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  1. maybe they could grab a Cooks and Clowney still. Not all this
  2. I would take Samuel or Fuller over JuJu. Bills could be a sneaky team to land Fuller on a cheep prove it one year deal. And he would be great in this Offense IMO
  3. If cutting him saves 8M and with the tight cap, And FA wr prob aren't getting top dollar, I would like the Bills to cut Brown and add another Stud WR. Like Allen Robinson or Kenny Golliday at 12M. Diggs is a stud, and Beasley is a great slot guy. But Josh needs another True weapon. Think Diggs, Robinson, Beasley, and draft N Harris. Now that is a better offense for only 2-3M more than we pay now. If the Bills really are going to Pay Josh 30-40M per year soon the Bills SB window is the next 2 years.
  4. Even if you could replace Brown with Allen Robinson? Idk about that
  5. Could the Bills ditch both Beasley and Brown, and add a big time free agent? I like Mckenzie out of the slot. Diggs, Robinson, Davis, Mckenzie> Diggs, Brown, Beasley, Davis. For close to the same money but looks way scarier
  6. Way to much $$$. Sign him to a long term deal with a high Signing bonus and Guarantee. Say 10 years, 275M, with 190M Guaranteed, and a 50M signing bonus. He wouldn't turn that down. What if he isn't as good next year or get hurt? Look what happened to Dak. This deal works for everyone. 40m Per year? Why wouldn't the Bills exersize the 5year option and then franchise tag him twice if he want $40M a year?
  7. Titans will lose on Purpose now. BILLS V Titans 1st round
  8. Bills need to win to avoid Baltimore. That plus Guaranteeing the 2nd seed makes me believe the Bills will try and win the Miami game outright. Josh won't come out unless he is getting hammered or we are winning handily
  9. Passes to Singletary and A Robert's. Its obvious they were going for the Record right off the bat. And I love that. Singletary is going to get some screens in this game.
  10. Agreed. Dak got screwed because he gambled trying for 40+M a year. Now after that gruesome injury, what is he going to get? It wont be the $170M Garanteed like the contract I'm suggesting The Bills offer Josh. If Josh wants top dollar that's fine.. but then the Bills would be stupid not to exercise the 5year option and then franchise him. If he wants a huge payday and protection for injuries, he will give the Bills a deal that works for them 10-11 years 330M $170M Guaranteed. With a monster signing Bonus say....$50M
  11. Josh gets another chance to plead his MVP case on Monday night. Another performance like Saturday's, and he will have a legitimate shot at MVP
  12. And Dak got totally screwed. Nothing helped the Bills negotiations with Allen like the Dak situation. I think Allen will sign a long term contract with a high Guaranteed # around 30-35 per. It's hard for a player to turn down something like $170M guaranteed. Beane is going to get this done and look like the best GM in the league
  13. 11 years 350M, $200M Guaranteed, $50M SB. This and everyone is happy Josh will take a deal like this. It Guaranteeshim $200 Millon dollars, keeps the team competitive cap wise for the rest of his career, and put $70 M in his pocket in the first year. I dont think Josh will be anything like Dak was.
  14. If he wont take a deal like this the Bills have no incentive to sigh a long term deal now. Just pick up the 5 year option and franchise tag him twice. If Josh wants to be a Bill for life and get $160m Guaranteed and a $50M signing Bonus in a couple months he will sign a deal like this now
  15. Nothing will catapult Josh into the MVP lead like a performance exactly like this one, against New England... On Monday Night.... in Foxborough.....and I think it's going to happen.
  16. I just got into this hobbie and was wondering if people here are trading cards? I Just got 2 Gabriel Davis Rookie Patch Autos, 1 Z moss RPA , and 1 Singletary RPA. Hope they get good! Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated
  17. So he is under contract 2 years and then we have 2 years of franchise tags. The #'s being thrown out makes me think the Bills have the leverage. Why wouldn't the Bills force Josh to play under one year franchise tags if they are going to pay him $38-40M per year Anyways? I think the best chance the Bills have of getting any kind of a ho.e town discount, is offering a long term deal with a high guaranteed amount this offseason. Say 10 years $275 Million with $150 guaranteed. That way josh is here, Rich, and doesn't have to worry about injuries or having a competitive team being put around hi
  18. Any word on how injured he was. Looked hobbled and then I didnt hear anything
  19. Clowney on this team would've made a huge impact on the D.. missed opportunity
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