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  1. Save your pennies until the Bills next divisional round playoff exit. And then buy lots of beer with it
  2. I do think there should be a cap on how much a player makes based on position. They are talking about Burrow getting $50 million a year which is beyond insane for any one player. WRs are starting to work their way to $30 million a year. It's getting out of hand. Teams are gonna cap strapping their teams with 2 or 3 players. That shouldn't happen
  3. I would not be "over the moon" or doing cartwheels. Don't be trying to think you know I would feel that way. I would think he was overrated because he is. I would rather trade for Andy Reid or Sean McVay or something than Payton
  4. I didn't want Payton to come here anyway. I always thought he was kinda overrated
  5. It doesn't make your argument if you're comparing him to Parcells lol. Everything else, I can understand
  6. Yes, never won a Super Bowl but that's kinda hard considering he quit every team within 3 to 4 years after he left the Giants. He would turn a franchise around and then leave. He's not a mediocre coach and he did well with every team he was a part of. He's a HOF coach and an all time great. Payton is nowhere near that and there should be no comparison. Not even the "poor man's" argument
  7. Bill Parcells was still good after the Giants. Took the Patriots ro a Super Bowl. Turn around a 1-15 Jets team and took them to the Championship game 2 years later and then went to Dallas and made them a playoff team with Quincy freaking Carter at QB his first year after they did nothing for multiple years prior. You make it sound like Parcells was only mediocre after his Giants career. He was still very good and one of the best in the game and all time
  8. It makes Beane look bad that he's paying a franchise QB big money like everyone does?
  9. It's 6 concussions and Eric Wood with no S
  10. https://www.nfl.com/news/top-51-free-agents-of-2023-who-are-the-best-players-available Who would you sign out of these top 51 free agents. I think for OL we could look at Mike McGlinchey. I also wouldn't mind Chauncey Gardner Johnson from the Eagles as safety. He plays the same position in the same type of defense we do so he would be a perfect replacement for poyer. He's also only 25. Who would you all be interested in?
  11. Entirely possible. We truly don't know what's going to happen
  12. It's a possibility. Not an expectation
  13. I didn't say he would. I said "if" far from an expectation in case you haven't noticed
  14. If Tua stays healthy next season and the Jets get either Rodgers or Lamar, it could be kinda difficult
  15. Isn't Frazier's contract expired? So, we will be resigning him to a new contract?
  16. Send a bag of rocks to the Jets for Quinnen Williams. Let's get that trophy
  17. What's Ted Cotrell doing these days?
  18. This is why players should only be drafted that fit multiple schemes. If a DC leaves or a coach decides to change a scheme, then only picking players that fit one particular scheme are useless
  19. Well then I guess the players better adapt lol
  20. Leslie Frazier's contract is now up and if McDermott and Beane are smart, he will not be resigned. I personally would like Vic Fangio. He had solid defenses in San Francisco and Chicago when he was with both teams. He's older but would be one of my top choices
  21. There is a reason football is one and done in the playoffs. It's the most physically demanding sport there is. That's why there are only 17 games as opposed to the 82 you get with Hockey and Basketball or the 162 you get with Baseball. With double elimination in football, you're essentially asking these players to play upwards of 25 games a season. Football isn't made for that. Keep it the way it is
  22. I will be surprised if we go WR in the first round. Beane is got that next defensive player on speed dial in the first round already
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