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  1. Franchiseneedsme

    Who's your top 9? (QBs excluded)

    Why would you put this trade in there? I would love Maccaffrey with J Allen, but why would you think this is a possibility. He was IMO the most versatile player in the NFL last year. No way he is available
  2. Franchiseneedsme

    Time to think About Suh?

    You really think he's not worth what we pay Star? And how do you know he's over payed? He hasn't signed yet. What if he was only like $8-9M a year.
  3. Franchiseneedsme

    Time to think About Suh?

    Any particular reason why? The guy is good, no denying that. And it looks like he could be a bargain because I'm not hearing teams looking at him for some realson What if we signed Suh and then traded our 1st next year for Clowny. That would make our defences Elite.
  4. Franchiseneedsme

    Time to think About Suh?

    More like Brady's and Darnold's throats Was he really flagged a lot? I think he has cleaned that up in recent years
  5. Franchiseneedsme

    Time to think About Suh?

    He signed 1 year deal for $14M last year and played well. If we can't get A top end edge rusher in FA or via a trade, Would it be a good idea to sign Suh to a 2 year deal and Draft a edge rusher like Sweet? We can easily give Suh 2 years $22M. He is a serious player and I think would actually fit in Well here
  6. Franchiseneedsme

    Andy Isabella

    I also think his stock will rise because he can also be used out of the backfield. I can envision 4-6 plays out of the RB position. Looking like Macafree
  7. Franchiseneedsme

    Andy Isabella

    This is the best comparison. He has the it factor for huge plays down field. He is a perfect fit for JA, who excels at extending plays and pushes the Ball down field
  8. I still think Bill's should make a move. He will come cheep now. A 3rd for AB. I agree he is bat ***** crazy, but he is a top 3 WR in the league. Josh would benefit from a player like this around him.
  9. Franchiseneedsme

    Andy Isabella

    Metcalf at #9 Isabella at #40, Grab 3 Top Oline(overpay if you have to),Grab a RB somewhere in the draft, And the Offence will be top 10 next year. Why wait till Round 3 for Isabella? The kid is small so what, he looks durable and strong. How can a defence account for the speed of Metcalf, Foster, and Isabella? Hell throw Shady in that mix. If the Oline is fixed in FA this team gets to 10 wins.
  10. Franchiseneedsme

    Bills rumored to be a suitor for OG Roger Saffold

    Umm yes please. The $10 doesn't scare me. Sign 3 top lineman. Give them all 5 years at $50m, and give them all $20m year one. We have the room to do it and then after the 1st year, they are all on 4 year deals with $30m remaining. That a $7.5m average. We would have a top OL for Bargan prices for Josh's most important years. Then after this season. We would have a real title shot, right when Brady is done. Filling every hole this year wont work or be a good long term plan
  11. Franchiseneedsme

    USA Today's 4-Round Mock - I'd be Thrilled

    If the Bill's fix OL in FA and we had this same draft 1. Metcalf 2A. Irving Smith JR 2B. Hollywood Brown That would be so much fun to watch if added with Allen.
  12. I would offer Pittsburgh the #9 pick for AB and their #20 pick. That way we dont lose a 1st rd pick or a 2nd rd pick and get AB. This severely reduces risk. Guys a stud who would be worth the risk. I would even guaranty 2 years of his deal. Guy could literally catch 100 balls this year.
  13. Franchiseneedsme

    Would you trade a high 2020 draft choice for AB?

    100% yes. The guy is amazing. Allen would have a 1,500 yard reciver, and the offence can get scary good real quick. He will come to play
  14. Save 10m a season and keep rolling it over for the 5 years. Then put it all down in the 1st year of the new deal. Example: we save 10M this year, and roll it over, then roll over 20m year 2,and 30M year 3.... After year 5 sign your superstar QB to a contract like 200m for 8 years. But put all that roll over money in the first year of the deal. So pay 70m year 1, then it turns into a 7 year 130m deal after that. If the qb sux, then you have a ton of $$ to put around the new QB you draft.