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  1. Need to calibrate to what realistic expectations are in the draft, even top 10. Oliver has been a good starter, no liability there. Is he Aaron Donald the 2nd? No, surely not (so far), but that shouldn’t make him a “disappointment”. Look at the picks after him in that draft - not many that I would trade Oliver for.
  2. Interesting, Joey Bosa ran 4.86 and Nick Bosa ran 4.79 and they are both very good.
  3. I remember, I think, reading it in the Buffalo News. I did know that there were 17 rounds in the draft at one point.
  4. As I have since the mid-1980s, I loved the run-up to this year's draft. I am very happy that the Bills are now a contender and, as such, picked late in every round. Therefore, the focus is not on immediate contributors for the upcoming season. "Draft" terms that I've heard enough of: 1. "Chess Piece" and "Swiss Army Knife" - Being able to disguise your intentions on offense or defense is an advantage, but the players that provide that capability are pretty rare - think size of LB, speed/coverage of a DB or size of TE, speed of WR. There are very few players who real
  5. I would like to see Epenesa get through a semi-normal offseason and training camp before considering trading him. I thought he showed some flashes last year as the season moved along.
  6. Moses might also be a man without a position in today’s passing league.
  7. Most of these guys must have medicals, attitude or off-fields that we aren’t aware of, particularly Trey Smith, Dylan Moses, Tay Gowan and Kary Vincent.
  8. I have a pantry full of Ho-Hos, Twinkies and Butterfingers. I can be 345 in a month! And that will be from 160 - I’ll train like hell!
  9. Bills don’t even start looking at corners until the 7th!
  10. Look for some special teams hope or at least some special trait. If someone offered a 5th next year for all remaining picks, I’m in.
  11. He is only 12 years old, should be about 6’5” after he finishes puberty!
  12. I don’t think the Bills are losing sleep over the Jets getting Nasirideen. If the Bills had wanted him, they wouldn’t have traded their 5th round pick for 2 6ths.
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