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  1. What do you think it would cost? He wad a second round pick and walks after next year. A 1st next year is good value
  2. What makes you think the Seahawks would accept a 2023 1st which is treated as a 2nd for compensation purposes? That's crazy talk. Maybe that type of bullcrap works in Madden but it damn sure isn't working in the real world. People need to get it through their head that Madden is exceptionally unrealistic in many ways and stop going to their franchise modes to see what type of trades they could pull off and then parrot them on the board as realistic. It's not. Not even close. Because a 1st next year when there will be better draft options a qb, would be better then a 1st this year in my opinion. The Seahawks without Wilson in that division could be in line for a top 5 pick next year. Then add 2 more 1s and 2 more 2nds and that sounds like a nice start to a rebuild.
  3. I want Peton Manning for OC. He just gave the Bills a shout out on SNL. His kid loves Allen. And he would start a coaching career with the best QB in the league (maybe ever)
  4. Beans so good in the middle rounds I would be willing to trade/gamble more with the 1st rounders. Would Atlanta take 2 1st and a 2nd for Pitts? I think I would do that. And then sign Patterson.
  5. I think IF the online is going to play like they did yesterday I want Diggs/Davis on the outside and Makenzie in the slot. And same with Knox in on 4 wr sets. Davis is better than Sanders at this point. If he's in yesterday he would've had is usual 4 catch 69+ yards and another TD. Beasley is huge if we need someone to win off the line and catch a 3rd and 3 when Josh is under quick pressure. But if the line holds up Diggs, Davis, Mckenzie, and knox are the offenses best option. Mckenzie adds to team speed and scheme. No Def can stop that if Josh has time.
  6. Think Gabe Davis could be a huge factor. Might need a big play jump ball and he's great at that. Gooooooo Billllllsss
  7. So we are talking about a 2nd round pick then. The WFT 2nd round pick should be top 10, I'd Def do it
  8. And the RBs have a bunch of rushing TD's already. If they went to Josh like last year he would be leading the league. I'll bet we are close to our season total of non Josh rushing TD's already
  9. Josh is 4 tds behind for the league lead. He will be the leader in 3 games.
  10. Would anyone be surprised if he goes 1100+ and 10-12 TD's? I wont
  11. maybe they could grab a Cooks and Clowney still. Not all this
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