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  1. I’ve been waiting since the late 80’s I just want ONE before I die Or a healthy defense during the playoffs
  2. I wonder what mrags got to say about this he obviously watched more tape I wonder what mrags got to say about this he obviously watched more tape
  3. Say what you want about Brady and Rogers is more physically gifted , but you can’t compare his commitment and passion for winning to this 40 year old turd now in New Jersey . f***’em both by the way GO BILLS
  4. He probably should have gotten two SB’s by now if not for the defense falling apart when it mattered We just want to make sure he can 100% concentrate on football and winning SB’s instead of worrying about paying his bills !!
  5. I’m hungry for a Philly cheesesteak right now
  6. And yet with all that speed we beat them by 28 points at home and should have beaten them by 21 in Miami if not for 4 turnovers by Josh , As long as don’t play them at 1:00 pm in South Beach I ain’t worried
  7. So you won’t be asking Santa for a Colman jersey this Christmas ?
  8. What other fanbases the Bears and the Dolphins I don’t remember him having any as a Dolphin , and maybe one as a member of the Bears ?
  9. We are talking about about a player’s physical talent who was a second round pick for a reason
  10. That’s not the people I was talking about
  11. This ^^^ Or he could be Jamarcus Russel 2.0 time will tell
  12. Facts don’t care about your feelings
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