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  1. I think the league doesn’t see it that way.
  2. Hmmmmm! Kind of surprised, but they will surely get some air time now
  3. I would be really tempted to take Curtis Weaver or Bradlee Anae. I know they aren’t the athletic prototype for the position, but both were good pass rushers in college and it is pik167
  4. I agree. I thought Harrison Phillips was playing very well before he got hurt. Knowing his work-ethic, he will do his best to return healthy and compete.
  5. I was way off on time to their next pick - 17, not 30
  6. Maybe there isn’t anyone that is really sticking out for them. Still 30 picks before their next pick, so I think they are probably trying to move up, but maybe no takers.
  7. I wasn’t crazy about Curtis Weaver or Bradlee Anae in the 2nd, but surprised that both are still available near end of 4th. Also surprised that Alton Robinson is still there.
  8. Might Bills be tempted to double up at DE with Weaver or Anae?
  9. Weaver played mid level D1 and doesn’t have prototypical athletic traits, but in 4th hard to ignore his production
  10. I too think that they might trade up in this round.
  11. If they somehow got Davis-Gaither, it would be very nice.
  12. I would not have liked him in round1, but late 2nd round? You bet!
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