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  1. I say we are not losing a divisional game !!
  2. The only person who should be hiding right now is that f@€|n racist cop who killed an innocent black man , and IMO the three other cops who stood there and let this happen, NOBODY else needs to get hurt especially innocent people , like that poor truck driver who got beat up and taken to the hospital , there’s no need to promote more violence and division.... mods please end this thread
  3. So you’re saying you won’t be voting for Trump ? This thread is just what was needed to get OBD United !!! Go Bills !!
  4. Can we give Allen at least one more year ? Especially now that he finally has some legit weapons around him and a decent OL , Before we start these ridiculous threads
  5. I disagree I think Milano and Dawkins will both get extended this year
  6. So your saying politics is scarier then the virus ? I would agree with that !!!
  7. Go Chelsea !!! GO BiLLS Till I Die !!!!
  8. I hope it’s ALL the rookie class of last year BUT the most important one FAR is Allen !!! GO BILLS !!!
  9. Yes Mahomes walks on water !!!!
  10. If Dak gets $45 mil , Mahomes will get 5 years $250 mil , all guaranteed There is no way in hell Dak deserves to be the highest paid QB not even for a day .. If Dallas was to trade Dak How much draft capital could they get for him ? Keeping in mind they would have to make him the highest paid QB in the league. Would someone give up two first round picks for him ?
  11. I hate it , so many freakin rule changes you will need a manual just to keep up with the game , but I agree with you it should be 20 yards or more
  12. I’d give him 45 minutes to empty his locker
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