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  1. Also out of town and love this information. I hit Bar Bill, Nine-Eleven and Elmos this weekend. Nine-Eleven was the only one I hadn't done before and ended up being my favorite.
  2. Just to be clear, I'm not recommending they cut Williams. I was moreso listing some of the bigger cap savings they could achieve. I especially would want to keep Williams if Mitch does in fact retire. Other savings include Klein and Feliciano. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/cap/ is the best resource for this that I am aware of. Personally I'm all for on-line depth and would prefer to keep Feliciano but also understand cap savings are a premium and most will likely prefer that he is cut or restructured if willing.
  3. Thanks for bringing up a Diggs extension, I forgot about how that could free up some much needed cap space for us. Realizing you don't want to sacrifice too much future leverage, I'd personally like to trade for a top end pass rusher, not sure how the bills get one otherwise. I realize that game was ours for the taking but look at the impacts Von Miller and Melvin Ingram have had.
  4. Like most bills fans, I can barely comprehend what happened last night and the complete choke from a play calling perspective with 13 seconds left in the game to allow KC the chance to sneak back into the game and ultimately win in the end will haunt me for a long time. In an effort to deflect in a different direction, what does everyone expect for the Offseason? For purposes of this conversation I'm speaking strictly player moves and not factoring in coaching changes. The Bills have $9.5 million in projected cap space for 2022 and their biggest ways to save cap space include cutting center Mitch Morse ($7.5m), Daryl Williams ($5.3m), and Cole Beasley ($6m). Key free agents include Emmanuel Sanders, Mario Addison, Jerry Hughes, Levi Wallace, Isaiah Mckenzie, Mitchell Trubiski, and Harrison Philips (Bates is a restricted free agent so I assume he will be back). Obviously we can't resign everyone with such a limited amount of cap space and will have limited chances for key upgrades as well. So what are the biggest needs? I'd say d-line (defensive end primarily), and then potentially cornerback, wide reciever, and o-line (center/guard but Spencer Brown isn't surefire from my perspective either) depending on who they cut and bring back. I suspect Harrison Phillips will be back which is why I did not list defensive tackle and hope Hughes is back on a team friendly one-year deal (and that we see huge progression from our rookie ends) but who knows. Honestly, our needs look a lot like last year's but with less cap space to resign and pick up free agents... I get what all the Bills players are saying when they mention the team will look different next year.
  5. I'll be driving up from NJ with some friends and will be in attendance.
  6. 1 spot for P if available, G if not. Thanks!
  7. If we win next week, steelers lose next week and Browns win, titans outcome is irrelevant as well. We win any 3 way tie, which would occur if titans won week 17 and we lost given steelers play the Browns.
  8. Watkins showed flashes and had stretches but never excelled to the level expected. Price had the one year and was average. Disagree on Moulds though, give him Aaron Rodgers or another top flight QB and he would of been HOF bound.
  9. This is correct. The method of testing was likely not that accurate (caliper or a bioelectrical scale instead of one of the more accurate methods like underwater weighing).
  10. Sounds about right. I wonder if Pegula made that decision when Marrone did a power play for an extension or before all of it...
  11. I've been thinking the same thing. From the outside everything is speculative but it seems pretty clear Marrone was not happy with the QB situation while Whaley wanted to stick with EJ, and caused a rift between them during training camp. The only thing I disagree with is that Marrone thought leaving would be risky. Marrones agent likely told him he'd have strong interest if he opted out and based on his personality I'd wager he wasn't thinking that at all. Like you stated, it was more likely anger at the organization.
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