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  1. Trash article and it’s clearly way more “complicated” than just “Pegulas don’t want to pay for it”. Anyone for a second stop to think about the potential liability if there were to be a covid outbreak or something like that? It sucks but that’s the world we live in nowadays.
  2. Yet another year of near unwatchable hockey from this team. It’s time to blow it up. Nobody should be off limits. It’s been so long since it’s been “fun” to follow and watch this team 😔
  3. If you’re looking lower bowl you’ll probably be pretty limited. It took me probably 5-6 years of building up seniority to get 4 together in a decent location, then another couple to improve it a bit more.
  4. At least give her one more round so there’s a chance of hitting 5 minutes
  5. He had that Monday night football one with the cat too
  6. Last year we sent ours in mid to late February for renewal. Similarly, check was cashed within a week or so. I don’t think we actually got our new passports till sometime mid summer.
  7. I expected more like 32 Rodgers, 14 Mahomes and 4 JA.
  8. I’m not saying he’s a bust, but I’m getting slightly concerned about him.
  9. NOLA is a definite, probably one Tampa or jax, maybe Nashville. Plus all the home games of course! Need to make up for this year!
  10. I said last night why in the hell aren’t we trying that? Did too much of it at times throughout the year then you don’t try some of those plays in the afc championship game?
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