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  1. I guess I’m just old. When I was 20 I would think the jokes were funny, now with two teen daughters I just shake my head and think ‘idiots’.
  2. If that’s about the ‘deal’ I could have checked out on the presales, it was actually the Ticketmaster site. They must have made a mistake with the pricing, but I didn’t want to test out in case it corrected during the card processing. It was a surprise.
  3. I think they made some mistakes, I saw some prime lower level sideline seats for $99 each for Washington, NE and a third game for a little bit last night with the schedule release. I had a 5th row pair in my basket at midfield for Washington but didn’t click through as I didn’t want to deal with it if there was an error that got corrected as my card was charged.
  4. I’m in Canada so I hope I can go, but it’s going to be so emotional to be in a full stadium for the bills. Money well spent.
  5. There were some pricing errors on Ticketmaster - for NE and Washington field level sideline seats were $99 each, even mid field. I had a pair for Washington in my basket but didn’t click through when I saw the error as I didn’t want to have to deal with it if they corrected the error later. I wasn’t planning to buy anyways, just comparing the game by game prices to my total cost for seasons.
  6. Will do, I’m certainly not selling now. I’d give my left *** to be at the game. Hoping that it all gets worked out by late August. Steelers are my wife’s fav team (but I married her anyways), so we’ve been to a few games there as well. Seats rock, between the 40/45, row 15 or 16 I think, and home side. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t sorted out by late season, I’m leery about the earlier games unfortunately. I was going to run the Boston marathon in October but didn’t even apply as I assume there could still be border issues at that time to.
  7. I may end up with 3 great seats for sale. I have season seats, but I’m in Canada and no sign yet that the border will be open. And even if they open it, not sure how to prove we’ve been vaccinated, and no idea if we’ll even have our second shots by week 1. This sucks. Also don’t know if a 14 day quarantine will still be required for crossing the border. I think I need to move to buffalo for the season!
  8. Thank you. It’s amazing how much her life has changed. She’s 13 and now taking up photography as a hobby, 9 months ago there is no way she could have operated the camera. She’s also a Bills and Raptors fan and I can’t wait to take her to a game again, it will be a totally new experience for her.
  9. Yeah, I upgraded to 3 a few years back vs 2, just to get better seats. My daughter had a visual disability and could hardly see the players from even half way up the 100s; but came to almost every game anyways as she really enjoyed the experience. One positive outcome of all this lockdown crap is we had time to find a new doc with an experimental non surgical treatment. She went from having a clinical visual disability and got accommodations at school etc., to having better than average vision. She’s going to be shocked at her first game when she can see the ball, see the n
  10. I guess I logged out too soon, nothing in 133/134 around 4pm.
  11. Maybe, I guess those will become available next year. I just got my shot yesterday and aren’t feeling great, but it’s one not on the menu in the US. Anyways, I don’t want to take this off topic, like I said fewer prime seat upgrades available than I’ve ever seen, it’s going to be a hot ticket. I can’t wait to attend again.
  12. I’ve never seen the selection as depleted as today. I love my seats anyways (every seat is good, I love the stadium), but I’ll bet it’ll be a hot ticket this year. I gotta talk to my good friend Mr Trudeau - I’ll lose it if the border is still closed by the home opener.
  13. We have to get back to what worked over the back half of the season. We were shredding defenses with multiple 6ish yard passes with all our great receiving weapons. Over the last two games we got away from that. Yesterday with wind as a factor josh went 1/8 in deep passes. Overall he was 23/37 (62%), but strip out the 1/8 and he was 22/29 (76%). Granted you need some shots downfield to keep the D honest, but we have gotten away from what’s working. 8/37 as ‘deep passes’ might be too much. I’d go back to more mid and short distance passes if we are getting completions. Especi
  14. He’s been using his phone and tweeted. If it was a bad concussion, using a screen would be uncomfortable and likely banned by the doctor.
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