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  1. Why do people expect GMs to admit they whiffed on signings or picks? Bills media member: "Brandon, your thoughts on Harty and Sherfield?" Beane: "We f**ked up. Plain and simple. It happens sometimes. Bills Media member: "and Kaiir?" Beane: "yeah, him to. Total f**k up" Bills media member: "so, they're not really hurt? It was just a major whiff by you guys?" Beane: "yep, I will probably never have a bigger f**k up than I did with them players. I was sober when I signed all of them and drafted Kaiir too. Don't know how I f**ked up so bad" Good luck hearing that
  2. Beat the Chiefs, Cowboys and Dolphins. Lose to the Chargers and Patriots again
  3. Ernie Adams has definitely been very valuable to that franchise as the man behind the secrets
  4. If you want Belichick, you're in for a rude awakening. He's not winning nor going to another super bowl again no matter what QB he has. Brady was different. I honestly think Brady could have gotten any coach 3 or 4 of those Super Bowls himself. If he had 10 years with Bruce Arians he probably would have gotten 3 or 4
  5. Have you had some beers after work? That's some slurred speech if I ever saw it
  6. That's my point, though. There's one scenario where we don't get it. Literally all 5 teams in front of would have to be great going forward
  7. How many teams need to miss the bus for that to happen, though?
  8. I think KC is our biggest challenge. I do think IF we beat them. We win out. We have 2 weeks to prepare for them so, there are no excuses
  9. I understand we aren't playing then. I'm just saying that we should be ahead of those teams and if all goes right, we will be. Yes, I think we are better than KC, Dallas, LA, NE and Miami. But we have to play like it
  10. We are good enough. Can we be coached good enough is the question? We are better talent wise by a large margin over the teams ahead of us for a wild card and it's not even close Boy you really hate McDermott, don't you? Even if he had blunders in all 5 games, I don't think there's any chance in hell we only go 1-4
  11. That was very thorough. I really hoped you stopped to breathe after writing it and had paper towels right next to you to wipe the sweat off your forehead. Did you check your blood pressure? How are them fingers feeling? Did you ice them after typing all that?
  12. Yes, 24-24. Fans who say he can't win close games make it sound like he's 0-48 lol. 2022 they won a lot of one score games. This year, they have won 2
  13. He doesn't win all close games but he has won quite a few
  14. McDermott: "it's definitely our players fault, they are really tired. I do an excellent job at preparation, they definitely don't execute the plan I layout. Game plans are terrific, end game strategy is fine and game management is phenomenal. The players make me burn those timeouts. I have 22 excuses, 11 on offense and 11 on defense. That's the problem, Terry. Are we done here? I gotta put together a great defensive game plan to beat the bye week. That would be embarrassing if the players can't execute my wonderful game plan and game management against the bye week"
  15. I want no part of Bienemy either. The dude has a rap sheet which I think is why he hasn't gotten a job yet. Not to mention he has been known to interview like crap and rubs players and coaches the wrong way. No thanks
  16. Is that what it's come to? Moral victories. "Hey, we lost. But we took the league's best team to OT". Who cares?
  17. This is somewhat what I am terrified of if we fired McDermott. I feel like if Belichick gets let go from New England that Terry will wanna make headlines and get Belichick here and I honestly want no part of that. The dude has always been extremely overrated and I'd rather go younger with an up and comer with a good offensive mind
  18. I hear ya. I often say the same thing. Should we move on from McDermott? Sure. But then it will be the same thing. Another coach that doesn't get us there. It just is what it is. I will always watch because the Bills are my crack and I am the addict. But we aren't winning anything
  19. I keep saying that we are all in an abusive relationship with our football team. Every week they give us black eyes and fat lips but we come back every time
  20. Okey dokey. I can't do this anymore. Lol. Have a good night
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