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  1. I went after the game Sunday. Stayed in the Hampton down the street. Ran in and put our name in around 6pm then went to the hotel & showered and changed. Table was ready about an hour later (only 2 of us). When you put your name in, you get a text and can see your position in line and kind of keep an eye on where you are.
  2. I’ve had seasons in the lower bowl for about 10 years and yep, there is a ton of standing. Some games we only sit during commercial breaks. Now I would, but nobody else in front of us does so if we want to see we have no choice. Kind of a chain reaction type thing. Hate to say it, but don’t see anything changing until there is a new stadium.
  3. I’ve had 2 in 109 listed for a week and not a nibble. Thinking I’ll have 2 empty seats next to me tomorrow, or at best I’ll be drinking for free tomorrow
  4. Yep of course it is. Anyone that thinks of it as investment probably has a couple time shares in Mexico. It is however a reality of the modern NFL and if you want to play you’ll have to pay. There will be enough people willing to pay. There’s a reason why this stadium will be 60-62k not 70-72k…They know how many people will buy em and how much they are willing to pay.
  5. People around here always try to make the “there’s already a huge traffic problem with Bills games, downtown would be no different” argument. They are sorely mistaken…
  6. This is exactly why I have reduced my number of seats down to 4 in the lower level. And also the reason I haven’t gone with Kelly club. I’m prepared to pony up for a PSL on my current 4, but was worried if I had switched to Kelly club at some point I’d be priced out of a new stadium and have to go back to the bottom seniority wise for regular seats. I think they kind of treat seniority for club seats and the rest as separate entities.
  7. Im in section 109 and I kind of had in my head that $2500 a seat would be in the ballpark. I bet the primo seats might command something like 4-5k each.
  8. I went to fire my Sunday ticket up yesterday and my subscription wasn’t active 🤦🏻‍♂️. I had called a couple weeks back to make sure everything was in place and was able to get a discount for 12 months. Got to spend about 20 minutes on the phone with Directv before the game. Good thing I checked early. Directv customer service is awful.
  9. That game SUCKED. Maybe worst combo of weather I’ve ever experienced at a game.
  10. I’ve done trips down there and did everything through those local Bills backers chapters. They definitely know how to operate….Had an absolute blast every time. (Even though my record is 0-3…😬)
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