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  1. I'm cool as a cucumber.................on the inside!
  2. I'm pushing this into the movie realm..... A dude like Steve Buscemi that goes on a space shuttle ride and returns to have sex with Molly Mounds! Am I a Steve Buscemi look alike? The world will never know.
  3. Growing up, my friends and I would ride our bikes there in the summer. About an 8-10 mile ride. Brings back memories.
  4. People in a bar in Boston that can drink beer all day and night and never get drunk. Wait, never mind. The last part is the part I don't like.
  5. "One singular sensation Every little step he takes"....
  6. Keep you seat belts buckled folks...
  7. It's never been "nice knowing Dallas." But, I get it. Don't let an usher kick you in the pants on the way out, Jerry!
  8. Hard Knocks......the end!
  9. sounds like someone ain't gettin' it...
  10. Of course you should park! The weather's not going to be condusive for driving around all afternoon!
  11. Fins fans saying Buffalo pizza is bad is the equivalent of saying... "Yeah?......yeah?, and you guys suck! Ha....ha ha. Take that!"
  12. Get ready for Belicheck in Dallas. Jerry will want a win now coach that doesn't choke in the playoffs like Dak does. Not sure he can keep Dak from being playoff Dak. And I'm thinking BB will be willing to relinquesh any GM duties to get those needed wins. My most hated coach with my 2nd most hated team. The hate-whole (ok, that's sounds weird) will be greater than the sum of it's hated parts.
  13. A Bass Pro Shop in Alabama? I'm surprised this isn't a weekly occurrence.
  14. These jokers can say anything they want. As long as the Bills don't lose to Mason Rudolph.
  15. I don't know if I'd want to have sex with a woman named Shreckengost. Sounds like a Lord of the Rings character.
  16. "The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said it received a report about an unruly passenger at about 12:20 p.m." And then sprang into action....
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