with a considered opinion to overlook his arrogance more often than not.
  10. Rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond, call me what you will But I'll take my time anywhere Free to speak my mind anywhere And I'll redefine anywhere, anywhere I roam Where I lay my head is home
  11. Roam if you want to Roam around the world
  12. Strong move by the rookie manager.
  13. Danny says we gotta go Gotta go to idaho But we cant go surfing Cause its 20 below
  14. Cespedes hitting a HR and Diaz looking good (except for Freddy Freeloaders foul ball bomb). Two things I would not have predicted. I forgot it was a day game and missed most of it. What set you off about Cano?
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