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  1. The compensation that Cleveland is asking for is the question if it’s a 1st rounder forget it
  2. But our offense is gonna be much better now with the addition of Diggs. Plus Singletary is getting a second year in the same system and this will be Josh’s 3 rd year under the same system as well. Our offense on paper is 20 million times better than the dog ***** that the pats have. Besides an injured often Edelman, Newton has literally no one to throw to besides him. They’re passing game will struggle mightily. They don’t even have a running game either. If they start Cam and he can’t run they’re in trouble
  3. Idk why almost everyone in this board is scared of a 31 year old banged and bruised up cam Newton who hasn’t done a damn thing since he got embarrassed by the broncos defense in that Super Bowl back in 15
  4. Buffalo had a better offense than New England and Carolina last year. There’s a reason Carolina cut Newton loose for Bridgewater. He’s done and probably knows he’s not healthy
  5. So now the pats are way over the cap. Good job Belichick, way to have faith in Stidham LOL
  6. I think we can agree if Adams leaves then the Jets defense goes right down the toilet
  7. https://sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/former-usc-standout-ol-max-tuerk-dies-cardinals-chargers-211059581.html I know it has nothing to do with the bills but I’m a USC fan and I liked this guy coming out of college. Died way too young at 26 years of age.
  8. Except like Dalton, Prescott has also showed he can only get so far. Dak is not worth what he’s asking for. He’s done nothing to deserve that kind of contract. Dallas is Elliott’s team not Prescott’s. Prescott to me is just a better version of Tyrod Taylor. You cave in and pay Prescott what he wants, then say goodbye to any chance of getting a super bowl But they won’t be able to if Jones pays him what he wants. That team financially will fall apart
  9. If they don’t trade him I can see him pulling a bell and sitting out for the 2020 season. I read a rumor he wants to go to Tampa or Miami
  10. I still say they trade him after the seasons end. They’re already paying 100 million for cooper which he’s not worth and they’re paying Elliott close to a 100 million and now they want to pay Prescott over 100-200 million? Yeah that’s not happening lol
  11. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/06/20/jim-kiick-dies-at-73/
  12. We don’t know what’s going to happen, but unfortunately it’s looking like it’s going the direction of not having a season. I mean if there’s not going to be college football this season i don’t see how there’s gonna be any NFL this season. Unfortunately we don’t make the call it’s the higher ups in the NFL that will be making the call
  13. There was no where for him to go. Plus since he’s a ego maniac I think he only took the Jets job to try and get back at Miami for letting him go. Honestly Gase is Richard Kotite 2.0
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