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  1. Y'know what I think??? I think you're all @#%$! in the head!
  2. My old man is a television repairman, he's got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.
  3. Lady, from the moment I saw you Standing all alone You gave all the love that I needed So shy, like a child who had grown
  4. My guitar wants to kill your mama.
  5. #triggered This is far and away the best idea I've ever heard with regard to fixing replay. For the record I give credit to @row_33 for making this suggestion in a thread in the past year. I've latched onto it ever since. Replay is here to stay. Getting rid of it is effing stupid. Nobody wants to see a game decided by a ridiculously bad call. The one I remember most was Vinny Testaverde's helmet coming up a yard and a half shy of the goal line on a dive when he had already tucked the ball to his chest. A quick video review is all that was needed to overturn the TD and spot the ball at the 2. At the same time the super slo-mo attention to detail that nobody can agree on anyway and delays the game detracts from the product regardless of the sport. An ancillary baseball replay pet peeve that doesn't deserve it's own thread: can we please restore HR fences and get rid of the walls with the HR lines. It used to be that when the ball went over the wall everyone in the stadium knew it was a HR. Now we have to wait for video review from some jackass miles away to determine if the ball hit above or below the HR line before we know whether we should be cheering or not . And don't get me started on fans being able to interfere with a HR. Now if you'll excuse me there are a few hooligans on my front lawn that require my attention.
  6. Saw that earlier today, can't imagine checking on the noise in the kitchen and seeing a bear with the munchies. Not a domestic situation, but this relentless rhino is worth checking out: https://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2019/08/20/rhinoceros-charge-close-call-orig-vstan-bdk.cnn
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