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  1. I’m excited about it with this regime. QB’s will always bubble to to the top and that should help us. We will get two to three game changers from this draft, in my opinion.
  2. https://abcn.ws/2vcjNlG It’s being released under Florida law.
  3. Nope. It was discussed when he was coming into the draft that he has never had a QB coach in his life.
  4. Josh Allen was thrown to the wolves as well. He survived. Different circumstances, of course, but thrown nonetheless. Rosen has never appeared to me to be a great QB. He’s simply too fragile.
  5. Like Kelly, Josh has guts like there’s no tomorrow. So long as he gets proper tutelage during the year AND the offseason, he is the real deal.
  6. He got a ticket elsewhere and failed to pay the $204 fine.
  7. I certainly agree that it worked out for them but the Bills were not in the same position. Nathan Peterman...great guy and turnover machine. Allen needed to be inserted and it paid dividends. As he has never has a QB coach, played against top tier talent, etc, last year worked out perfectly for him and us as fans. That includes the injury where he had the chance to process what happened and what will happen.
  8. In my opinion, many of the moves on the line this offseason are temporary. We do need to draft along both lines and Williams has been a monster versus top level talent in the SEC.
  9. I would love Williams. I’m a Bama guy (one kid graduated, another (hopefully) going and two nephews went. He fits the mold of our culture and tenacity. He is a rabid, angry individual on the interior and a strong person. That equals a good fit.
  10. I view them as an opportunity to learn about players I didn’t know much about...nothing more.
  11. No argument here. I believe you’re correct. Time will tell. What I want is what Beane wants: I trust him. 😃
  12. I’d prefer the T from Bama or Florida if that’s where we’re going with the pick. Both are more polished.
  13. I travel all over and always have Bills gear. Again, regardless of where you travel, if you’re not comfortable wearing Bills gear then how are you a fan? I don’t get it.
  14. This topic should be locked as it ppears to haven been made without thought. If you’re a Bills fan, why are you afraid of saying, “I’m a Bills fan!”? If you are afraid to wear Bills gear, you are, by definition, NOT a Bills fan (in my humble opinion).
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