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  1. I think Bucs are gonna keep Winston probably give him a 2-3 year deal with an incentive that they can move on from him next year if he ***** the bed like he did this year even though he threw for 5,000 plus yards this year
  2. I’m sorry but Rivers is not a hall of famer. He did not change the game in any way, he’s a choke artist and has been his whole career, Because he’s in Florida now I fully guarantee Miami is going to be going after him though.
  3. I don’t think Arians is gonna stick around in Tampa that long especially if he can’t get a QB in there. Tampa Bay feels like it’s been the place where QBs careers never develop and go die
  4. I think there were a few occasions that he did root for Miami. But I think that was before Ralph Wilson made amends with him due to the way he got cut from Buffalo
  5. Nah there gonna pay Tanny, he just won comeback player of the year
  6. Not true, while he’s definitely at the end of his career I think if he goes to Miami I think he can help them out as long as they don’t have to rely on him the whole game and they have a ground and pound type of offense
  7. This is true, but given that Miami has the most cap room than anyone and has 13 total draft picks. They can turn it around next year. Especially if Miami gets their hands on a good RB they won’t have to ask Rivers to do much, I can see them signing Rivers and keeping Fitz while trading away Rosen and drafting Tua and red shirting him all next year.
  8. He’s going to The Dolphins he’s not going to Tampa, they’re keeping Winston
  9. They’re gonna keep Winston and Rivers won’t be back up to anyone he can Start in Miami
  10. I think his career is starting to pave the same direction Matt linehart’s career did. I mean the fact he that he couldn’t beat Fitz out of the starting job and then got benched in the middle of the season for Fitz and then got called out by Flores because of his negative body language and lack of leadership skills tells me he won’t be in the NFL that long if he doesn’t pull himself together. I said it during the draft and back when he was still at UCLA that he’s a young Jay Cutler and Jeff George
  11. Why deny them go ahead and give him away, his play calling has set this offense back
  12. Well he did say he’s not retiring anytime soon and that he’s down to play for another team should the chargers move on from him after this year, his contract is expired and technically is a free agent, Miami would be a good destination for him
  13. He’s not gonna go to Miami the rumor is Rivers might sign there since Miami has the most cap space to spend in free agency this year, technically Miami can turn it around next year with all the cap space plus 13 draft picks starting with 3 first rounders.The only way Brady goes to Miami is because of the connection between him and Flores
  14. The biggest rumor is the Chargers and that Rivers is linked to Miami but that’s only a rumor
  15. Honestly if we didn’t have Allen I would’ve welcomed Tannehill here to Buffalo, guys not perfect but he’s a gamer and he does his best to put his team in a position to win. He got brought down by bad coaching from Philbin to Gase
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