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  1. Bill from NYC

    Too early 2019 mock draft

    Interesting.....a RT at #1. I guess it would depend on where we select, however; the Bills drafting OL in rounds one and two would make me one happy S.O.B.!!!!!
  2. Bill from NYC

    Why is nobody discussing the offensive line?

    Thank you so much for the above. Sadly, it is nothing short of the truth.
  3. Bill from NYC

    Garrett manhandled Dawkins

    I wish that Dawkins was our biggest problem. He had an off night yesterday but he is really better than I thought he would be coming out of college, and I liked him then. I don't know if I believe his listed weight (320), whereas he looks lighter than that to me. Maybe this is why he didn't go in round 1. Do LTs have to be gigantic like Jumbo Elliot and Orlando Pace these days? Maybe not but that is another topic. I think that Dawkins has great footwork and extends his arms well. If he keeps improving he will be one of the best draft picks by the Bills in quite some time (imo). I'm not concerned with him at all. The bad news is the rest of the OL. The old time fans on this board have been through this year after year. Ducasse is going to get someone seriously hurt. Miller gets some love on TSW. I however think that he is average at best. Mills? Please. I am fully aware of how much the game has changed. That said, we are a cold weather team that plays in a windy stadium. The Buffalo Bills need a strong OL. Incog was/is a nutcase but he attacked his opponents. A man who knows a bit more about the "process" than our coach said that in order to win, you must impose your will on your opponent, and this is part of said process. Our OL looks horrid. Do you see them imposing their will? if things don't change, we are in for a very long, dismal season. Anyway, the good news is that Dawkins can play quite well and he will be just fine imo. GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Bill from NYC

    Playoff Predictions

    1) University of Alabama Crimson Tide 2) Clemson 3) Washington (great coach and easy conference) 4) Georgia I left the Big 10 out because imo they will wear each other down. Lots of talent up there. I didn't see your post before I sent mine in. I didn't think anyone else would give Washington much of a chance.
  5. The kid is a very good player. I feel sorry for him. Is this the injury that ruined Bryce Paup's career?
  6. Bill from NYC

    Do you trust the process?

    Trust it in terms of what? This seasons w/l record? Long term success? Now, is McDermott going to be better than Rex? Absolutely but that is a low bar indeed. Also, if you have to shamelessly copy another coach, it might as well be Nick Saban. I would say that McDermott has a pretty decent shot at success based on this alone.
  7. Bill from NYC

    Is Foster poised for a big night on Friday?

    ODB, I don't know if Foster will be any good. I HOPE so but who knows? As for the bold print above, try to understand that Foster played on a team with a great wr Calvin Ridley, AND a qb who was a runner and a game manager. A case could be made that he is not such a good passer at all. Additionally, deep down; Coach Saban prefers running the football over throwing it. He has adapted well (obviously) to the times but seriously.....he would rather run. Foster probably has a lot to learn when compared to other rookies due to the above. He didn't get a whole lot of chances. Why don't we stay calm and see how it plays out?
  8. Bill from NYC

    Jalen Ramsey trash talking a lot of QB's

    Of what, The Clinton Foundation?
  9. Bill from NYC

    Will Rex Ryan Ever Get Another Shot To Coach in The NFL?

    Are you trying to imply that sending Mario Williams and 350 lb Marcel Dareus into pass coverage was a bad idea?
  10. Bill from NYC

    Will Rex Ryan Ever Get Another Shot To Coach in The NFL?

    You might be right but I am not so sure. Rex appears to be lazy and I don't see why a team would want him in any capacity.
  11. Bill from NYC


    And your comment is also fair! That said, I would absolutely love to see UCF try to stop our offense. I still would also like to know your favorite teams.
  12. Bill from NYC

    LeSean McCoy Sued by Ex-Girlfriend Delicia Cordon

    Fair questions. Life has taught me that people who get in trouble more often than not continue to do so. That is all. I did also say that I hope that "Shady" never gets in any more trouble. If the experiences in your life have taught you something different, I respect that and am happy for you. If you want to label me as a hypocrite, so be it. Maybe down the road one of us will recall this exchange. Be well and GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Bill from NYC

    LeSean McCoy Sued by Ex-Girlfriend Delicia Cordon

    I'm Sorry. I thought that I said again and again, and that tonight wouldn't surprise me. I'll try to be more clear from now on.
  14. Bill from NYC

    LeSean McCoy Sued by Ex-Girlfriend Delicia Cordon

    Yeah. It would be great if he never gets in any more trouble for the rest of his life. Is this what you predict?