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  1. Rework the schedule so it’s regional bubbles, and rotate every 4 weeks to a bubble with your next 4 opponents.
  2. I’m leaving on account. I’m Canadian and pat exchange fees on both purchases and returns. I’m 5% poorer if I refund (2.5% fee each way).
  3. It may be less headache to ban all fans. I’m kinda screwed anyways cuz I’m in Canada, but we have 5 season tickets. Depending on how they allocate games if they have 50% attendance for example, people will complain about which games they got and how many seats they got, and where they were seated. It won’t be fun to handle that in the administrative team. I gotta say though that they are a class act - i called my account manager maybe 2 months back and asked what they would do with Canadian seat holders and I was told at that time that they would allow me to skip the year without penalty. That made me comfortable continuing my payments.
  4. The risk of being caught is low, they’ve admitted as much. They are doing limited spot checks. The fines are insane. Here’s what an article on the topic posted today: The rules are punishable by a fine of up to $750,000 or a month in jail, and the government will be conducting spot checks to ensure compliance
  5. I have seasons and live in Toronto. If we return from any country, the government requires we quarantine for 14 days. Makes it hard to justify going to a bills game - especially with a family that relies on me to be out and about. Today the government extended this rule from mid July to August 31st. There’s speculation that the rule may get extended to the spring. This makes it even less likely Canadians will be at games this year, what a downer. I floated this possibility on the forums a few months back, and the consensus seemed to be I was over reacting. Unfortunately I may have been correct. Hopefully we can get to games this year, even if it’s just the back half of the season.
  6. My athletics renewal was due next month. With the lack of sports I hit cancel. In return I was given a free bonus 3 months.
  7. Crossing the border is definitely a concern. Maybe the border will be open and you’ll need a 14 day quarantine upon return. I don’t know about you, but my wife would have my head under those conditions. That said, I’d buy the cheapest seats they have just to be on board, and if you want better seats upgrade in the season seat holder upgrade window the following year. Given the economy, unfortunately I’d suspect there will be good upgrade opportunities next spring as they will probably have a higher number than normal of members not renewing. If the games are played to fans in the stadium, it’s quite unlikely the stadium will be sold to capacity, so you can probably decline your seats on a per game basis - or if you are assigned a couple games by the bills, I’d suspect the tickets made available will be in high demand anyways - so that minimizes the financial risk if you can’t attend.
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