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  1. How? I've thought this was possible all the way up until draft weekend but I think now, it's extremely slim. Is it still possible? I guess but don't count on it
  2. It took me a bit to see what VEG was. I was like "we're playing vegetables week 1. I don't like that match up"
  3. This dude is smart as hell. You listen too him compared to any GM we have had since Butler and you can see why we are successful. He isn’t perfect but he is a great GM and doesn't deserve a lot of the criticism he gets
  4. I've never understood the .5. You can't play half a game
  5. Yeah, that's stupid. It reminds me of our 2017 season when our last 5 games were Patriots Colts Dolphins Patriots Dolphins It's like you gave a 3rd grader a project to complete and he threw it together the night before lol. The schedule makers haven't really been creative for a while
  6. It was the Commanders 2021 schedule. It was like they forgot the division games and were like "oh, sh*t. We have to put these in now" lol Their last 5 games that year Cowboys Eagles Cowboys Eagles Giants Like, wtf is that? Lol
  7. The NFL seems to keep Patterns going for a while. We have played Miami 3 straight years in Miami in September. We have played the Chiefs 3 years straight within the first 5-6 weeks of the season. Plus, I don't know if the NFL wants to make people wait to see Allen vs Mahomes that long. We also played the Titans who we don't play this year 3 straight years early in the season. Essentially, the last 3 years, the first 6 games have had pretty much the same oppents early in the season. Prior to last year, we played the Patriots in New England 5 straight years in week 16. The NFL schedule makers aren't very creative at times lol. Ask the Washington Commanders about their last 6 games last season lol
  8. We're you the one that mentioned the Bills playing the Lions on Thanksgiving last year as well as opening with the Rams?
  9. Make sure you make a new thread so I don't miss it lol
  10. I figured week 4 was the best spot for that game. It's still early in the year and the perfect time for it I think Yeah, they will definitely definitely need to be taking multiple IVs during the game
  11. Can we believe this? Did Monte Ossenfort come out and definitively say that it wouldn't yet?
  12. Yeah, the home schedule is kinda boring. If we would have won the Super Bowl last year, the only opponent I would see as worthy enough to have opened on Thursday against is Dallas
  13. Wouldn't surprise me. It's been like that the last 3 years
  14. Now that the draft is over, it's my next favorite time of the offseason...."schedule time". I have made my mock schedule and would love to see yours. Let me know what you think At New England Patriots 1:00pm CBS Denver Broncos 1:00pm CBS At New York Jets 1:00pm CBS At Kansas City Chiefs 8:20pm NBC Miami Dolphins 1:00pm CBS Las Vegas Raiders (London) 9:30am CBS Bye Dallas Cowboys 8:15pm ESPN At Washington Commanders 1:00pm CBS At Cincinnati Bengals 4:25pm CBS New England Patriots 1:00pm FOX New York Jets (Black Friday) 4:25pm *Network TBD* At Philadelphia Eagles 4:25pm CBS Jacksonville Jaguars 1:00pm CBS New York Giants TBD At Los Angeles Chargers 8:15pm ESPN Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1:00pm FOX At Miami Dolphins TBD
  15. I know. My comment was meant as more of a joke. But man, what a WR he would be to get
  16. We can use them all to get up in the top 5 next year and get Marvin Harrison Jr. Beane is a genius
  17. I purposely left that comment and left lol. You just now brought me back. Now I'm out again
  18. Those ***** Bills teams also say hi
  19. And the official thread for guys that won't make the roster begins. I'm excited
  20. Diggs already loses targets to other players on the team anyway lol. What's the difference? He will get his catches, trust me
  21. Ian Rapaport: We have a major Trade..... DeAndre Me: Oh my God, Oh my God Ian Rapaport: Swift Me: F*ck
  22. No. Beane needs that one for our next undersized LB next year
  23. I'm not saying we will and yes, Kincaid is a Hybrid but if he goes down, who takes the attention off Diggs? If Diggs goes down, is Kincaid what we have to rely on? If they both go down, who's pur WR1? Dhop makes so much sense and the fact that we haven't taken a WR yet still gives a little light at least that this might happen. Ian Rapaport said last night, there are a lot of moving parts in a Hopkins deal. The cap figure has to basically come down before he gets moved and a couple other things but he's getting moved. It's just a matter of to who and when. Because of all the moving parts, it won't happen this weekend
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