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  1. I want to see the web chart on him..... DK went end of 2nd, and this year is deep. I still think he will be available in the late 2nd.
  2. What would they save if they trade him?
  3. If he signed this offseason what would it look like.?Would he sign a 7 year deal worth $100M. Give him 20M first year, a 10M signing bonus, and 40M Guaranteed. He's happy with that. And the Bills get him for cheap year 2-7. Only like 13M average and they could cut him with little cap ramifications after year 2 of the deal. I think he would sign that. I know he could prob get 17M-18M if he gets to free agency but the Bill's would Tag him twice if they couldn't get a deal done. And he would be Gambling he wouldn't get hurt.
  4. He is a Tyrek Hill clone... forget size (not that he's tiny) I want Elite speed. Use Duke Williams for jump balls
  5. I would take Foles as our backup along with his 22M cap hit for the Jags #9 pick. Jerry Judy would be a #1
  6. I would take Shunalt.... but I really want one of Judy, Lamb, or Ruggs.. and I might want Ruggs as my 1st guy. To get one of those, the Bill's would need to trade between 12-15 I believe. What does the draft chart say the Bill's would have to trade to move up?
  7. I like this kid, wo der where he falls, but I want Ruggs. He would be our Tyrek Hill.
  8. One episode in. I cant stand the Father/Son from AH's home town.
  9. Throw in Robbi Anderson and you would have about $26-30M in cap space after the draft. This would make the Dline set for another year, allow for a move during the season if one comes up, and leaves us with a better team and a ton of $$ To roll over in 2021. I think a offseason like this is probably how the offseason will go. Bean like to be in a position to go BPA on the draft. And alowas have cash on hand
  10. I think 300+ carrys is to much for DS. But 15 for DH and 15 for DS seems like the perfect # for both of them.
  11. Derrick Henry. If he does become available I think the Bill's should pay what it takes to get him here. I have heard and said, "you shouldn't pay big $$ for RB's"... but this guy would make us SB contenders without really doing much else IMO.add another solid draft and we could be the 1 seed ne t year
  12. I have been thinking bout the off season and where I believe the Bill's should spend the $$$$ but after tonight I want the Bill's to spend big on Oline a D Henry. If our current team could run the ball like Tennessee did tonight. And maintained our defence. Along with the growth of Allen and all the rookies, we WIN ThHE SUPERBOWL
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