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  1. Man I’ve been drinking Red Bull every day since 2001 , and for the past 5 years since starting a new job in the oilfield at least 2 16oz cans every day , I know it’s so bad for you and I tried switching to coffee but Texas is so freakin hot especially in the summer can’t even eat hot food at work .
  2. This time next year ( assuming we have a season ) Diggs will be in the top 5 !!! GO BILLS
  3. If the 49’ers were to trade him could they get. 3rd round pick for him ?
  4. In all fairness they should pay him at least what an average RB makes , we know RB’s shelf life is not very long and he’s been in the league for more then 5 years , he’s got maybe few good years left if he doesn’t make his money now he sure as hell won’t when he’s 30
  5. Can’t stand this guy ( on a football field ) but he’s 100 % right , I still hate him GO BILLS
  6. Is he going to be wearing this shirt while kneeling during National Anthem ?
  7. Sooo you’re saying there is a chance ?? Agree let’s see what our new DL will look like before we start handing out premium assets and huge contracts Go Bills !!!
  8. This is something I could definitely sink my dentures in too
  9. But Fidel Castro is a good role model he stands for Human rights and democracy ,
  10. Wow I had no idea there were teams bidding for him . please correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t there a team ( I can’t remember which ) offered him a one year $17 million and he rejected ? I really don’t believe he will get anything north of $20 million
  11. Tonight please try going to bed earlier we all want to know how this game/dream ends !!! GO BILLS !!!
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