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  1. Delayed start to the drive up due to unexpected urgent care visit with kiddo in middle of the night (all good now). 2 hrs from the stadium now and nerves are amping up
  2. I’m in the queue but a bit ago when I looked it was getting sparse
  3. I was flying home and game normally would have been over about 15 min before departure. Instead there was 12 min left in the 4th quarter as we pushed back. It was agonizing
  4. I don’t like it, but with adding a 7th playoff team I think the #1 seed became disproportionately valuable. I prefer the old setup with 1 and 2 seeds getting a bye, but neutral site championship games would neutralize the sting of missing out on a 1 seed a bit. It’s an interesting idea to say the least.
  5. The THC-O is also synthetic. They extract CBD from legal hemp, then convert to delta 8 thc. Then they add an acetate group to the molecule using acetic anhydride. It’s a “Wild West” type product just like the illicit Cannabinoids (spice, K2, voodoo). I would steer clear or at least be very selective about where it’s coming from. I’d definitely look into the manufacturer. Does it pass the smell test? Is there a product label or any results of analytical testing? (Highly doubt it) Oh and not all synthetics are “bad”. There are FDA approved cannabinoid drug products that are totally synthetically derived.
  6. Ohio went live on Jan 1. Doing well so far. Not throwing around tons of cash or anything but it’s fun throwing random $5 bets on stuff here and there.
  7. The illicit synthetics are very dangerous. Completely unregulated and could have been made by any amateur chemist. The main active compounds used for many of them were created in a lab by John W. Huffman, an accomplished chemist who was doing research on Cannabinoids. Somewhere along the way, people realized they were full agonists at the CB1 and CB2 receptors (THC only a partial agonist at CB1, the receptor which is responsible for psychoactive effects). In addition to being full agonists, they are much more potent as well. This combination can lead to effects that are very different than those seen with naturally occurring Cannabinoids.
  8. Nashville, Carolina, and Atlanta all seem like logical choices.
  9. I really hate the new 7 team format. The 6 team with top 2 getting a bye was perfect.
  10. Pretty sure that person was whining a couple weeks ago in another thread about not being able to get any “extra” playoff tickets when they went on sale to season ticket members. Seems to be a reoccurring theme.
  11. I park at ECC every game and I agree, that’s where the “ride share” pickup seems to be easiest to manage.
  12. Yeah there’s no chance of that happening at this stage of the game. I’d be floored if it’s ends up being anything else than Bills & Bengals play 16 games and go off winning percentage
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