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  1. Other Bills teams neglected the OL when we had a QB who could run his way out of trouble (Flutie and Tyrod come to mind). I hope that McBeane does not repeat these stupid mistakes that cost us to lose countless football games. Josh Allen is extremely talented and he needs to be given better blocking and better weapons in this draft. I want to see the Bills play with a lead and then punish their opponents. It sure is about time.
  2. Bill from NYC

    Tackle at #9, Dawkins to LG

    Agreed, and this is a very good thread. I think that Dawkins is a good LT. By no means dominant mind you but good. Do you think that the Bills will want to sign him when his contract expires and give him 15 or 20 million per season to play LT? I am thinking maybe not. If they can find a LT with a higher ceiling in the draft I want them to go for it. I always thought that Dawkins would make a top quality Guard.
  3. I completely agree. At many tailgates I hung out with Lori and Badolbilz. It was like standing between 2 sports encyclopedias. They know college football just as well as they do the NFL, and neither was ever smug about it. Good times.
  4. Bill from NYC

    Happy Birthday to Buftex

    Have a blessed day!
  5. 100% beyond any doubt, and I can't think of anyone who came close. If it would make Lori post here again I would send Tim Graham love letters.
  6. Bill from NYC

    Trumps shameless attacks against McCain.

    Nah. Thanks but I don't want people banned. I consider myself lucky to post here. If he wants to be a douche, so be it.
  7. Bill from NYC

    Trumps shameless attacks against McCain.

    Sure, great comparison. Can you stop being such a ***** or perhaps not?
  8. Bill from NYC

    Trumps shameless attacks against McCain.

    Thanks for making it for me you freaking dunce.
  9. Bill from NYC

    Trumps shameless attacks against McCain.

    It sadly is common behavior of many of those who purport themselves to be so open minded.
  10. Bill from NYC

    Trumps shameless attacks against McCain.

    Insulting ALL Trump supporters is akin insulting ALL Jews, Blacks, Gays, etc.I don't know how one could see it as any different. Lot's of people also love to trash talk "all cops." Lets see.....what do these folks have in common?
  11. I thought that the largest legal bookmaker was the state of California. After all, who books the numbers, etc.? What they do in Delaware sounds like a good idea but the State of New York screwing something up isn't something I cannot visualize. Are you familiar with NYC OTB? They lost money booking horses.
  12. Bill from NYC

    Trumps shameless attacks against McCain.

    What an idiotic generalization, one quite frankly I would deem to be beneath you.
  13. It depends. If the betting is controlled by the state, I think that the fraction of which you speak might add up, especially in certain other states (perhaps Wisconsin for example). I am not against it, but I wouldn't want to get ripped off on the point spread if I was making a wager. And if I was a bettor, I wouldn't bet against the Bills under any conditions.
  14. Interesting post. Over the last 20 or so years, I usually expected the Bills to improve until I watched them bungle draft after draft. This year I have high hopes at quarterback. With a strong draft and of course no serious injuries to Allen, I think that they will go higher than 7.
  15. Wallace and Foster were not drafted but I get your point to a degree. I hope they focus a bit more on blocking.