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  1. I'm not buying what he tried to sell but the killer claimed it was a mercy killing to put her out of misery after she suffered an injury: https://nypost.com/2022/06/24/i-thought-it-was-merciful-brian-laundrie-confessed-to-gabby-petito-murder/
  2. If it makes you happy It can't be that bad
  3. I gotta get home, there's a garden to tend There's fruit on the ground and the birds have all moved back Into my attic, whistling static When the young learn to fly I will patch all the holes up again
  4. Also, it's not at all uncommon for the team that's getting dominated to pop an unexpected goal in OT. Tbh that's what I expected last night.
  5. Ironically Tampa Bay has benefitted from scoring goals with too many men on the ice in the two previous Stanley Cup finals. https://eyesonisles.com/posts/islanders-fans-have-no-pity-on-tampa-game-4-loss
  6. We recently bought one for my mother and one for my father-in-law. The one we chose works through your home phone (link below) so there are no subscription charges. The unit gets activated by pressing a button. There's a call tree of up to 5 numbers, so if my mother hits the button I'll get called first and if I don't pick up it calls my sister, etc.. and when the call tree is exhausted you can have it call 911. The pendant is really just another phone so if I get called I can speak to my mother assuming she's conscious. It's only good for in-home use though as you need to be within range of the base unit. It came with two rechargable batteries. The pendant uses one and the other sits in a charging bay in the base unit. The battery on my mother's recently needed to be recharged and the unit actually called me to let me know. https://www.amazon.com/Assistive-Technology-Services-Freedom-Pendant/dp/B0083UG11Q/ref=sr_1_1?crid=303BJQ1CWF1LP&keywords=assistive+technology+pendant&qid=1654824556&sprefix=assistive+technology+pendant%2Caps%2C76&sr=8-1
  7. So .761 vs. .746 winning percentage after 17 losses. I don't care who you're playing that's insanely good.
  8. What many sports fans aren't aware of is how dominant Babe Ruth was as a pitcher. For example, 3.0, 0.87 ERA in 3 WS series games with the Red Sox (https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/r/ruthba01.shtml). He is easily the most dominant baseball player of all time. In football I'll go with LT for most dominant on defense. TB on offense. Hockey it's Gretzky. Carlton was great. In his era Gibson and Seaver were better.
  9. I missed it but I heard Diaz was lights out last night. Mets have been pretty resilient minus their two best players. I still think this seasons success hinges on one or both coming back and being dominant.
  10. My point on Nimmo and McNeil is that it's not just the players Eppler obtains, but also the ones he chooses to retain.
  11. Would love to see that show but I couldn't justify the ticket price. Only time I saw Janes was in a small venue at a fraction of the price.
  12. Canha looks like a guy that could have come up through the Cardinals system. That team has a penchant for developing players who are solid over spectacular and have long, impactful careers. In general, the Mets GM (Eppler - is it bad that I had to fact check his name?) has brought in or retained some solid positional players. Canha, Marte, Escobar, Nimmo, McNeil. Fun team to watch. Side note #1: I'm dating myself (where is @Misterbluesky when you need him) but Canha reminds me of Joel Youngblood. Boring looking white dude, solid player. Youngblood has the distinction of hitting two HR's for two different teams in two different cities in the same day (https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/joel-youngblood-two-hits-for-two-teams-same-day-1982-mets-expos/jtp9kadw3r171hdjti066djrh) Side note #2: my new favorite non-Met is Brandon Marsh. He crushed a HR Friday night and in his next at bat dropped a bunt towards the vacated 3rd base.
  13. LOL, I 've never ziplined or went skydiving. Wifey has a great sky dive story. Went with her two brothers - their poor mother! It was solo jumps and involved somehow monkey-barring (not sure how else to describe it) under the wing to get far enough from the fuselage before letting go. Of course these days spider crickets scare her. Go figure.
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