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  1. My years of watching college football have taught me that teams with a great offensive or defensive line are very hard to defeat. Georgia is said to have the very best OL in the NCAA. I watched South Carolina play against Bama and they are good. Should Georgia have lost that game? No freaking way. Fromm? He is a very smart game manager. He doesn't have Josh Allen talent but you can win with guys like Fromm in college. I'm not going to kick Georgia while they are down. As you well know, good teams can have bad games. Georgia lost to a team that they should have beaten. Let's see what happens down the road. They might be OK. I don't think that many teams outside the SEC could beat Georgia. Do you?
  2. LSU is very good virtually every year. Of course they are capable of beating the Tide IF everything falls into place. I have an idea.....give us a list of who LSU couldn't possibly beat...…. Let me guess.....Penn State? Ohio State? 😉
  3. Any pro team can beat any college team, no problem. This is a given. That said, the bolded was a rather dumb comment. I dare say that they generally play pretty well.
  4. I am a HUGE Crimson Tide Fan who thinks that they would lose but your post is enough to close this thread. The bottom line is that it would take a similar miracle. Nice post!
  5. The bolded is very true, but I really do not think that the Tide could beat a pro team. Both of their starting ILBs are out for the season and freshmen are in there. A 5 star and a 4 star but they are just kids. Pros would be just too tough for them.
  6. Absolutely, because he is the GOAT, and not even Bryant comes close. Saban has the same number of titles in half the time. Texas offer him 10 mil per year several years ago and told him that he could fill in the number of years. His wife wouldn't let him sign with them. Terry Saban is in charge of that household.
  7. This is true. Saban has an easier time keeping players in line because if they don't listen to him they will lose HUGE money. Saban can toss a player off the team, any player, and not get fired. If he WAS fired, he would have another offer in 10 seconds. Other parts of being a college coach are difficult nonetheless. I heard a Bama player say he was the best at his high school, if not his entire state, and when he got to Alabama, so was everyone else. In any event, I think that the phish would beat the Tide. Pros are too tough and experienced for college teams.
  8. Well, Ohio State gave up about 700 points to Iowa and lost, but they were still pretty good.
  9. Saban also asked for Brees and was given Dante Culpepper. And he brought Bellichick's defense from #30 to #2 in Cleveland as DC. That said, Alabama would have no chance against Miami. They have lots of players who will make the NFL, and Miami got rid of their most talented players (including Minkah Fitzpatrick) but they would still beat the Crimson Tide. I will say this.....if Bama had a professional offensive line, the phish could not cover their receivers imo.
  10. Just whip your headWith a feelin' from side to sideSit yourself down in your carAnd take a rideAnd while you're movin' on (rock steady)Movin' on (rock steady baby)Let's call this song exactly what it is(What it is, what it is, what it is)It's a funky and low down feelin' (what it is)Move your hips from left to right(What it is) what it isIs I might be doin' (what it is)This funky dance all night
  11. OK but look at the zip his passes have on the last 5 yards of a deep through. Often this is a better indication of arm strength than pure distance.
  12. Josh is still much lacking in experience. What he DOES have is an absolute cannon for an arm. That said, he does not have a legit deep threat which would certainly loosen up opposing defenses, and in that sense even help the ground game. The Bills are very close to being a complete, balanced football team. Josh is gaining experience and when he gets a deep threat, anything is possible. Not so sure. We have 1 loss. How many would we have if we kept McCoy? None, or more than 1?
  13. I pray for you to experience a full and speedy recovery.
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