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  1. Maybe we should start donating. https://www.ducks.org Then again......."Ducks Unlimited was established by hunters...." Seems to be an oxymoron to me.
  2. It probably was a hack-job. Why would a global IT security firm admit they've been hacked affecting hundreds or thousands of businesses and millions of people?
  3. I totally forgot about that. In college "Hi Bob" was a drinking game.
  4. That was "diabolical"! As I was listening, this scene started creeping into my brain....
  5. Didn't want to start a new thread on this so thought I'd put it here. Kinda fits. 50 Things to Know Ahead of Week 1.... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2024-nfl-season-is-50-days-away-50-things-to-know-ahead-of-week-1-kickoff-between-chiefs-and-ravens/ Number 11 is interesting. I know what some might say, but I'll take just about any leap of faith out there: 11. Buffalo has led the NFL in scoring offense (28.6 PPG) and scoring defense (19.1 PPG allowed) in the 2020's, making them the first team since the 1990-1993 San Francisco 49ers to lead the NFL in those metrics across a four-year span. Those 49ers didn't make a Super Bowl in that four season stretch, but they did break through for their latest Vince Lombardi trophy in 1994. A couple of other interesting tidbits: 28. T.J.Watt became the only player in NFL history to lead the league in sacks in three different seasons after a league-leading 19.0 in 2023. Pittsburgh is 1-11 without Watt since drafting him in 2017. Speaks to their QB issues imo. 47. Both Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers and new Atlanta Falcons quarterback Kirk Cousins will be trying to bounce back from suffering torn Achilles injuries in 2023. Among four notable quarterback to suffer the injury -- Dan Marino in 1993 (age 32), Vinny Testaverde in 1999 (age 36), Jim Miller in 2000 (age 29) and Trent Dilfer in 2022 (age 30) -- only Marino threw at least 10 more touchdowns than interceptions through the completion of his career post-Achilles injury despite all four of them starting at least 19 more games. That one struck me at first, but then I looked at the company that Marino is in and thought, duh!
  6. Not necessarily the best finale, but that last scene was genius. He took dry, deadpan comedy to a new level.
  7. If being "drunk" is a valid excuse, I will do no wrong the rest of my life.
  8. Agree. Flutie was fun to watch at times, but he made running for your life look like a good offensive play. Lots of folks loved him, but I recall he through a game away, literally, with 4 INTs late in the Music City Debacle season.
  9. It didn't take long for me to really dislike this guy. LLC? Give me a break!
  10. Exactly! This just proves, when a player says "My only goal is to win a Suber Bowl", it's likely BS! Their only goal is to get paid as much, or more than the guy that just got a new contract.
  11. Sports bar. I'm in Florida so you get fans from just about every other team. You get the TV experience with cheering and a bit of good-natured rowdiness.
  12. When I was a kid, we rarely got the real thing. We had to make our own with these things using Kool-Aid. It took about 15 seconds to suck the juice out leaving a chunk of bland ice.
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