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  1. Favorite classic Geico commercial? I have to go with Maxwell the pig saying "weeeeeeeee". Or the Moose hump day commercial. Those are my two faves. Both were on today. I also love the "Bob Weadababyeetsaboy" one as well lol
  2. How about the Giants D daring us to run at them since the first play of the game by playing with only 2 Dlineman and the Bills just doing nothing but passing the ball constantly? Belichick said himself he prayed that we didn't run on them from the start because it would have been bad. Thurman Thomas had only 15 carries and ran for like 140 yards. If the Bills weren't stubborn and ran the ball more like they should have then we may have a Super Bowl trophy in Buffalo
  3. Since the start of the 2003 season, West Coast teams have gone just 61-111 (35.5%) against East Coast teams. That seemingly reveals a significant advantage, but straight up wins and losses don’t provide a realistic measure of performance. Instead, we have focused on against the spread (ATS) records which indicate how well teams have performed against expectations this is from an article written in 2016 so I'm not sure what the record is now but 50 games below .500 in 16 years is a proven fact
  4. I agree. It has nothing to do with how bad they are getting beat but just the fact that in the playoffs they would make a west coast team play back to back weeks at 1pm eastern time
  5. Dude, it's a proven fact, west coast teams don't play well when they have to travel out east because of the time difference. Last week they had the Colts vs Texans as the Saturday 4pm game when they could have made that Chargers vs Ravens. The Chargers had to Travel east to play the Ravens and then travel back west only to turn around and travel back east again. That's a lot to ask
  6. The Chargers did kind of get shafted having to travel east for a 1pm game twice. Not saying that it would have made a huge difference but it's kind of messed up that the league did that to them in back to back weeks
  7. Vegas won't know what the hell to do
  8. Sadly, I don't think Rivers is ever going to get to a Super Bowl
  9. The best way for everyone to beat the Patriots is to make them have to go 30 yards for a first down and the rest of the league still only has to go 10. Sounds fair
  10. I would never want to punch an old man in the face but Robert Kraft is making me change my mind. I freaking hate him so much
  11. I think next season everyone needs to start saying Brady isn't declining or he'll never decline. Maybe then the opposite will happen
  12. I brought this up last year and people thought I was lying
  13. If only the Texans didn't crap the bed to lose the 2 seed. The Pats probably would have been playing in Houston today. Even though Houston obviously wasn't very good themselves. NE on the road makes them somewhat vulnerable
  14. Looks like Rivers has to matvh score for score