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  1. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/09/28/lions-release-jamie-collins/ Sign him for depth?
  2. Lol, so to make it interesting who wants to put money down to see how fast he ends up back on the Commissioners exempt list? Probably he’s asking for too much money. He had a down season last year due to injuries and was not playing well when healthy.
  3. I don’t see it. I think it was the other way around. Again you go 5-11 under Bledsoe and all the other times Brady was out he’s lost and hasn’t had success. I’d say Brady helped make Belichick. If Belichick doesn’t draft Brady he’s fired after 2-3 years.
  4. I completely 100 percent agree. He didn’t do anything in Cleveland with either Kosar or Testaverde. He went 5-11 two years in a row under Bledsoe. He missed the playoffs when Cassel took over an injured Brady and he didn’t do squat with Newton last year. Belichick is very overrated and it’s starting to show he needs Brady more than Brady needs him.
  5. That flee flicker attempt from Lawrence was hysterical. I still think Lawrence turns out to being a bust. That hasn’t aged very well lol. Wonder what his opinion is now
  6. Felt like 100 lol. They took a good portion of the 3rd quarter
  7. I disagree, the talent is there and minus the INT he played really well against the cheats and beat them in their home turf. The problem lies in the franchise and fans being impatient and the coaching staff being incompetent and expecting him to be someone he can’t. Every QB Miami has drafted they expected him to play like Marino right off the gate and that’s unfair expectations to put on a young QB. Even though I believe Allen is better than Kelly it would’ve been unfair and irresponsible for McD and company to expect Allen to play at a Kelly type of level right off the bat. Buffalo did exactly what Miami should be doing with Tua. And that’s Developing him and continuing to build around him, Miami’s bumbling fool of a HC has failed to hire a proper OC to help develop Tua. They have failed to build an O line to protect and buy him time. They failed on getting a number 1 WR for him to throw to, they failed to give him a Running game. This is exactly why Tannehill didn’t work out in Miami. It really wasn’t his fault, it was the organizations fault for not putting a proper offense around him and giving him a proper HC. Now Tannehill is playing well since leaving Miami. Tell me what QB is going to be successful in Miami right now under the recent conditions that the team is in?
  8. Honestly I feel for Tua. Miami is screwing him royally, they’re doing exactly what they did to Tannehill and what the Jets did to Darnold. I guarantee if Tua leaves and becomes successful elsewhere then Miami may never recover. I mean 10 games isn’t enough at all to evaluate a QB, that’s like Beane and MCD making a final decision on Allen after year 1, a QB takes time to develop.
  9. https://t.co/Lsq9YWFSee Hochoul advised there’s updated information coming out next week about the stadium.
  10. This has literally got to be the dumbest post I’ve ever seen. Accept that he’s not good?? He’s the last QB to get us to the AFC championship game. Something no other QB that’s played for this franchise post Kelly has been ever able to do. Im assuming your one of the idiots who wanted Rosen.
  11. There were times Kelly was so bad it was ridiculous at times. If I’m correct wasn’t it Thurman who called out Kelly publicly about his struggles?
  12. Yeah and that QB in LA has an offensive line where as the line here is mediocre at best.
  13. No I think the Chargers are in last place cause they lost to Dallas today
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