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  1. I would expect him to. Two SB victories, 2 SB MVP’s and 7th in passing yards (plus most post season yards in a season).
  2. I don’t really care one way or the other if he gets a ring but I am pulling for the Chiefs. He was so lousy his last year here I was happy they pulled the trigger (knowing he was running behind a terrible line). The dancing that he does drove me bonkers.
  3. I was at that game and the tickets were $100 each. Wouldn’t trade the experience for the world!
  4. I liked what he did this year. Always safe with the ball and exciting with just a slight opening.
  5. I can’t find the exact stream as it’s so different this week until Wednesday. I believe it was during the early show that ends at 9. Here’s one link: https://wgr550.radio.com/articles/opinion/who-to-watch-at-the-reeses-senior-bowl
  6. Just couldn’t help yourself, could you @HOUSE 😃
  7. I’m excited about the Senior Bowl this year as Beane and company draft quite a bit from that pool. From the discussion on WGR yesterday, they made it known that they have receivers of every shape and size there so it should be a fun watch. He also discussed quite a few upper level talents at the position that should be available in rounds 2 & 3.
  8. Well ask Darth Vader about how being Obi Wans master worked out. 😃
  9. Two shut down corners? Should we have a QB on our team? Not sure how you pay for your wish list. 😃
  10. 49ers vs Chiefs...I think it will be the most fun to watch.
  11. One, I love spinach: I put it on sandwiches, cook it my eggs, etc. Two, I’m so used to D-lineman being MEAN and he’s NOT mean!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s great and my 99 jersey is getting a new name plate...I just want to see a touch of evil!!!! 😃
  12. It’s not just PFF: all of the All-22 reviews I read during the season basically said he was a liability in the run game for stretches. The Athletic pointed it out regularly.
  13. Geez!!! 😃 https://www.buffalobills.com/news/thurman-thomas-sees-major-production-potential-in-devin-singletary
  14. Part of Thurmans discussion is as that Gore said Singletary had great vision. Thurman believes it’s more his balance which is so amazing. It’s on the Bills website and I’m busy at work so can’t provide link right now.
  15. Thurmans quote pretty much nailed it: he’s got to touch the ball 20-25 times per game. Yup.
  16. I’d argue that it already has: see the game against Baltimore as an example. Did he mess up on other occasions? Sure, but he’ll be 22 NEXT year. 😃
  17. Not sure how I feel about it. The side of me that believes star power matters says pull the trigger but the logic side says stay away. He’s just too not-processy for me. I’d say I lean more towards I hope they don’t...but that’s before I see him winning games for us. 😃
  18. Yup. Totally silly. Here in Rochester, multiple Police Chiefs were on the radio and said they get abused all the time but arresting the people doing it is silly as they’re drunk most of the time. They also said if you’re a cop, you have to gauge the environment you’re in and, in that room, I’d expect anything and be prepared to let it go. This is goofy...as was OBJ. Colossal stupidity all around. Seriously? Just in your gut or are you in the know?
  19. I was never a fan. When I watched the discussions of him coming out, praising his ability, it all seemed like a stretch. He never passed the eye test to me. Then, when the talk came out about his personality (I took it with a grain of salt, partially), I was soooooo happy we took JA. I’ll never root against anyone but I don’t see this guy being a game changer on par with his draft status.
  20. Ted Knight was genius In that role. I was also a huge Chevy fan growing up so it’s always good to know others know quality films when they see one! 😃
  21. Any time an Airplane-esque/Fletch-like quote can be worked into a thread, my day is made. 😃
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