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  1. I think having Tyrod at the time not being able to stay in the pocket and throw the ball ,and really I think we were looking for a pocket passer with a BIG arm , I’m sure the weather in Buffalo had to be on they’re mind as well just my opinion ( I’m probably wrong as hell )
  2. Because ( God forbid) BUT injuries do happen
  3. I think Singletary will be a BEAST this year , having Diggs on the outside will create so much more space for Singletary!!!
  4. I don’t know if LOTS of them could end up better then DIGGS , according to many Diggs is one of if not the best rout runner in the NFL with good hands and for his size makes contested catches, IMO he’s a total package!! If Allen shows ( this year ) that he’s our long term answer this offense could be a top 3 in the AFC !!! I know I’m not alone when I say this but not winning the AFC East this year would be a HUGE disappointment ... GO Bills !!!!!
  5. What the hell is wrong with you ?? Without the cocaine he says !!!
  6. Yes , yes ecstatic to play together with Breez and retire together the next year !!!
  7. Please God 🙏 let there be a season !!! with sold out stadiums !! Go Bills !!!
  8. Man just imagine adding Yannick to our already improved DL , draft a CB to compete for CB2 spot , that ( IMO ) could make this defense from great to elite !!!! GO Bills !!!
  9. We only care about the Bills !!!!!
  10. I love the uniforms !!! GOOOOO. BILLS !!!!!!
  11. I think Allen needs to be that guy who puts that fear on the opponent and I don’t just mean by running the ball , when Allen takes that next step ( hopefully) this year that’s when our chance at winning the SB will become a reality , not the RB2 Go Bills !!!!
  12. And you know since they’ve settled on a 3rd round pick I would assume Bean must have started the negotiation by asking for a 2nd ? Bean got no shame !!!
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