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  1. This is WAY too political and doesn’t belong here...not the original post, just the individuals who can’t contain themselves. For me, it’s a shame, during a global pandemic, that football fans have to take it here. When does human decency prevail?
  2. Most threads are not 90 pages. So sorry you can’t see the larger point.
  3. That’s it. Nothing more. You can stick it into a larger thread and then update the title to say, ‘New Diggs video added’. Too many silly threads make the site unwieldy and can cause really good info to be buried. Just my opinion.
  4. Great to hear from Josh’s own voice that they’re connecting already and that they’re also being smart about not flying due to the virus. Should this year come, it’s going to be fun! I can only imagine sitting at Fisher watching those long balls hit dreaming of what’s to come! 😃 And the season after leading to the SB!
  5. Awesome and ABSOLUTELY post worthy! 😃
  6. Wait, does this mean, during quarantine, that I HAVE to get off my couch? 😃
  7. I have high hopes for him. Ole Miss threw mostly to speed guys on quick slants or go’s so TE’s didn’t get much love. I appreciated, when he was on OBL recently, where he owned the drops and talked about the work he’s putting in. Also, as has been said a zillion times here, pass catchers take time to adjust to the NFL. This kid will be great.
  8. So deeply sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and your family!
  9. I don’t mind the blue on blue but other than that: yup! I NEVER liked the red helmets (watching since the 70’s) so I was elated when they went back to white.
  10. I went from relatively concerned knowing who we would hemorrhage to now being elated: just like last year, they have plugged the holes. I really think we are nearly at the position of taking BPA in the draft. I give them an A. They are proving, again and again, that they have their heads around the cap, FA and the draft. Full steam ahead!!!! 😃
  11. It’s in sub-Saharan Africa and spreading just fine. It’s already been spreading well past three months around the world. It’s important, in my opinion, that we all let the doctors speak to not spread disinformation. Again, just my opinion. Not trying to be rude.
  12. Yeah, I believe that’s just poor wording on the part of The Post. If I’m not mistaken, Beane has already said they won’t restructure this year.
  13. I understand that, but these guys are young and view themselves as invincible. It’s a reasonable gamble.
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