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  1. Did you read 3rdning's post at the end of the previous page?
  2. Liberals don't care; they even applaud this. Many on the left despise Israel AND Jews.
  3. Tell that to Netanyahu. They are naming streets after President Trump. Barack Hussein Obama dropped off all of that money to Iran, their sworn enemy. You know all of this. Why not just tell the truth. And tell us about how you personally feel about Israel and Jews.
  4. Maybe they like President Trump because he would rather not have babies in their 9th month aborted and celebrate a "victory" like this by lighting up the Empire State Building in pink with taxpayer dollars. If you support things like this and attacking Israel you should be against our President. If not, point me to a democrat running in the primary who is on the conservative side of these two issues. I'll wait.....;) Absolutely disgusting, evil, and insane.
  5. My daughter lives in Herndon. Summers are really rough down there. It just seems to be MUCH hotter down there, even when it's only a few degrees different than In NY/Long Island.
  6. Here we go....."really something in the open field." Tell me, how many players are bad in the open field? "Space" was the word that was frequently used here. Spiller was said to be "good in space." In reality, the people who drafted him at #9 were in outer space. And as far as pure game speed, really? The fastest ever? There are dozens who were faster and thousands who were better players. He was not going to be at or near the "top" at anything except the unspeakably horrid waste of a draft pick list but of course, this is jmo.
  7. Lets also remember Derrick Henry and his 238 yard/4TD game. This game was against the Jags and he was knocking them down like bowling pins and shaking off tacklers. I am not saying that he did this every week but I do speculate that he would come close to it if defenses were not addressing him. A power running game (and of course blocking) takes untold pressure off of a QB, especially a young one. I hope that we have one this season. PS: Imagine how a healthy Derrick Henry would do on the Bills!!!
  8. I am not feeling the above in this thread. Nobody said that run stuffing LBs are more important that pass defending LBs. Even in college the pass defending LB is more important. The problem is that those guys tend to be smaller and this can make life easier for big, strong backs. Other teams have started to notice this. This btw can actually help the Bills. Gore is very strong and Yelden has some power as well. The Bills can't always be on the losing end of the power game and be successful in Buffalo imo, and it seems that they recognize this.
  9. The food was good and the service was very friendly. I was not unhappy at all and Williamsville is a wonderful town. I have not been to WNY for a while and this trip reminded me of why I like it so much.
  10. We have been posting on this site for just so many years. We never met at RWS but I always sensed that you were a smart guy. Your post is evidence of this. GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Funny stuff! My advice is to let her do exactly as she pleases. If she suggests that you go to a knitting party at her mother's house on Super Bowl Sunday, go for it. With young kids, divorces cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Trust me. And while anything can still happen, at least you will have done your part to make things work for as long as possible. Besides, she also sounds like a good mom and a nice person.
  12. I spent July 6-9 in Williamsville NY. We visited Niagara Falls. The AC was on in my room the entire time. In fact, a restaurant that we went to on Main Street was so hot we had to move to a table away from the window. Living down state, AC is an absolute must. I would be absolutely miserable without it but like I say, I would totally need it up in Buffalo as well.
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