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  1. TroutDog

    Charles Clay Released

    I’m glad they did this. His spot needs to be filled by someone who will produce.
  2. TroutDog

    Non-call affected Super Bowl too

    Overall, I believe this was officiated very well. What’s mentioned above is something I liked: both teams hit the QB’s after the pass was out and it wasn’t called. That was a major departure from the way games were called during the season.
  3. TroutDog

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    I watch football...for the last almost 50 years.
  4. TroutDog

    Super Bowl 2nd half Game Thread

    Haven’t read all the threads, but this game is Bellichek vs Phillips. Hands down. This games is D coach vs D coach. I like it.
  5. Who would have thought we’d be waiting 22 years for his heir apparent?
  6. TroutDog

    Center longevity

    “I paid Kevin Mawae more money than any center ever got paid,” Parcells said. “They killed me in New York for doing that. ‘How could you spend that much money on a center?’ Well, he went to six Pro Bowls with the Jets, and he’s probably going to get in the Hall of Fame. He deserves to be. I knew what I was getting and, to me, he was worth it because that position held me hostage at a couple of my other places. When you have a chance to get one of those, you get one.” https://theathletic.com/791589/2019/01/30/center-of-attention-what-the-bills-are-looking-for-in-their-next-quarterback-of-the-offensive-line/
  7. Astro is great. Miss his knowledge on this board. Thank you for posting, @YoloinOhio
  8. I understand what you’re saying. But I disagree on the fact of whether it’s a business decision or not: everything in the NFL is a business decision. Are there constraints at times (like inherited contracts)? Certainly. You do your best to manage those (which, I believe, they have done). He was given two years to justify his contract and, for whatever reason(s), he didn’t hold up to it. Given this, in my opinion, it’s time to move on. He is definitively not part of the long term plan so why wait any longer for what inevitably will happen? Allow someone else, who will be here long term, to gain the chemistry with Josh.
  9. Long returns here we come! 😃
  10. I understand what you’re saying but it’s a business and what a player makes should, in theory, be attached to production. I don’t see a way around it from a business standpoint. Were he to hit hit the open market he would make far less that what we’re paying him as it would be based on production: catches, yards, TD’s and blocks.
  11. My point is that for what he’s making, production should be at least somewhat commensurate. I’ve vacillated on whether I’d keep him or not. I’m (obviously) of the mind now that I believe they should allow others an opportunity. I hear your point, however.
  12. His highest average per game in the last three years is 42.9. That’s terrible.
  13. In my opinion, if he is ineffective (he is), then you try to bring someone in who will be an improvement. Sticking with the same is counterintuitive.
  14. A lost roster spot for an ineffective player is the downfall. He hasn’t lived up to the billing, injuries or not.
  15. TroutDog

    Center longevity

    Yes! You nailed it! And we are definitively in the market now. Got to build the line from the inside out. It has become such a critical position, gaining more and more importance, particularly with a young QB.