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  1. Surprised there are no comments from our resident Crankee fans following a big win that ended with a beaning. Like Scooter Rizzuto I have to mark this down on the score card as WW - wasn't watching. Interested to hear whether Cranks or O's fans think there was intent behind the pitch.
  2. Yeah that's what I was driving at...of late the Mets have been pretty good, while the Yanks have been pretty bad, but water seeks it's level and my sense is that in the end this Mets team will continue to hover around .500 (which may be good enough to contend for a WC) and the Yanks will break out of their funk and ease into a WC spot.
  3. As an out of market Bills fan, the Raiders have always been my second team. Appreciate the call out for Lester Hayes, he was a fave. Was at a concert a month ago and a guy was wearing a Hayes jersey. On the other hand, I hated Romanowski, even as a Raider. D-bag. Some other players that I loved watching: Earl Campbell, Bo Jackson, Hines Ward, Troy Polamalu, Ed Reed, Charlie Garner (as a Raider). Kellen Winslow deserves a mention for a great career and arguably the greatest game ever by a TE. And I'd rank Lawrence Taylor as the greatest defensive player I ever watched - but I wouldn't call him a favorite.
  4. Bolded is a fair question but unbolded an unfair comparison. Yanks are sitting at .591 +3.5 for the first AL WC spot, Mets are at .500 -1.5 from the last NL WC spot. I'm a Mets fan and what I see is a .500 team playing in a league where that currently keeps them in contention - the same record puts them 5 games out of the last WC spot in the AL. Yanks will make the playoffs (a -effin-gain...no mean feat) but aren't the juggernaut they were a month ago. I'll look forward to seeing how things play out the next month. Between hot/cold players, trades, call-ups and injuries it's likely to change for both teams. For the record I'm not overly optimistic about the Mutts. I think the Cranks will improve but not look like WS contenders. Time will tell.
  5. Yesterday morning I went Out for a cup of coffee I shaved and Then I combed my hair A man who don't know me Said something to my back I stopped to turn around and face it That is why I pack my .25 Where nobody knows Right above my boot
  6. Soaking up the sunshine, sittin' on the 405 (Sure feels right) I can take my time just to do what I like Because it sure feels right (Sure feels right) Just singing to the radio ----- For those that follow the Share some music thread this is another of my go-to chill songs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vPy795FlRM), it's so saccharine even wifey likes it in spite of the Sex Pistols reference. Good times.
  7. The bourbon sits inside me Right now I'm a puppet in its sway And it may be the whiskey talking But the whiskey says I miss you every day So I taxi to an all-night party Park me in the corner in an old chair Sip my drink and stare out into space And now you're leaving New York For no better place
  8. I felt like this on my way home I'm not scared I pass the boats and the Kingdome I'm not scared
  9. @muppy Greetings right back at ya! Appreciate all your posts. I love that this thread has gone on for 7 years and somehow avoided negativity. I have no doubt some folks think that some songs I post are utter crap - and tbh I feel that way about some songs that others post. But the toxicity of 'my opinion is sacrosanct' is absent in this thread. Good times. Here's another song in my 'chill' summer playlist that has the distinction of being liked by wifey AND references the Sex Pistols.
  10. Oh no, I don't believe it You say that you think you know the meaning of love You say love is all we need You say with your love you can change All of the fools, all of the hate I think you're probably out to lunch
  11. We don't go out of our way to visit ballparks, but any time we travel we'll check to see if there's a game. The exception was Wrigley - wifey knew I always wanted to go there and she suggested a Chicago vacay that included a game. We had a similar story with Oracle but with a luckier ending. Planned a west coast trip where we flew in to LA, drove up the coast and planned a weekend in SF. Completely lucked into the fact that the Mets were in town and saw Thor dominate and Yoenis hit a late 2 run HR for the 2-0 win. Good times. This summer we're headed up to Montreal and Quebec. Was hoping to squeeze in a CFL game but timing is off. Son wanted to hit up a Toronto game, but couldn't make that work either. Looking forward to hearing about your PNC trip.
  12. Outstanding, enjoy! Just yesterday me and my sons were talking about ballparks we've been to and which ones we'd like to visit and we agreed that PNC is top of the list. We've been to Fenway, Wrigley, Camden, Oracle (Giants) and the Nats. Only the Giants was against the Mets. Hope you both have a great time and the Mets go 2-0!
  13. I'm in summer chill mode, not listening to the crunchy stuff as much. Hope these aren't repeats: Two from Fountains of Wayne: And the elderly Stones making it look effortless:
  14. Two great ones above from Kid Rock. Another I came across recently:
  15. Tattooed love boys got you where I used to lay But ha ha, too bad You know what they say. Stop sniffling You're gonna make some plastic surgeon a rich man Oh, but the prestige and the glory Another human interest story You are that.
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