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  1. Zach Moss, like almost any RB, is dependent on the OL and play calling to give them room to run. The Bills' had, at best, a makeshift OL in the 2nd half yesterday and running room was hard to come by. I'm not saying that Moss is great, but he isn't as bad as people make him out to be. He has some power and he can make a shifty cut now and then. I think the blame is misplaced on the RBs for lack of run game.
  2. Allen is going to have to be great to win this with depleted DL, no Davis and young secondary.
  3. Maybe Gilliam comes in for that, but he isn’t really “blocking TE size”, either. Maybe you are right that they’ll bring in a blocker.
  4. I hope that I’m wrong, but Morris is pretty small for a number 2 TE. He seems to be built a little like Charles Clay, hopefully he can contribute some as a receiving TE, but he isn’t likely to be blowing defenders off the line in the run game. While Sweeney seems able to catch a few passes here and there, I don’t think he is much of a threat and I don’t think he is a very good run blocker- maybe a year removed from a serious COVID bout, he will be stronger?
  5. I have had my share of real misses regarding draft prospects, but I really didn’t like Shenault at all. When I watched game cut ups of him, almost all of his receptions were very short passes. Now, in college he had some run after catch ability, but in the NFL he isn’t that special at that. Maybe he can pull off a transformation to RB as Cordarelle Patterson has done.
  6. Morris and Gilliam are pretty short for the position. I think Howard makes it for solid blocking.
  7. Duke isn’t likely to make the team anyway. Not that he is bad, but he is behind Singletary, Moss, Cook and they’ll keep Gilliam and Taiwan Jones.
  8. I am very happy with their performance, just trying to keep things in perspective for today’s game.
  9. Don’t get over confident. Broncos JV team played today.
  10. Shakir continues to impress. Howard had a couple catches, given his blocking I think he is safe. Quinton Morris’ holding penalty hurts him. Rooting for Hodgins and he had some catches, but not sure he has the strength to make it. Would have liked to see Spencer Brown play a little more. He looked decent to me when he was in. Epenesa had some good pressures. I thought Basham played well and Lawson made some impact. Going to be tough to cut down the DEs.
  11. Howard sighting. Keenum looks much better with some talent to play with this week.
  12. I think Cody Ford has had some road grading blocks - and at least one whiff. He has some power.
  13. I know I’m in the minority, but I really like Motor.
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