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  1. Seems to me as though he’s saying be mindful of the fundamentals when it comes to his body and game. Makes perfect sense.
  2. Yup, hernia: I had it done last Wednesday and it’s no fun. Mine was abdominal. Getting up from sitting/laying feels like you’re being stabbed. Ugh.
  3. Not sure I get this argument: there’s been no safety issues save the wet-mat-incident. The facilities are great and they also bring in (literally) tons of equipment.
  4. The ‘live by the sword, die by the sword’ is exactly right. Thanks for doing this. Last year, Josh was forced to be the entire offense too many times and that leads to the stats he had.
  5. My point was there were multiple games where we gave up over 200 yards on the ground.
  6. I believe it’s preference. Many people prefer down hill runners and that is definitively not Shady. The lost yardage does get frustrating but, I agree, he’s one of the best and should stay.
  7. My point was that there were multiple games where teams barreled over us. It happened many times last year. Great run defenses don’t allow that, in my opinion. We need to improve there and, again, in my opinion, it requires setting the edge which we failed to do in multiple games.
  8. We gave up 114 yards per game at 4.2 ypc and there were multiple games with over 200 yards. Overall, yes, the numbers were good but that’s because we were always playing from behind and other teams were simply running to burn the clock.
  9. I agree our secondary is good but teams did run all over us last year so no need for huge passing numbers.
  10. EJ was picked by Buddy Nix who was GM at the time. But yes, it was a bad QB year.
  11. To be honest, I’m not sure where you’re getting the fact that the O-line additions can’t run block. I have read, from myriad sources, the polar opposite.
  12. It all starts at the top: Rex was clearly a no-show and it filtered down. Running a D that was as notoriously complex as his he should have been a permanent fixture at OBD. Instead, he knew he had a guaranteed contract and rode the chicken wing train. Thank God he’s gone and that the Pegula’s recognized their mistake.
  13. I love McDermott but calling the team ‘disciplined’? They weren’t last year (although much of that may be attributable to the O players he was dealing with). Bold prediction: Bills beat Pats once and sweep the rest of the AFCE.
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