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  1. I don't know but I couldn't even tape the full game because it switched to the app after 2 hours. The next show was called QB21 featuring Mac Jones. I suggest that those with serious doubts about Mac watch this show. He stands in front of a giant screen and explains his reads, etc. I am talking about really fast decision making. This kid is VERY smart and I think that he will be quite the success in the NFL.
  2. This rings a bell. I guess I was pushing it out of my head. What I DO remember is being at RWS and seeing Schobel lined up wider than any DE I had/have ever seen. He was very close to the sideline, and there was no chance of him being of any use at all. At this point, he was our only good pass rusher. The younger fans just don't know what we had to endure.
  3. I feel as if I'm in the minority, but I think that Aaron Schobel (in his prime) would be a GREAT fit in the league today. The main reason I think this is his speed. He really could fly off the line, as opposed to Kelsay. After a couple of years, he even developed some moves and got stronger. I will always believe that Schobel was a victim of both a piss poor, horrid organization and what I call the "Bobby Murcer Syndrome." Murcer was a very good player who took the place of Mickey Mantle, thus people said that he "sucked." He did not. Schobel was compared to Bruce Smith
  4. With pick #81, the Dolphins step up to the podium and to the surprise of many, select Shaun Wade - CORNERBACK - Ohio State University. An explanation is in order. Wade's stock has dropped considerably since the title game because he was toasted several times by Davonta Smith. My contention is that it would have happened to any corner in this draft. The thing is, he also had some good plays and good hits. As some might have guessed, I don't spend much time during the college season evaluating corners. I watch right guards more than corners. I liked some of what I saw of
  5. And one that is typical of @Albany,n.y. 👍
  6. My order of preference was: 1) Darnold 2) Allen 3) Mayfield 4) Rosen I gave Rosen little to no chance of being good. While Darnold was my choice, I was thrilled when they drafted Allen. I suppose that I should, but I don't have an ounce of sympathy for Rosen, the poor little rich boy with the big mouth. This is true. I am thankful that we no longer have people handling our draft that are consistently stupid, worse than a 13 year old kid with a copy of Pro Football Weekly.
  7. Oh, I could say I need you But then you'd realize That I want you Just like a thousand other guys Who'd say they loved you With all the rest of their lies When all they wanted Was to touch your face, your hands And gaze into your eyes
  8. Are there any Tide fans to post their thoughts about the "A" Game? I for one was pleased with Bryce Young. In real games, he is going to run his way out a lot of trouble. I also came away thinking that he is smart and accurate. I also think that their defense (barring major injuries of course) is going to be easily the best in the NCAA. They appear to be solid and very deep in every area. Still, given the players that we are losing, if the Tide wins a title this year, it will be the best coaching job in the great, storied career of Coach Saban or any other college coa
  9. It was not, but he is a gamble. I have watched every play of every game in which he has played. His talent is beyond question. I talked about him months ago. His character however might raise some eyebrows. I know that Coach Saban suspended CB for the 1st quarter of a game, and would not (to his credit) say why. A poster on this board who claims (and I believe him) to have some connections in Tuscaloosa posted words to the effect that Barmore has behavioral issues, and that he was told of this by legit sources. If this kid gives it his all, I liken him to Warren Sapp.
  10. You are correct. I got my responses confused. 😕 Sorry.
  11. This would already push us into round 2. Do you mean an extra 2nd in 2022?
  12. Great post! The above makes the situation harder for GMs imo. The college coaches probably have the best handle on players but it does seem to me that they don't always tell the truth to NFL GMs unless they have an established relationship. In fact, Saban said on the HBO Special (Belichick/Saban) that most teams don't even call him before drafting Alabama players. This seems odd, and i am thinking that there must be a reason. My point is that it is great that we have a good management team in place. It was SO bad for SO long that I am still adjusting to it.
  13. This type of trade would cost more than that. We would probably have to toss in the #2 this year, perhaps MUCH more depending on how far up you are trying to get. Yes and we got him after trading down 8 spots. This alone was a very strong indication that he would suck, ya know?
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