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  1. Well, you're wrong... and I was in the Army National Guard, so I'm good 👍
  2. Who all here will be going? Driving up from Southern Oklahoma with my (future) wife and my dad. I read that "Lot G" is where the KC Bills Backers meet up? But would like to meet some of you if possible!
  3. All I can reference is Georgia having a fit to beat a 6-6 Ga. Tech team. So..... 9 out of 10 times?
  4. Florida State 24 @ Florida 15 Clemson 16 @ S Carolina 7 Vanderbilt 20 @ Wake Forest 36 Kentucky 38 @ Louisville 31 Texas AM 33 @ Miami 48 Georgia 31 @ Ga Tech 23 - THE #1 TEAM IN THE NATION BARELY BEAT GT!!!!!!!!!! N Carolina 31 vs S Carolina 17 Ga Tech 23 @ Ole Miss 48 Florida State 45 vs LSU 24 Virginia 13 vs Tennessee 49 So, what does that make the SEC? Even more trash? Highest ranked team barely beat a .500 Ga Tech team. The next highest ranked team LOST to Florida State by two scores.
  5. Bill, I know you're a big Bama fan but come on. How good is the SEC? Really? New Mexico State destroyed a team you were LUCKY AF to beat. Florida State went out and played LSU on the road and won. They won at Florida with a backup QB. They did everything they were supposed to do. This is the CPF Committee and ESPN being in love with the SEC. Alabama was lucky to beat Auburn (Basically a hailmary). Auburn was embarrassed at home by freakin' New Mexico State.
  6. Florida State should have got in. Period. 13-0 in a Power 5. Alabama was a LUCKY 4th a 17th "Hail Mary" away from LOSING TO AUBURN. The team that got destroyed by New Mexico State.
  7. They were bad, and then the no running into the kicker on the first punt. But all that said, nothing was going to change the outcome of the game. Texas is 14-21 points better off the bat.
  8. Well, they scored a sh*t load on Michigan in the CFP before losing big in the title game. I'm not a TCU fan... AT ALL... (even though there's a kid who plays WR for them that graduated with my youngest daughters' in high school). As for Quention, I think he's going to end up being a good one. We will see.
  9. Sorry, when I see a team go 12-0 and beat everyone in conference... I consider them far better than a 3 loss KSU team. But you hate TCU for some weird reason. Maybe you got rejected when you applied there out of high school?
  10. https://www.wfaa.com/article/news/local/buffalo-bills-nfl-von-miller-faces-arrest-in-dallas-texas-domestic-violence-case/287-2904617b-5d0d-4252-a321-28d8f61807f0 DALLAS — Star NFL linebacker Von Miller faces an arrest in a domestic violence case in Dallas, multiple police sources told WFAA on Thursday morning. Sources say Miller's longtime girlfriend has accused him of assaulting her at their home in Dallas on Wednesday morning. Sources told WFAA that his attorney has been contacted about the case and that a warrant has been issued for Miller's arrest. As of 9 a.m. Thursday, Miller, 34, had not been arrested. Sources told WFAA that the warrant was for a charge of assaulting a pregnant person, which is a third-degree felony. WFAA reached out to the office of the attorney who is believed to be representing Miller, but the attorney was not immediately available for comment. WFAA has also reached out to a Dallas Police Department spokesperson for more information about the case. Miller, a DeSoto native, is currently a linebacker for the Buffalo Bills, who are on a bye and not playing this week. Miller previously played for the Los Angeles Rams in 2021 and for the Denver Broncos from 2011-2021. Miller was a star in Denver, where he earned three first-team All-Pro selections and led the Broncos to a Super Bowl victory in 2015. Miller was traded to the Rams during the 2021 season and helped Los Angeles to a Super Bowl victory that season. Miller played college football at Texas A&M. In 2021, Miller was under investigation by the Parker, Colo., police department, but the 18th Judicial District, the district attorney's office for the city, declined to move forward with charges against Miller. Details surrounding the investigation were not disclosed by authorities, and Miller remained on the Broncos team for that upcoming season.
  11. It's definitely possible. I don't expect us to win, but it's all gravy at this point. We were expected to finish 7th in the conference... we've finished 2nd at worst. Our win over/under was 6.5, we blew that out of the water. Why it's "possible"... 1. Texas barely beat TCU, who is a BAD football team, at full strength. They had Brooks, they had Ewers, they had Worthy... and they won by 3. Texas built a big lead in that game and TCU almost came back to win. Now Brooks out OUT and Worthy won't be 100%. They also have two other starters listed as 'questionable'. 2. Texas barely beat a Iowa State (was a 7 point game in the 4th quarter) and barely beat Kansas State (in OT). They also lost to OU (who OSU beat). I say all that because people seem to overlook their bad games where they barely won (or lost) and only their good games (Bama in week 2 for example). 3. Texas has faced one back as good as Gordon, allowed almost 100 yards to him and 5.0 yards a pop (even though they did win the game by half-a-hundred at home, against Tech). Texas defensive line is their star... so it'll be strength vs strength on Saturday. Ollie always starts SLOW but gets stronger as the game goes. He will have like 28 yards at half and finish with 180 for the game. Last week he had FIVE touchdowns in the 2nd half. 4. Ollie Gordon III. Dude is a stud. Period. He's had one bad game, that was in horrible playing conditions at UCF when it was practically a monsoon and we had to play from behind the entire game. If he and Bowman had started the whole year, Ollie would have 2,000 yards rushing and OSU is probably 10-2 or 11-1. 5. Oklahoma State has had Texas' number. No matter how good or bad Texas has been per said year, OSU finds a way to win. To me, this is HUGE. KNOWING you can win, expecting to win... like OU has that mental edge over OSU... the Pokes are that way with Texas. Is Texas better? 100% better, but OSU has beat Texas NINE times the past 13 seasons, 7-3 the last 10 years including the past 2 games in the series. 6. Playing conditions: OSU has been terrible in bad weather. At Central Florida, we drove down the field over and over only to turn the ball over (4 times). We couldn't throw, couldn't catch which allowed UCF to just key on the run... and next thing you know, it's 24-0 at half. Same thing against Iowa State and same thing last week against BYU (even though we came back from being down 24-6). Alan Bowman in wet conditions has averaged 274.6 yards, 2 TDs and 7 INTs (55.7%). In good conditions, he's averaged 292 yards, 8 TDs and 2 INTs (63%). 7. Big XII championship game is a crapshoot. OSU was the CLEAR cut better team in 2021... already beat the crap out of Baylor once that year, then lost by an 1" in the Big XII title game. In 2022, TCU was by far better than anyone in the conference. Was 12-0. Lost to Kansas State, who was 9-3. Looking back at the title game: 2022: TCU (12-0) lost to KSU (9-3) by 3 - TCU already beat KSU that season 2021: OSU (11-1) lost to Baylor (10-2) by 5 - OSU already beat BU that season 2020: Iowa State (#6) lost to OU (#10) by 6 - ISU already beat OU that season 2019: Baylor lost to OU by 7 - back and forth game, ended in OT 2018: Texas lost to OU - Texas had already beat OU that season Most of these games are a one score game. Last time it was a 'blow out' was in 2017 when OU killed TCU, 41-17. 8. Both teams will travel well. There are a TON of OSU alumni in the DFW area. We travel really well, so it won't be lopsided in regards to the atmosphere. I'll be there.... don't expect to win, but will be rooting for my Pokes regardless.
  12. One of the worst officiated games I've ever watched at any level of football. I rarely say this, but the refs cost us the game. We would have won if they just called the game correctly and fair. Dominate the game, get 11 flags and the Eagles can hold and PI every play with no flags. Ever. It's bullsh*t
  13. Are you not only a raging liberal, but a Jets fan? I post a new article about Namath... you post a 4 year old article about Jim Jordan? Huh?
  14. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/nfl-legend-joe-namath-accused-allowing-rampant-child-sex-abuse-occur-football-camp New York Jets legend Joe Namath was accused of turning a blind eye to the sexual abuse that was happening at his football camp more than 50 years ago. Philip Lyle Smith, who filed the lawsuit in 2019 under the name "John Doe," spoke out publicly for the first time about the horrifying ordeal. He told the New York Post in a story published Sunday night that Brooklyn Poly Prep Country Club football coach John Foglietta was allowed to repeatedly attack Smith at the camp starting in 1972, when he was just 12 years old. Foglietta was later revealed to be a serial sexual abuser at the school where he worked and sparked a massive 2012 settlement with several sex abuse victims. He died in 1998.
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