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  1. I read somewhere that they just want to add one extra team in each conference. So, instead of being 6 teams in each conference, it would be 7 and only the top team would get a bye instead of the top 2
  2. I disagree about the AJ Green thing. I can't see any team with Green's age and injury history giving him a huge contract or big money. He might be able to fetch a 2 year deal from some team but I don't see anything more than that.
  3. Mine are AJ Green on a one year prove it deal if we can get him for cheap and then draft another WR in the draft The other would have to be either Austin Hooper or Hunter Henry. I think if we get either one of these guys and can get AJ Green to go along with it, this will put our offense over the top Get these guys and focus on the draft and we are a legit contender
  4. I have always thought that they should make the division opponents stay the same. You play them twice but instead of playing one whole other division in your conference, each team depending on where they finish would play either the top two teams or bottom two teams in each of the other divisions. So, for instance, the Bills finished 2nd in the AFC East so they would play the top two teams in each of the North, South and West Divisions. The bottom two teams like the Jets and Dolphins would play the bottom two teams in each of the North South and West divisions. As far as NFC opponents, instead of playing one whole NFC division like they do now, do pretty much the same thing as with the AFC conference. Only instead of the top two teams in each division of the NFC, each team would just play the same place finisher in each NFC division. So, the Bills being in 2nd place in the AFC East eould play the 2nd place Finisher in each of the NFC East, North, South and West. This would make the schedule much more interesting and more even in my opinion
  5. Diggs is kinda overrated to me. He disappears for a few games at a time and gets hurt too much. I'd rather sign AJ Green for a year without giving up a pick and still draft a WR in one of the first 3 rounds
  6. I actually think Diggs is somewhat overrated. He'll have a huge week and then completely disappear for 3 or 4 games and then play well for 2 weeks and then quiet for another 2. Plus, he gets hurt all the time
  7. I wouldn't mind it if they did it but they can fix this problem themselves by just simply scheduling better matchups. There were some teams that got Monday night games last year and I'm not sure what the schedule makers were thinking. Schedule better matchups and there's no need to flex
  8. I'm only 33 so I can't really name anything before I was born as far as what the worst things this franchise did were but one of the things that sticks out to me since I've been a fan whch has been since I was 6 (the year we went to the 3rd Super Bowl against Dallas) was the hiring of Dick Jauron as head coach. That was something I never understood. As bad as the Rex Ryan hire was, Dick Jauron for me was ridiculously stupid. Keeping and starting Rob Johnson over Flutie is another thing that I think was the worst. I also will never understand the trade up for Sammy Watkins either when we could have had Khalil Mack who was right in our own back yard.
  9. Ok. How much did it cost for players in the 60's and 70's? A hell of a lot less than it has in the last 20 years. He had good players back then just like he did in the 90's because of the team that Bill Polian put together. Part of the reason Ralph is in tbe hall is because he is one of the original AFL owners and left his mark on this league. If you look at the 54 years or so that he was an owner, the Bills were only relevant in like 18 of those seasons with 10 of them being between 88-99. There were a lot of bad Bills teams in the 70's and early 80's as well as his last 15 years of owning the team from 00-14. It has been said that Ralph was notoriously cheap for payijg players. How many times did we let great players walk with him as owner because he didn't want to pay them. Just because he is in the Hall doesn't mean he wasn't cheap. He's in the hall because of what the Bills did in the 90's and the fact that he is an original AFL owner and had a big part on the game that way
  10. Bill Polian is why he spent the money he did back in the late 80's and early 90's. I saw something somewhere where Polian said he basically told Ralph to let him spend the money he needed or he was gonna walk. The Mario Williams thing was just to sell tickets. I wouldn't call spending on a few players outside of the 90's years as him not being cheap. He definitely was
  11. I think that's possible but with his age and injury history, especially coming off a year where he sat out the whole season, I can't see any team wanting to pay him anything more than $5-7 million at most for one year. I would still be comfortable with the $6-7 million range for one season. He may be willing to take even less playing for a legit contender which I think we can be next season
  12. AJ Green on a one year contract for anywhere between $1-5 million. See what he can do. If he gets hurt, who cares? You have him for one year and aren't spending anything more than few million. Draft another guy in the draft. And I like our WR core John Brown Cole Beasley AJ Green Rookie Duke Williams Isaiah McKenzie Sounds good to me
  13. That's how it's been every year but one which was the year after the Ravens beat the 49ers. The Ravens ended up going to Denver to play the Broncos. The only reason why they did that was because the Orioles had a game the same night and apparently share the same parking lot or something with the Ravens and the Orioles refused to move their game so the Ravens were forced to play in Denver
  14. I actually made a post last year about how I thought the day after the Super Bowl should be considered a holiday called "Super Monday" since most people seem to call off work the day after the Super Bowl anyway and most companies end up losing a lot of money because of it. I got reemed by people on here saying that that was a bad idea because holidays should only be for things that mean something to the country as if we don't have enough holidays like that already. I'm all for moving it to a Saturday as well. I always take a vacation day the day after but would prefer to have the day off without having to blow a vacation day.
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