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  1. I agree, Augie. Being a glass half full guy, I suspect/expect them to get the ship righted. With that being said, contrary to popular belief around here, I appreciate what Beane and McD have done to this point.
  2. Let me just say: I loathe these ‘drawings’ of players on Fox. Terrible. The positive? We get to watch some Varsity HS football tonight!!!! 😃
  3. I buy each take. The Bills need to get the darn train back on the tracks...particularly Josh and the D. In each of the last two weeks, Josh didn’t look like he was having fun...even at the outset. I let my oldest son know right away it wasn’t going to be a good day (both weeks). It’s there for all of us to see. Needs to change posthaste. The D seems typical of McD’s time as a coordinator. Really, really good or not so much. I don’t know why yet but there are always letdowns in his D over the years...personnel, perhaps? Or maybe just schedule?
  4. I agree. I also wonder, with McD benching/not dressing so many early draft picks in his years here (and this year), why not do it with Moss given how underwhelming he’s been? Seems opposite to his modus operandi. Yeldon is exceptional catching out of the backfield and is also a very different style runner. Why not see where it leads? Let Moss develop and then take another look. This week seems as though it’s a perfect week to try given the opponent.
  5. Got it. Appreciate your opinion.
  6. I, for one, think his troubles are completely predictable and expected. He was not a catching TE in college and is learning as he goes. Most pass catchers take some time to transition when entering the league and he appears to be no different. I maintain hope as I do love when he catches the ball and shows off his willingness to hit...and be hit. Catching is the last thing to master and, not coincidentally, usually takes the most time.
  7. You’re most likely correct, but this team needs to get past these injuries one way or another. Decidedly different than last year.
  8. I did the same. If there was more of a Tua track record, perhaps that would change for me. Being a Bama fan, I appreciate the kid.
  9. I think we can almost sit everyone and still win. 😃 All jokes aside, I agree about Brown and Trey (Milano, as well): they should sit.
  10. I have a very close friend who is native. I asked him about this particular situation. While he didn’t have a problem with it, most on his reservation do...therefore he is behind the name change. I for one always viewed it as an honor to how hard native people fought...but I’m of Irish decent thus very white. Thankfully, I was raised with an open mind. I like WFT (or, for comedic value, as previously mentioned, WTF). At any rate, whatever Snyder chooses, I hope it is with serious thought and consideration.
  11. I’m an ex Navy air traffic controller and the first thing at EVERY duty station was: SHUT UP if there’s an issue. It is so critical that the masses only hear one voice...not of dissension, complaining or b*tching.
  12. I feel for Fitz. Love the guy. Surely he recognized, however, that saying that is an issue. It seems like a departure from what he said when he re-signed there...not in a beneficial way.
  13. Simple to say, harder to do. Managing people is a fickle thing most of the time. The time it’s not? When there’s a cancer in the room. When that happens, cut it out. Seems clear that’s what they did here.
  14. Water sucks! It really, really sucks! 😃 Yes, perhaps we should tackle better...or simply have each man play their 1/11th which they are clearly not doing. Ever heard the term, ‘staying home’? Our ends are failing miserably in that area and it’s eating the team alive. EDIT: I’ll add that watching Bills games at times is like watching SEC games and there is half the field while open or a straight line to the end zone. It really is amazing to me. So fundamental but also overlooked for what I can only guess is the ‘big play’.
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