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  1. Look at the Patriots (what do they know?). Last year they took a RB in the 1st round and they took another in the 3rd this year. They rode the run game heavily late last year. It is possible that it is transitioning to a balanced offense league as defenses may have over-corrected to pass heavy offenses.
  2. I think that you will be shocked. Every OL brought in is very big and powerful. I worry a bit that they won’t be able to pass block well, but I think the emphasis will be run first. They kept McCoy, signed Gore and Yeldon and drafted Singletary early. That says run first to me.
  3. Much of the opposition to the Singletary pick is from folks who think you can get a RB anywhere. For reference, the Pats took RB Sony Michell in the 2nd last year and he played a considerable role in their Super Bowl run. This year they added ANOTHER RB in round 3 (Damien Harris). The league runs in cycles. A trend takes effect until some contrarian goes the other way. I remember RBs being the centerpiece of an NFL offense. Then big receivers became the rage and defenses got bigger in the secondary. Then offenses went to “smurf” WRs that the big DBs could not handle. So, defenses went to smaller quicker DBs. And so on... Today, defenses are countering the spread offense with smaller faster LBs and DL who specialize in rushing the passer. So, the Pats are now out ahead of that curve subtly building a bully offense that can run the ball to take advantage of the smaller, lighter DL and LBs.
  4. I see no reason that he can’t be very effective on short swing passes or screens. Those plays generally yield easy catches and his run skills will take over after the catch.
  5. Ok, context matters. He was on the same team as AJ Brown, the immortal DK Metcalf and a third decent WR Demarcus Lodge. Not a lot of receptions left after those 3. For sure, a pick based on athletic ability and potential - a projection, but has talent.
  6. You don’t think that just maybe Oklahoma’s defensive front seven overwhelmed FAU’s offense?
  7. I like it. Now, the draft is basically over for the Bills with only a 5th, 6th and 7th, but I like what they’ve done and they will still have UDFAs to sign.
  8. I struggle with this popular narrative. I agree that you can find productive RBs after the first two rounds, but the popular view now seems to be that you can just grab an RB in the 5th or later and expect good production. Have a look at some video of this guy - very shifty and seems to have great vision. Admittedly, I am OldTimer and the game may have changed without me noticing, but from what i’ve Seen of Singletary, I think he could be a good contributor.
  9. I submit that a running game IS the BEST help for a young QB.
  10. That is unrealistic given the draft’s history. Patience, have a look at this guy play - pretty impressive.
  11. How much bigger star do you want than a guy who scored 66 TDS?
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