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  1. Bill from NYC

    Someone needs to be fired over Mahomes right now.

    Probably very few, but it still was not smart of Mr. Process to pass on him and Watson to trade down and take a corner. That, imro, is a blueprint for losing football games for many years.
  2. Bill from NYC

    Hernandez Beaten, Abused as Child

  3. Bill from NYC


    This too makes sense. I saw some of the UCF game on Saturday. Do you remember when you and I were talking about Texas A&M? I think that A&M is WAY better than UCF but once again, that doesn't make me right.
  4. Bill from NYC


    I see your point. I simply don't think that UCF is in a class with the top teams. Of course, this doesn't make me right.
  5. Bill from NYC


    There is no possible way that UCF should get into the playoffs. If they were in the SEC they would finish somewhere around .500, perhaps below that. At least half in the SEC Teams are clearly superior to UCF. And before you bring up bowl games, they no longer matter and are little more than exhibition games. I am NOT in any way saying that Alabama will make the playoffs. Anything can happen but if in fact they get there and they were to play UCF, I would be the happiest guy in town. Alabama's 3rd team would destroy them.
  6. Bill from NYC

    Things I trust more than "The Process"

    Elizabeth Warren is an Indian.
  7. Bill from NYC

    Tre White is the Best Player On the Bills Now

    Any time a corner is far and away the best player on an NFL Team, said team is in a sorry state. And yes, Tre White is the best player on the Bills.
  8. Yep, the genius who passed on Mahomes and Watson so he could draft a cornerback decided that Peterman was better than McCarron. I wouldn't consider that to be such a great indicator against McCarron but that's just me.
  9. Bill from NYC

    RB Prospect Talk

    In a way, Damien has reminded me of Thurman Thomas for a long time. Now before anyone screams I am talking about style, not hall of fame ability. Damien isn't "great" at anything but he has some speed, is strong, is a great blocker, can catch, has very nice hands, is VERY smart, and for a kid with glasses, has a knack for seeing a hole. Again, he doesn't have super speed and he isn't close to being as strong as Derrick Henry, but he has a fairly quick first step. He would be a fantastic draft choice, but (imo) not in the first round. RBs lack importance these days.
  10. Bill from NYC

    McDermott and Beane ought to feel utter terror about Allen

    I was there too. I remember the crew at Lot 1 Pole 5 being even more stunned than depressed after the game, if that makes any sense.
  11. Bill from NYC

    McDermott and Beane ought to feel utter terror about Allen

    I gotta hand it to you, that is one funny screen name.
  12. Sorry, but I could not disagree more. I don't care one iota what McCoy wants. This was the Marv Levy GM method of appeasement and ass kissing. Exactly the above, (along with other stupid beyond description moves) left this team in shambles. If you are against trading him, great! But I wouldn't let him call the shots. Not ever. Of course, jmo.
  13. Bill from NYC


    Ya got me there. That said, I think that by the time the season is over, A&M will be respected as a quality team. Having Jimbo will help quite a bit. If there is a team to be cited for an easy schedule it is Clemson imo. I really doubt this. They might not even get in with 1 loss.
  14. Bill from NYC


    Your standards are pretty high, no? Both Texas and Notre Dame played for the title in the last 6 or so years.
  15. Bill from NYC


    They came within 2 points of beating Clemson. Does that tickle your sentiments?