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  1. Don't tell this to Dolphins fans. They think those 5 teams are all Super Bowl caliber
  2. Hey the Chiefs are 1 for 5 in the red zone today. Maybe they should fire Reid. There's too much too much wrong with them
  3. Outside of Diggs, every WR on this team is a crap shoot. Doesn’t mean they're bad, I just don't think outside of Diggs that the offense is really designed around anyone else
  4. You watching Joe Dirt? I saw the commercial to lol
  5. Was it 6 weeks later? That happened in week 15. Reich started weeks 16 and 17 and Kelly came back after a first round bye and probably would have played the Wild Card had the Bills played that week. So he came back 4 weeks later. Not 6
  6. That's because Brady ain't there no more. Now those calls go to Mahomes and the Chiefs
  7. He has played with pretty much everyone besides Von. Rousseau was here last year, Epenesa was here, Oliver was here, you mean to tell me he would be that much different? So, he goes from 3 sacks a year to 6 in this defense opposite Von. Whoopty doo. Give him a $50 million dollar deal. What are we doing?
  8. Lol. I get people that dislike this when they react. Do you all like players that get 4 sacks or less a season? I don't get it
  9. He has had no more than 4.5 sacks in his last 3 years with us. He's having a good year this year. Does that mean his previous years with us which he did next to nothing should be ignored?
  10. No. You. Are. If. You. Want. His. 2 or 3 sacks. A. Year. He. Got. With. Us. You. Are. The. Clueless. One
  11. I am? Look at Jerry Hughes's stats the last 5 years with us and get back to me. We will see who's really clueless
  12. So he can come back here and get half a sack for rest of the season? No thanks
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