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  1. I was having the same issue the other day while I was flying during the Thursday night game. Could not get the app to recognize my subscription. Finally was able to get the game to pull up in a browser. Definitely frustrating as hell, and I didn’t even pay for the service (free with my season tickets)
  2. Definitely a product of that amazing education he received during his collegiate career! ☺️
  3. Got mine maybe a month ago. Might cover my beers till halftime
  4. I usually do 10 Cajun honey butter bbq and a mini beef on weck. Also tough to beat!
  5. Close to the big reveal Monday night on the Jumbotron!
  6. Plus it’s the toy in the garage only 32 people in the world can claim they have.
  7. I carried 10 season tickets from probably around 2009-2017. Tailgate group dwindled and got more infrequent due to kids, people moving, etc. Also got sick of basically lighting a couple thousand dollars on fire every year by losing my ass off in the resale market. Many games over those years where I literally couldn’t give tickets away. Dropped down to 4 seats about 5 years ago and then we started getting good 😂. Oh well, it’s been fun as hell and wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus I was able to move from upper deck down to 109 (closer to 110 side) row 27 within a couple years during the mass exodus of season ticket holders post Rex.
  8. If you choose to Uber, use ECC as your pick up / drop off point (they have a designated rideshare spot for this purpose). I stay at the Hamburg exit now for games now that I don’t have family nearby anymore. It’s very convenient to get to & from the stadium when driving but I haven’t used a rideshare from there for a game so can’t comment on availability, pricing, etc. Just FYI, you may want to have to Uber over to somewhere like JP Fitzgerald’s if you’re wanting a sit down meal & libations post game. Waterstone grill is ok and has a bar but it was closed most Sundays last year. There’s a pizza joint in a little strip plaza nearby but I think they close pretty early too.
  9. Figured I would circle back on this topic and post a couple of good resources that were shared in my program. Both videos are short and provide a good illustration of some of the pros and cons of cannabis use. This is obviously an extremely active area of debate, with many differing opinions from many different areas of the medical field. I am a proponent of medicinal and responsible adult cannabis use, but I am enjoying getting some of the alternative perspectives from this particular course which is devoted entirely to negative effects of cannabis. There are MANY known and potential benefits of cannabis, but like any other psychoactive substance, there are also associated risks. The more we research and understand about cannabis, hopefully the more we will be able to identify and mitigate those risks in people who are most susceptible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nlcr1jd_Tok https://www.coursera.org/lecture/addiction-treatment/decide-if-cannabis-use-can-lead-to-disordered-use-Iu7Kd?utm_source=link&utm_medium=page_share&utm_content=vlp&utm_campaign=top_button
  10. No chance, probably biggest CBS game of the year. No way they let it go
  11. They must have forgotten who their daddy is.
  12. Thank god I’ll be there so I won’t have to hear it
  13. I have a feeling the pregame atmosphere may be a bit lively….Just a hunch though.
  14. Yesterday morning I booked a hotel in downtown Buffalo from Super Bowl Sunday until the Thursday of that week. I had thoughts of it being a jinx but I talked myself into it being a reverse jinx, so I went with it.
  15. He can certainly give great analysis at times (maybe 10%) but to me those get overshadowed by all the other times that he either states the completely obvious, or comes with some horrible take (90%). Overall, can’t stand him.
  16. I wish I got paid that much to know so little.
  17. I hope this is a sign for the rest of the season. Hate the games that get bogged down by ticky-tacky stuff
  18. Because this is entertainment and it’s fun to see a loudmouth eat some crow?
  19. Have traveled a lot for work over the years and I’ll take my own bed over a hotel 10/10 times. Even if it’s 2 am or something. Just my opinion, obv. Maybe they want the team to get to experience the LA scene as winners on a big stage. Might even be a good thing 🤷🏻‍♂️
  20. I was ready to toss him to the curb but from 2nd half of last year on, he’s been really solid.
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