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  1. That's not entirely a rule. Some QB's come in as rookies and make the playoffs, others in more recent memory have taken HUGE strides forward in their second season (Mahomes, Trubisky) - and teams make the playoffs because they have a strong defense, good coaches (who manage their clock and challenges well) and breaks in the schedule along the way. Look at the number of games that the Bills have played in past seasons that came down to a SINGLE play (a missed FG, a dropped pick 6, a hail mary that someone came down with, a bad call by the officials). This is probably a playoff roster - now we need to execute McBeane's plan.
  2. Croom's biggest moment will be his touchdown catch at the Vikings last year - the blown coverage play where he walked in.
  3. The Pats ran for something like 9 yards a carry against us in the first half of our 2 games against them last year....it was just horrible - all sweeps to the outside, made Patterson look like Ezekiel Elliott
  4. McDermott is BEHIND Doug Marrone, who we all hate, and WAY behind Anthony Lynn, whom we could have had. Way below average. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001035886/article/2019-nfl-head-coach-power-rankings-bill-belichick-still-no-1
  5. I thought he called a 99.9% white woman that. I don't remember Elizabeth Warren being Native American. Neither does Liawatha.
  6. How can you not have the Bears on this list. They were 12-4 and will probably win the same number (if not more) games this year.
  7. Jones only has the speed and route running prowess to occasionally get separation from only some of the league's defensive backs, some of the time. That's his issue. He doesn't get open very well.
  8. Why is that gross? You've never been to one. They want your money, and work for it. It's actually quite fair and equitable for both parties, and can be a GREAT stress reliever, which provides longevity and mental health. You're missing out, and if "nothing will happen from it" - then why is it stupid?
  9. Yeah but the next few years (probably after this season or next) the Saints will have a rookie at QB. Might as well spend it on a toy.
  10. Yeah, we’ve had individual studs like Lee Evans, Stevie Johnson, Sammy Watkins, and even T.O. but is this the best overall mix?
  11. Why would @Steelers be an automatic loss? Didn't they lose Brown, and Bell - and have an aging QB to boot. I don't think that's an automatic loss at all.
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