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  1. This is a song about Spike He is a bad ass guy Who just happens to be A really good friend of mine Everyone I know yeah Who knows Spike, too Would agree when I say the words That, spike is cool Yeah, the problem with my friend Spike He has fallen into A true love with a nice girl Who has gotta lot of tattoos He always talks crazy Whenever she calls He always talks like a baby Yeah it's obvious She has got him by the balls
  2. So you do what you want And pretend again that it's time to roam 'cause you can't go home Maybe you'll find your way today, But while you're at it you'll have some fun And through tears of laughter You know it's nothing until you find someone You wouldn't miss it You don't care if it's day or night
  3. I'm a back door man The men don't know But the little girls understand
  4. I used to have an angel, she took care of everything Yeah, so sometimes we cried, maybe more than most, but so what We shared everything, even some things we should not have shared Like my separate reality, now there's only room for me
  5. Then she gave us the finger It was rigid 'n stiff That's when the Devil, he farted An' she went right over the cliff
  6. I could care less who was a better singer, if that was my criteria I'd listen to more Pavarotti. Dave helped make songs great, Sammy never did that for me. I don't agree that Dave couldn't sing Sammy songs, he just wouldn't sing them the same way - and I'd probably like them more with Dave.
  7. Went to a hockey game tonight and they played Steppin' Out by Joe Jackson. Great song that I hadn't heard in ages. I've never listened to a Joe Jackson album, should I? There have been a few good covers:
  8. Two entirely different bands is exactly it. Van Hagar was never Van Halen to me and it tarnished the brand that I loved. If Van Hagar came first I doubt they'd have been a blip on my radar screen.
  9. On the back of a winged horse Through the sky of pearly grey Love is leaf-like... You and me, baby Twinkle, twinkle Blah, blah, blah E! T! C!
  10. Poundcake is a great song. It would have been better with DLR singing. Can't think of a DLR/Halen song that Sammy would have made better.
  11. We Sold Our Souls was my introduction to Sabbath. That album held me for awhile, but what was cool was checking out the original albums and finding out that they all had other tracks that were as good or better than what made it to We Sold Our Souls. Cornucopia is a great example.
  12. Are we talking about the Red Rocker or a pair of pants? If you like him more, you should at least spell his name correctly. Van Halen with David Lee Roth was iconic. With Sammy they never reached the same heights.
  13. You know it's alright somethin's happening Hold tight it might be lightning Turn up the lights somethin's moving Can't sleep at night my heart keeps missing a beat
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