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  1. Apparently, this has nothing to do with whether we have a dome or not, it has more to do with traveling to and from the game. That's what was said on WGR earlier
  2. We won't even have to leave Detroit on a short week. Just stay there through Thanksgiving
  3. Ok. But it's clear the Colts got lucky and are nowhere near the team the Chiefs are. It was a clear fluke. It was early in the season before teams hit their stride. The Colts lost that game handily now
  4. Yes, and it doesn't dawn on you that that was a fluke?
  5. I said more than likely. Boy people don't pay attention before they stop reading
  6. Dude, we're just talking here. No one asked you to chime in
  7. And then they'll just wait until opening day next season to activate him because "that's when he'll be ready"
  8. These people that call into One Bills Live are brutal every day Chris Brown: "Let's go to Pete in Lackawanna. Pete you're on One Bills Live go ahead" Pete: "Yeah, I wanna say that I think, I think Josh eats too much steak, he has food on his mind during the game, it's throwing off his concentration, he needs to stop eating steak. And McDermott, McDermott claps too much, he needs to stop clapping. I'll hang up and listen to what you gotta say"
  9. I'm not assuming anything. But come on, the Chiefs are very rarely off their game. It is possible they lose 2 but I just don't think it's likely and yes, because we lost to the Vikings, we will "more than likely" have to win out which were my exact words. I didn't say they absolutely had to
  10. He means they already played the Titans without Tannehill
  11. Chase could be back by then possibly. He was given a 4-6 week time frame and they have already played 2 games and had a bye without him
  12. At Chargers Vs Rams At Bengals At Broncos At Texans Vs Seahawks Vs Broncos At Raiders We are gonna have to win out for the 1 seed more than likely and the Chiefs will have to lose at least once. Where would you see a loss in their next 8 games? Cincy? They seem to maybe be the Chiefs kryptonite. Seattle? Just curious on everyone's thoughts. Even one more loss for us and you can kiss the one seed goodbye for the year. The Chiefs could lose twice but I don't see it
  13. Couldn't find the full game. I forgot about this game until I went back and looked it up in the Browns bs Bills history. This is our best win against the Browns at home. We have beaten them 5 times at home but this one is a complete drubbing of the Browns 37-7, so I felt I had to go with this. This was in the middle of a 6 game win streak we went on in 2004 before the well known failure in the season finale against the Steelers. I can't find the full game so I posted NFL Primetime highlights of it. Anyone who went to this game or has any memories of it, feel free to share and as always....GO Bills. As Chris Berman would say "Let's get off the schnide" this sunday
  14. Not every penalty has to be challenged. Just something plain as day like a face mask. I mean refs can see plain as day that it wasn't called on the jumbotron. It's a 15 yard perhaps game changing penalty
  15. Why isn't a face masking penalty challengeable? I mean it's clear as day, either it's grabbed or it isn't. A coach should be able to challenge that
  16. It's 20-14. It's not like they're getting blown out and as off as they have been they haven't been garbage
  17. They haven't played well tonight and the score is 20-14. They still boo like entitled idiots
  18. If this keeps up, how many "fix the Eagles" threads will their fans post tomorrow?
  19. Eagles fans booing their 8-0 team is sickening
  20. See you here next week
  21. Can we stop babying Tre White from here on out? I hate this
  22. The Bills don't care about my heart. Why do they do this to me?
  23. Where from this tweet do you get Keenum still starting?
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