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  1. That was mentioned as part of his dismal performance, not as the primary reason that he should be fired. And seriously, if you think that Beane has more say wrt the draft than McDermott, then I suppose this would make you a robotic blind fasith loyalist, not quite capable of an original thought. Either way, have a great day!
  2. Yes, a pick that he actually traded UP for. And yes, it is clearly evident that McDermott holds the power on draft day and even free agency.
  3. Did you mean to type "wise up?" Wanting a football coach fired who gave away Mahomes for a cornerback, traded up for mediocre defensive players (while neglecting to give Josh Allen adequate weapons) and finds numerous ways to lose big games is not a sign of immaturity. It sounds to me more like having an open mind and not being guided by blind loyalty (or in some cases fan hating).
  4. That's an easy question..... Sean McDermott has complete control over free agency and the draft. Beane is more of an administrator than a football man. McDermott is WAY underqualified to be in charge and this is evident by his screwy drafts picks and draft trades. What McDermott DID excel at was selling Mr. Pegula a bill of goods, telling him about the "process," (Nick Saban was using this term when McDermott was going to his high school prom). McDermott has a generational talent at QB and responds by not getting him enough weapons and focusing primarily on defense. He needs to be fired.
  5. What you find-ah What you feel now What you know-ah To be real Ooh, your love's for real now You know that your love is my love My love is your love Our love is here to stay
  6. Agreed and agreed. They should fire him for other reasons.
  7. I don't doubt you but if the bolded is true, it is a sad reflection upon society. People are dying of cancer by the minute. The money should be spent on research, not funneled out to a steroid crazed douchebag to hawk a product with very mixed results. And before anybody goes there, I am not anti-vax. I had 3 shots (and of course had covid twice).
  8. Very good post but the last sentence is debatable. It might however ring true, in that McDermott would have drafted cornerbacks for Mahomes instead of receivers.
  9. He certainly deserves a VERY hefty fine to prevent this from becoming a trend. I hope that I am wrong but I have a strong hunch that this horse already left the barn with that shove.
  10. That was a vivid indication of what was to come with McDermott.
  11. I'm up on the tight wire One side's ice and one is fire It's a circus game with you and me I'm up on the tight rope One side's hate and one is hope But the top-hat on my head is all you see And the wire seems to be The only place for me A comedy of errors and I'm falling Like a rubber-neck giraffe You look into my past Well maybe you're just too blind to see
  12. I never thought I could feel this way And I've got to say that I just don't get it I don't know where we went wrong But the feeling's gone And I just can't get it back
  13. What you find, ah (I think I love you, baby) What you feel now (I feel I need you, baby) What you know-a To be real Ooh, your love's for real now You know that your love is my love My love is your love Our love is here to stay
  14. I remember them and a tie was considered a lost bet, so none of the point spreads involved half points.
  15. Q) What do you call an airplane full of bald men? A) A receding airline. Q) Why can't Michael come within 500 feet of a school? A) Because he is dead.
  16. Certainly you are happy to hear this wonderful news, no?
  17. Let's not forget: LSD (not that I ever tried it) The Grateful Dead The toured for pretty much the entire decade If you wanted to bet a football game you did so with the Mafia (or aome other gang affiliated illegal bookie. The biggest bet I ever made was as a very young teen, I bet $275 against $250 and took the Raiders over the Vikings. It was a blood bath.
  18. In the songs I've been singing quite often a phrase Comes close to the feeling of you But I never suspected that one of those days The wish of a song would come true You love for real You show the feel Of everything that touches you
  19. Without McDermott I would say probably yes.
  20. Surf's up Aboard a tidal wave Come about hard and join The young and often spring you gave I heard the word Wonderful thing A children's song
  21. Walkin' down the street, smoggy-eyed Looking at the sky, starry-eyed Searchin' for the place, weary-eyed Crying in the night, teary-eyed Don't you know that it's true That for me and for you The world is a ghetto
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