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  1. Some say that you're sure to find True love and peace of mind At the end of a rainbow There's no sign in the sky to follow 'Cause that's the way love goes Baby, that's the way love goes
  2. His defensive lines have not been so strong recently. I think that Saban will bring in Pruitt as a "consultant."
  3. For years he was the only good pass rusher on the team, and he was VERY good. He followed Bruce Smith so many folks expected another all time great.
  4. I totally agree GB. My thing is that in terms of the Bills, we have who I consider to be a HOF quarterback and a coach who focuses too much on defense and you know; maybe he is right but I just can't see it. I know that Ed Reed, Ronnie Lott, etc. were safeties that coud take over a game. Of course they did. LBs Dick Butkis and Willie Lanier could too, but the game has changed. We need to protet our greatest asset which is Josh Allen. We can pretend to be a great team without Josh but it just ain't so. He consistently makes plays that very few QBs ever could make, or even could have ever made. I credit Josh even for our running backs being as effective as they are. He helps the defense by givng the team a lead and getting good field position. Are there other good players on the Bills? Of course there are!!!! But Josh is the man. We can find good safeties and zone corners in later rounds. Me? I want our best resources to be used on blockers and more receivers to protect and help our greatest asset. Jmo.
  5. Makes me shine just a little bit, just a little bit (with just a touch of love) In my mind baby just a little bit, just a little bit (you got to) Keep me high baby just a little bit, just a little bit (with just a touch of love) Can we spend some time (can we spend some time)
  6. I said the above months ago. There should no longer be conference title games. How many games should these kids play and risk injury and the loss of millions of dollars? I know that they get paid now (NIL) but they are still not pros.
  7. Till we all fall down It'll do you fine Don't think about What you left behind The way you came Or the way you go Let your tracks be lost in the dark and snow RIP Robert Hunter
  8. Is it always the #1 tiebreaker? Kansas State beat TCU, didn't they? It gave them the chance to get steamrolled and disgraced by Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Should they have finished ahead of TCU? If Alabama was in that game, do you think the score would have been 65-7? Strength of schedule should and does also matter. The entire Big 12 was pretty lousy overall this season, wouldn't you say? C'mon, can we have a serious conversation? If you check out my posts on this board, I did not complain about Alabama getting in. It was not a good year for Alabama. I mean, they lost 2 games by a combined 4 points. That said, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that they would have utterly destroyed TCU, much like Georgia did. But, they did lose 2 games and this paved the way for inferior teams to get into the playoffs. Maybe you will feel better at least for a while with the 12 game playoff system. It will allow more inferior teams to "contend" for the title. Still, something tells me that you will be crying out for a 32 team playoff system. https://www.facebook.com/BamaOnLine/photos/a.608553272527278/5836521939730359/
  9. I don't know. I'm not sure it is a great idea in the modern NFL to pay a LB huge money. I know the man is young and talented. I personally think that the Bills need to spend money protecting the best QB in football and providing him with more targets. Jmo.
  10. I think that you left out perhaps the most important question......If the 1st round pick does play well, would it be worth it to the team to re-sign him to a huge second contract? Safeties, RBs, and LBs are (in the current NFL) are very rarely worth a huge cap hit. On other teams, guards might even fit this category but with Josh Allen on the team, protection is essential if we want to keep him in one piece. If it were up to me, our (very late) first round pick would be my highest rated blocker or wide receiver (preferably a blocker). Josh Allen is not a running back and if he continues to carry the ball over and over again he IS going to get hurt. Sadly, it's only a matter of when and how bad. That said, thanks for an interesting, well though post.
  11. I don't know. They did give up 63 points to South Carolina and their qb got hurt. That said, why are you asking me? Why not ask the AP voters, etc. https://www.espn.com/college-football/rankings Now, my question to you is: Do you seethe with jealousy and anger 24/7 365 days a year or do you take occasional emotional breaks? 😆🤣😂
  12. Probably not but tons of complaining about the SEC dominating playoff spots. Alabama lost 2 games by a combined 4 points and they were excluded. They went on to destroy Kansas State, who defeated TCU in their conference title matchup. Now, my question to you is: In retrospect, do you think that TCU belonged in the playoffs?
  13. OK, so here are the scoring totals of the Sugar Bowl and the Title Game..... Alabama and Georgia (SEC) - 110 Kansas State and TCU (Big 12)- 27 Can the issue of conference parity be put to rest, at least for a while?
  14. I like the fact that he had the courage to take a stand.
  15. I predicted this before the horrible injury. I think that McDermott is calling the shots more than Beane, and he won't be able to resist a 1st round safety. Josh Allen is just SO great that McDermott probably thinks that he can win it all without help at WR and OL and you know; maybe he can. That said, because of the HOF talent that Josh clearly possesses, protecting him and giving him more weapons would seem to be the top priority to most people. We can only hope.
  16. Some of those passes were the best I have ever seen, particularly the TD to #16. Josh imo is now easily the best QB in the NFL.
  17. I'll be alone each and every night While you're away, don't forget to write Bye-bye, so long, farewell Bye-bye, so long See you in September See you when the summer's through Here we are (Bye, baby, goodbye) Saying goodbye at the station (Bye, baby, goodbye) Summer vacation (Bye, baby, bye, baby) Is taking you away (Bye, baby, goodbye)
  18. I am no longer young. This is the best game that I have ever seen by an NFL QB. GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. I keep on dancin' Keep on doin' the jerk right now Shake it, shake it, baby Come on and show me how you work Yellin' in motion Keep on doin' the locomotion, yeah Don't worry little babe Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, yes!
  20. When the last bolt of sunshine hits the mountain And the stars start to splatter in the sky When the moon splits the southwest horizon With the scream of an eagle on the fly I will walk alone by the black muddy river And listen to the ripples as they moan I will walk alone by the black muddy river And sing me a song of my own RIP Robert Hunter
  21. Agree 100%. As much as I want the Bills to draft OL and like players from Alabama, right after that draft I said that Kouandjio was a wasted pick, and that there were 3 or4 better blockers on Alabama alone that season. He also had a fairly serious injury.
  22. Why do we never get an answer When we're knocking at the door With a thousand million questions About hate and death and war? 'Cause when we stop and look around us There is nothing that we need In a world of persecution That is burning in its greed
  23. Your love, lifting me higher Than I've ever been lifted before So keep it it up Quench my desire And I'll be at your side, forever more You know your love (your love keeps lifting me) Keep on lifting (love keeps lifting me) Higher (lifting me) Higher and higher (higher) I said your love (your love keeps lifting me) Keep on (love keeps lifting me) Lifting me (lifting me) Higher and higher (higher)
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