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  1. I just can’t see us taking a RB in the first round , this is a great CB class and we need an upgrade at CB2
  2. Is there a player in the league that’s worth 3 first round & a 3rd ( that’s not a QB OF COURSE) ?
  3. They don’t need to say anything , we all know nobody in their right mind would give up 3 1st round picks and a 3rd for anything else but QB , I think it has to be Fields , Mac Jones will probably end up in New England ....
  4. Well if this is not a good draft class and there’s not much value especially in the lower rounds , then I don’t see a point of trading down like so many are suggesting, maybe it’s better to move up and try to grab a quality player/starter ( CB2 please)
  5. So maybe moving up is the way to go ?
  6. Actually I’m more interested in this year’s draft then any other that I can remember , with the exception of 2018 of course
  7. I know when it comes to the upcoming draft everyone is talking about a the need at CB2 , DE etc.... I say keep the pedal to the metal on offense keep giving Josh weapons and protection, let him keep breaking records in passing , TD’s , wins etc ... I can’t wait for week 1 GO BILLS BABY !!!
  8. Maybe Bill Belicheat is not done and wants to go 3 TE sets ??
  9. He’s not just nasty run blocker he’s a freaking BEAST of a blocker, unfortunately we don’t have a 4th round pick this year
  10. Alim McNeill would be my first choice I also like Tyler Shelvin but his weight concerns me , the rest are all probably day 3 picks
  11. Played pretty well that’s it ?? He was a top 10 pick him and Edmonds NEED show up this year and start producing , ENOUGH with excuses played out of position or Edmonds needs Milano next to him , we have a top 5 offense we need our defense to contribute and put us over the top
  12. You thought of FSU and that’s who you come up with ??
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