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  1. Bills have had a serious problem setting the edge as well...BB will exploit it. I don’t think this is a good option, however.
  2. I liked Moss yesterday. On his long run, however, he slowed down prior to hitting his tackler. I’d prefer he keep the speed up to truly make it a ‘business decision’. I give rookies leeway...I think they deserve it. They are typically starry eyed and are just beginning to recognize that this is their job. I suspect he’ll be fine...and Singletary is as well...just get Feliciano back on the interior.
  3. You're right. Ugh. We need TBD+ and TBD- . All the negative people who are constantly screaming the sky is falling go to the latter and all else the former. Good grief.
  4. BB was an incredible coordinator years and years prior to being a HC. His D beat us in SB XXV. Agree to disagree.
  5. Meaning it’s called on the other team? My complaints about refs is typically, “Give me a break”. I don’t let it bug me. This one is different, though. It was a good football play in my judgment.
  6. So what does he do there? Simply let the completion be made? What’s so frustrating to me is how some are called and others aren’t. So subjective...as evidenced by the hit on Josh above and countless other hits we all see. I stand by my earlier comments: it looked questionable at the time but, once they rolled the replay, I thought it was clean. No helmet to helmet, didn’t hit his head or neck but chest. How is that not legal?
  7. I’d dispute this. BB is an incredible coach, probably the best ever and, certainly, a HOF’er. I am as glad to see their apparent demise as much as the next Bills fan but will never underestimate BB. Once he clears out the cap and restocks the cupboard, he’ll turn them around...again.
  8. Yeah, what’s up with this? Is it a result of stellar DB’s on one side of the field in each of those games? Is Cam’s shoulder an issue again? This just seems so strange.
  9. Terrible. He’s an interesting person (to put it mildly) but he’s also fun to watch as he’s such an incredible athlete. Hate it for him.
  10. Thank you, Shaw, for being a voice of reason...and great post as per usual. I suspect, with Feliciano coming back, the run game will improve. He’s such a monster on the interior of that line. On to the Pats**** and, hopefully, 6-2!
  11. I’m not sure if that Hopkins catch was a TD.
  12. If Smoke played today, the Bills score 21 more point points. Have to take stats in context. Of course, none of that covers the fact that divisional opponents are inevitably more challenging...regardless of record.
  13. I did not see him hit his head or neck area. Did he? Perhaps I saw it wrong. He hit him hard, leading with his shoulder. Also, how can a defensive back control, in less than a tenth of a second, how a receiver adjusts their body when already in the process of hitting/tackling?
  14. Like I said, if that’s the rule, just get rid of the defensive backfield. Their helmets did not make contact. So now we’re saying you can’t hit hard???? Don't get me wrong: I am 100% in support of protecting all players but hard hits in a violent game happen and should not be penalized.
  15. Does anyone really think he’s telling which QB is starting? Just like today, it’s still a divisional matchup and they are always difficult. I expect the Bills to win and they should but I would not recommend betting on it. 😃
  16. If he gets fined for this it is an abomination.
  17. This angers me. It almost felt as though the refs were trying to interject in the game...and they did.
  18. In the replay there was no helmet to helmet contact: it was literally a text book hit. He led with his shoulder and worked to disrupt the receiver with a hard hit. Should not have been a penalty. If it is, then the NFL should just get rid of the entire defensive backfield.
  19. Absolutely...I wasn’t trying to slight him, just seemed like an ‘off’ game for him. Some drops that were not up to character. Solid overall but he is in my ‘superhero’ group now.
  20. Agreed. Having four solid WR’s is critical to this O (including Davis). Not having Smoke appears to hamper them. I didn’t think Diggs was particularly special today (I recognize that he took coverage off for others) and Beasley stepped up. Ir was good to hear that Diggs was actively pushing teammates on the sidelines.
  21. It was a legal hit, regardless of the call. No helmet to helmet, lead with shoulder.
  22. I don’t think I have ever been more content and happy in watching a non-Bills blowout than watching the Niners over the Pats****.
  23. Because he is a positive person and recognizes that there are things to learn from everything, particularly failure. Many Bills fans should take notes. 😃
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