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  1. He was going to make 12 teams regret for passing on him ,
  2. I cant blame Flores for starting Fitzy , putting Rosen against our defense without much help up front is SUICIDE ,
  3. And this is Bills related because?
  4. I like Stafford he’s a good QB and his numbers are actually better then I thought, I think if he had a better running game maybe he would have more playoff appearances and wins , I think Allen got more fire in his belly he’s a true competitor and he hates to loose , I also think Allen will be a better leader , I think as far as Allen’s ceiling goes / sky is the limit Go Bills !!!!
  5. Can’t stand Rogers GO LIONS !!!
  6. And I remember back at the old BBMB he got less respect then Zay did
  7. I want my quarterback listen to AC/DC and have a full mustache
  8. Is Lonnie Johnson jr the son of that GREAT TE ( out of FSU ) that used to play for the Bills ?
  9. Didn’t we ran the same play with Knox once except it was to the left side
  10. So what are you saying ? That this will be a Bills -14 fish -0 ? Because I don’t see where the points for the fish will come from , if we don’t turn the ball over & our ST don’t screw up , I can’t imagine dolphins being able to sustain a single 75 yard drive ,
  11. We have to destroy them !!!!! I know our defense will punish them , I just want to see our offense clicking on all cylinders !!!!! Gooo Bills !!!!!
  12. I don’t see Dolphins scoring 16 point on our defense, unless the game is out of reach and all the starters are out
  13. What is the Roonie rule ??? i thought it was a chance for minority coaches to get at least an interview for the HC job , maybe im wrong
  14. I can’t wait to see Steven A Smith and his cowboy hat 🤠 BLASTING the cowgirls!!! And Skip Baseless might take today off !!!
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