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  1. We have to get back to what worked over the back half of the season. We were shredding defenses with multiple 6ish yard passes with all our great receiving weapons. Over the last two games we got away from that. Yesterday with wind as a factor josh went 1/8 in deep passes. Overall he was 23/37 (62%), but strip out the 1/8 and he was 22/29 (76%). Granted you need some shots downfield to keep the D honest, but we have gotten away from what’s working. 8/37 as ‘deep passes’ might be too much. I’d go back to more mid and short distance passes if we are getting completions. Especi
  2. He’s been using his phone and tweeted. If it was a bad concussion, using a screen would be uncomfortable and likely banned by the doctor.
  3. I was in 310 for awhile at the 30, quite a good view of the game.
  4. At 1:04pm there were still a small handful of seats but I didn’t buy as I can’t attend.
  5. No trick play’s after many the last few weeks. I noticed. Daboll focused on HC jobs? Kidding but the game plan was an unusual departure from whats been working.
  6. Not trying to take this too far off topic, but apparently the vaccine dulls the virus to the point that you would never have severe symptoms and probably not know you’ve had it - but you can still get it, carry it, and spread it - so you would need a test until the vaccine is heavily distributed. The vaccine doesn’t necessarily prevent getting or spreading covid, just having a bad experience with it. Plus it’s only 90-95% effective. So I guess the vaccine is more like a flu shot.
  7. How do you get in? My slot was 2:30, I don’t see anything to click through in the account manager section.
  8. I think John Brown and JA need some reps to reestablish some chemistry. I’d say look for a few to JB if he’s back, before Josh sits for the game.
  9. I think I read somewhere it would be different ticket inventory for club seat holders and non club. I’m not going to buy, so this is just a curiosity for me - must the primary seat holder go? We have season seats in our family of 4, they are under my name but what if my daughter wanted to go with her boyfriend? I think it said non transferable but the seats are generally shared equally by our household.
  10. Steelers will be pissed if they have to play their playoff game on short rest. They couldn’t buy a break this season in regards to schedule.
  11. I’m in Canada so it’s moot to me - but I don’t think it should be done on seniority as that wasn’t a condition for getting seats if any were released, back when I left my payments on account vs taking the refund.
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