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  1. Is he better than Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen?
  2. Autographs are still cool. For instance, if I had a man cave, a signed jersey would be kinda nice to frame on the wall but there's different ways to go about it and this clearly isn't one of them. These people are complete idiots Autographs are still cool and they place more value on something. I'm not one to try to sell something I get signed because I would value it enough to keep it myself but there are ways to go about getting an autograph and this isn't one of them. Do you think it's wrong for someone to have an autographed card of a player and they are hanging onto it because it could be worth something? I've seen it and to me as long as they keep it and keep it in the family, I don't see a problem
  3. They wear it once a year. It's a nice uniform that just pops. I like it as a one game thing
  4. Ferguson was colorblind apparently. My dad told me the same thing
  5. I wonder if this was a helmet we originally intended on using ad a throwback but scrapped last second. Otherwise, where did it come from?
  6. Don't like the blue stripe though. If they do bring the red helmet back as an alternative, just use the ones we used back in the 90s
  7. You mean Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers is coming back to play football again?
  8. The dude never ages. He looks the same now as he did 20 years ago
  9. This the most coverage I can remember getting for training camp on NFL Network like ever. In years past it would be like "meanwhile in Buffalo they have Josh Allen. Now let's go to Oxnard and spend 3 hours talking about the Cowboys"
  10. I thought it was just me 😂 This guy can't f*cking tweet for sh*t. Who the hell is he?
  11. Belichick has had very little success without Brady though. 9 full seasons without him going back to his days in Cleveland and only 2 playoff seasons in those 9 years. Belichick's success in the Brady Era should be questioned. I don't think the made each other better, I think Brady made Belichick what he is and Belichick would have been fired from New England without him
  12. More than likely got more than Watson because there was obviously definitive proof that it actually happened. That's what these people who want Watson to be suspended longer don't seem to understand
  13. How do you post pics? Everytime I try, they always tell me the file is to big
  14. Yes, I agree. But why should I go online and pay hundreds of dollars for an autograph if I can get something signed for free? Adults can go to a signing event if they want. I don't need the autograph that badly. Would it be cool to get? Sure. If I can't get it, will I be ok? Absolutely. But all these people with this "you no good piece of trash" attitude about getting something signed is beyond ridiculous
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