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  1. I think I see now. But we all know when it's time for the Bills to get those 2 back to back home games from the same "record" games, we won't have the same record.
  2. Seems to me, the 2 years where 2 teams win the division on the non-division years, those 2 games should alternate. (I know what I'm trying to say, I just hope I said that right)
  3. I've been trying to find a good VCR repair man for some time now. And the tube in the TV that sits on top of my broken console TV just went out. Sheesh!
  4. The black jerseys take me back to one of the 90s Sabres' early playoff series. It was a home game, I think against the Flyers, Bill Clement was on play-by-play. The Sabres were flying all over the place, and Peka, of all people, had just run someone over. Clements comment: "The Sabres aren't afraid of anyone. They look like young gunslingers out there." My memory may be off on some of the details, but I thought it was a cool quote while watching a great game!
  5. Peter King mentioned in his article the Ravens should franchise him for 2023 to see how that plays out. From an injury standpoint alone, I wouldn't give him a big contract until I knew he could get through an entire season, or almost an entire season. He's missed 5 games in each of his last 2 seasons.
  6. I also heard he has memory issues. Doctor: "Tua, what day is it?" Tua: "Easy doc, It's Monday." Doctor: "Where were you yesterday?" Tua: "Who are you?"
  7. Same here. I don't know how people can read and post regularly and still follow the game!
  8. 3 concussions this year. There's no way Tua plays. It's the playoffs. Tua's playing. Just don't want anyone disagreeing with me.
  9. Tua has boo boo Hes running around wabbly So, sit down Tua
  10. Yes. I heard a few weeks ago, once the playoffs start, call-ups reset and they're unlimited.
  11. Yes. It's essentially a "no" vote with the ability to say, 'I didn't vote no'.
  12. A video from several years ago that epitomizes Buffalo's football season. The guy probably just got fired, dumped by his girlfriend and is walking because his car just broke down. He's sayin' to himself, "Things can't get any worse!"
  13. Ever see the product review of "Alien Tape?" No thanks.
  14. Ukko Pekka Luukkonen Hopefully it's a smart dog.
  15. Someone must have snuck it back in. How did everyone miss this?
  16. He'll throw 4 pics. And the next team that thinks he'll make a good backup will be?......................
  17. Sure you can. It just won't taste the same. Probably not very good either.
  18. I think the NFL's official statement that the game won't be played this week also included a statement about no changes to the games this weekend.
  19. I think that's what happens. At first, I was thinking they should decide before this week's games are played so as to not let the outcomes determine their decision, but I've done a 180. Let's see how the games this week will affect playoffs and seeding. With that said, with respect to Buff, Cincy and KC, there's only 1 scenario where this game won't matter for seeding; If Buff loses and both KC and Cincy win. Cincy will have a 2 game division lead and Buff won't be able to catch KC for 1 seed. There might be other playoff circumstances affected, but I was just thinking about those 3 teams.
  20. Agreed. Teams play meaningless games at the end of every season. I understand this is a different situation with the player's mindsets. I just can't see the league allowing the game to go un-played
  21. I don't see any info coming out tonight. Probably noon time tomorrow. Sucks, but hopefully mid-day tomorrow is a good-news day. Don't care about the schedule moving forward. We're in the playoffs!
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