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  1. I agree with all of that! Still wasn’t smart, though. 😃 I know many have been down on Harrison this year but he was REALLY good last year. ACL’s take time to recover from and he’s intensely driven.
  2. Ha! Was speaking generally: we avoided injuries last year overall. 😃
  3. THANK YOU, OP!!! I’ve been wanting to see this since last game day! Classic! 😃
  4. Blast from the past! I looked him up and he’s in bad shape: nine knee replacements, needs another and is hard pressed for cash. Completely disabled now.
  5. Ah yes, forgot about that. Man that was blatant and not very smart.
  6. Crazy how lucky we were last year with no real injuries. 2020 sucks in case everyone hadn’t noticed.
  7. I agree with this. Since McD came to Buffalo, there have been a three to four game series where the D was really lousy. It was straight out of the gate in his first year, a little later in year two and, if I recall correctly, mid year last year. They’re getting that out of their system early this year. Now if the can get rid of the third quarter O lull, they’ll be good. I think they win eleven but the 10-12 range wouldn’t surprise me.
  8. 38? Ha! What I’d do to be 38!!!! 😃 Hate to say it but it doesn’t get better from there!
  9. I had a dream last night that I was hanging with Josh and he said he was soon going to sign his contract for $50m. I said that you’re not going to give a hometown discount to keep great players around you? Say, $10m per year? He just stared at me. Then I woke up to pee because that’s what you do at my age.
  10. Wow, not watching. That’s all I can say.
  11. I actually wrote that for our game against the Rams. Given their inability to stop the run the first two weeks I really thought they’d feed Singletary all day.
  12. This is a positive, not a negative, from this organization. Not sure why some don’t want to realize that. Any advantage, within the rules, that they can take, they should.
  13. I just can’t see him coaching. He has done what most wish they could do: play a game to set him and his family up for life. Coaching is a lifestyle and is nothing like that of a player. Just my opinion. With all of that, I love Fitz. I’ve completely forgotten the game I was at where Fred was wide open and he threw the ball five yards short. 😃 Ok, seriously now, I do love the guy. Heart, passion and drive for football...and loves WNY. For those that talk about our taxes or weather, take another look. I lived in the SE for 19 years and, factoring everything in, it’s only about 5% more to live here. Reality. Also: Finger Lakes? Great Lakes? Fall foliage? BILLS FOOTBALL? There’s more. It’s worth another look!!!! 😃
  14. I agree with others regarding keeping it simple. Honestly, I don’t know any of the rules save not swearing (which, I’ve been told, I take too far) and, generally, being decent. Not sure how far into the weeds I’d go if I were you all as I don’t see much I’d change as it is now. Perhaps, also as mentioned above, limiting new posters ability to create new topics (or, perhaps, the quantity they can create in a given time).
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