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  1. I think Brown adds an element of toughness and edge to the offense when he is out there. Maybe that is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but he is almost like the enforcer for the offense. A Rob Ray of sorts. Not the highest profile or most skilled guy on the field, but he might rip an opponent's head off without hesitation if they take any cheap shots. I still get a laugh out of this clip!
  2. I think batteries have been banned since the Bryan Cox days when they were used as projectiles!
  3. Wasn't it the only holding call on either offensive line all game?
  4. I would love to see that kid again! He was really obnoxious and came close to getting himself in trouble. Even the other Jets fans were telling him to shut up.
  5. From a few seasons ago. The game that the Jets led most of. This little guy got upset after the Bills took the lead. After mouthing off all game, he snuck out before the end to avoid any problems.
  6. The ref 2 feet away called it a TD. 20 seconds later…”the ruling on the field is an incomplete pass”. What a joke.
  7. The eagles receivers are so wide open! The Texans are like a JV team.
  8. I heard Tua doesn't even learn his teammates' names. Calls everyone "chief".
  9. I have the very first picture ever taken of Isaiah! Maybe I can get it autographed at the game on Sunday!
  10. I will be there with a group of North Jersey Bills Backers. If you are tailgating, join the big Bills contingent in lot 26!
  11. Somebody should tell Woody that half the crowd will be Bills fans.
  12. Moss was going to get his physical this morning, but couldn't see the open training room door and ran into the wall instead.
  13. This morning there was a conversation on WGR about Allen's QB rating actually being better when under pressure. But, yes, I'm sure he was "seeing ghosts". The guy that laughs at defenders after big hits... The next time you post something that isn't complete garbage will be the first time. Most trolls actually manage to be funny once in a while.
  14. You can tell that Allen was pissed about the sideline hit where the guy landed on him as hard as he could. I think that one hurt a little. You should not be allowed to use the Peter Griffin profile picture. You fail miserably at being witty or entertaining. I'd say Meg would be more appropriate, but even she is more liked and respected than you.
  15. Does anyone else see the humor in the fact that MAJBobby is illegally using the NFL's logos in his profile picture without their express written consent?
  16. Nobody is saying the American professional football league doesn't have the right to pull this petty crap. Obviously somewhere in the contract it covers logos and they decided to exercise their right to be giant douches. What we are all saying is that the American professional football league (and you) are wrong for thinking this is a smart move. It's not like they have been pirating American Professional Football League clips and dodging copyright laws. McAffee is extremely good for the image of the American professional football league and now they have pissed him off. Hope it was worth it American Professional Football League!
  17. Listen to the clip. It clearly states that they pay the NFL over $4 million for licensing. They have been allowed to use logos until recently and the NFL just told them to stop.
  18. Taylor Lewan. Fake tough guy. Threatened to rape the girl that his roommate already raped if she didn’t recant her accusation.
  19. All the local Bills Backer groups tailgate in Lot 26. We take over the lot, it is a great atmosphere and fun time! That is where Pinto Ron and his crew set up too.
  20. Stats are for losers. *literally in this case.
  21. I remember people talking about how awesome Mike White was last year for the Jets. A hidden gem late round draft pick taking the league by storm…And then they played the Bills. The Mike White era ended that day. Just like the Zappe era will end when he faces the Bills.
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