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  1. There may be a lot of truth in your take. Allen held the ball too long on many plays rather than taking the short chain-movers.
  2. I do understand that, kind sir. Are you suggesting that the Bills OL played as well as Pittsburgh’s OL did? To be clear, Pittsburgh’s DL dominated the Bills’OL and the Pittsburgh OL held their own against the Bills’ DL.
  3. An interest in the running game. Singletary averaged almost 7 y.p.c but only had 7 attempts. Too many trash Allen runs and he is 50-50 whether he fumbles on every carry. Why Moss was a healthy scratch, I don’t know. The OL wasn’t good enough in pass pro, but Allen held the ball too long on many plays, too.
  4. Clinging to hope that total lack of playing time in preseason hurt the O.
  5. OL and Allen should be top 2. They were not good enough.
  6. Right about that. The OL was outplayed by Pitt’s completely retooled OL.
  7. Forgot the OL who got whomped today by a good Pitt D. Still, inaccurate Josh was on display today.
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