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  1. I guess you are way more optimistic then I am maybe it’s because I don’t want to set my self up for disappointment , either way I hope you right and a convincing win would be great but I just want a W and right now I would take a one point win in a heartbeat
  2. Gorge W agrees with that statement
  3. Is anyone watching the patriots ? that OL is really really good I have no idea how we gonna get any pressure on McKorkle if we don’t get healthy real quick !!!
  4. I normally agree with Romo but I have no idea what he was thinking when he said that
  5. When your DL can’t get any pressure and QB has all the time in the world it’s hard for any DB to stick with a WR for more then 5 seconds
  6. But knowing McD first 3 picks will be on defense
  7. We need a true # 1 to go with Diggs
  8. My wife is tired of me bitching about the same thing 🤣 😂 Wow Giants are getting the calls I don’t believe it Why Giants are not trying to run the ball more ?
  9. I’m shocked there’s was no flag against the Giants on this INT
  10. I’m at the point where every call or no call should be challenged , maybe it’s the only way to stop these refs from deciding who should win
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