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  1. Philips is not worth 10 million a year.
  2. Besides Diggs and Beasley he’s not had much help out there. Can’t rely on the running game because we don’t have one as Singletary and moss are garbage. Allen is stuck in a similar situation Marino was in Miami, no running game to take some pressure off his shoulders and a mediocre defense and only a couple WR’S to help him out. And yes we were 4-0 because of him, that Rams game was all Allen and Diggs and Beasley. Also the Raiders game was all Allen, and Diggs
  3. He did not play well today but he’s far from being part of the problem. We were 4-0 because of him Also I’ve seen worse stats than that.
  4. He’s still a great coach and I believe in him as do the players. Right now we could have Anthony Lynn or Adam Gase, Doug Marrone, Bill O’Brien, Dan Quinn, etc. He wouldn’t have gotten an extension if he wasn’t doing his job well. The only coach we have had to get us to the playoffs twice and helped break our 18 year playoff drought
  5. Allen is not Trubisky not even close lol. Allen is a great QB and the best one we’ve had in a very long time. Kelly wasn’t much to write home about he was carried by a very talented team both offensively and defensively. This is not an overreaction lol. Good god nothing will please the fan base here.
  6. Coach McD is the best we’ve had since Levy and Philips and already everyone hates him. Just beyond stupid.
  7. Go watch tape of the Rex, Gailey and saint moron era to remind you how bad we really were
  8. I’m sorry would you rather we have The Rex and Lynn combo again?? Or how about Saint Moron or Chain Gailey or Dick Jaron or better yet Greg Williams???? I understand being upset but your as blind as a bat if you can’t see how much McD turned this organization around in such a short amount of time.
  9. The MLB position definitely is going to be a target position for us in either free agency or the draft
  10. He’s gonna have to throw and run because he’s not getting zip from either Singletary or Moss.
  11. Oh Jesus Christ this board was praising the ***** out of him 4 games in and now we’re ready to throw the towel in because of 2 games?? I’m sorry and I don’t give a ***** if I get flack for this but Bills fans are spoiled and self entitled little brats.
  12. Besides one play what else has Philips done to contribute?? And Lawson has been ass in Miami and is all of a sudden injury prone.
  13. Dude do you know how many bad games Kelly had?? There were times I literally couldn’t stand Kelly. One game he was 3-30 for 110 yards against the Panthers led by Frank Reich, other times he was 8-20 for 88 yards against the jets back in 94 I believe but I could be wrong. Every QB has bad games here and there he’ll Elway wasn’t perfect neither was Marino.
  14. My god it’s two ***** games for Christ sakes and two games against two really good teams. This defense really needs Star back. Also for everyone on here that’s saying that Beane made a mistake by not resigning Lawson or Philips please remind me what either are doing for their new teams? It’s a loss to they’re defense. It’ll be a good game regardless
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