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  1. He could always trade some more premium draft picks for another corner. Hey, you can never have too many corners. Just ask Dick Jauron and Marv Levy!
  2. If that guy can knock and adult down with a package of oreos he must have a really strong arm. Perhaps McDermott can give him a tryout for backup quarterback.
  3. Credit where it is due...."Non Miller" is shockingly accurate and both funny and sad. FIFY
  4. Not only that he is lousy on draft day, whereas he makes defense the top priority. He is a fraud and a liability to this team.
  5. I was born in the desert Raised in a lion's den I was born in the desert Raised in a lion's den Oh, my number one occupation Is stealing women from their men Well, now the doctor call me crazy Sometimes I am, sometimes I ain't Said now the doctor call me crazy Sometimes I am, sometimes I ain't Yes, and the preacher man call me sinner But his little girl call me a saint
  6. I agree but this is because Beane is virtually powerless. McDermott is running and ruining this team, even with a generational talented quarterback. Was Beane to blame for 10 penalties in the first half? Or 13 seconds? I don't think so.
  7. Yes and there are plenty of defensive backs out there for McDermott to pounce on. Maybe even an inside linebacker!!! 😮
  8. A few quick observations: 1) 10 penalties in the first half. 10 freaking penalties? That is an average of one every 3 minutes of playing time. This begs the question.....when will McDermott be held accountable for this? Who should we blame? Beane? The refs? Mr. Pegula will have to get sick of his act for a change to be made because McDermott obviously has more power than Beane. 2) Did you see Gabe Davis toss his helmet after what appeared to be a miscommunication between him and Josh on a pass? How many players tosed their helmets after his numerous drops this and last season? Imagine how good Josh would be with even an adequate #2 receiver, let alone a good one!!! 3) Diggs is great. He really is and not only that, he could be seen trying to calm down the pouting Diggs and encouraging other teammates. Isn't he supposed to be the "diva?" 4) The offensive line played well, giving Josh time to throw some freaking great passes, to include a deep out pattern in the pouring rain. VERY few qbs could have made that throw. I made it a point to watch Spencer Brown and imo he played rather well. Dawkins also played a fine game imo. In summary, I think that McDermott is the main problem with this team. Between the poor drafts and the last minute losses in important games, I think that it is time for a change, unless he by some miracle turns this team completely around. It might happen too but sadly, it does seem unlikely. As always, jmo. GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I haven't seen enough of many of them to say who is the best prospect, but I must say that Jayden Daniels looks GREAT. He is a sharp passer with a strong arm and he can run, and throw on the run.
  10. I'm not so sure. In his first few seasons coming out of Texas, Earl was just about as fast as OJ in the 100 yard dash. Did he have moves like OJ? No, of course not but he really didn't need them. He had Derek Henry strength (if not stronger) with blinding speed. I saw players get serious injuries trying to tackle Earl. I'm not trying to say that Earl was better than OJ. Stating that one is better than the other is subjective imo. My thing is that Earl Campbell does belong in that top tier, especially in his early years. Jmo.
  11. Btw Coach Saban said in the press conference that they actually practice that situational play. EASILY the GOAT. The way they played one would think that they have zero chance to beat Georgia. That said, giving points to Nick Saban/Alabama is usually a bad idea. ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Street life You can run away from time Street life For a nickel or a dime Street life But you better not get old Street life Or you're gonna feel the cold
  13. Just as time knew to move on since the beginning And the seasons know exactly when to change Just as kindness knows no shame Know through all your joy and pain That I'll be loving you always As today I know I'm living but tomorrow Could make me the past but that I mustn't fear For I'll know deep in my mind The love of me I've left behind 'Cause I'll be loving you always
  14. Hey, girl, stop what you're doin' Hey, girl, you'll drive me to ruin I don't know what it is I like about you, but I like it a lot Won't you let me hold you, now, let me feel your lovin' touch Communication breakdown, it's always the same Havin' a nervous breakdown, a-drive me insane
  15. You are 100% correct. That said, as I recall the salary range for corners isn't necessarily increasing like other positions as of late. Perhaps I'm wrong. The thing is, if the secondary is your main focus in the draft, your team will not be a winner. Levy proved this for a long time. McDermott proved this in his first year hear. I mean, which players are playing the best at corner for the Bills? Is it the guy who we gave away the Mahomes pick for? Is it the guy we traded up for? McDermott's fingerprints are all over these stupid deals. Teams don't need Mel Blount and Deon Sanders type superstars to play in a zone. If you have them, GREAT, but should they be a team's main focus? I think not. On a side note, I noticed that the refs are finally starting to call penalties on the "great" Sauce Gardner. I don't yet know what conclusion to draw from this but I do find it interesting.
  16. Bills - 37 Eagles - 34 Bills win on a very late field goal. McDermott is thought of as a good coach again.....at least for one more week.
  17. My vote was not for Beane exclusively. It was for the McDermott/Beane combo, with McDermott certainly having the greater say. I don't think any of us know what Beane would do without defense oriented McDermott dominating the conversation and trading up for defenders. Sorry, McDermott DID trade down when he gave the Mahomes pick to KC, trading down 17 spots in the "process," and took a first round corner to play in a zone. Nope, can't pin that one on Beane.
  18. You mean I've been dancin' on the floor darlin' And I feel like I need some more and I Feel your body close to mine and I Move on love it's about that time Make me feel - mighty real Make me feel - mighty real You make me feel mighty real You make me feel mighty real
  19. Ooh, Jackie Blue What's a game girl, if you never lose? Ask a winner and you'll probably find Ooh, Jackie they've lost at sometime Don't try to tell me that you're not aware Of what you're doing and that you don't care You say it's easy, just a natural thing Like playing music, but you never sing
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