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  1. It seems as though most want him to be like Mahomes at this stage while not paying attention to reality: he is from a small college program and a JC before that and a small HS before that. He has never had a QB coach until this year and is on the biggest stage in the world. Personally, I love what he’s doing and his progression. For the rest of the year, be mindful with the ball and then look for the next big boost during the offseason.
  2. Pretty telling that the Pats* are on the minds of people AND that they think they’re getting an unfair shake. Interesting exercise: thanks!
  3. That’s funny because Robert Wood mentioned this specifically on WGR. Not to slight you but I’ll take his opinion. OP: Love to see a ‘glass half full’ post! This O and Allen will improve over time. 9 new O starters and a still very young QB who was KNOWN to be a project when drafted. I believe he is beating expectations (or should he if looking at it reasonably).
  4. Realized I wasn’t wearing my hat and put it on at halftime. It’s magical.
  5. I’m stunned some members here think Fitz can beat our D with no O line and a horrendous D on his side. He is and always has been a serviceable backup. I loved rooting for him but he is no second coming or Marino down there. Trust our D!!!!!!
  6. A couple things: 1. I hope they don’t give up any draft picks: they’re doing it right and I hope they stay the course. 2. I don’t get the AJ Green love around here. I just don’t get it as he’s at the end of his shelf life and hasn’t even played this year. Give up a draft pick for that? With that being said, Evans is intriguing.
  7. I agree @dave mcbride. It’s silly that it was ever implemented at this point and it needs to be scrapped as the refs are absolutely pushing back against being questioned.
  8. You don’t mean communists do you? 😃
  9. Those refs are out of control in the KC game. This is nuts.
  10. “If so.”, is not a sentence. I just SOOOO needed to point that out. You can base the rest of my response on the previous. 😃
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