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  1. Thanks to you and Alf. I am sure that I will enjoy it more at half capacity.
  2. Last year we went to Niagara Falls and stayed in Williamsville. We flew and rented a car at the airport. We are going back this month and I'm taking my car. I don't even know if Maid of the Mist is running, and sadly; I'm not sure how I fell about going on it. Does anyone know what they are doing? Are they running at all? Spacing?
  3. Hey! Well my temperature's rising And my feet left the floor Crazy people knocking, Cause they want some more Let me in baby I don't know what you got You better take it easy This place is hot And I'm So glad you made it So glad you made it You gotta Gimme some lovin' Gimme some lovin' Gimme some lovin' every day
  4. I take a walk outside, I'm surrounded by kids at play. I can feel their laughter, So why do I sear?
  5. If you ever feel lonesome And you're down in San Antone Beg, steal or borrow two nickels or a dime To call me on the phone And I'll meet you at Alamo Mission We can say our prayers The Holy Ghost and the Virgin Mother Will heal us as we kneel there In the moonlight, in the midnight In the moonlight, midnight moonlight In the moonlight, in the midnight In the moonlight, midnight moonlight
  6. I walk in shadows, searching for light' cold and alone, no comfort in sight. Hopin' and prayin' for someone to care, always movin', and goin' nowhere. What becomes of the broken hearted, who had love that's now departed? I know I've got to find, Some kind of peace of mind.
  7. Now it's dark and I'm alone But I won't be afraid In my room In my room
  8. When she's saying that she wants only me Then I wonder why she sleeps with my friends When she's saying that I'm like a disease Then I wonder how much more I can spend Well I guess I should stick up for myself But I really think it's better this way The more you suffer The more it shows you really care, right, yeah, yeah
  9. And you would be correct Sir. 65 for the Spoonful, 66 for the Critters. Nice catch!
  10. When I think about those nights in Montreal I get the sweetest thoughts of you and me Memories of love above the city lights Ooh... I've tried so hard to take it But alone my heart won't make it I just wanna stop And tell you what I feel about you babe I... just wanna stop I never wanna live without you babe I... just gotta stop For your love...
  11. Oh, this heart of mine carries a heavy load When I think about how I've hurt you so After you been, been so good to me I've been unfaithful, darling I've caused you misery A feeling of guilt, oh it tortures me And only you my darling, oh can set me free And darling all, all I need is just to hear you say you forgive me Forgive me baby All, all I need is to have you touch my hand Say you understand, baby
  12. Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. For entrance to the stadium, I agree. After that there will be little if anything at all they (and even the police) will be able to do, especially in this current political climate. I am not calling fans idiots either, but imo anyone attending a game is not doing so with safety in mind. I just got my $280 refund for 2 tickets to a concert that was changed from July to Sept. 29. I like this musician, but not enough to sit through a show under these conditions.
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