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  1. You would slow down / stop and try and get down. When you’re trying to stop an EN goal, you’re playing goalie without pads. In about 34 years of playing hockey I can’t ever remember trying to prevent an empty netter by throwing a body check at the guy trying to score.
  2. If he was only trying to stop the goal he poke checks or dives to block the net. He was trying to wreck him.
  3. I’ve played since I was 4 and say it’s a dirty play. The fact that he “let up” for a couple strides at the end doesn’t change the fact that he came across the whole ice to head hunt him. Certainly could have done a lot different if he was really trying to stop the potential goal. It’s one of those plays that you can expect to get payback for. And let’s not forget, a penalty was called and he was ejected from the game.
  4. What if the teammates, family members, etc. are vaccinated?
  5. I don’t know if he will ever be a starter caliber player, but that doesn’t mean he can’t become a valuable contributor.
  6. I played it back in 2018. Awesome experience but yep is as difficult as advertised. It kicked my ass but had some pars and had good look at birdie a few times. Good enough for me!
  7. Big tree to the ECC lot is nowhere near two miles.
  8. It definitely let me purchase some extras for the opener before my “window” earlier this morning. Am a season ticket holder, had to enter the code. Got it about an hour before it was supposed to go live.
  9. Depends. There’s a few downtown on the river close to the stadium. I’ve stayed at the crown plaza and they have a water taxi that will take you across the river and drop you at the stadium. Can bring booze too. I prefer to stay over in Jax beach. Usually at the 4 Points oceanfront but have also stayed at the best western there which wasn’t too bad. I plan on going to this game as well.
  10. Drink lots of water, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Hit up some of the unreal eating establishments (love GW fins, Dragos, Felix’s). Last time we were there the swamp & the beach were the Bills fan gathering places. Spent a lot of time there & drank enough to put down an elephant. Make sure to grab some hand grenades, but be careful they go down pretty easy. On a non drinking related suggestion, the WW2 museum was great.
  11. My wife actually brought up the idea of “taking a break” from hosting thanksgiving at our place, ditching the kid with the grandparents and us two going down for the game. 🤯
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