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  1. Rex did build a good defense in New Jersey they did go to two AFCCG and beat Brady on the road ,
  2. I’m pretty sure his mobility will be tested right of the bat McD/Frazier will have a plan for that , flash him out of the pocket early and see if he can move
  3. I have no problem people picking KC to win they are the defending champions , if we beat Mahomes on the road in the AFCCG we will be the SB favorite regardless who we face ...
  4. And with all that I still think Allen will need to have his best game of the playoffs , he will need to be smart with the ball , we can’t afford any sack / fumbles or turnovers and give KC extra possession, Hopefully our D shows up again BIG Time!! GO BILLS BABY !!
  5. I’m hoping for Josh Allen play to be the difference .. Go Bills!!
  6. Because after we win the SB it will be priceless to see the look on the faces of all the haters and we all know who they are .. GO BILLS BABY !!!
  7. All I got to say is I wouldn’t want anyone else to be our Buffalo Bills QB ... Josh is Buffalo!! GO BILLS BABY
  8. No they didn’t they said Lamar Jackson name 14 times and only 12 times Josh Allen
  9. Man I’m in Texas and my Weather app is set for Buffalo NY
  10. I hope Josh throws for 400 yards 4 TD’s To be honest I kind of like it , I would be even more nervous ( if that even possible) if everyone would pick us to win
  11. Just got a flat tire on my work truck , sitting and listening to WGR while rearranging all my tools it never looked so clean and organized in years 🤣 , just can’t sit still this game can’t come soon enough
  12. went to fix a breaker box on one of our oilfield locations and just got a freaking flat tire 35 miles from the yard 😑 ... I would GLADLY walk all the way back just for my Bills to win tonight GO BILLS BABY !!!
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