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  1. This is what has to be done at least I’m hoping , I would even swing for a HR and go get MHJ and we would probably forget about Diggs after week one
  2. We haven’t had a QB like Josh Allen in decades who’s in prime of his career and that won’t last forever, go get him the best WR in this draft and stop f****** around ,
  3. Yes Diggs did his part 8 targets 3 receptions 21 yards
  4. No go get a top WR in this year’s draft and stop playing
  5. From your mouth to God’s ears 🙏🏻 !!
  6. I stand with Israel 🇮🇱 Bring the hostages home !!!
  7. At 28 I want a player who will start day on one regardless of the position , I don’t believe in ( just take a WR at 28 )
  8. I’m done with this team and moving to Thailand
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