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  1. I've been following along at home cuz I think this is an interesting topic - and (like most topics) I'm not entrenched in the side I lean towards. I lean towards distrusting the breed - but it's anecdotal, I've never actually witnessed a bad incident. I have a friend with a pit rescue. He views the dog as a harmless adorable lap dog. I view it as a dog that has a generally good temperament, but could be better disciplined - but cuz it's a pit I wonder if it'll go off the deep end if it's unhappy. I actually put the dog in it's place a few months ago. My friend thought the dog felt offended, I wondered whether I had crossed it's line - nothing happened but I do not trust that dog, Very few breeds that I feel that way about.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hear_'n_Aid
  3. Sometimes I lose sight of the greatness of the past. Yippy-Ty-O-Ty-Ay
  4. Yup - not interested in your line of questioning. I'm happy to hold my opinion - and equally happy for you to hold yours.
  5. In essence they did when they failed to draft Mahomes. Don't get me wrong, I understand why some Bills fans enjoy the self-flagellation over the trade - very similar to the hand-wringing about not drafting Brady well after the fact. To each their own.
  6. What about the teams that drafted 1-9? BTW, nice memory wrt @jeffismagic I seem to recall a few other people lobbying for Mahomes and the debate swirling around the Air Raid offense and whether it would translate to the NFL. We'll always be linked to Mahomes due to the trade out of 10 - but that's hindsight. If his greatness was so obvious he never would have made it to 10 - let alone past Mitch Trubisky.
  7. ANNIHILATED!!! How bad would the loss have been? More than 6 points?
  8. Or maybe this? To be clear I am not fully in Sean's corner - I think it's a great point of debate on both sides of the coin. But the insistence on one side that Sean is destined to be Marty II with no acknowledgement that any other outcome is possible is an exceedingly weak argument imo. History suggests to me that either outcome is possible.
  9. Re-watched Rock 'N Roll High School yesterday. Some forgotten songs from the soundtrack:
  10. I tip my hat to folks who change their opinion - I don't think there's anything of interest discussed here that is inherently right or wrong.
  11. Counterpoint: Jane you ignorant slut! Folks who think Josh Allen is not good enough are akin to the folks who didn't give Elway his props until he took home the Lombardi late his career. Elway was actually a better QB and more than 'good enough' well before he got the hardware.
  12. From what I can tell from this thread both the McDermott supporters and the McDermott haters think they're opinion is unpopular. My unpopular Bills opinion is that many Bills fans are so entrenched in their opinions that they lose perspective.
  13. The way I felt for so many games this year: Sheer Heart Attack
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