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  1. I really like Bryan Edwards, but I think Duggar is too much of a projection for my tastes with limited draft choices a this year. He is for sure a terrific athlete and he did dominate his low-level competition, but he won’t have the same size/speed advantage over opponents in the NFL that he did at his college. He is also old for a rookie at 24 y.o. and would be trying to contribute early making a HUGE jump up in competition. He might pan out to be great, but I think too risky in round 2.
  2. I cannot see the Bills using both their 1st (Diggs) AND 2nd picks on WR. Only scenario I could imagine would be if a WR who they graded as a 1st rounder was miraculously still available- and even then it would take big ones to take another WR there.
  3. Difference is that Chaisson is only 20 years old and was trending up in production at the end of the year.
  4. Of that list, I think Chaisson as he will be drafted mostly on potential, not production. Still, he is young (not 21 until July), reportedly a hard worker and has all the physical tools to be very good.
  5. THIS is the point - at least in my opinion. I don’t think they would take RB in round 2 unless they feel that the RBs are graded at or very near the top of their board of remaining players. I think that is fairly likely to be the case. If there are players at other positions, particularly DE or CB that they rate equal to or higher than the available RBs, then I think they will take the DE or CB. I do not think that they will take a WR in round 2, even if graded highly unless they are graded SO much higher than other positions that they just can’t avoid picking him. That would be equivalent to trading up in round 1 for WR (Diggs) and then taking WR again in round 2.
  6. Agreed. I think that they'd have at least gotten Yeldon on the field for some plays if they really liked his game that much.
  7. I think that they continued to play Gore because: 1. Deference to his leadership and his long and highly productive career - I think this was a very big consideration for them. 2. Ball security - when they were in position to want to eat time, Gore was the guy they handed it to because he rarely fumbled.
  8. I can see maybe 3rd. I don’t think he at is at the level of Taylor, Edwards-Helaire, Dobbins or even Akers. I do think he is considerably better than AJ Dillon. Just my opinion and while I love following the draft, I am certainly not qualified to claim any scouting expertise.
  9. What am I missing when I watch Moss? I have watched a number of his full game videos and he strikes me as “OK”, but not special. 3rd or 4th round maybe?
  10. I would rather have Michael Pittman, but really can’t see the Bills taking a WR in 2nd after trading their 1st for Diggs.
  11. The folks discussing a RB are looking not for a “feature” back to get 20 carries a game, but a very good RB to split touches about evenly with Singletary. I’m not a big fan of Dillon. He isn’t horrible, but there is a reason that you will likely see him last until round 4 and that is that he is pretty much one dimensional and he will have more trouble running over NFL defenders than he did against weaker college defenders.
  12. I agree with the need/desire to find a DE, but who is it that will be available at DE at pick 54 that you think is worth taking there? This comment is not aimed at anyone in particular, but there are A LOT of posts saying that they would rather have a DE in round 2 over the likely handful of top RBs that could be there like Edwards-Helaire, possibly Taylor or Dobbins or Akers, but few of these posts say what DEs they think are worth the 54th pick. I think most here would agree that if the prospects are comparable in grades on the Bills’ board then they should lean toward the more premium position of DE. However, I don’t expect equivalent talent at DE to be available compared to other positions. Maybe Greenard or Cutis Weaver or Julian Okwara will be available and maybe then Bills grade them highly, but this looks like a bad year to be trying to find a DE unless you can get Chase Young.
  13. I wonder how they would fit as well. If the idea is to add them and play 2 LBs frequently using their size/speed either in secondary or LB to help disguise defense, it makes some sense. But, to me I think it is more likely that they will look for a CB than a big safety if they make a pick in the secondary. Duggar and Chin are both outstanding testing athletes, but from a lower level of competition that you really need to project how they will pan out in the NFL.
  14. Oh man, he was a monster - I remember watching him play back in the era of dominant Centers in the NBA.
  15. In the years that you cited, the Bills had considerably more “draft capital” than they do this year. I do expect them to try to trade up using their 5th and later picks, but I don’t expect a big move up in the 2nd because I don’t think they will want to give up their 3rd to do so. i can see sitting where they are in the 2nd and maybe moving up a bit in round 3 or trying for a big move up in round 4. There may be some guys left to start day 3 that are really sticking out on their board - perhaps at WR, RB or maybe CB that they might be willing to part with their 5th, 6th and 7th for.
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