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  1. Not with his current contract. Guys owed 18 million this season, unless he agrees to a massive pay cut then it’s not happening Atlanta is not taking a 40M dead money hit. They’ll trade him before they take a dead cap hit that big
  2. Torch the Bills defense???? Lol kid hasn’t even played a snap yet. I’ll say it again both Jet and Pats reached on their QBS. You gotta wonder if Cam is even going to make the team this year? It wouldn’t surprise me if he gets released, I for sure wouldn’t have given him another 1 year deal to stick around, after his performance last year.
  3. Kelly moving out of Buffalo and heading back to Houston to support the Gamblers lol.
  4. I call bull#### on this one. I don’t see anything about an alleged trade for both sides being a done deal. Infact I don’t see anything linking Buffalo to Ertz minus the rumor articles due to Digg’s restructure.
  5. Just like Rebound said. His contract restructure he did for Chicago makes him untradable. So unless Chicago has a really bad season/ in rebuild mode, then he’s staying a Bear for at least 2 more years
  6. The Bears won’t get rid of him. The only way they trade him away is if they knew they were going to be in rebuild mode and were tanking the 21 season for a high pick. Mack is going to stay a Bear for atleast 2 more years
  7. Exactly, if Philly can’t find a trade partner then they’re only options are either keeping him for the season or cutting him loose completely. If they cut him loose then sure go make an offer and see if he’ll accept it. Lol I hope that’s sarcasm.
  8. Interesting perspective, I didn’t look at this way. Like I said, I think some people on this board are getting there hopes up for something that’s most likely not going to happen. I just don’t see us trading for either Ertz or Jones. That’s just my opinion
  9. I got good insight from it. I think it’s just some of you guys don’t want to hear it. You don’t want to hear the negativity and the reality of it all. All you see is, Ertz will get us to the Super Bowl, he’s the missing piece etc. when in reality our secondary needs the most work not TE.
  10. But can he run routes and create separation from defenders and also run block when we run the ball?? That’s real question not if he can just catch
  11. https://ftw.usatoday.com/lists/nfl-zach-ertz-trade-bills/amp this is a good insight on the good and the bad of an Ertz trade
  12. I can see how one can make the argument about Philly’s offense being dysfunctional and Wentz etc. But several can make the argument that his production dropped a huge amount last year and that he’s injury prone. But We’ll see what happens
  13. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/06/01/packers-apparently-plan-to-call-aaron-rodgers-bluff/
  14. Why is everyone so infatuated with an aging TE who’s coming off the worst season of his career combined with injury issues and a hefty contract??
  15. My argument on Green Bay was Rogers constant bitching about the WR position and that if they got Julio then that would shut Aaron up and he would most likely want to stay. Also who besides AJ brown do the Titans have on their WR corps?? Also it would give them good insight if Tannehill can get you to the next level. They overran Henry and it showed in the playoffs that he was worn out.
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