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  1. Most of this game was rough. But it was nice to get the win. It's insane how bad we have been at Baltimore since
  2. This would be a great game to post. The Bills lost that game though. The only games I post are Bills victories. Definitely a classic moment in the game "giving him the business". I love it
  3. I remember that 2010 game as well. Thay was around the time Stevie Johnson started breaking out although Lee Evans had 3TDs in that game. We were like 0-6 going in I think. My main memory from that game was it ending with Shawn Nelson basically being picked up off the ground and moved up like 5 yards with no whistle blowing it dead and then Nelson fumbled. That was annoying
  4. I don't necessarily hate them but I don't like them much either lol. I just hope we get a W there for the first time on 23 years there
  5. Yes, I actually have a good memory of Bills games and when I decided to start doing this thread I kind of already had a mindset of what games I wanted to post and when. Since we play in Baltimore this week, I knew this was our only win there. It's actually been a house of horrors for us with some games that weren't even close lol. If the game was here, I probably would have went with the playoff game from 2 years ago because you have to love Taron Johnsons pick 6. As far as the game this week, I expect a shoot out and we should hopefully be getting some guys back. The Ravens secondary is awful and we won't be play in 100 degree heat with no shade so I hope we grab our second win in that stadium
  6. I couldn't find the full game but in continuing the old games against our next opponents thing, I have decided to post NFL Primetime highlights of the Bills at Ravens from 1999. This wasn't the best game as we had a ton of turnovers and only won it 13-10. The thing I remember most about this game is the final Bills drive when Flutie ran and converted a 4th and 15 and then a couple plays later hits Johnathan Linton for the game winner This game is the only time in our franchise's history that we have beaten the Ravens in Baltimore which is why I chose it. Hopefully that changes this week and we get the W. Feel free to post a memory you have of it and as always...Go Bills
  7. Allen won't age out overnight like Newton. He's more talented and better all around than Newton ever was
  8. If this board existed in the Super Bowl years in the 90s, how many of the "Levy is terrible" or "this isn't a Super Bowl team" do you think we would have seen after a loss?
  9. The online was fine the first 2 games. We played in 75,000 degree heat and were down Mitch Morse. They should call this site "billsconclusionjumpers.com"
  10. I wanted to beat them with Tua and their best. I'll take a win over Bridgewater but I don't want any excuses from anyone
  11. All this means is if we win the toss, we receive the ball first and take it right down and cram it down their throats and score early. That way we already have a one up before they even have a chance at our defense
  12. I second this. People that get up constantly during the game to go to concessions or bathroom or something and having to get up or move 50 times a game is more annoying I can fix the standing problem by standing myself
  13. We can figure something out, trust me
  14. Honestly, if Matt Rhule is fired after an 0-4, 0-5 start, the Panthers may look to unload some players and start a rebuild. I'd look back into it
  15. Last week I did Titans at Bills week 1 of 2000 which was the first game of the drought and I was gonna do week 17 of 2017 for this game since that was the day the drought ended but I feel like this game was more exciting, particularly the ending and Kelly vs Marino was always great
  16. Continuing on with posting old Bills games against our upcoming opponent. This week I chose Bills at Dolphins from week 1 of 1989. I was only 3 years old when this game was played so I have no memory of watching it live, I have watched this game once before because of how it ends. The Bills are driving near the end and Kelly runs it in for the TD in the closing seconds as time expires for the win and the team mobbing him at the goal line. After hearing about this growing up and seeing the highlights on TV and the iconic ending, I watched it for myself years ago and this has to be one of the most memorable endings to a game in the team's history. The old timers should have something to say about this one. If you have a memory to share, feel free to comment. Also, the first few seconds of this video are garbled up but it clears up and is fine. Enjoy on victory Tuesday. Go Bills!!!
  17. Yeah, nothing gets me going more than cars driving in a circle for hours
  18. Oh, I have. Believe me, I have. It's like pulling teeth. They all have kids and are married and sh*t. It's damn near impossible for them to get out. It's kinda funny because some of the reasons I get are "I can't I already made plans with the wife". I'm always like "dude, you see her every damn day" lol. They don't like bars anymore especially. They've grown allergic to them over the years. Usually if I do have drinks with them at all, it's usually something at one of our houses but even that is rare
  19. Yeah, I live in the 716 but I never have anyone to go out with anymore. I'm the only single one of all my friends and no one does anything anymore for me to go out and try places. I mean, I guess I can go and sit there myself but I would feel weird doing that lol
  20. The only one of all those I have had on that list is Duffs. Is that bad?
  21. I don't understand why the NFL makes a big deal out of this stuff. It's stupid. They're treating grown men like kids. "Be nice to that guy after you burn him for a TD, don't talk sh*t to him. We'll fine you if you do". How dumb
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