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  1. Baker Mayfield

    That was good !!! But on the serious note I really like Mayfield a lot ( I know I already said like million times ) IMHO I believe as well that he is the QB in this draft , he’s the only one that I would move up to 2 for
  2. Deonte Thompson signs with Cowboys

    Tell me something who the f@&$ is Mahomes and what has he done so far ??? i would much rather have ANY of the 4 QB’s in this draft , I would rather have D Watson then Mahomes ,
  3. Deonte Thompson signs with Cowboys

    I will let you know in 4 weeks from today , because there’s a good chance that Buffalo may have another young QB on the roaster maybe even a better prospect then Mahomes
  4. Deonte Thompson signs with Cowboys

    Chiefs gave two first round picks for Mahomes , the question should be would we gave up our 12 and 22 for Mahomes right now ? I’m not sure
  5. Realism about the QB Position

    Yes Good running game and especially defense had a lot to do with that I would say MOST of us
  6. McCarron's Scar

    Thank you ! Trump already called me yesterday to congratulate me , and BTW his good buddy R Craft can cry all he wants but he’s not getting that SB ring back ,
  7. McCarron's Scar

    Point being I hope we stay away from him , to be honest with you I wouldn’t even spend our 22nd pick on him , I would love for the Jets to take him , and have Mayfield fall to us trade up or what ever which way it may happen
  8. McCarron's Scar

    I would bet he’ll have a longer NFL career (backup or starter) then Rosen
  9. Osweiler visiting Fish today

    I hope Miami signs him to a fully guaranteed 5 year deal !!!
  10. Actually I believe they want Mayfield , Rosen is one concussion away from retirement I can’t imagine teams not seeing this as a huge red flag , if I’m not mistaken he already had two of them , with both of his parents being doctors , and money not being an issue one big hit and ( that could be it ) for his career ! I believe the Browns are taking Dornald , the Giants are the wild card here , if the Jets do take Allen , and Mayfield is still there Cleveland’s phone will explode for ( 4th overall pick )
  11. That’s what I’m afraid of , I think Jets want Mayfield , If that’s the case ( God please ) anyone but Rosen !!! I wouldn’t even want him at 22 ,
  12. Is there a rush to judgement on Peterman?

    This ^^^ he must have showed them something in practice if they were ready to bench Tyrod and start Peterman , and still had a winning record BTW