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  1. 4 out of 5 from the Braves with dominant Jake and dominant Max. Braves struck out 19 times today! Throw in a great play by Guillorme, a suicide squeeze by Nido, a relentless offense and Diaz continued dominance and all-in-all it was a great weekend. Good times!
  2. And if I get drunk well, I'll pass out on the floor now baby You won't bother me no more And if you're drinkin' well, you know That you're my friend and I'll say I think I'll have myself a beer.
  3. Conscience was related Man he was created Lady luck took him by surprise A sweet and bitter fruit it surely opened his eyes
  4. Happy and I'm smiling Walk a mile to drink your water You know I'd love to love you And above you there's no other We'll go walking out While others shout of war's disaster Oh, we won't give in Let's go living in the past
  5. An absolute class act. RIP. My greatest memory of Scully will always be the Mookie/Buckner call in '86.
  6. Always something there to remind me
  7. @Gugny @Another Fan @ExWNYer Thoughts on the trade deadline? Looks to me like they are banking on help coming off the DL. I'm surprised they didn't bring in a lefty reliever. I thought David Robertson was a good target, but they probably expect Trevor May to fill that gap. Plus I thought we finally saw the Lugo of the past few years against the Yankees. I also thought Wilson Conteras was a fit as a rental, but maybe the price was too high. As for the deals they made. Naquin > Janikowski (marginal improvement), Vogelbach > Dom (although not long term) and for me the Ruf trade is a head scratcher - is he really that much better than J.D.? Bottom line: Mets chances of a deep run is and always was predicated on Jake and Max. If they get/stay healthy and pitch to form we can beat anybody. Especially if Diaz continues to dominate (although the Mets/Bills fan in me is fearful of the meltdown).
  8. No sugar tonight in my coffee No sugar tonight in my tea
  9. Because he's racing and pacing and plotting the course He's fighting and biting and riding on his horse
  10. Warding off regrets Wasting your time Smoking cigarettes Wasting your time I'm just a parasite Wasting your time Applying myself to Wasting your time
  11. Haven't been to a show for awhile. The first one will be Govt Mule in a small local venue.
  12. You don't have to be an Orioles fan to love this!
  13. That night was only half of the story. The trade-in-place was for Carlos Lopez but it fell through due to medical concerns with Lopez. Mets were left with egg on their face allowing the leak that led to pretty much everyone in the stadium knowing about the trade except Wilmer and not getting the impact player they needed. I don't remember the exact timeline - and I'm too lazy to look it up - but within the next two days or so the Mets landed Cespedes at the trade deadline and Wilmer hit a walk-off HR. Cespedes ended up carrying the Mets to the World Series.
  14. One could also consider Babe Ruth's 60 HR's the record since he did it in a 154 game season whereas Maris hit his 61st on the last day of a 162 game season.
  15. Always nice to beat our cross-town rivals. What stuck out for me was the bullpen. Diaz was outstanding - especially after botching the Judge come-backer. That had all the makings of a melt-down. Another positive for me was Lugo. If he can get back to what he was we could finally have a 1-2 punch to close out games. As for Petersen, the 4 pitch walk to Rizzo was more disappointing than the HR to me. Nice bounce-back strikeout - let's hope he can (and has to) transition to the lefty reliever role for the rest of the year.
  16. Not a love for early 80's metal in these parts. Same royalty, different time of day:
  17. Two cool pieces if trivia from the Mets radio broadcast tonight: There were 4 HRs in the first inning tonight (Judge, Rizzo, Marte, Escobar). Thats's the first time it's ever happened in a Mets home game. Isiah Kiner-Falefa is a distant cousin of Hall of Famer and long time Mets broadcaster Ralph Kiner.
  18. Last week I learned that Friendly's discontinued the Wattamelon and now this. Ugh.
  19. The clock strikes twelve and moondrops burst Out at you from their hiding place Like acid and oil on a madman's face His reason tends to fly away
  20. Not familiar with The Chatsm but every time someone posts Wet Leg I like them even more.
  21. God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in his shoes 'Cause then you really might know what it's like to sing the blues
  22. My brother-in-law did something similar at a Jets game. They let anyone into the lower bowl for pre-game warmups. Just before they kicked everyone out he checked stubhub for an open seat.
  23. I can't help with parking advice, but I'd go with @Draconator's suggestion. Another option is to beat feet out of the stadium as soon as the last note is played. While Garth and company are taking their curtain calls you'll be half way to wherever you parked.
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