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  1. If I had a surprise cut, it would be crowder. yesterday, Kumerow hurt his chances and Hodgins helped his. I like Hodgins and think under different circumstances he could be Stevie Johnson year 3. But can he play special teams?
  2. I think if we were talking about a player that relies completely on athletic ability we should be concerned. But Tre is a cerebral player, my hope is Elam gets up to speed quickly…if he can, White can take on WR2 when he returns.
  3. I still am hoping that Buffalo keeps him on the left side and RS can go to RG
  4. Weather has a part, but also he has an attitude about him, where he want to go into there home and take a 💩 and leave. He likes being the bad guy.
  5. I had a few words with a Dolphin fan that claims the reason they’ll win is that Hill kills Buffalo on slants. I had to explain to him that Mahomes arm spreads the Bills D out. Tua can’t throw deep and doesn’t scare them out of the pocket. Got to love them…
  6. He was always more of a loner, I remember him hitting golf balls on the grass practice field before training camp practice, working on his short game. His retirement was a shock, since he wasn’t very old and he was playing well. But if my memory serves me right, we switched to a 3-4 and he didn’t want to be an OLB
  7. I said it before, I’ll say it again, Cook can do everything CMC can do, but without the injury history.
  8. Agree across the board, i think Tampa actually take a step back, Nola has played them extremely well. Carolina and Atlanta are not better…In fact Atl might be the worse team in the NFL. I could see them going 11-6 and winning the south…if JW stays healthy.
  9. Cook, I think we are going to see a player unused in college be an absolute weapon in the pros. 2nd Elam, though I wasn’t a fan prior. confused: Bernard, I can’t begin to tell you how much I was hoping Muma would fall to us in the 3rd…stupid Jax. Then Dean…but then we drafted Bernard, I’m sure he’ll be a good player, but LBer being a need I wasn’t expecting this LB. I was kinda hoping for Channing Tindall…I thought he at least had the size to play inside. other confused moment happened when we traded up to get Elam, giving up a 4th round pick…which could’ve been Calvin Austin jr, Isaiah Likely or Zack Tom…but in Beane I trust
  10. I would be very satisfied with this…32nd pick 👍🏻
  11. I don’t like the immediately post draft grades, “draft expert” decide where players should be valued. But they are not scouts and they are almost never correct. We don’t always know the circumstances either. A player might fit one system over another. We will truly be able to grade these in 4 years. that being Said, if Beane thought Elam was worth the pick, he was worth the pick…same for every round. final grade A 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. She been a hilarious and very open follow on Twitter, from her crushes on the handyman that comes to do repairs to DT having an affair with one of Rick James’ entourage.
  13. Pros: punter that can truly flip the field…the #1 defense just went from starting at their 35+ to starting inside their 25. Pros: while hopefully never used, as a left footed kicker the onside game could’ve gotten interesting, especially with the new rules. cons: Holding, are we going to see 2 punters with one a designated holder? I’ve said this in previous posts. He was a kicker too and obviously didn’t hold his own kick. Bojo ruined Crosby this past year, I don’t want to see Bass have a setback. We’ll lose more games with a 10% lower FG % over a 10+ yard punting difference. So I’m actually saying, keep MH too as a designated holder.
  14. I guarantee he floated out several offers to several CBs (including Gilmore) he know that they are waiting to see if they can get more leverage after the draft..at least 2 will return to Beane with hands opened
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