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  1. I play the street life, because there's no place I can go. Street life, it's the only life I know. Street life, and there's a thousand parts to play, Street life, until you play your life away.
  2. I am very sorry to hear this and may God provide solace to you and your family during these times of sorrow.
  3. Perhaps but maybe less than last season. The DC is a young coach who sounds very bright. As I said, he didn't have a good enough NT and lost both ILBs, and one was a certain 1st round pick.The freshman who filled in are very talented but were ill equipped in terms of experience. DE Antonio Alfano was said by many to be the top prospect in the nation last year. He had some emotional (and/or other) problems and never reported. Huge loss. Sarkasian is (imo) a fine OC. I hope that he stays.
  4. Left my home in Norfolk Virginia, California on my mind. Straddled that Greyhound and rolled into Raleigh and on across Carolina. Stopped in Charlotte and bypassed Rock Hill and we never was a minute late. We was ninety miles out of Atlanta by sundown, Rollin' cross Georgia state.
  5. They need to seriously fortify the DL, especially the nose. A returning DL named Baremore looks like he will be great.The OL should be fine. Waddle will be back at wr and watch out for a returning soph. named Metchie, also a wr. Trey Sanders will be back at RB. They have an early commit from a QB from California who looks great. The schedule will be brutal but I am optimistic.
  6. . When the last rose of summer pricks my finger, And the hot sun chills me to the bone. When I can't hear the song for the singer, And I can't tell my pillow from a stone, I will walk alone, by the black muddy river, And sing me a song of my own. I will walk alone, by the black muddy river, And sing me a song of my own.
  7. You really are wrong about this. Bama had too many bad breaks and injuries to compete at their best level this season. I am not angry at all about this game. Remember, I am a Bills Fan for decades. I have known football misery lol. The Tide will be fine Bro. PS: I hope that our top players sit out the Bowl game.
  8. Yes but we have a quarterback and this class is SOOO deep at WR, several of them could possibly be the BPA, even when we draft. Then we can take into account the fact that a need exists at that position. Btw, I can never remember a time when I pushed for a 1st round receiver. Now, the Bills are playing the type of ball that I always longed for. Their lines came out on Thanksgiving and kicked ass. The highly regarded Dallas OL got their collective asses kicked in their house. As for our OL, they simply out muscled the Cowboys. Others seemed to have mixed feelings but I even thought that Ford had a few key blocks. Again, this has long been what I want from the Bills. This and of course a quarterback, which we have. Now, I hope we get him more tools. There are receivers out there that look VERY good and again, we need one. We also need a power running back to compliment Singletary. We are close ST.....I can feel it!!!!!!
  9. Sweet blossom come on under the willow, We can have high times if you'll abide. We can discover the wonders of nature, Rolling in the rushes, down by the riverside.
  10. Good response to a troll who has nothing at all to offer. He sits at home pining away for Sandusky.
  11. But you see, if 8, why not 16? I don't think that the playoffs should be expanded to 8 unless the conference games are eliminated. These are college kids risking serious injuries and the chance to earn millions. At some point, there are too many games. Jmo.
  12. Chance? You probably own the place and just don't see it. There are more normal women than normal men.
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