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  1. What are you really mad about ? Talk to us there’s people here who can help you
  2. I'd like to have a team that leads the league in both passing and rushing 😀 Don't blame him we're asking for it ( remember? 🤦‍♂️)
  3. Was Hyde signed on a 4 year deal ? Hope we can keep them both ,
  4. Buffalo86 haven’t seen you in a while , I know your still upset about Rex Ryan getting fired but it looks like it was the right move ,
  5. As MORE often then not you are correct teef and I couldn’t agree MORE!!!!
  6. I can understand Robert Foster going undrafted , BUT L Wallace ??? I still don’t get it
  7. I can't wait to see what this defense will look like with a better pass rush !!!!
  8. Thanks for the $50,000 donation Gronk !!! BUT it's going to cost MUCH more then $50,000 if he wants to come back home and not have to worry about getting his a$$ whooped ,
  9. This ^^^^ Have to give McBean a lot of credit here , he had to make some tough decisions letting a lot of ( IMO ) talent go , of course It’s yet to be determined if all the moves he made will lead us to the promise land , BUT it sure feels like we’re on the right path , Go Bills baby !!!!!
  10. Wish you would have posted this 29 years ago , ( it's too late for me ) but to all you singles out there READ THIS ^^^^
  11. Or maybe they all watched scar face
  12. We might have found two gems both undrafted from Alabama !!
  13. F&@k AB !!! Robert Foster will have a better season with more receptions, yards , TD ‘s !!!
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