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  1. I would probably do it the other way around. I would play all the backups the first two games of the year and get them out of the way. Then the starters the remaining 16. If we have a shot at a playoff spot the remaining 2 weeks of the season then I want my staters, not my backups playing
  2. You don't think that Warner deserved to be in the HOF? He went to 3 Super Bowls with 2 teams that were trash before he took over. The Rams weren't squat before he took over as starter and he lead them to 2 Super Bowls as part of one of the greatest offenses in Super Bowl history. Granted Marshall Faulk was part of that offense to but that offense was very potent. The Rams had Tony Banks as their starter in 98. Had Warner not taken over in 99 you would be crazy to think Tony Banks even with Faulk and Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt would have done anything. Sure, Warner had a few years there where his play fell off and the team around him.fell apart and he had fumbling problems but then he comes to Arizona and leads them to the only Super Bowl in franchise history after years and years of irrelevance. Sure, he had Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin but what exactly did Matt Leinart do with those same group of receivers? Nothing. To say he doesn't deserve to be in the HOF is crazy
  3. Get to the playoffs and win at least ONE playoff game which we haven't done since 1995 give him a 3 year extension. If we go to the Super Bowl, give him a 5 year extension. If we win the Super Bowl, give him a 10 year extension. If we have 6 wins or less especially if it's 4 games or less, then fire him
  4. Is there any way to designate Andre Roberts as just a kick return specialist? I would hate to only keep 6 receivers and lose out on one of the other guy because a kick returner is taking the spot of one of the receivers
  5. You forgot about the 4TD passes he caught from Kelly who had 6TDs against the Steelers in 1991
  6. How about playing some Genesis at the game? "She seems to have an invisible touch. She reaches in and grabs a hold of your" shut it off
  7. Those all reds are awesome for one game a year
  8. Bruce played 19 years not 17. Bruce had only 2 more sacks in 4 more seasons played. I agree that Reggie was the better of the two and the greatest of all time. They are definitely the top 2 though.
  9. We would be the only team that can win the Super Bowl and still only get Sunday 1pm games when the schedule comes out
  10. I like Kay Adams for other reasons. Not necessarily for talking good things about the Bills. 😛
  11. At what point with all these top 10 draft pick predictions that we have had do we finally go to the super bowl? Lol. We've been predicted in the top 10 every year for the last 20 years. Where are the Lombardi's? Lol
  12. I know Molly Qerim was on there for a while. She used to be on the NFL Network before to. She is right up there as well. I don't know which I like more though. The NFL Network is loaded with eye candy though with Kay, Taylor Bisciotti, Erin Coscarelli, Colleen Wolfe, even Lindsay Rhodes. I think Kay is the Best looking though
  13. Kay Adams is so damn gorgeous. Even in the Dolphins jersey. She has to be the hottest woman in covering the NFL. Possibly all of sports
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