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  1. He looked so happy, congrats! I snapped the pic on his record breaking run, I’ll have to print one and hand to the team for him.
  2. I usually park and tailgate at kettles. It’s a good tailgate but more family oriented - and real bathrooms. Maybe once a year (when we leave the kids at home), we’ll do Hammers.
  3. I guess I’m an outlier, I like one bills live.
  4. We should be scared, people like him also have the right to vote.
  5. And that’s why we have tailgate village now. And that’s why I go to the smaller more family oriented lots to tailgate these days.
  6. tell Kevin Durant that! I’d be cautious, it’s early in the season.
  7. In the future, I’d suggest only buying digital - less fraud risk.
  8. Did you get caught in much traffic leaving ECC? I need to get home early this weekend and thinking of parking there to be on the outside edge of the traffic. I’m heading back to the peace bridge after the game. How much is ECC this year? Tailgate any good? I know it’s across from Hammers, but we bring lots of gear so we’d set up wherever we park. Thx!
  9. Awesome, thanks for the info. I couldn’t find it on the bills website.
  10. Hey. Does anyone listen to the game on the radio while at the game? I brought a radio to the opener and the feed must be delayed on WGR 550 maybe 10 or 15 seconds. Made it impossible to enjoy. I’m guessing it’s intentional so listeners can sync up with their TV feed if they wanted to. When I go to raptors or leaf games in Toronto, the arena offers an in stadium radio broadcast frequency with the game in real time. Do the Bills offer that on any frequency? If not, it would be an inexpensive option that would enhance the fan experience.
  11. Is it just me or does it look like a lot of holding is going uncalled?
  12. Bills did OK with T.O. but I think AB is a bigger head case.
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