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  1. I like Kay Adams for other reasons. Not necessarily for talking good things about the Bills. šŸ˜›
  2. At what point with all these top 10 draft pick predictions that we have had do we finally go to the super bowl? Lol. We've been predicted in the top 10 every year for the last 20 years. Where are the Lombardi's? Lol
  3. I know Molly Qerim was on there for a while. She used to be on the NFL Network before to. She is right up there as well. I don't know which I like more though. The NFL Network is loaded with eye candy though with Kay, Taylor Bisciotti, Erin Coscarelli, Colleen Wolfe, even Lindsay Rhodes. I think Kay is the Best looking though
  4. Kay Adams is so damn gorgeous. Even in the Dolphins jersey. She has to be the hottest woman in covering the NFL. Possibly all of sports
  5. Who needs veterans when you have a super bowl roster right there?
  6. The show's producers: "Okay, time for a little Bills talk now" Analysts: "Ugh...do we have to? Producers: "I know, I know, we'll only make it two minutes worth of coverage so we can get back to talking about the Pats mini camp coverage and talk about....who's that QB they drafted?" Analysts: "Jarrett Stidham?" Producers: "Yeah, him. We'll make sure that we talk about his jock and how great of a successor he will be to Brady, ok?" Analysts: (sighs) "I guess we could do two minutes of Bills coverage"
  7. Haven't 3rd rounders been the hardest draft picks to sign since the new CBA was signed back in 2011? I feel like our 3rd rounder is the last to sign every year
  8. Zay has been way more productive than Williamson, Charles Rodgers and Laquon Treadwell. Zay hasn't been great by any means but he has been better than those guys. I don't even think it's close. I know Zay has been getting targeted by default most likely but the guy had 7 TDs last year alone which is more than any of them have had in their careers. Yes, he has had more targets but just from a skill set I don't think he is nearly on the same level as them. If Zay was that bad, believe me, he would not be on the field. Zay was a 2nd rounder and those guys were all 1st rounders and their teams didn't care about where they were drafted, if they weren't good enough, they weren't seeing the field. Will he wash out of the league? Its possible but unless he is insanely bad over the next year or two, I don't see it. He would have to be a complete non factor at some point for that to happen.
  9. I understood his point completely. Moulds didn't see the field or that many targets because he was struggling to learn the game the first 2 years. It had nothing to do with how many receivers we had or that he was behind Reed. He broke out in 98 because it started to click for him. Moulds was very inconsistent his first 2 seasons
  10. Yes, Moulds was very inconsistent his first two seasons. Lots of dropped balls, not winning on routes, I remember thinking how I thought he was gonna be a bust. He was a completely different receiver in year 3. It just took time for him to adjust. This will be a make or break year for Zay. I think he did make a few strides last year but this is the year he has to take it to the next level. If he doesn't then I feel it would be time to move on
  11. Maybe Moulds didn't have enough targets because he wasn't earning it on the field his first two years? I know you and other people don't wanna believe that it takes certain players a little extra time to grasp the NFL game but that's what happened to Moulds. Reed and Early were still very productive at that point in their careers. Reed's level of play didn't sink so much from 1996 which was Mould's rookie season until he broke out in 1998. One could even argue with the amount of double coverages that Reed faced in Moulds first two years that Moulds should have feasted on secondaries but he didn't. He broke out in 1998 with the exact same receiving core he had his two prior years. Yes, Moulds had poor QB play his second year but it still didn't affect Andre Reed any. Zay has shown flashes or glimpses of being a more than capable NFL receiver. Sure he's had some drops but he had big progress from year 1 to year 2 and year 1 he had Tyrod who barely threw and had 150 yards a game. Zay should excel this year being in the system for 3 years and having more weapons around him
  12. What do you mean zero opportunity to play? Quinn Early was here in 1998 just like he was in the first 2 years of Moulds career as was Andre Reed. The Bills also had Kevin Williams as well in 1998. Moulds didn't play as much or as well his first two years because he wasn't as good of a player or the light didn't go on yet. Year 3 was when the light went on for him and he started to get it and that is why he got more playing time. Not because of the amount of receivers we had
  13. Were people talking about Eric Moulds not being on the Bills roster after his first two seasons in which he had only 2 total TDs? That turned out pretty good. Year 3 is usually the breakout for receivers. If he doesn't improve at all this season then we'll talk
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