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  1. Give hime 30m year 1, 25m year 2, and get him for 15m per year for the last 3 years of the contract. We can easily afford. With him Hughs and Oliver, our DL would be way above average and the defence on a whole would be elite.
  2. Now trade a ne t year pick for Clowney. Offseason Complete
  3. Still hope Bills find a way to grab this kid. How about trade down for Hock, trade back up for DK, and get Isabella with the remaining 3rd.then Sign Suh, and Get Clark for a 2nd next year.... do they win The Superbowl if they could get all this done?
  4. I like Miami in the middle of the season. Fitz always starts hot for like 3-4 games then he is awful for like 8-9 games. Then he can play some good football at the end of the season. Playing them in the middle of the season avoids good Fits
  5. Seems like the Bill's have a choice with how to attack the draft. Grab a DE and DT or #1 WR and TE. The more I think about the choice I have settled on Offence and here's why. This team has done a ton of work to shore up The O-line, CB, Special teams, and complimentary WR positions. But the Bill's still arnt ready to compete for A Superbowl. Tom Brady is still great and even though he is getting older and the roster isn't elite, I think they are still going to win the division. My reason for drafting DK Metcalf and then trading up for one of the top 3 TE's is this.... playmakers take time to learn the NFL game and get Chemistry. I think it will be better to use the $80M+ in cap space and draft picks to finish the defence next offseason (make it Elite) and then the young playmakers will be ready to dominate. It's hard to pass on the Defensive talent like Oliver or Burns But the Bills will be in Position to draft the same kind of talent next year and be productive right away.
  6. Seen on Facebook something new is happening here. This would be a huge trade and sign for the Bill's. Anyone else see this?
  7. Did this guy see Isabela's tape VS Georgia? He completely destroyed that secondary. And they were a top 5 team this year
  8. I'm telling you.. front loading contacts is going to be the new norm in the NFL. Teams want flexibility, and front loading is the best way to be that. Teams get a steal if the player is good, and can cut players without much penalty if they don't preform. Bill's are in prime position for this next year. Give Clowney $40M year 1on a 6year $120M deal. Then it's only 16M per year and you can cut him after year 2 without any deal cap money.
  9. You can tear up a rookie deal and sign a new one at any time.
  10. Is it Horrible for White or the Bill's? and it definitely possible. Their are No rules on how contracts are structured.
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