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  1. I’m just wondering how many people on here have actually seen Oliver play ? Every thread everyone wants Oliver at 9 , I bet most have never even heard of him until the mock drafts came out , IMO hes an undersized bum who played against bunch of NOBODY’s , and I would be willing to make a bet that Metcalf goes before Oliver , go ahead fire away!!!!!
  2. Young man ? I think he’s older then half of our roaster on defense
  3. I’m pretty sure Miami would try to make a deal with Detroit at 8 , I’m not sure if McBean would even make a trade with Miami/division rival ESPECIALLY if it’s for a QB ,
  4. So who’s your Travis Kelce and Zach in this draft in round 2-4 ?
  5. We need difference makers , we had a good free agency and I’m sure there will be more players added after preseason
  6. I agree Josh will have to improve for us to take a step forward on offense, but how do we help him do that ? Drafting Oliver at 9 ? Or maybe Honck / Metcalf ? You want to help Allen improve? ( IMO ) Use ALL the picks on offense ,
  7. I’m with you on this If i could trade all those picks to have 2 picks in the 1st round and 2 picks in the second ( sign me up ) give me 4 starters
  8. This ^^^ except I go WR and TE I want to see a GIANT step forward on offense this year , I want this offense to look similar to KC , I want to see 300 yard passing games and 4 TD’s on regular basis ,
  9. I hope he has someone in mind and I REALLY hope it’s on offense , We need weapons on offense IMO if we don’t climb out of the basement to at least the middle of the pack to # 15 / 16 on offense we are not making the playoffs no matter how good our defense is ,
  10. Let’s NOT forget how bad our offense was last year , ( one of the worst) now this is just my opinion but I say OL is still at play if J Taylor is there at 9 , if not we NEED a weapon on offense, if Honck is the guy that can help Allen and create mismatches/headache for a defense then get him , ( yes at 9 ) we have to get better on offense it will also help our defense if we’re able to move the chains ,
  11. We need a TE and we have 10 picks we should be able to get back in the 1st and get both ,
  12. This ^^^^ I would like to see a game where Allen throws for 300 yard and 3 /4 TD’s , Lets keep building that offense TE/WR/OL
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