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  1. Again, apologies! My family almost yacks when it comes up on my AppleTV 😃 I asked my neurosurgeon to take the pictures as I find it interesting. Have pictures of the inside of my spine, knee, abdomen...
  2. No sympathy needed! I do, however, know about spinal chord issues. I pushed through all that caused my long term damage on adrenaline. It was COLOSSALLY stupid (in retrospect). We HAVE to listen to our bodies, even as professional athletes, soldiers, sailors or airmen. If we don’t, stand by. I worked through all of my pain...and it got me where I am now: some dead persons bone in my spine, two neurosurgeries and dozens of ‘procedures’. Mahomes was very much injured during the game. Will it show on Sunday? Perhaps not. But he is injured...and I suspect it will come
  3. This is a picture of my spinal cord. My foramen have been sawed off and cadaver bone is about to be placed in their stead. Prior to the surgery I seriously did not want to live, my pain was so extreme. I’m not a professional football player and have never been. I did, however, serve and took a serious beating. What I IMMEDIATELY saw when Mahomes tried to get up was a human being in distress. Seriously injured. Anyone who watched could see it. I wish him absolutely nothing but the best but truly pray that he (and every professional athlete) thinks about the long term ramific
  4. I didn’t ignore those pleas. As previously stated, I donated to both. Why some feel the need to question why others give to charity is beyond me. Lamar came to Bills Stadium and did his best. He happens to have a charity that offers those without to have some. I willingly gave to it and have also given to Norman’s charity. If you don’t like giving to Lamar’s charity...no worries! Don’t! But don’t trample on others who see a worthy cause and contribute to it. It’s entirely nonsensical to me.
  5. Very human moment. I appreciate it.
  6. They have done exactly this during this current year. Moss killed it. Can’t recall which game off the top of my head.
  7. I truly don’t think many are embarrassed or willing to grow and change how they view these things. The knee-jerking will continue. Ugh.
  8. Makes zero difference if Mahomes plays or not (I fully expect him to). If the Bills bring their A game, they can beat ANY team.
  9. I donated to Lamar and Josh Norman’s. Not sure why some are arguing about this: give to whatever you’re comfortable with...it’s not necessary, in my opinion, to belittle others for giving to a worthy cause.
  10. I’m not fond of the choices. I want the Lombardi trophy and a long run. We deserve it.
  11. Because they are limited in what colors they are allowed to wear. They are ‘uniforms’ after all. 😃
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