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  1. Foxboro, 1997. Bills@Patriots. Todd Collins leaves the game with an injury, Billy Jo Hobert comes in. An hour and 45 mins later, he was in the bathroom in the fetal position sucking his thumb. I asked if there was any TP in his stall, and if there was, to throw a roll of TP over men's room stall wall to me. The toss was picked off.
  2. Plus the Raiders went first round running back, so they are set for a while
  3. I'm going...haven't bought seats yet. Flying there from Boston. I have a buddy that live in Marcus Mariotta's building - he has an apartment just downstairs from Mariotta's penthouse suite, so I'll be crashing there. Cool building right downtown near the stadium. Maybe we can bang on the ceiling with a broom all night and keep him awake, or pull the fire alarm at 2:30 AM of game day so he gets no sleep lol....
  4. Why not change out the tight end with receivers, receivers with tight ends, and hell - let's have the QB run the ball and the back throw.
  5. Does anyone have a favorite Bills Podcast? Mine so far is the BillsWire Daily Podcast, and my second is the "Locked On Bills" podcast that Joe Marino does.
  6. I think you have to try to go game by game through the schedule and find 10 or 11 wins in that slate. I realistically see about 8 or 9, tops. But, like the Vikings game last year, there could be some surprise wins thrown in there, too.
  7. He'd be the first Bills GM in two decades to that
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