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  1. Because the market is up and might be a good time to sell some stock. That work for you?
  2. For anyone that’s already had their appointment, I have a question re: the “down payment” option (with remainder paid in monthly installments until stadium opening). I know I saw that people are paying 20% upfront, but is that simply the minimum? Is the only option 20% down, or would I have the ability to pay any amount over 20% upfront and spread rest out monthly until 2026? My window won’t be until “late this year” but just trying to have a plan in place so any info would be appreciated!
  3. I’d take SW over American any day. Say what you want about them, but I fly SW quite a bit and Im usually at my destination when I’m supposed to be. About all you can hope for these days.
  4. My wife grew up with goldens so technically this his her 4th and it’s just my first (although I had labs growing up). Ours is very good overall and your typical sweetheart, but she was naughty as a puppy about chewing the area rugs and now that she’s a bit older she’ll ***** food off a plate (or hand of a little one) if it’s at her level 🤦🏻‍♂️. Swat to the snout doesn’t even phase her, she’ll gladly accept the punishment for the prize 😂. That Vizsla is a great looking dog. Don’t think I’ve ever known anyone that had one.
  5. Pretty much every area rug in our house has the corners chewed courtesy of our 2.5 year old golden. I’m waiting till I’m 100% certain she’s done doing it to replace them. Haven’t been able to yet as I still find bath mats moved around too often…🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. I still obviously follow all the big storylines as well but I agree I’m less neurotic about it compared to the drought years. The draft used to be like our superbowl because it seemed like the only hope. I’d pretty much watch the entirety of it and would always catch each of our picks. This year I’m not sure I even saw a single Bills pick “live”. I much prefer this new way.
  7. Was also there for that and man, it was HOT. Definitely plan on being back there in 2025. Got a great hookup on seats through my wife’s aunt & uncle who have seats on visitors side 50 yardline a few rows up 😳
  8. I have one of the t shirts 😂. “Bird Drones of North America”. It’s supposed to look like a field guide with a bunch of different types of birds, or excuse me, drones… https://birdsarentreal.com
  9. I watched his whole college career in person and was pretty convinced he was going to be a legit NFL player. Might have been if he didn’t tear his knee up unfortunately.
  10. I have a smoked burger that I make that’s really good but have to use 80/20 ground for exactly the reason you mentioned. I bet next time they’ll be much better if you get some extra fat in there.
  11. Was hoping to do Seattle but don’t think the timing is going to work out. Will most likely do Indy, short trip over from Cbus and have friends there we can stay with.
  12. Colts is an away game so that’s not going to be week 1 either (wouldn’t have only 1 home game in first 6 weeks)
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