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  1. Bill from NYC

    Bruce Feldman story on Dan Enos

    It is admittedly weird, but Coach Saban is already moving to hire coaches. Coach Sunseri is a proven commodity. Yolo, do you know much about the new offensive line coach who was head coach at Rutgers? Saban likes to keep at least one coach with recruiting ties to the northeast. Minkah Fitzpatrick played high school ball in New Jersey, as did 5 star recruit Antonio Alfano (who I am hoping to see great things from).
  2. Bill from NYC

    Who were the most UNDERUTILIZED Bills in history

    I know that there were probably dozens of valid reasons not to use him more but I used to really love watching Darrick Holmes. The s.o.b. could really motor, and he was as strong as an ox. As I recall he had some issues but he was really tough to bring down and lots of fun to watch.
  3. Bill from NYC

    Who were the most UNDERUTILIZED Bills in history

    I don't remember your screen name on this board when that term was bandied about ad nauseum. Was this a term that was used in other media venues?
  4. He did. If you recall the black players on the Dolphins took his side and said that they did not think that Incog was a racist . In fact, he was a sort of bodyguard for the kid. I remember reading that once, Martin was getting abused on the field and Incog got involved and kicked some ass to defend him. Don't get me wrong, Richie is a hot mess but in this case I agree 100% that he got a raw deal.
  5. Bill from NYC

    Hypothetical : Trade down in 1st with Raiders?

    I think I might settle for a swap of 9 for 24, along with a 2nd round pick and a 3rd round pick this year and a #1 next year.
  6. Thanks, that was great research! Do you happen to know how the defenses that Clemson and Alabama faced were ranked? These things confuse me too. Army, top 30? I suppose that a lot of factors contribute to this such as TOP but I can't say I know for sure. Do you consider these ratings to be accurate?
  7. They did.....with a different quarterback. Do you like Hurts as much as Murray? And this Alabama defense, while very talented, lost a huge number of very good to excellent players to the NFL. It will happen again as it does almost every season but I think that the 2019 defense has the potential to be better than the one in 2018 by a considerable margin. What you saw this month was not an ordinary defense by Alabama standards.
  8. Doc, there were much better players at skill positions when he was there, and Saban used to favor the running game.
  9. It wouldn't surprise me. Does Oklahoma play even 1 team with a decent defense? I wish him well but his transfer was expected and might even help the team in an ideal setting. They have 2 incoming freshmen at the qb position, both of whom have big time credentials. It would be great to see them get some playing time in 2019.
  10. Bill from NYC

    Bills hire Heath Farwell as ST coordinator

    They also could have selected Watson who still might turn out to be an excellent QB. Instead, they traded away the pick and drafted a cornerback. What is there really to dispute?
  11. Bill from NYC

    Bills hire Bobby Johnson as offensive line coach

    I see your point to a large degree. Guards are usually not drafted so early but then they are, they are often good picks. Reuben Brown, David De Castro, Nelson, Branden Albert, and Steve Hutchinson come immediately to mind. Good coaching helps a lot, but our OL either stayed the same or got worse with Mouse McNally if you recall. And, high quality blocking almost never comes in a trade (unless you are getting them from the Bills) and rarely comes from free agency. I am not saying that they all need to be top 10 picks but the draft IS the place to get good, solid blockers.
  12. Bill from NYC

    Happy birthday Gugny!

    Have a great day!!!
  13. Bill from NYC

    2019 Mock Drafts and top prospects

  14. Bill from NYC

    GO Bucks

    Good stats. I would like to see those numbers for the teams that made the playoffs.
  15. Bill from NYC

    Underclassmen declaring for draft

    Safety Deionte Thompson is declaring for the draft. Not that anybody should care but before the draft, I will offer opinions of all the draft eligible players from Alabama. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2807268-alabama-safety-deionte-thompson-officially-declares-for-2019-nfl-draft