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  1. He’s talking about Josh “5 straight wins against the dolphins and counting” Allen? by that logic every QB should have had a great year.
  2. Yes we need depth at LB. Klein is the depth now, no offense to him, it’s uninspiring.
  3. I think the run game was hampered by line play. The line was build for pass protection and they do any excellent job at that. I like Motor/Moss, I’d like a better third. When we wanted to run, we ran well. Just wasn’t a priority. I think 2021 is the year Knox breaks out. I am not convinced there’s a better option available. He’s a better than average blocker, athletically he’s in the top 10% amount TEs. He was raw coming out.
  4. 1.DE 2.CB2 3.LBer depth 4.OL depth 5. SS/OLB hybrid type but if you’re Our GM gunners all day!
  5. If the improvement continues... 6700 passing yards and 67 tds...conservatively
  6. the answer is yes for me, he is pretty good, Diggs had his number, but he played well the rest of the year. Are we going to find a better player late in the 2nd? Probably not, lets make the patriots make a decision or lose a good player.
  7. I’m not sure as a replacement, but yes. I think Davis is the replacement, but Ross is a good depth, deep threat. I do believe he needs a change of scenery. Being a former CB he could also be a good gunner.
  8. Only one of those players was a first rounder and did everything he was supposed to. The other two I would still love to sign.
  9. I don’t expect any signing this week, especially any well known names. However, the 2nd wave is where Buffalo will find players. Let the kids with money over pay (Jax, Jets et cetera) Buffalo will find the value players in a couple of weeks. ESPN will claim that these teams “won the off-season” week one.
  10. The saints thought that if the put all of their eggs into this 2019-2020 super bowl runs, the eggs would either retire or take a pay cut when the time comes. They were not wrong. But they are making the path to the playoffs very easy for Tampa. if Buffalo can find a way to get Jackson or Turner at guard, this O line could be top five.
  11. Why not give John Ross a 1 year prove it deal?
  12. Not sure if this was brought up, honestly 10+ pages on Daboll in a win where we are not saying good things in truly the privilege of a very good team. that said, all week we heard how this team wants him and he’s interviewing with this other team. He may have been distracted. I expect a better game plan next week against Balt/Pitts. The colts are a tough team.
  13. If he can play Special teams I think he should be RB3, he offers something Motor and Moss don’t.
  14. I like that the coaching staff saw the potential in him, he was a castaway and they found a young lefty punter for the next ten years. He is only going get more consistent, he has had so much growth from year one to year two. i hope Allen always has more TDs then we have punts, that’s really an amazing stat.
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