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  1. Agreed on the mental toughness. Defense was awesome again and the team is living a charmed life with opposing kickers melting down against them. Allen played well besides the one horrible throw. I think he made progress in decision making, except for the bad decision on that INT. Frank Gore and the patchwork OL, sealed the deal.
  2. Ok Josh, you redeemed yourself last drive. Now, NO turnovers.
  3. Pick aside, but his momentum killers are a weekly occurrence.
  4. Can’t win this way. Allen hurts the team more than he helps.
  5. It might be time to bench Allen, he is not learning at all.
  6. Objectively, you can't expect to beat the Pats if you score 10 points. Offense and Special Teams failed to do enough to take advantage of a tremendous effort by the defense.
  7. Bummed - I love his effort and he was getting good playing time and making an impact. hope he can heal up for next year and pick up where he left off. Vincent Taylor and Kyle Peko are DTs on the practice squad. I’ve heard reports that Taylor played pretty well for Miami last year.
  8. Ok Josh, atone for letting Bengals back in the game.
  9. This is ALL on Allen. He HAS to stop those dumb throws.
  10. C’mon defense, don’t let them back in the game
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