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  1. Had a dad Big and strong Turned around Found my daddy gone He was the one Made me what I am today It's up to me now My daddy has gone away...
  2. What makes you think that was zee? Internet posters.../smh
  3. Twenty-four hours a day Hey, why don't you go down to the supermarket? Get something to eat, steal something off the shelves Pass by the liquor store, be back about quarter to twelve Don't wanna be your slave
  4. Toronto is awful? What city isn't? Ol Dirty B is myopic. Either that or he/she enjoys the view up his Ol Dirty B way too much We need a "City You Hate" thread. Or maybe a "City You Hate The Most" thread. Maybe a poll - won't work, too many cities. Maybe a thread to determine which cities are worthy of a "City You Hate Most" poll. Yeah, that's it. Maybe we could do an NCAA style "City You Hate" bracket. In the mean time, congrats on the NBA championship "Toronto is awful" folks! I've only been through the airport, but YYZ rocks!
  5. I'm assuming your facts about home prices and family incomes in San Ysidro are accurate. Do you know what the valedictorians family income is? Do the own or rent? Without that info some of your assertions seem presumptive.
  6. Frustrating beyond belief. The plan looked great: Trade for a young, elite closer....Diaz has been average. Bring back a former closer who has success as a closer for a playoff team....Familia has been consistently craptastic and getting worse with each outing. Sign a lefty specialist...is Justin Wilson in the witness protection program? Push back your closer and 8th inning setup guys to innings 6 and 7...Gsellman has been good on occason, Lugo has been marginally better. IMO, VW did a reasonable job remaking the bullpen but they are flat-out not performing. It's on Mickey and the coaching staff to right the ship, but Lugo looks like the only ray of sunshine right now. At this point I'd like to see Mickey do what he said when he first came in, no set roles. Let Lugo close a game or two. Bring Diaz into the 7th. Could the results be worse than what we've seen?
  7. I'm starting to long for the days when Josh Edgin was an option out of the bullpen.
  8. Are you're suggesting that the valedictorian from San Ysidro and the salutatorian offspring of a TBD poster are both champions of the leader of the free world?
  9. Could Monkey see, Monkey do apply to San Ysidro?
  10. You literally took the words right off of my keyboard with the bolded. Based on the praise she gave to her parents it wouldn't surprise me if they felt the same way. My guess is that her complaints were legit. Where we disagree is I don't have an issue with using the forum she had. It was the spiteful tone I could do without. But she is just a teenager. Nobody's perfect.
  11. Everyone who sees you thinks you should be smiling That girl she's so pretty, that girl she's so beguiling Everyone who sees you thinks you should be happy Thinks you should coo-coo her and start acting all sappy But it's Hard to laugh when you know that she's been cheating Had her Hands around him and she's been giving it a beating We'll it's Hard to laugh when you know that she's been lying But you Got to laugh to prevent yourself from crying
  12. Laugh and say I'm green I've seen things you'll never see Talk behind my back I'm off the beaten track I'll take on anyone Ain't scared of a bloody nose Drink 'til I drop down With one eye on my clothes
  13. Everybody wants to know where jimmy has gone He left town, i doubt if he's coming back home Well tony got a job, three kids and a lovely wife Working at the commerce bank for the rest of his life Nobody left to run with anymore Nobody left to do the crazy things we used to do before
  14. Wish I was back on the Bayou. Rollin' with some Cajun Queen. Wishin' I were a fast freight train, Just a chooglin' on down to New Orleans
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