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  1. It’s because you were on this board, Groundhog Day, reading RB and Ertz threads over and over and over and over……..
  2. Weird…I see the resemblance. Faint, yes, but it’s there. 😃 She’s got big shoes to fill.
  3. I’m not positive, but I don’t thing the men in those pictures are fully concentrating on the game.
  4. Actually, I don’t drink! 😃 I was playing on the original thread title.
  5. I have not read the entire thread but the thought of losing your life over a sports team is appalling.
  6. Bar Bill, hands down…best wings in the world!
  7. Anyone get tickets to training camp tickets for training camp? 😃
  8. While I hope it’s none as Beane knows who he has and knows all who exited are replaced, I believe it’s Robert’s. He flipped the field regularly.
  9. I’m busy all those weekends…I’ll be watching football! The Sabres…I’ll read about the loss the following Monday! 😃
  10. Yup. This seems too thin of an explanation for a complex issue.
  11. I believe he looks a bit thinner. Honestly, doubt it matters as he has a broken elbow and doesn’t take TB12 ‘vitamins’. 😃
  12. He looks more lean…but maybe it’s because he shaved his Fitz-wanna-be beard.
  13. This sucks for us as fans but good for him going out in the manner he wants.
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