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  1. I didn't hear mid 2023. I thought they said mid March. I could be wrong though
  2. Weren't they supposed to be breaking ground on the new stadium this month?
  3. Did you not watch Cardinals games last season? The dude had 10 catches a game with Colt McCoy throwing him the ball lol On top of that, he was suspended for the first 6 games and still caught 64 passes. Like, what?
  4. What about a minute of any other state? Why only a NY minute?
  5. Not sure what you're getting at here. You want Derrick Henry?
  6. I never understood what the hoopla about this guy was. In 4 years, he has had over 60 catches once. His next highest was 18
  7. Yeah, but adding void years in retired players?
  8. You're trying to do a comparison of Gabe and an elite WR that missed the first 6 games. Lol. They aren't even close
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