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  1. There is a lot down the road from us that is waterfront and went on sale maybe 5 years ago. Someone bought it for big bucks, completely leveled what seemed to be a pretty decent house, then essentially re-built it in the exact same style. Obviously all about what they did inside but we always joke about how they basically just rebuilt the same house.
  2. Good problem to have when we are “losing” talented players because we don’t have room for them. Kudos to Beane, McD & his staff.
  3. also may have saved him from injury. Remember a play last week where he kind of slid away from a guy near his knees / feet where if he had fully planted and delivered may have been no bueno. like I’ve said a few times now, no matter what he is becoming must see TV. That kind of entertainment in itself is something we haven’t had in a long time.
  4. Agreed. Dallas MNF was for 59 minutes and 57 seconds. Was there for all 3!
  5. I honestly forgot about the “other” josh Allen until this..
  6. It’s Friday night on a Bills forum, I sure hope I’m not the only one multiple glasses deep!
  7. Like I said to my dad after the game last week, he sure as hell is fun to watch. Even with the “bad”. Football should be entertainment and we were living on the diet version (being generous) for about 20 years. Give me that huge burger and throw the bacon on top, maybe even a fried egg! health be damned!
  8. The problem is that at some point all the depth players become cheap, fringe Roster type guys. I prefer Bean’s approach instead of the Whaley “madden roster” approach. There’s too many injuries in football, I like having a few big names and filling the rest in with solid middle of the road type players.
  9. Been trying for years to win some, no luck yet. I did get the opportunity to buy some US open tickets for Kiawah next year and was planning on going since I got to play it a couple years ago. By the time my window rolled around, only practice rounds and Thursday were left, so didn’t end up pulling the trigger.
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