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  1. Listen to David B on Wben930am. He said they will break away when Stadium announcement happens today.
  2. Something else that might play into the stadium location slightly, ECC needs to make cuts as the enrollment has gone down significantly. Teacher positions will be cut. Will ECC South close or be reduced in size and moved to the empty McKinley Mall?
  3. It was in the plans. In the past year there has been some properties sold near the stadium. 1 over $400.000 another $300.000 the others i gave no clue.
  4. Are congrats to me cause I Told you All along time ago no downtown stadium, OP is the place. For those who know, I got sources as I've proven in the past.
  5. Stop it. Look at the $$$ spent on the upgrade and additions at Prohbition and Oneills. I'm also excited about the Dollar General Store Grand Opening on Southwestern Blvd near the stadium in Hamburg and other properties that have changed hands. One or two problems of Southwestern in Hamburg is there is no gas and sewer lines which I believe holds back developement. The New DG Store has a leach bed and propane! If I remember correctly wasn't there a scandal with the Building Dept a couple of years ago which has slowed development greatly along with a labor issue?
  6. Yawn. Buffalo rising is a mouth piece for Rocco Termani. It ain't going to happen. Rocco should direct his efforts in remolding grain elevators.
  7. I don't remember who left it next to the shed in November. Just saying it's still there, I won't be held responsible if its not there next season. Things get feet.....Anyone?
  8. In my unbiased opinion the Pegulas made the right choice. While the The Downtown site (it's really not downtown) graded slightly higher, it would have displaced a lot of families and businesses which I think Terry and Kim took to heart.
  9. Couple of points. The blackout drunks. Where? I definitely don't see it in my Lot or walking into the stadium like I've seen in the past. Restaurants. All round the stadium and many within 2 miles, roughly the same distance as pearl street brewary to the first ward location. I would also think the new Orchard Park stadium will have a restaurant used 365. You can get out of the stadium traffic and head downtown fast if you know where to park. Per Stadium drawing there is a hotel in the background (current stadium location). Don't ask how I know, I ain't telling & for those who know my past, word. The so called billion$ needed for infrastructure, use it for existing roads & bridges (you forget about them needing repair desperately) not concentrated in one area. Sure the politicians need to do their own study. Buffalo common council statement of no buffalo sites (3) considered in the past is ridiculous. First ward residents don't want it in their area sighting the traffic after Sabres games. There will be 3 public meetings if you need to express your feeling (Pegulas already did this with the questioner/survey in the future. I think location- design of stadium is done and decided. I'm guessing after the Super Bowl an announcement will be made. Side note Pegulas 716 bar is now southern tier brewing, wondering why the Pegulas would give up their bar 🤔 My 35 year season ticket holder local taxpayer unbiased opinion. How many Fortune 500 companies are in Indy compared to Buffalo. Went to a Bills Vs Indy game with a Buddy. The night life- walking around a corner guy getting robbed at gun point. No thanks
  10. Cashless paying requirements for parking is slooooowing down that operation.
  11. Kenny brother TJ dons a rain suit. Kenny takes off his shirt. TJ pours water on to Kenny. After all condiments are off Kenny, a change of clothing. Pants are trash. Simple process.
  12. One of the dumbest topics and posts ever. Is chad just posting to get count? I will say the muddy grass at TBDAHOT this year (Pittsburgh vs Bills) was something unforgettable. There was no Kenny tailgate for the playoffs. Kenny does not cook on the engine. I've yet to hear of anyone getting sick. Mark, the more experienced gentlemen who cooks for Kenny has more brain power in his baby toe than the topic starter. I find four leaf clovers disgusting.
  13. Remember First come First Served. Hammers Lot opens at 7:30 am. TBD 7:00 see what I did. VIPed TBD. But You need that easy to see sign. Saying the word, back of the line..
  14. I've been twitten out that the Lot will open at 7:30am which is true. I've done that so the TBDAzhZoT crew will have Priority. Donuts be late before it gets crazy
  15. The article is nice but listen to the interview. I've been preparing for this day for awhile but it was Truly hard to do.
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