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  1. Anyone agree with me now? Diggs either quit on this team or hit a wall. Either way, he is now an average NFL WR.
  2. He's been invisible for weeks. Today I saw him catch a ball and drop to the ground before getting touched, without effort for YAC. Unless he is secretly injured I think it's time to really evaluate his effectiveness and effort.
  3. Anyone have any thoughts about getting into Amherst to my hotel today?
  4. Does the bookkeeper have Josh's dog held hostage? Looks like he's throwing the game.
  5. Anyone else having jerky video and audio cut outs?
  6. This team is 100% McBeane's. Their players, their scheme, their results. I see a QB who cannot hit a throw down field. I see a QB who struggles to hold onto the ball. I see an offensive scheme that is either too conservative or too aggressive, but rarely balanced. I see draft picks not living up to either their potential our their drafted position. I see a run defense that has had multiple 200 yard games against them. I see a defense that doesn't take the ball away. I see below average special teams units Overall, I see a plan that is failing.
  7. Regardless of whose fault it is.. Radio.com App sucks! I try to listen daily, but only succeed a few times per week.
  8. I thought about this during the game, and while I do not believe that he thought this deeply, there is a level of logic in letting this guy kick the field goal. They were down by 7, knowing that they needed a TD and an Extra Point to tie, the kicker had the potential of being on the field to tie the score at the end of the game to send it to OT. Even if he missed the field goal, there was a chance that they could still score a TD and you would need the kicker to tie it up. Maybe he wanted to let him "get right" on a FG, instead of on the necessary extra point. I dunno. Just a thought.
  9. No. It's no less related than Poncho's thread. He's Bills family.
  10. While I've never met Jeremy, spending an hour a day listening to him certainly makes me feel like I do. If this is true, my thoughts are with him and his wife.
  11. Specifically for football, I think the NFL's 20 year push for more exciting offenses, which lead to higher scoring, which lead to an over-reliance on the QB position has turned the NFL into the Haves and the Have Nots. If you have a good QB, your team is good. If you don't your team is terrible. Unfortunately, there are only about 3-5 Great QBs, 20 average QBs and the rest are terrible. People are tired of the lack of parity.
  12. I've actually been wondering the same thing. Week one, Jets/Bills, the stadium seemed half empty in the third quarter with the game still in reach. I wonder if the tipping point has happened and more people prefer to stay at home. Concessions and comfort are better at home.
  13. With the reliance on the QB position, why would not they keep both and have them compete? Trade one away after that 2019 season.
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