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  1. We were one play away from tying in the fourth against the best team in the league WHILE letting our QB be crushed. We also stopped their rushing. We are good now.
  2. I said it that way as many fans don’t view him as such.
  3. Love that guy and I, personally, view him as a #1.
  4. I only watched four of five of Darnold’s college games in his last season but the thing I thought, after each one was, “I don’t see the hype.” We got the correct guy. I trust Beane and his staff and they knew/know what they’re doing.
  5. That was crazy cool...thanks as I never would have heard it as I loathe those guys: too pompous for my taste. They do just a touch more film study than we did in HS 30 years ago. 😃
  6. Yes, silly but it’s a talk show and they’re talking. There are still many people who don’t know much about us and this gets the word out more which many here complain doesn’t happen enough.
  7. This was great. I loved how Murph shot them down and hung up and then he and Tasker had a good laugh about it. The following calls were good, though.
  8. Very difficult but gonna roll with Josh. His radical improvement from last year to the first half of this and then to the second half let’s me know he’s ‘the guy’. I love Tre but we’ve had many great wideouts over the years so just feel compelled to go with the QB.
  9. It is intensely hard but, echoing UConn, once some semblance of calm has come over you the ability to concentrate on all that was good will shine through and carry you all forward. Prayers to you and your family.
  10. This is soooooo classic! Glad he can take it all in stride and have fun with it. 😃
  11. @Bandito Do you read this board much? People have said to me they have PTSD from the last 20 years. They think this team is like all of the others...they’re NOT! With that said, I take the point and recognize that many cannot view the reality of a sports team in terms of different year, different team, different management, etc. This is gonna be one hella game!!!!
  12. I know, I know. I gotta tell you, since I started treatment, I can’t do it anymore. Just can’t handle the cold. I can tell you this, too: I am LOUD so I’ll be missed!!!! 😃 Actually, they may hear me in Buffalo from the east side of Rochester!!!!
  13. Weather. Plus, most think we will lose. I don’t! 😃
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