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  1. You should write him a letter and ask him. You will probably get the same response I get from women when I ask them out, which is a "No" or "maybe....I'll let you know" and then you won't hear from him again
  2. I want Mahomes to play because I don't want an asterisk if we win. We need to beat them at their best
  3. The Chiefs are the new Patriots with the refs. They can basically get away with whatever they want
  4. Jerry Rice in his prime wouldn't do anything with Lamar Jackson as his QB
  5. It's gonna take everything we got and then some to beat the Chiefs next week
  6. Yeah, take the ball first and try to set the tone early and let them try to catch up. Not the other way around
  7. I really hope that we receive the ball to start the game if we play the Chiefs next week. I would rather take the chance of taking an early lead instead of giving them that opportunity
  8. Yeah, I remember he said the Ravens couldn't move the ball when Lamar left. I would actually argue that they actually moved the ball better without him in there. I know he doesn't want to give the Bills credit but come on
  9. Mine was 1. Why did he take it out? 2. When he got the 20 yard line I said "just go down" 3. He got to midfield I said "he might have this" 4. When he got to the Ravens 30 yard line and I knew Lamar wasn't catching him I said "pick 6, baby" Freaking amazing play
  10. Was gonna say, I thought the way the refs called the game was great. They let them play
  11. I know the offense wasn't as good tonight but it won't always be on point. Going to our 2nd Super Bowl in 91 we beat the Broncos 10-7 and had the K-Gun shut down the whole game and won by a defensive TD. Any way that we can get them baby. And I believe our O will be back next week. I have faith Let's Go Buffalo!!!!!!
  12. Not saying it wasn't but I also think it was Daboll's only real head coaching shot of the ones left. If the Chargers went with Saleh, I don't think any of the other teams left would have hired him
  13. The real test will be if your wife tells you to make the choice....it's her or you can never watch a Bills game or show your Bills fandom again, which way are you picking? I've told my parents and friends numerous times, if I had a gf or wife that made me choose between her or the Bills, not gonna lie, I would tell her to pack her sh*t lol
  14. I think the only thing that could have kept Daboll here is if the Jets didn't beat the Chargers to the punch on getting Saleh. Saleh was lined up to have a 2nd interview with the Chargers as well. I don't think the Jets would have hired Daboll.
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