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  1. I’m guessing the crap they roll out and install temporarily isn’t exactly the same as the turf at an NFL stadium.
  2. Think of how low your bar must be if Hill is high chartacter!
  3. Imagine being called “not nice” by a serial domestic abuser that beats pregnant women and toddlers…
  4. Of course Florio and PFT has the Bills at the lowest ranking I've found so far (5). It is amusing how much he dislikes the Bills.
  5. The Rochester paper is stating that the game is on NFL Network. https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/sports/football/nfl/bills/2023/10/02/buffalo-bills-play-vs-jacksonville-jaguars-london-game-nfl-week-5/71002786007/
  6. Bruce Smith was terrifying. Aaron Donald is/was terrifying. Lawrence Taylor was terrifying. Jevon Holland is not terrifying, he is a good player. Maybe my standard for terrifying is too strict?
  7. The Dolphins defense is bottom half/middle of the pack. Nobody on that D is "terrifying".
  8. And if you aren’t talking football only, he’s piece of trash that beats pregnant women and toddlers.
  9. It will look very similar at FedEx when Rousseau smashes into Sam Howell.
  10. Everything I have seen contradicts this. Possibility of rain and wind gusts of 10-15 mph. No big deal. Where are you seeing that the storm is going to be dead center at game time?
  11. When the XFL played in MetLife, not far from where I live, we had season tickets and went to the games. We had a great time for a fraction of the cost of an NFL game. Friendly atmosphere, great seats, and decent football. That's why.
  12. It looks like the link to the Gofundme has been taken down. If the guy initiated the confrontation, I wonder if Gofundme would allow the fund raiser to continue? Based on the witness accounts, it doesn't sound like the guy was the victim in this altercation.
  13. Unless one of the people was not a willing participant. If someone walks up and violently grabs a someone I am with, I would certainly try to help him defend against the attacker. Two men tussling can absolutely turn deadly. On the other hand, if two guys square up and want to fight, I agree that the third guy in is completely wrong.
  14. Are you serious? You are concerned because their TDs weren't easy enough?! This is a perfect example of how some people will be negative in absolutely any situation. Wow.
  15. It's Bills football eve! Anyone in the NYC/North Jersey area should join us at the Stone & Rail in Glen Rock. We will be there at 1:00 to take in the other games and hang out with Bills fans.
  16. Good to know! The jets website must be outdated. Thank you. I had always been told that you couldn't buy parking passes a the gate, and the jets website seemed to reinforce it. It is good to know that is not the case. I edited the original post.
  17. I don’t know if it said the same thing last year. I didn’t drive to the game. It certainly could be misleading on the website. I was more comfortable getting my parking pass early and printing it out.
  18. Everything I’ve read says you cannot buy a parking pass at the gate. The jets website also states “ All parking passes must be printed prior to arrival at MetLife Stadium.“ That’s why I purchased my parking passes ahead of time.
  19. We usually head to the stadium about 30-45 min before kickoff. There will be some of our crew that is staying in the lot to watch the game. Hope you can join us for the tailgate! Go Bills!
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