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  1. In a gun fight accuracy could be the key 🤔
  2. Amen 🙏 to that !!! 2 days before my birthday? That would be the best birthday present ever !!!
  3. Putin

    Offensive Line - Any Chance it Holds Up?

    If I buy a ticket theres a chance that I could win a lottery !!
  4. Putin

    Sad day. Tim Graham out at Buffalo News

    Well we still got Mike and the Bulldog 😆
  5. They want Flacco to compete for WR ?
  6. I didn’t know we had commercials on here
  7. Actually the Jets & Jaguars are worse then Bills at the WR position..according to the The Sportster .com
  8. I expect this coaching staff to have the team ready/prepared and compete every week no matter who we play , I have no idea how many games will win , but I remember this time last year these so called experts were pretty much saying the same thing ,
  9. Putin

    how is Josh Allen doing so far?

    Who is going to be rooting against him the Peterman fan club ?? Many did not like the pick but im pretty sure everyone is on board by now , how can anyone claim to be a Bills fan if they’re rooting against the kid ??
  10. Putin

    how is Josh Allen doing so far?

    A la Jamarcus Russel 2.0 ?
  11. Putin

    how is Josh Allen doing so far?

    What are you talking about?? proses the game and his decision making is at the high level ? Half of his throws makes you think WTF was he thinking????
  12. Amen to that !!! And congrats 🎉🎈🍾 to the new married couple !!
  13. Putin

    Bills 300 yard passing games

    So did we end up winning that game against Texans ?
  14. Can we keep Russians out of this ?
  15. I have to disagree ! If ( like your saying) it becomes a close competition between the 3 QB’s and will become a tough decision for the coaches ! ( IMO ) it’s not a thought decision at all you start Allen ,