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  1. Arthur Blank: "Bill, do you have any explanation for your 36-44 record in Cleveland without Brady? Or your 5-11 season in 2000 in New England before Brady? You know you had only one win better than Rich Kotite in the same amount of games coached your first 6 seasons as HC, right? What about your 0-2 start in 2001 before Mo Lewis changed your legacy forever? Or your 29-38 record after Brady left NE? You know he won a Super Bowl without you? Any explanation on any of that? Belichick: "No" Blank: "ok, well, we'll let you know. Don't call us, we'll call you" That's why Belichick didn't get hired
  2. I do think there had been some bad luck along the way. I've never seen a team get ravaged with injuries as bad as we have the last 2 years. Yes, injuries happen to every team but when it's all mainly on one said of the ball, it takes a toll. I think the Hamlin thing took it's toll on the team in 22 as well and put the nail in their season. Outside of 13 seconds, I don't think everything that has went wrong was in McDermott's control. And as far as Andy Reid having bad luck. I say yes, he had QBs that were good enough, to get him to the playoffs, just not over the final hurdle with Mahomes. I've never seen a guy have some much success with average to mediocre QB play as much as Andy Reid did and took it about as far as he could. If he even had a QB a little bit better than McNabb, he probably wins a ring or 2 in Philly. And he squeezed as much as he could get out of Alex Smith to but again, I don't think anyone on the planet wad winning a Super Bowl with Alex Smith as QB but yet Andy Reid got the most put of Alex Smith of anyone in Smith's career. All it took for Reid was they final push he needed with a QB like Mahomes and he finally got there. What McDermott has had with Allen and not done anything with, is nowhere near the comparison of Andy Reid had to deal with in Philly and KC before Mahomes because he never had a QB of that caliber. McDermott does. And if we can stay healthy for once all season, maybe things can he a little different
  3. Reid was good enough to win one back before Mahomes, though. It was mostly bad luck. He went to 4 straight championship games and then finally got to a Super Bowl with McNabb. And then went to another Championship game a few years later with McNabb also. He goes to KC and gets Alex Smith, has success with him as well getting to the playoffs every year. Mahomes finally did get him over the edge but Reid was good enough to win a Super Bowl before him. He just needed the little extra QB talent to carry him over that final hurdle. It's not like Belichick who did nothing in his career when Brady wasn't his QB
  4. Mahomes would have no Super Bowls if we drafted him to. So, not so sure why so many people attack McDermott for that
  5. Do you ever actually look at things before you make arguments? He has had 100 catches or more 5 of the last 7 seasons, and over 1000 yards in all but one of those including last year and the only season he didn't was because he missed some time. How do you figure he is barely a WR 2 now?
  6. He was very good in 2022 before his catastrophic injury. He started coming back to form a bit last season. We will have to see what happens. But a healthy in form Kupp, I'm taking over Aiyuk It's about which WRs are top 10 guys right now. Of course I would take age and potential over a 33 year old guy but if a 33 year old guy is better than the 25 year old guy right now, I am going to acknowledge that.
  7. Olave, I will give you. How about DJ Moore? And Kupp healthy isn't better than Aiyuk?
  8. Ok. You need to stop caring about age right now. If you wanted to give me Keenan Allen at Aiyuk's age. I'm taking Allen all day. And Adams had Garoppolo and Aiden O'Connell throwing to him last year and you're gonna say he is in decline? Lol. Give me Mike Evans right now at Aiyuk's age and I am taking Evans. I actually forgot about DJ Moore and maybe Garrett Wilson. Kupp had a catastrophic knee injury 2 years ago and just bounced back last year and got more into form as the year went on. Healthy, I'm taking Kupp. They are just better than Aiyuk, sorry
  9. Jefferson, Chase, Lamb, Hill, AJ Brown, St. Brown, Kupp, Davante Adams, Mike Evans, Chris Olave, Nakua, Keenan Allen, Garrett Wilson I would put Aiyuk more on the Jaylen Waddle, Terry McLaurin, Amari Cooper, Michael Pittman, DK Metcalf level. But he is top 15
  10. Where do you rank Tee Higgins and do you think Aiyuk is really that much better than him right now? To me, at this point, if you traded for either one, you would be getting the same player
  11. I'm not just going by yards. I'm going by the eye test. Jamaar Chase isn't on that list and I would take him over Ayuik every time. Aiyuk is more Tee Higgins to me right now than anywhere in the top 10 category
  12. Really? I wouldn't say that. If you wanna get into top 15 or top 20, I will listen Me thinks so too
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