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  1. Sorry should have specified I meant the quality / attention to detail aspect, not necessarily the marketing push, selling sauces, etc.
  2. I actually feel this way a bit more about Gabriel’s Gate than Bar Bill. On 2 of my last 3 trips to the gate, the wings have not been very crispy. And it wasn’t busy at all the second time it happened. Still very good, but not knock your socks off good like my first few trips there . Don’t have a single thing to complain about food wise on my trips to Bar Bill, although I’ve only been a handful of times.
  3. I know someone who has met Lewan and said he was one of the worst humans he’s ever been around (and he’s used to being around football players)
  4. I disagree with this. The system that keeps wealthy people wealthy isn’t going to suddenly “disappear” and lead to a massive redistribution of that wealth because of crypto. The powers that be will not let that happen. It’s more like gambling than anything at this point. A small percentage of people may get lucky and win big, but the masses will lose. I know there are some interesting and promising applications for some of the components of crypto, and I think those “good ideas” will translate elsewhere. I have some crypto but it’s probably like .1% of my net worth (or less). If the entire financial system & stock market is goes upside down in favor of crypto, we’ll have much bigger problems to deal with. Guns, ammo, food and access to water would be a lot more valuable at that point than some token.
  5. I’m in the same boat. Brought my then 4 year old up for last year and it was brutally hot. Our seats are on the sunny side too. Took lots of “breaks” in the concourse to at least get some shade and we were back in the vehicle with AC blasting mid 3rd quarter. He was a trooper though and loved it! Even got over to Bar Bill to destroy some wings post game after we got cleaned up. Hoping they’ll announce it soon so I can get a hotel booked although probably should just book both Saturday's and cancel.
  6. Id add Terence McGee to a couple already brought up since he could return kicks as well.
  7. Yes. At Pinehurst which was awesome, but it was on The Cradle not #2 or #4. At least it was on the 1st hole with a bunch of people around watching and I drained it on the fly.
  8. Who said anything about abortion? You’re either an idiot, completely demented, or some combination in between. Don’t really care to find out.
  9. Linking together unrelated events to seemingly give more clout to your personally held political position.
  10. Combine it with unrestricted access to the internet and it creates a dangerous combination.
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