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  1. He'll just go back to where he's fromm
  2. Throw preseason in there to. 23-0 baby
  3. How many dropped INTs does every QB have every year? He threw 337 INTs I think. With as much as a gun slinger as he was he probably had 200 more that easily could have been
  4. I'm not questioning a thing Beane does. He's earned my trust and respect.
  5. I think that's a little overrated. I think people do care about matchups and in a lot of instances I believe most people will watch simply because it's football. I usually don't care what the matchup is, even if it's two teams I don't care for I will watch every Sunday night because it's football. Not because the Giants are playing the Cowboys. I think most football fans are watching either way
  6. I'm just trying to think along the lines of how the NFL thinks. They have the same patterns every year when it comes to these matchups. They love putting the Cowboys on primetime a bunch every year. The Saints, while losing Brees is still going to be an appealing matchup to them and its a division opponent and for some reason the NFL loooooves the Bears on Primetime. Even with all the crappy QBs and teams they have had over the years they still get 4 or 5 primetime games a year. I also think that the Bills are their best home opponent and would be an awesome game but I don't see it. I could be
  7. Bills at Chiefs would be an awesome opening Sunday night game. Somehow the league will mess this up though and give this a 1PM time slot so they can schedule the Giants at the Cowboys instead. You know because that game is more important
  8. It does kinda surprise me that Houston and Melvin Ingram are still out there
  9. Right now it looks at though it's gonna be Winston as their starter. He doesn't scare me at all and if it's Taysom Hill, even better
  10. I think opening against Tampa on the opening Thursday night game would be awesome. I don't think it happens though I would say at Kansas City for the opening Sunday night game would also be a great opener Knowing the NFL schedule makers though, it will probably be either home or away against the Jets for the 4th year in a row
  11. He always seemed to be one of the few WRs in the league that actually gave Darrelle Revis fits. I can remember a few big games he had against him
  12. His name is Forrest Lamp. People call him Forrest Lamp
  13. I especially hope we don't trade up for him. That would be really stupid
  14. So, it looks like there won't be an Allen vs Darnold rivalry like Kelly and Marino but he will play Darnold next season when we play the Panthers
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