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  1. Exactly. A 6 foot jump, feet first, lame! Belly or back flop? C'mon man! Of course, any Bills gesture is a good gesture!
  2. I believe an AMA award more appropriately fits here. With that said, Just about everyting on this board is scutinized or questioned. So, in my opinion it's a fair question. Probably extenuating circumstances we're not aware of. Or simply, more time is needed for contact sports. But, since we're all lounge-chair QBs, coaches, doctors and lawyers, let's toss it up and bat it around. I'm thinking it's what looks to be McDermott's return-to-play formula: Game-Play = normal recover time + ~30% (with a 50% margin of error). We'll call it the Tre standard.
  3. Deadline has come and gone. There, I said it. See you at the game!
  4. My sentiments exactly. My buddy got us tickets in one of the suites. First time ever.
  5. Just changed my flight from Friday to Thursday afternoon. Please don't move the location.
  6. Traveling from Florida on Friday for the game. My buddy got us incredible tickets. I don't mind the weather as long as we get to the game. If not, God hates me.
  7. This is accurate. However, for many fans, this season was not about just making the playoffs, it was/is about home playoff games and possibly #1 seed. It just seems to me that for the Bills to succeed, even by a small margin, they have to be so dominant as to overcome the inevitable bone-headed plays. And now those plays are growing in numbers. And the Bills are no longer dominant.
  8. I think the Cleveland game is a good game for Tre to get back playing. The Browns will try to establish the run game early. Especially since the Bills have a proclivity of getting gashed in the run game at times. Give him a warm start to gameplay against a team that doesn't necessarily sling it all over the field. With that said, the suspicious "not ready to play", while being cleared for weeks is a head-scratcher. McDermott definitely appears to be playing the long game, being extra cautious with some injuries so that we're in a better position for the end-run. However, it's now looking like the Bills will be in a dog fight the rest of the way rather than being able to rest some players at the end.
  9. Traveling up for the Cleveland game next week. Haven't been to a game in years. The possibility Josh is out has me bummed!
  10. I was in San Antonio at the time. The next work-day, a coworker said to me, "Wow, that game was awesome. From pregame to the end, Buffalo knocked that one out of the park."
  11. I hope this Myers dude gets a totally bogus roughing-the-passer called against him this weekend. I would laugh.....and laugh....and laugh!
  12. Good comeback win. Players are really getting after it this year. A little too loose in the defensive zone at times, but we're getting the scoring. And those uniforms .... 🤮 Putrid. Using blue helmets with that scheme didn't fit at all.
  13. I heard you shouldn't throw you kids till they're about 12 years old. That way they won't helicopter so much.
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