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  1. Bill from NYC

    The Biggest Whiffs In Buffalo Bills History

    Yeah, I agree. For some reason, TD seemed to hate McKinney. I get it. The kid had a bad attitude; but, he really was an excellent LT. PS: I am not as a rule against drafting blockers other than LTs early. Before the draft, R.Rich told me that Branden Albert would be an all-pro, if not hall of fame player if he stayed at guard. He went on to be another excellent LT. We drafted McKelvin that year.
  2. Bill from NYC

    Buffalo News in financial trouble

    If you PM me your address, I will mail you a mood coloring book. It's on me; you can take it to your crying room.
  3. Bill from NYC

    The Biggest Whiffs In Buffalo Bills History

    Even though that particular draft was one of the worst ever, drafting Spiller that early was unthinkably stupid. He was a small, fumbling, bumbling scat back who wasn't even what some would consider a full time back in college, NOT a top 10 draft pick. I would think that even in a weak draft there are offers to trade down. They should have done so before making such an incredible waste of a pick with Spiller. Even if they stood pat and took Bulaga it would have made more sense than a miniature scat back at #9.
  4. Bill from NYC

    The Biggest Whiffs In Buffalo Bills History

    Sorry but allow me to politely say that I could not disagree more. Coming out of college, Mike Williams was an overweight right tackle with a chronic ankle injury. Bad ankles and/or feet are bad for any player, let alone a 360 pound man. Bryant McKinney was still there at #4 and he had a long, distinguished career, his off the field problems and questionable attitude notwithstanding. McKinney was a far better player in college and the NFL than Williams and he played left tackle, a much harder position to fill. McKinney, imho, was definitely the pick and I was screaming for the Bills to draft him way back when.
  5. Bill from NYC

    RIP Chuck Knox

    I never put Gilmore in a class with Smith or Clements. Not ever. In fact, I would take Winfield way over Gilmore if for no other reason.....effort. I think that White is already a superior corner to Gilmore. Btw I credit you with predicting how good White would be well in advance of the season. I don't (and never did) think that it was smart to trade down and pass on Watson; but, I must admit that White is a special player. Good call!
  6. Bill from NYC

    The Biggest Whiffs In Buffalo Bills History

    Nice list! What strikes me is the one that made the most sense was Fitz. That's just sad. I have a few to toss in: 1) The 2006 draft, even though they lucked into Kyle Williams, who was probably taken as an afterthought. 2) Not keeping Jason Peters. 3) Leotis McKelvin in round 1. 4) Giving Derrick Dockery (as I recall) a 48 million dollar contract.
  7. Bill from NYC

    RIP Chuck Knox

    Wow, really? I didn't think this but maybe it was because Smith, although great in coverage, couldn't catch picks, or am I way off base?
  8. Bill from NYC

    RIP Chuck Knox

    I completely agree. I even think that the steroids hurt Bennett more than they helped him. Even though he got much bigger (remember his neck?), he would still often get "engulfed" as you say by good blockers. I was young, I couldn't see all the games and my memories are vague but I saw him in college. I did not think that he was a worse player than Derrick Thomas. He was virtually unstoppable at Alabama and he started out great at Buffalo. I always believed that he was better than what we saw most of the time.
  9. Bill from NYC

    Is "faith" a requirement under McD?

    I think that you are making something out of nothing. Do you listen at all to McDermott? He is trying to be a carbon copy of Nick Saban, complete with the hand clapping and the "process." He means "faith" in the system. Coach Saban demands that players do their individual jobs and trust the system and their teammates. He can sell it to his players because it works. He wins and he is going to keep on winning because of his system. I once heard Coach Saban say that he doesn't prepare as much for other teams as much as he has the players practice perfect execution of what THEY are supposed to do. I expect to hear this from McDermott real soon.
  10. Bill from NYC

    Yesterday would have been my 24th anniversary

    Brother, PLEASE hang in there and do not be embarrassed to seek help. I will be praying for you.
  11. Bill from NYC

    Which Bills Decision Infuriated You?

    1) The 2006 draft was the epitome of stupidity. The draft was STACKED!!! Levy said that he rejected several offers to trade down. He stayed put at #8 and drafted Whitner. Not bad enough? He traded UP to get Mc Cargo, then he drafted defensive backs early in rounds 3 and 4, neither of whom was any good. This draft set us back about 5 years. Whitner, a semi-decent player, cost the Bills 36 million dollars as I recall. 2) Almost as dumb was the selection of Spiller. Remember him? All he needed was some "space." He would have been a semi-decent pick......in round 6. 3) We passed up two excellent blockers in order to draft Leotis McKelvin, this on a team with a horrid OL. It was almost as if we were trying to lose. A 14 year old kid with a few draft magazines could have done a better job.
  12. I found it. He tore his right Achilles tendon.
  13. Doc, isn't that the injury that ended Bryce Paup's career? If so, I sure am glad that times have changed. I can only imagine the career Paup would have had. It really would be a steal if this kid could develop into a RT. The Bills are coming dangerously close to becoming the Bills of yore with a piss poor OL. The young fans should take note of the 2017 Giants. They had an OL like we used to have and wound up drafting at #2.
  14. This can also happen, yes.