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  1. We don't know. GOP has not been allowed to look at it.
  2. His father's dealings with countries like Ukraine and China and how he was able to use his father to influence outcomes. There is a former business partner of Hunter who said Joe Biden directly used his pull to work with energy companies both in Ukraine and China, which was attached to the CCP. But Trump and Russia. Right? Let's have Congress look into that rumor.
  3. They already said they are flying back Sunday evening. Way too difficult logistics to make staying there, actually happen.
  4. This is why: https://www.espn.com/college-football/game/_/gameId/313090333 We will never agree on this one. Sorry. OSU was the better team in 2011. No one could stop that offense.
  5. It was my first trip to Western/upstate NY. BIG Oklahoma State fan and for years, traveled in the post-season to watch them play hoops (2 Final Fours, countless sweet 16's, etc. under Eddie Sutton). Never experienced an 'inflated dome' before that. Was crazy. Glad they changed it! Made me nervous leaving on breaks.
  6. Don't want drunk fans getting sucked out of the stadium when they opened the doors (watched an OSU tuba player get sucked out the doors leaving the stadium when Oklahoma State played there in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament in 2000).
  7. I never argued with this point. The SEC is the best conference and has been ever since the mid-90's when Florida won. Not even close really. Big XII, Pac12 and Big 10 are all tied with the number of titles since that Florida win (ACC with 4 wins is 2nd?). The SEC has won the vast majority of those titles. As for TCU... the Big XII isn't a joke-conference. I already pointed out the conference is 2-1 v Big 10 and SEC teams this year (the lone close loss was your Bama/UT game). The Conference as a whole this year is 5-3 vs Power 5 conferences in the non-conference slate. WVU lost to Pittsburgh on the road by 7 in the opener, Tech lost on the road to NC State by 13, and then Texas v Alabama. Tech and WVU are - AWFUL - teams this season. I could argue the best conferences from top to bottom this year are, in order: 1. SEC (71% will likely go to a bowl, 1 or 2 CFP) 2. Big 10 (71% will likely go bowling, 1 or 2 CFP) 3. Big XII (80% will likely go bowling, 1 CFP) 4. ACC (71% will likely go bowling, 1 possible CFP) 5. PAC12 (50% will likely go to a bowl, 1 possible CFP) My entire point is this: We need an expanded playoff to PROVE all of these arguments we have. SEC has looked solid as always, but do we know TCU can't hang or even beat a team like Tennessee? Maybe even UGA somehow (TCU has a solid defense)? Could USC beat Michigan? We would never know unless we actually expand the whole thing. Not to 68 teams like the NCAA Basketball Tournament, but something better what we have now... which is better than the BCS... which was better than the AP deciding it... and so on. Remember when Boise beat OU in the Fiesta Bowl? We never know unless they play. Thankfully, we are going to get the expanded playoff so this argument is moot.
  8. I didn't call you a name. But anyway.... Yea, this year they suck. When Oklahoma State has a "suck" year, we win eight games. Most teams in the country would kill for an 8 win season. Again, going back like 15 years OSU has been a top 10 winning program (actually 9th). You can make attempts to rip on the Cowboys all you want, but here ya go. Since 2008 (when Alabama woke back up in Saban's 2nd year): 1. Bama 2. Ohio State 3. Boise State 4. Clemson 5. OU 6. UGA 7. Oregon 8. LSU 9. Oklahoma State 10. Wisconsin Again, I've said Oklahoma State is DOWN this year. Figured we'd be 4th in the Big XII. Looks like we will finish 3rd. And as cle23 said, the parade (two teams makes a parade?) is leaving because of $$$$. That's it. Prior to Saban, Alabama pretty much sucked. I would expect with a top tier coach, 5 star after 5 star kid, and the HISTORY you have, I'd expect you to win games. Gundy is a top tier coach, gets 3 star and a couple 4 star recruits, at a historically average football school and we manage to win nearly 10+ games a season. He was able to turn OSU into a top program year in and year out. Still want to hear how a 13-0 TCU team shouldn't be allowed in the CFP Playoff? Are you going to ignore those of us that have asked you?
  9. They 'were' and I can be wrong about a team. Spencer Sanders was playing GREAT going into the TCU game were he got hurt. We lose in DOUBLE OT in Fort Worth. A game we should have never lost... up 17 and blew it. He then goes in, hurt, and we beat Texas (again) at home. Still injured, he goes to Manhattan (not the easiest place to play) against a solid KSU team and just implode. He gets hurt, has to leave the game. He then can't go against Kansas, we lose. Two freshman QB's as backups, not a good combo. Alabama knows this first hand. During that whole 2 game stretch, we lose two starting DL's, 2 starting DB's, 3 starting OL and 2 starting WR's along with the QB and punter. Many of those guys, for the season. Before the season started, I figured we'd be about 4th in the Big XII. When we beat Texas, there was no reason to think OSU couldn't go back to the Big XII championship game and get revenge on TCU. Yea, I'm a homer... but you're a homer who refuses to think anything other than "SEC". I'm not an idiot like that. Still love to hear how a 13-0 TCU team doesn't deserve to get into the CFP.
  10. How exactly am I "panicking" by posting what he's on pace for (I did it to show he's sorta on par with last season)? Let me know....
  11. You're right, I was thinking week 10 = 10 games instead of 9.
  12. He wants ONLY SEC or BiG teams in the Playoffs. Even if Clemson goes undefeated, mind you they beat Alabama TWICE for the National Championship the past few years, they shouldn't be allowed to go either. But if Tennessee or Florida goes 12-0, they get to play in it. Not a 13-0 TCU 🙄 Dude is the DEFINITION of a homer.
  13. Makes all your arguments and statements seem pointless now. You SEC homers are ridiculous. "Only teams in the SEC matter!" (as a ranked Kentucky team LOSES to freakin' Vandy) Texas, who SUCKS again, who got destroyed by TCU... should have beat your mighty Tide. Big XII teams are 2-1 vs the SEC and Big 10 this year. Lone loss was Texas. TCU would beat Alabama by 14. You should have lost to Ole Miss last weekend.
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