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  1. Moss is probably our best pass protection back, we pass a lot, that’s why he’s here.
  2. For those of you who care about the uniform…. Bills homepage says it’s the all Blue PJ’s (just like last week)
  3. I kinda like it too. It’s part of their history. Modell hated it and everyone hates him so that’s a plus. And…. If it keeps folks from talking about their QB that’s even better!
  4. Go to the Dollar Store, buy a throw away poncho, stuff it in your pocket, enjoy the game, no problem. (You’re welcome)
  5. The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older, Shorter of breath and one day closer to death… ☠️
  6. I remember seeing somewhere earlier this year that the Bills were not an underdog (Vegas sports books) in any games this season. That’s why they play the games. I chose 15-2. These guys aren’t going to forget JAX or PIT games from last season.
  7. Folks are making a big deal about him being the third punter drafted. The two guys picked before him were known to have better directional ability and more consistent hang time. Nothing more, nothing less.
  8. Question for any medical professionals here… if a woman comes in post rape to be given a “rape kit” is there blood work done as well to test for drugs? If the woman states she was in and out of consciousness, that would be a reason to check if she had been drugged without her knowledge.
  9. Curious…. Have any of the folks on this site actually torn their Achilles? i don’t think tendons have much in the way of nerves or blood flow. Does it hurt when it tears? Or do the muscles connected to it contract into a ball?
  10. In all of the “trade Moss” suggestions here nobody has mentioned how his pass protection is the best out of the RB room. For that reason alone I think he’s a lock. Trade Duke if you can get anything for him. Blackshear, try and get him on the PS if you can (unless they carry four RB’s).
  11. Correction, first one is to figure out that being unmarried is better…
  12. And…. I hear Chris Farley singing “fat guy on a water slide”
  13. Should I feel shame because I’ve watched the water slide clip above and it just gets funnier every time?
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