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  1. Child support isn't much better. That sh*t is expensive as hell
  2. I agree. I'm hoping it was just a defensive issue. The D seems to be much better pressure wise under Mc D than it did with Frazier. I'm hoping he can thrive in the change
  3. When we extended Oliver, at first I was like "I would have rather given that money to Edmunds". After seeing how Oliver has played through 2 games, I'm glad I was wrong about that
  4. Next week will be the 3rd in a row since they are playing the Dolphins this week and we got them next week. That's kinda strange actually
  5. What is the point of having inactives? So, out of a 53 man roster, 48 players can be active but not the other 5? What sense does that make?
  6. Dolphins fans just saw that Milano INT and was like "look how he tried to kill that guy to pick that ball off"
  7. He made those DBs lose confidence and become Inshakir
  8. The D is much better with McDermott calling it. There has been a big difference in pressure the last 2 weeks that we weren't getting last year
  9. Diggs must have slept with Epps wife with that hit
  10. I also remember Kelly in an interview saying that Howie Long told him "slow it down, slow it down" referring to the no huddle offense. After that, Kent Hull said to Kelly "speed it up, speed it up". That was on the Four Falls of Buffalo
  11. Continuing on with the posts of opponents we are playing the coming week where we are playing them. I am going with the Raiders at Bills 1990 AFC Championship game. You have to click on the link to watch it because the NFL likes to block 33 year old games from being used on message board forums. But as we know, we destroyed the Raiders in this one 51-3 en route to our first Super Bowl as a franchise. We were hitting on all cylinders and I hope we can bounce back and do the same this week. Sit back and watch this beauty and enjoy. As always.....Go Bills!!!!!
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