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  1. I wouldn’t rest starters when we play the pats****** even if we were 15-0 and the pats****** were 0-15 , I hope that day is around the corner when we put our foot down their throat and keep it there for at least a DECADE!!! GO BILLS !!!
  2. I agree with adding another TE and a # 1 WR draft , free agency or via trade . I think will probably go DE , LB in the draft
  3. Dude I’m depressed after watching this , not because we lost but I thought we took a step forward ( on offense) and that these kind of performances were behind us , guess I was wrong , I hate to feel this way but I lost all the confidence in this offense moving forward , BUT I’m glad you enjoyed it !!!!
  4. And this was a home game !!!!! Now we got road game Pittsburgh coming up we better get this ***** fixed QUICK , because Pittsburgh defense is no joke
  5. We had 10 days to prepare for this HOME GAME , I have no confidence in this offense moving forward NONE, ZERO , ZILCH,
  6. Well unlike the other two we are playing them at HOME Bills Mafia baby will Rock tha House !!!! LETS GOOOO BUFFALOOOOO !!!!!
  7. What ever it takes just want Josh to kick ass !
  8. I hope some of that Flutie MAGIC will rub off on Josh !!!!! GO BILLS BABY !!!! WE BELIEVE !!!!
  9. F@€¥ Rodgers I’m glad he’s not on that list
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