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  1. Oh won't you stay, just a little bit longer Please let me dance, please say that you will (say you will) Won't you place your sweet lips, on mi-i-i-i-i-i-ine Won't you say you love me all of the ti-i-i-i-ime
  2. Yeah that is an insane amount of salt. I think that I could have done that in my 20's. Now? The salt would put me in the hospital.
  3. They say that all good things must end someday Autumn leaves must fall But don't you know, that it hurts me so To say goodbye to you? Wish you didn't have to go No, no, no, no, and when the rain Beats against my window pane I'll think of summer days again And dream of you And dream of you
  4. I believe the abve 100%. My point is that I don't think that he had Allen in mind when he traded away the #10 a year earlier. It is impossible for me to believe that he was thinking, "let me pass on Watson and Mahomes because I will draft Josh Allen next year." Too many variables (injury for one) to believe that was the intent. I appreciate the dialogue with you but I think that I will duck out of this thread, whereas I seem to have struck too many nerves. In the decades I have been on this board I have seen Bills Fans defend virtually every move that I have detested, including starting Alex Van Pelt and drafting Donte Whitner but ya know, why not? It IS after all a Bills Board. I am sorry to those that I offended with my stance. We will all feel better when Josh takes us to a Super Bowl. I was not clear enough about the above. My point was after trading away from one HOF QB, Beane was lucky to get aother one in the following year and yes, trading up for Allen was a brilliant move, one which I applauded while many complained.
  5. You would be well served to cut out the attitude of superiority. Some of your posts over the years have made little to no sense, yet you seem to constantly demand that we all fall in line behind your views, however stupid. Your screen name even points to childish behavior. Hey.....why don't we simply block each other? Trust me, it will be no loss on this end. Yeah, the picks of Milano and Davis were as good as picking Josh Allen. You should have your own syndicated talk show with pearls of wisdom like this. 😁🤣😂
  6. If you think that they made that trade with Josh Allen specifically in mind, that is fine but imo, highly unlikely. Unlike at least one person in this thread, I do not demand or even expect others to have to agree with me. The good news is that Josh is a HOF talent and i enjoy watching him grow and excel. Perhaps there will be a day when I look at Bills Management as a paradigm of football excellence. I'm just not there yet, ya know?
  7. No. Are you blind? KC made the trade with us to get Mahomes. That was a skillful move, not luck. We passed on a Super Bowl winning QB and were lucky to get Josh after doing something so stupid. If you can't see this there is no reason to talk any further.
  8. I thank you for this well thought post and respect the work that you put into it. I do not however think that it applies all that much to McDermott. The Bills are winning because the lucked into Josh Allen (a HOF talent imo) after trading away the pick for Mahomes, at which time they moved from 10 to 27 with a very small return. To do so, they left the following players on board to draft a cornerback: Patrick Mahomes Deshaun Watson Marshon Lattimore Marlon Humphrey TJ Watt This was utter stupidity, although it is hard to guage how much of the blame falls on McDermott. Please don't misunderstand this post. I think that McDermott is a good coach. Now, he did not invent this term "process" of which he speaks, but he did at least co-opt it from a truly great coach. I guess my point is that although I am satisfied with McDermott, if he didn't luck into Allen ths team would more than likely still suck, and he would have probably been fired by now, good coach or not. Obviously the above is jmo and I repeat my compliments on your post.
  9. I understand how you feel. I am the first to say that bad behavior and having incidents involving the police are usually not isolated incidents. Of course, there are exceptions. Given the above, I still think that Jeudy deserves another chance. His charges were not that serious and btw, if Josh Allen was his QB this man would be catching touchdowns galore.
  10. Never, I never met a girl like you in my life I never, no, no, yeah, I never met a girl like you in my life The way that you hold me in the night The way that you make things go right Whenever you're in my arms Girl, you're filling me with all your charms Suavecito, mi niña (Baby, baby, baby now) Suavecito, mi niña (That we've got to find it out) Suavecito, mi linda (I just can't believe it's true) Suavecito ('Cause you know girl that I love you)
  11. In my case "mad" is the incorrect term. To me, that game is just an addition to the litany of decades of heart breaking events in the life of a Bills Fan. As I get on in years it hurts less, not more. The list of disappointments is well known and too long to list, and even includes just about every draft. Now, will I ever watch a replay? No freaking way. I am better at resisting self torture these days LOL!
  12. I see your point but I'm just telling you how things are.
  13. Only in domestic cases. The threat of lawsuits scares the crap out of departments. It looks really bad if police respond, leave, and a woman gets beaten or murdered. Things were much different before the OJ case.
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