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  1. It didn't really have to do with Kelly, he put up legit stats with Flutie and had his best seasons under Bledsoe. He just kinda lost a step sooner than expected. By 2005 which was his last year here, he was pretty much done
  2. I don't think any of this. I think he is just vocal about his stance on it because players who don't want to get vaccinated are being grilled about it on a constant basis. Every press conference there's questions about it. The NFL also got extremely strict with ridiculous protocols for this season for unvaccinated players. It's just him venting if you ask me
  3. It was almost unbearable to watch when we used to play them the last preseason game every year. 3rd and 4th stringers vs 3rd and 4th stringers all game long
  4. I always hated when people tried to take something away from it by saying "we made the playoffs but in my opinion the drought is still on" simply because we needed help to get in. Always Debbie Downers
  5. I actually bought all the Bills first round pick jerseys from 2010-2014 so I have Cj Spiller Marcell Dareus Stephon Gilmore #27 Ej Manuel And Sammy Watkins I stopped after that lol
  6. It's weird because most people I talk to say the same thing. It's my 2nd favorite in the series. To me the first Die Hard movie just overtakes all of them. It might be the best action movie of all time to me. Next to Lethal Weapon 2
  7. Which means it would have been Bills vs 49ers in SB 23. How that was never a SB considering how good both teams were back then is beyond me
  8. He was a prick to fans out in public as well. A number of accounts from people I have talked to over the years have said this that met him or were around him and I'm called a troll? I brought it up because someone said he was always a class act. I was just clarifying early in his playing days he was not. It's annoying to have stuff that people disagree with getting deleted on this board
  9. This is what I'm trying to say but my comments get deleted. It's ridiculous
  10. I just decided I wanted to go to the Steelers opener. Cheapest tickets I found is like $230. Crazy
  11. I've actually heard Kelly was a d*ck off the field back when he was playing and actually rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Josh on the other hand does seem like an all around good guy on and off the field
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