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  1. Great, let's sign him to get some insider information. Oh wait....that was last week. Nevermind
  2. I do think no matter little league team is out there that we will dominate them. High school on up? I'm not so sure
  3. I think it's possible our week 15 game against the Steelers could be flexed depending on where the Steelers are at that point. Right now they currently have Vikings at Chargers but the Chargers will more than likely be out of it by that point. The only two other games I can see them flexing that week are Seahawks vs Panthers or Bears at Packers. The Rams and Cowboys play that week but the Cowboys would have reached their 5 primetime game limit by then having already had 4 and I believe they still have a Thursday night game coming up after Thanksgiving. I don't see what market size has to do with it. It's the NFL, people are gonna watch. I watch every week regardless. I don't watch because the Cowboys are playing.
  4. If there was ever a journeyman QB hall of fame. He is first ballot for sure. He might be the best journeyman that I've seen. I can't think of another
  5. As happy as I am with the fact that we are 6-2 and won today, Dabolls play calling until the 5:00 mark of the 4th quarter nearly lost this game. I'm not sure why it took so long for him to open it up
  6. How do we know that he wasn't trying to trade for a player but just didn't like compensation? To say that he didn't make a trade because he doesn't think we're ready is an assumption. Who sits back at 5-2 with a real shot at making a strong playoff run and says "we're not ready for this?" He did it in 2017 and we were in no different shape than we are now. I would say the fact he made no trades means nothing
  7. I hope to God he asks Daboll to remove the designed QB runs or whatever the play is called that Allen fumbled on yesterday. I've seen enough of that play
  8. It's not exactly close but it's not a "blowout"
  9. It is 3 scores yes, but I wouldn't say we got blown out losing 17-0. To me 4 or 5 scores is a blowout. Like when we lost by 37 to the Saints in 2017, or losing by 30 the next week to the Chargers or the 44 point loss we had to the Ravens in the season opener last year. 31-13 isn't a blowout
  10. If we lost 17-0, would that be a blowout?
  11. First off, I don't know if one loss requires "righting the ship" Secondly, I wouldn't call an 18 points loss a blowout
  12. This is probably why McDermott chose to receive the ball because he knew we would have the wind in the 4th
  13. I wanna say maybe the Jordan Poyer pick 6 on Brady in New England in 2017?
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