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  1. Agreed, and I am not saying this with malice. Some very good college QBs are just not good enough to make it in the NFL. Hey, Rob Johnson had a much better arm than Tom Brady and he could run but he was a horrible QB. I am the first to admit that for years, I thought that Johnson would figure things out and make use of all of his talent but it was never going to happen, and he was WAY more talented than EJ.
  2. Do you think that one yolk would have less cholesterol than the other?
  3. Great post from beginning to end!!! Seriously. Imo meltdowns are inevitable. When Stevie Johnson dropped that perfect pass, what was supposed to happen? Hey, I have certainly limited mine. I haven't had a major meltdown that I can recall since they drafted Whitner and Spiller but I admittedly am entertained by others. Count me as one who is unable to be a bubbly type about life. I think that being a pain free, diehard Bills Fan is not possible, certainly not for me. Jmo and I salute your dad.
  4. I thought that Artie was 10x funnier than Jackie. Jmo. The best part of the show were people like Crazy Alice and Elegant Elliot Offen. The best interview I ever heard was the nut who kept saying, "Oprah Winfrey, ***** woman of the south." The show was the greatest show ever in those days. Now, the show consists of Robin whining about President Trump and mostly boring guests. That said, the phone calls are still great.
  5. Jonas Jennings and Jason Taylor. Walker took about a week to get out of his stance. He was awful.
  6. https://thebronxbrewery.com/ I have tried a couple of their beers and they were both very good. I do prefer the Coney Island Merman but I am sure you will be happy.
  7. You are correct, but one exception is when Anheuser Busch bought a Long Island Brewery called "Blue Point." They maintained the quality and make a beer called "Toasted Lager." While not spectacular, it is certainly far superior to any of the mainstream beers. A nice beer to try is made by the Coney Island Brewery called "Merman." It is a very smooth IPA and is only 5.8% so you can drink 2 or 3without getting plastered. Believe it or not, NYC has excellent water because it comes from upstate reservoirs. There are several good micro breweries in places such as Brooklyn and the Bronx.
  8. Great post! The fascinating part imo is how we Bills Fans employ different coping mechanisms. I tend to keep my expectations low and rejoice when they don't draft first round defensive backs or running backs. The last 2 drafts may or may not work out, but at least they put us on a path where it will be possible to win games. Keeping my expectations low helps to prevent me getting as angry as I used to.
  9. No prob. And thanks oh so much to the great state of Michigan for giving their electoral votes to President Donald J. Trump in 2016, despite the democrat votes of dead people, etc.
  10. You make a great deal of sense. Obama had it right. Give the worst offenders (India and China) 20 or 30 years to voluntarily make changes, and punish US companies and consumers a few billion so thieves like Gore and the Clintons can get rich. This, as the world is cooling off. I am stunned that there is 1 person who doesn't parrot your sensible, patriotic position on this issue. Thanks for enlightening us.
  11. I believe what you are saying but I don't get the reasoning. Wouldn't the NFL being a passing league seem to dictate more importance to a Right Tackle? D Linemen stunt all the time looking for a mismatch. Additionally, with the LBs and perhaps even the safeties getting smaller, wouldn't a big, stud RT also be more effective in the running game? I never thought Mills was that good but Ford looks to me like a very good player. Even if his floor is to be an excellent RG I am fine with this. Jmo.
  12. I would pass on him in a split second. Everything that this team needs is in the 2020 draft. There are probably at least 5 receivers who are better than any who came out in 2019. We have a QB who can throw the ball 5 miles through a brick wall. Let's get him some receivers! I wish that we had even more picks in 2020. Jmo.
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