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  1. This, quite frankly, makes no sense to me. It’s football...many people are going to be in that proximity and teams will quickly be out of players should someone be positive. I’m also not sure the 6’ rule should apply outdoors. I really don’t see how this happens...particularly with fans.
  2. Personally, I think he’s pretty darn good. He was killing us last year and they went away from him and to Dak...thank God.
  3. He’s right saying Josh is a beast...and only going to improve. What’s strange to me is the massive chasm between what most see and what the rest see. I suppose, if you look at numbers only, you can say he’s a poor QB. I also believe those numbers don’t show the whole picture, however. Josh has the heart of a lion, is clutch to the nth degree and, once the drop numbers come down, he will be a 63-64% passer...coupled with his running threat. Seems like a solid QB to me.
  4. If you’re at the upper end of the organization, it shouldn’t matter who’s listening or watching in my opinion. She wasn’t interfering, only curious. I’d be inclined to do the same. When I visit with some of my personnel I stay as quiet as I can so I can listen to them. Seems like she was doing the same.
  5. Absolutely agree, @ChevyVanMiller!!! I would have never seen that if you didn’t post so thank you!!!! Bills need to get rights to that video! Just too cool.
  6. If I’m not mistaken, his opportunity has passed until he can get in as a Senior. Personally, I believe he belongs as he changed games for us.
  7. I wasn’t stereotyping, only offering a generality as a little comedy based on my and my friends experiences. Sorry your last daughter has faced challenges. I hope she does well in the future!
  8. That is beautiful news! The only caution I will offer is the ‘terrible two’s’ aren’t really terrible but having a teenager IS!!!! You do have time to prepare, Marquise!!!!! 😃
  9. I agree completely. The leap was just flat out awesome and amazing.
  10. Criminal!!!!!! Yeah, I don’t know. So many sacks last year were coverage sacks that he could accidentally get close to ten this year given our secondary has not changed. With that being said, I have never watched the guy but my hopes are that he can at least control the LOS.
  11. Josh is so genuine I have zero idea how everyone is not pulling for this kid...Bills fan or not. Just breath through and through.
  12. I love it! As a guy who served, I always wanted to get one but never found anything that I was comfortable with in regards to how it would look when I’m 70. That will stand the test of time!
  13. Ok, spinning your argument is part of the problem. You have restated what I said previously and asked me the same. Silly, in my opinion. Goodnight.
  14. Like I said, a person in the public eye working for an institution who is supposed to be teaching critical thought. Your scenarios are apples and oranges. Not sure how to break it down any more clearly...it’s very simple. There is really no right or wrong when it comes to feelings but there IS when it comes to optics. The hope is even those of us with the most minute abilities to think critically can grasp this fact.
  15. You do recognize how wrong you are here, right? Your entire argument falters at the outset. He is an employee of a public institution of higher learning who is responsible for coaching young men. Really? Just silly.
  16. I’m struggling to see how this is relevant: the point is a person of authority in the public sphere should recognize what is divisive and what is not. Surely so many here are not so obtuse to recognize this simple fact.
  17. This is really shortsighted. News stations aren’t ‘opinion’. That is a segment on news. News is a fact that is being shared and opinion is just what it says. OAN, while you may appreciate it, is basically only opinion...an opinion that is not generally shared by the masses. Doesn’t make it wrong necessarily, but does make it dangerous for those in the public sphere as it is opinion based. As for the rest: disagreement is only ‘good’ if you have parties that are open and willing to listen and learn...and walk away when it gets too hot so they can come back later and be reasonable. Many are incapable of this today...like many here in this thread. My opinion.
  18. He sure is and he does a bunch for the communities he’s a part of. Oh, he’s also a good left tackle. 😃 I love the kid.
  19. Maddy is certainly young and still trying to find herself...she’s only a few years removed from college. I agree it’s difficult listening to her trying to become comfortable, but I can say this for her: she does her homework. Very few people start out as ‘professionals’. Most of us have to hone our craft and I suspect it’s no different with her.
  20. Have they been heard at all? That’s why this response. Once we listen and stop the oppression, this all stops. They just want to be heard and for others to see their reality. You’re saying they need to understand about doing no harm that upsets some people and they are saying they are being killed...because they are. Which is more worrisome? I respect it. Do take good care and let’s talk football!
  21. I’m not going to argue but perhaps read the First Amendment and the many US Supreme Court cases about it and the flag. Look, I gave a lot for this nation and wouldn’t do these things but I respect the rights of others to do so. That is what it’s all about.
  22. Perhaps you should read AND comprehend the US Constitution. Just a thought.
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