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  1. He’s a winner judging by his college career. The reason I wasn’t high on the pick is his arm: he just doesn’t have enough of one. With that being said, I’m sure Beane and company have a better understanding of where he stands...and I doubt they’ll toss him after one partial year without compensation from someone.
  2. I agree about the 1T. Having an anchor will be a game changer for pressure from Ed and that, in turn, will free up the DE’s.
  3. Tons of potential but seemed to be made of glass.
  4. This thread needs a title change in my opinion. Silly metric to begin with as it’s clearly highly subjective.
  5. Agreed. I’m interested to see what the late round kid from last year can do (WR). If he can be a red zone threat it would be fantastic. That allows for DE or CB towards the top of the draft. Personally, I’m less worried about RB.
  6. While I firmly believe that Josh was a diamond in the rough, I also believe there are more...and his swagger to do this ‘PSA’ is priceless!!!! I love this kid.
  7. I wasn’t trying to argue, was seriously asking if the guy in question could set the edge. My fear is that if we get a guy who can only do one then we’re leaving ourselves open for the other. No idea who that person is right now...I didn’t watch enough NCAA this year, unfortunately. I met Derrick Thomas once briefly when he was opening his bar in Birmingham. Very cool man and came across as humble. Sadly, we lost him shortly thereafter.
  8. While Marv had his shortcomings, I loved those years here. Glad he’s getting kudos from the north.
  9. The Bills shut down KC’s passing game and they proceeded to run all over our D. For me, we need a more prototypical DE who can set the edge and rush the QB. Is that him?
  10. I have not read all four pages so apologies if this has been covered. I agree with you. They need either a true 1T or a real DE. Either will change the D completely. The line...and the pressure they create...makes everyone else’s job all the easier. There’s more than one way to skin a cat (which is really disturbing to think of). With the obvious being said, I really appreciated how Frazier made adjustments as the year rolled. It’s a testament to him and the D players.
  11. For me I just have to hit ‘Open in YouTube’. I was born in ‘69 so before my time but wonderful to see nonetheless! Thank you!
  12. Please don’t let reality get into the way of the ball that is rolling into these threads! 😃 I have seen what you’ve seen. It is a shame. If you can be pushed on the field, you can be pushed in the classroom. If you get into trouble with the law, there are ways that can be handled as well...without getting off completely...and without being sunk. It’s a shame what happens to these young men.
  13. I don’t look at it that way. They knew they were responsible but they are bailed out doing things most of us have done when we were young thus the culture leads them down the path of, ‘there’s always an out’. It’s important to recognize what these young men mean to larger schools from a financial standpoint. All of them knew they had a chance and lost it.
  14. https://www.nytimes.com/1971/01/13/archives/bills-exploring-move-to-seattle-owner-wants-new-stadium-to-keep.html
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