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  1. The backstory to that (free) performance is great: https://hmmagazine.com/rage-against-the-machine-live-at-finsbury-park/ "In 2005, a man named Shayne Ward won the second season of The X Factor, the U.K. equivalent of American Idol, and his rise to fame would also include grabbing the Christmas number one with “That’s My Goal.” It would turn out to be the first of four straight years of X Factor singles winning the popular tradition. But in 2009, an English DJ and his wife, Jon and Tracy Morter, had had enough and created a campaign to make the anthem “Killing in the Name” the Christmas number one, an effort to break the streak. The band supported the cause, promising a free concert if the campaign was successful, and — quite literally against all odds — the band’s single outsold X Factor winner Joe McElderry’s version of Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb,” selling 502,672 copies to McElderry’s 450,838. Live at Finsbury Park is that free concert. The band would even go on to donate 100% of the profits of the sale of “Killing in the Name” to the homeless humanitarian effort, Shelter, presenting a six-figure check to the nonprofit during the show."
  2. Now I wanna sniff some glue Now I wanna have something to do All the kids wanna sniff some glue All the kids want something to do
  3. LOL - first time I saw Ozzy was in '81 - with Randy Rhoads. Great show, opener was Def Leppard and second band was Joe Perry Project. Getting old indeed.
  4. You think you got the interest Come on and take the time 'Cause you know I wanna be Yours in a simple rhyme
  5. I'm a parasite (nite klub) I creep about at night (nite klub) Yes, I'm a member of the Nite Klub A fully paid-up member of the Nite Klub is this the in place to be? (Nite klub) what am I doing here? (Nite klub) watching the girls go by, spending money on beer
  6. I agree that the mechanics of the process are always the same so it's not a big deal in most games because teams generally don't butt up against the buffer regularly. But in the Miami game it felt like it happened all game and I thought the refs should have called it a little tighter after it kept recurring - similar to what they'll sometimes do when players start getting chippy.
  7. The album as a whole is pretty good. Not my go to music at all, but for whatever reason it worked for me.
  8. Fair enough wrt the Bengals post-game comments. I was aware of the refunds quote - no big deal to me, but nothing Taylor said. But I was referring to Taylors press conference a day or two after the Monday game, how the Bengals captains came to the Bills locker room that night and I'm pretty sure Burrow shrugged off that they they had to play in Buffalo leading up to the playoff game.
  9. This was one of those games that I had no idea who I'd root for/against until I watched it. One bad Apple tipped the scales for me. A bit surprising cuz I was completely impressed by how Zac Taylor, Burrow and most other Bengals handled the Damar incident. This may be an odd analogy but years ago I heard someone say that a chorus is only as good as it's worst vocalist. That's how I view the Bengals.
  10. Serious question: what low talent defense of Spagnulo's showed up in a big game?
  11. They lit up the Empire State Building in green and white after the Eagles win. That's a giant middle finger to Giants fans. https://dknation.draftkings.com/2023/1/29/23577057/empire-state-building-eagles-colors-nfc-championship-win-giants-jets-bills-fans
  12. Do you think gutty reporting would make a difference? Living in Jets land I see/hear a lot of scathing hot takes by the press on the regular. Hasn't helped yet (not that I'm complaining).
  13. So now I’m watching as my house is raided Like I’m some sort of terrorist I thought that they were democratic, not an iron fist
  14. You know I'm loaded Railroaded I'm explosive I'm a locomotive
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