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  1. Putin

    Mock draft & FA (edited)

    That’s it just pissed ??? I would probably need a new living room and for sure a new TV 📺 after the 1st pick
  2. Putin

    Youse is in for a treat

    The only thing Darnlold will be better @ then Tannehill is throwing more INT’s
  3. Putin

    Allen or Darnold: Who Would You Rather Have?

    I never wanted Darnold to begin with , B Mayfield was my 1st choice , Allen was my 2nd , if the draft was today knowing what we know now Allen would be my first choice
  4. Oh that’s what it was ( did not fit ) ? More like couldn’t fit in his uniform ,
  5. I think he’s on da Bears PS
  6. Putin

    My FA targets

    ^^^^ first and foremost
  7. IMO protecting JA should be the MAIN priority this offseason, via free agency or draft , As far as adding weapons around Josh Allen , I hope KC would be a perfect example that maybe we should consider adding more speed at every position WR/TE and yes even RB ,
  8. I wish I could be like you , but I freakin HATE him and his lapdog
  9. It’s about time !!! give someone else a chance potentially a young WR from the PS somewhere
  10. After 9 shots of vodka
  11. No but they should be fired if we waste another play/down on KB
  12. Putin

    Zay Jones - Coming Around Nicely

    I think Allen starting to trust Zay more and more , he always says how hard he works , I definitely see a chemistry starting to develop between them !