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  1. How many miles will it take To see the sun And how many years until it's done Kiss my confusion away in the night Lay by side when the morning comes And the baby looks around him And shares his bed of hay With the burrow in the palace of the king He's a stranger in a strange land Tell me why He's a stranger in a strange land Just a stranger in a strange land
  2. He was an excellent QB. A true tough guy. Maybe it's me but it seems that this year, we are losing lots of iconic people. My respectful advice to all is to enjoy every day that God gives you.
  3. Whatcha tryin' to do to my soul? Whatcha tryin' to do to my soul? Well everything I had is yours, and now I'm closin' all the doors Whatcha tryin' to do to my soul? You better run, you better hide, you better leave from my side, yeah
  4. Stay-ay (ohhhhh) just a little bit longer Please please please please please, tell me that you're gonna Now your daddy don't mind, and your mommy don't mind If we have another dance dear just one more, one more time Oh won't you stay, just a little bit longer Please let me dance, please say that you will (say you will) Won't you place your sweet lips, on mi-i-i-i-i-i-ine Won't you say you love me all of the ti-i-i-i-ime
  5. I agree. I am told that weed today is 10x stronger than it was in the 70s. My fear is people driving around very high. Even in the old days, weed brownies would get people REALLY stoned out, much higher than smoking it. I also know for a fact that very often, once a person has tripped on LSD, weed can have a much stronger effect. It could actually bring back the feeling of tripping. Of course, the above is not from personal experience. I have never touched weed or any other drug, but if I ever did smoke a joint it was close to 45 years ago. Today, I would never smoke anything. Cigarettes almost killed me 7 years ago but today I am doing well. I am retired and no longer subject to random testing but smoking any substance is the last thing that I would do.
  6. I have no problem with Cincy and I respect their coach. They would have given the Crimson Tide problems last season if their defensive front was a bit more stout.
  7. Totally agree. He played every position on the DL to include DT, DE, and even Nose.
  8. I look into the sky (The love you need ain't gonna see you through) And I wonder why (The little things you planned ain't coming true) Oh, oh, telephone line, give me some time I'm living in twilight Oh, oh, telephone line, give me some time I'm living in twilight
  9. That is very benevolent of you. Otherwise, could you only begin to imagine how upset she would be!
  10. Trust me, I am well aware of the Bills historic blunders. The Jets history is just as bad, if not worse. For instance, Rich Kotite was made Doug Marrone look like Vince Lombardi, and both teams did experience Rex Ryan. The above is just a small sample as you well know. It is now.
  11. I tell my arms they'll hold someone new Another love that will be true But they don't listen, they don't seem to care They reach for her but she's not there And I, go to pieces and I wanna hide Go to pieces and I almost die Every time my baby passes by
  12. They are a historically stupid franchise. Those idiots passed on OT Evan Neal in the 2022 draft, only to opt for a CB from Cincinnatti (of all places) at #4. What made it even worse, the Giants were able to draft Neal. What absolute morons!!!
  13. Lean on me When you're not strong And I'll be your friend I'll help you carry on... For, it won't be long Till I'm gonna need Somebody to lean on You just call on me brother When you need a hand We all need somebody to lean on I just might have a problem, that you'll understand We all need somebody to lean on
  14. Those numbers mean little. They fail to take into account that one first round corner was a trade-up. The other a trade down away from Mahomes.
  15. Not enough, unless you are satisfied with the OL as it stands.
  16. Either way, we need blockers to protect our potential HOF QB. That does seem pretty simple and obvious to me.
  17. It would be absolutely GREAT if both of these guys develop into great players. If this happens, maybe.....just maybe we can forget about corners in the next draft and concentrate on safeties!
  18. Every morning there's a halo hangin' From the corner of my girlfriend's four-post bed I know it's not mine but I'll see if I can use it For the weekend or a one-night stand Couldn't understand, how to work it out Once again as predicted Left my broken heart open And you ripped it out
  19. I think that they will increase the suspension to 8 games so the NFL will appear as if they care. Jmo.
  20. Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down Letting the days go by, water flowing underground Into the blue again, after the money's gone Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground Same as it ever was, same as it ever was Same as it ever was, same as it ever was Same as it ever was, same as it ever was Same as it ever was, same as it ever was
  21. Call me up at your place, I can love you crazy In the heat you will understand Danger and excitement, that's what makes a lady Find out what she wants in a man To get off, to get off, to get off, to get off To get off, to get off, to get off, to get, get off
  22. Come doused in mud, soaked in bleach As I want you to be As a trend, as a friend As an old memoria, memoria
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