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  1. 1) fans love the current stadium and the tailgating atmosphere it allows; 2) a new stadium will allow the team to generate more revenue. So to answer your question, to have their cake and eat it too.
  2. We played them pretty late last season and it went okay...
  3. yes, I believe it was. I pulled the video from this page, but I think they paint the picture he avoided the injury, yet we know that wasn't the case...
  4. this is the exact same reaction I had when looking at their graph... "percentile outcomes for each draft pick". Huh? Like what is the measure here?
  5. I wasn't a fan at first, but as it's embedded itself I've grown to like it. I have a fondness towards Bills fans, and that's what we are known as... so I now have a fondness towards it.
  6. The Bills just reached their highest ELO rating ever... https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/complete-history-of-the-nfl/#buf
  7. If I told you Allen would be held to 200 yards, just 1 TD, and we'd only score 17...
  8. seems to be an odd omission from this group... nevermind, re-read it... "second best team".
  9. I think you’re probably right. Baltimore is -850, Cleveland is -500, and Indianapolis is -1200. Put it all together and you get -220 for all of it happening, which is an implied probability of 68.75% But I’d play the other side because betting on the favorite is not really worth the risk.
  10. I love the idea, but I saved the option to go to "Take me to the beginning" and I'm still going to the end of threads when I click on a link for the first time. What am I doing wrong? edit - I figured out what's going on. When I click a link from "The Stadium Wall" section on the landing page it still takes me to the end of a thread. But clicking a link from within "The Stadium Wall" it takes me to the beginning... I guess that makes sense because I'm not recognized by username on the landing page but once I'm on the inside I'm recognized by username.
  11. NFL network's got the Bills logo wrong! It's missing the eye ball under the horn... ´
  12. Logan Thomas might beat him to it. I believe Thomas has passed for TDs while playing QB, but not yet as a TE. This was the closest to it:
  13. I don't think he is. It looks to me like his two hands are lower and in front of Hopkins' hands
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