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  1. Dick Jauron had a fluke season under Jim Miller where he went 13-3 where I believe he won 2 games on last second Hail Mary's and another with a pic 6 that was ran back in OT. He had 3 extra fluke wins that season. I think McDermott is smarter from a football perspective. Jauron was a horrible coach. I think the one season McDermott had with Taylor was more impressive than what Jauron had with Jim Miller. If Jauron had Allen, it would be like a Staley/Herbert situation. Where You have the talented franchise guy and can't win sh*t. I would take McDermott without Allen over any of those other guys we had before him
  2. I understand they didn't have a Josh Allen. I also guarantee ALL of them wouldn't have done the things McDermott has done with this team. McDermott, while not making the best in game decisions at times, is much smarter than any of those guys prior. If you think Dick Jauron has the same success with Allen that McDermott has, you're delusional
  3. I mean, we went through Gregg Williams, Mike Mularkey, Dick Jauron, Chan Gailey, Doug Marrone and Rex Ryan and this dude deliberately takes out an agenda on McDermott? The guy who has the best winning percentage and the most success as a head coach since Levy and literally tries to tear the dude down? To me this is uncalled for. Despite the stuff he said about 9/11, players from that team still wanted to come back, have come back and are happy to he back. So, the environment can't be that horrible. Imagine having this much agenda against a coach. For this reason alone, I hope the Bills win out, steam roll through the playoffs and win the freaking super bowl. I don't expect it but if it does happen, maybe McDermott can then write an article called "How I made Tyler Dunne cry"
  4. To be fair, no, he doesn't take accountability but Dorsey deserved to be fired. You can only scapegoat when it's not deserved
  5. We are all pissed about the team but the way some people talk here is just depressing. If you feel burnt out with the team then don't watch. It's as simple as that. We don't need to hear about it
  6. Why do people get so damn depressed about everything? Yeah, they aren't playing well. It happens but posts like this are just ridiculous
  7. A Bengals win here would really suck. They play the Colts next week and could have used a win from them next week to knock the Colts off. But now we I'm not sure what we need. The Bengals have the head to head so they just linger there longer with a win tonight and win next week
  8. No, root for the Jags. Give the Bengals another loss. They have the head to head. Another team we don't want a lingering headache over
  9. The Chiefs trying to get their RB hurt on a 1st and 25 run play lol
  10. Lol. Our losses don't mean a damn thing to how we respond the next game. To teams that are better coached in their house? Much more dangerous
  11. Man, I don't want the Chiefs after a loss. Especially a bad loss
  12. The damn Titans blowing that game sucked but I still can't buy them with Minchew at QB
  13. It was a good day for the Bills. Everything pretty much went their way except for the Colts and Dolphins winning. The Steelers, Browns and Broncos all lost which is helpful
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