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  1. Actually I’m more concerned with Allen getting hurt in the pocket that’s why ( AGAIN) OL needs to be our # 1 priority this ( offseason/free agency) But OP does bring up a good point
  2. OBJ would probably cost about the same as Khalil Mack as far as money/contract & draft picks , McBean was not willing to give up that much asset for arguably the best defensive player in the league , so I’m pretty damn sure he won’t do it this time for a WR with me me me attitude and who’s hurt half the time ,
  3. Player the caliber of OBJ hell YES Player the caliber of AB hell YES All the drama that comes with him hell NO
  4. Putin

    Bean at his Witchery, Again!

    You have to win the battles before you win the war ,
  5. I’m still thinking , what was the question again?
  6. Put ( IMO ridiculous money/contract ) and the two 1st round picks that would probably cost to get him , A SIDE , his attitude=me me me comes first before the team , and that should be enough for me to believe that McBean would never even consider a player like that ,
  7. Metcalf in the second round ? I dont think he will be at 15
  8. Putin

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    Allen is doomed Almost 5 million a year for this clown ???
  9. Putin

    Bills sign C Spencer Long to 3 year deal

    Allen must be thrilled!!
  10. Putin

    TE Thoughts

    Well said and I agree with pretty much everything , but I would respond with this> this is going to be the 3rd season , people don’t want to keep hearing about proses much longer they want to see , results , W’s , playoffs . Also Allen’s development is the #1 priority ( IMO ) they’re jobs depend on it , he needs to be protected ( OL ) he needs weapons ( WR / TE ) this will have to be addressed with quality ( free agents=$$ ) and high draft picks , unless you think we can fix this with looking at practice squads and undrafted free agents hoping to find Milano’s ? All I’m saying is that we need players who will come in and start , I don’t want to see a bunch of free agents who will come in and have to compete for the STARING job especially if we’re talking about OL/WR
  11. Putin

    TE Thoughts

    I don’t believe Metcalf will be there @15 and if he’s ranked as # 1 WR on our board then we should take him @ 9
  12. Putin

    Predict the 1st WR drafted

    I think at this point Metcalf or N’Keal Harry Makes more sense then Brown since we already have R Foster to take the top of the defense ,
  13. Or maybe we just need to draft a true LT ? To give up a 9th overall pick and trying to figur it out what position he would be best @ would be foolish IMO ,