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  1. His 2 year Buffalo tenure is one big giant Turd. He is a Turd HC. Worst Buffalo HC since Kay Stephenson
  2. He didn’t pass his physical in Denver which caused him to be released. I doubt anyone signs him this year Problem is Dalton is still under contract for this year at 17 million. And his contract expires after 2020. Unless next year he’s content on being a back up, I think he still goes to a team that needs a starter. We’re not one of them thank god, after all these years of dicking around on the QB position
  3. Unfortunately in 2023 Minnesota needs a QB, I’m sorry but Cousins has never been nor will he ever be the answer. He’s not a franchise QB. For Minnesota to make him the highest paid QB is ridiculously stupid. And now without Diggs , that’s definitely going to hurt him.
  4. Wasn’t it rumored that he and Manziel were doing Coke at the clubs in Cleveland? Plus someone got a picture of Manziel coming out of the bathroom with a rolled up 20 dollar bill.
  5. Absolutely I completely agree, unfortunately I think he’s gonna end up going down the same road Seau did or he’s gonna end up like Lawrence Phillips or at worse OJ. Hope he gets the help he needs but I have my doubts he’s going to do that. I mean the fact that the Pegulas and everyone else had to hire extra security and permanently 86d Incognito from New era field says quite a bit. It’s hilarious to me that there’s people in this board that still defend him and say that Beane and McD made a mistake In cutting him even after all the bull#### he was pulling behind the scenes and the fact that he straight up quit on us after agreeing to take a pay cut lol.
  6. Not if they can’t be on the field and are nursing an injury on the sideline. That would be a waste of money
  7. He can’t stay healthy, this is like us going after Olsen. We need to get younger and healthier at the position.
  8. Nah, cause a lot of problems while on the raiders. You know damn well if you can’t make it on the Raiders or Browns, then Your career is pretty much done Lol. I wish him the best nonetheless If I remember correctly he played in Miami and was a bust there. Talk about a tragic life I think incognito is one concussion away from ending up completely brain dead. He still thinks he hears voices in his head. I was happy when we cut him loose. He was out of control
  9. I’m pretty sure that was his way of saying I’m not interested in signing with you. Honestly though Sanders hasn’t done a whole lot since Manning retired.
  10. I forgot isn’t this the game where Romo threw 4 INTS and still managed to beat us? Yeah no thanks would rather watch victories than losses Worst Bills HC along with Gailey
  11. Would’ve been cool if he signed with us right after finding out that we traded for Diggs but you are right he’s definitely on his last leg and it showed
  12. New England better than expected?? Who’s there QB? Brian Hoyer 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣😂🤣
  13. I think that was after we traded Tyrod to Cleveland. That Jaguars game was a disaster, you put any other QB like Andy Dalton or Fitzpatrick and we win that game. Our defense was good enough to keep us in games
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