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  1. Come on, Beane. Trade them your flat screen tv and golf clubs for Kittle. Make this happen
  2. I don't think this is right. It might be based off of census figures but not everyone fills out a census or sends it back. I never do. If these are accurate figures based off a country with a population size of 300,000,000 people then that would mean that there are only 36,000,000-42,000,000 African Americans in this country which seems far to low. I know they are minorities and I could be wrong but that just seems too low
  3. Exactly, I have often said that "the Rooney Rule" is pointless. Just because they are forced to interview a minority candidate doesn't mean they have to hire one. Plus, I have always looked at it as unfair to the minority candidate because they are basically getting a pitty interview to meat a requirement which isn't right. These people will hire who they think is best for the job, period. Color of skin doesn't matter
  4. How old is Mike Patrick, Joe Thiesmann and Paul McGuire? Get the old Sunday Night Crew back together. I don't care. They were by far the best when it came to ESPN announcers
  5. Do you think if this board existed then that fans would have said "we're a year away"
  6. I almost feel like the makers of the schedule are Pats fans. This is the 4th year in a row that they have ended the season with two games at home against division opponents. So, every year for the last 4 years they get the Dolphins, Jets or Bills at home the last two games of the season. What the hell are the odds of that. This is the 4th year in a row that we are paying the Patriots in NE the second to last game of the year. That's very weird
  7. You can't explain how this virus can magically float in the air compared to other viruses that can't, can you? No, you can't because the whole thought of it is ridiculous. Does the flu virus and every other virus weigh more? When someone with the flu coughs or talks, the droplets just fall right to floor because it's too heavy? But this virus has the ability the ability to do what other ones can't and float in the air because it knows how powerful it is? This virus has been known about for 3 or 4 months but Fauci has all the answers? Fauci is a fraud. He said a pandemic would happen during Trump's first term as president way back 2017 and it just so happens to be in an election year? I don't care who you are, you can't possibly say a pandemic "will" happen in a couple years time frame and then it just so happens in an election year of the first term of probably the most hated president of all time? To coincidental for me and I hate Trump by the way. All Fauci is trying to do is drag this out long enough to keep pushing for vaccines. The media just keeps wanting to push fear onto people.
  8. Wouldn't the same be said for flu season? The flu could be transferable as well and that kills 40,000 to 50,000 people a year. So, if someone with the flu or just getting over the flu was next you at a game, how is that any different? I'd still like to know how this virus has the ability to just float in the air for hours and affects people by just walking by but the flu virus doesn't float in the air? So, you can walk around Walmart with no mask during flu season and not worry about it because the flu virus isn't capable enough to float in the air but the coronavirus has the power to come out of someone's mouth, sit in the air for 3 hours and says "who's next b*tch?". Sounds a little ridiculous to me
  9. It's not really transferable by breath, it's transferable by droplets so technically if you don't accidentally get spit on or spit on anyone else then you're golden
  10. 3rd round picks are the hardest to sign ever since the last CBA has been in place. This is normal
  11. I said the exact same thing. I honestly don't know how you picture this game and don't see Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth announcing it on Sunday Night. It was perfect for it
  12. How do the Bears and the Giants always get multiple prime time games? I understand the Giants are a big market but does anyone enjoy watching them play? Everytime I see the Giants or Bears on yhe schedule for a Sunday or Monday night game, I cringe
  13. Yeah, they have never flexed Monday night games but they have 6 games listed as TBD that week and our game against the Pats is one of them. I feel like the schedule makers are leaving that game open still and that's why they scheduled us for so many primetime games in the back end of the schedule because they aren't fully sold on giving the Bills primetime games yet so they gave us one Sunday night game late in the year that they can flex out and mde our Monday night game against the Pats a game that they can get out of as well
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